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General Contracting reviews in Edgemoor

  • A
    B C Construction
    It looks fantastic!!! Todd is the kind of guy that fixes things as if they were his own. He also makes positive suggestions on things you may not have thought about. We felt that he was so trustworthy that we gave him a key to our house and had no problems. So you can see that he comes highly recommended!!!
    - Yvonne B.
  • A
    I totally lucked out when I found Steve Hogan on a google search (which sometimes has unhappy endings). First, he is an Electrical Engineer and he loves to solve problems. I commend his tenacity. He does not give up until he has a solution.... and he does it correctly. Every time. Steve completely solved my kitchen lighting issue. Previously I had been warned that the wiring was compromised and it was "impossible" to change the switch. Steve kindly insisted on taking a peek. He quickly found a very simple, do-able solution and installed a dimmer switch in a matter of minutes. Now my kitchen makes me very happy. Steve was meticulous and creative with the bathroom vanity installation. He preserved the integrity of the new cabinet by only making necessary and precise cuts to accommodate the plumbing. He precisely installed baseboard where someone else might not have bothered. He tackled moving the electric outlet when it interfered with the new vanity. It was a tough job because the wall lacked adequate support for the box. Steve did not leave the outlet, cockeyed and wobbly, like the previous electrician. It is solid and straight and perfect. I can trust Steve's work. He sincerely wants to help. My refrigerator was jammed and hopelessly stuck in a small space. Since I need to replace the refrigerator, family and friends had been brainstorming for weeks with no solution. Steve poked around a bit, asked if I had a 2X4, and created a lever. It took some physical strength and endurance, but he had the fridge out in 15 minutes. He really, truly likes to solve problems and fix them.....and he has a van with every tool for the job. My favorite was a battery operated vacuum. Yup, he cleans up when he's done! Besides being a skillful craftsman in electrical work, he is a plumber, carpenter, appliance repairman and more. He will crawl in your crawlspace and haul away your junk. He is careful with your belongings and sincere about wanting to do a good job. I like to have nice people with integrity work in my home. Steve is one of those.
    - Denise C.
  • F
    Advance Roofing Windows Siding & Doors
    The roofers took the baffles off of the plywood and just placed them on top of the insulation. Gary told me that the employee said they were never attached. I have showed him pictures proving that they were attached and now how they are ripped apart. They refuse to do anything about it so I now have to hire a contractor to fix their shoddy workmanship and then take them to court to get reimbursed. A professional roofer would know that the baffles need to be attached to the roof deck. Their expertise is in windows and doors and it is my fault in thinking they could translate that expertise in to roofing. I would not recommend this company for roofing.
    - Michael L.
  • C
    AW Viohl Contracting LLC
    Good: Deck built with the materials we asked for. Contractor responded to all our issues. Deck built well/sturdy and low maintenance as I asked. Contractor filed for variance and permits and didn't leave me with an unfinished product. The project cost did not balloon wildly from expectation. Bad: - Poor communication and planning. I signed contract in December with them in hopes I'd have a porch for summer 2016. They didn't even file for building permit until 2/24/2016. (2 months after signing). It was rejected because they tried to cut corners by not filing for a variance (which I already told them we would have to do). They didn't immediately figure out and file for the variance...another delay. Didn't have the variance hearing until 4/28/2016 and building permit finally granted on 6/13/2016. They blame the delay on the county. NO! If they had filed in January for the variance they would have had the hearing scheduled in Feb, variance approved in March, and could begin building in April at the worst. Would have finished for summer. They don't understand their inability to plan and accommodate schedules they can't control, but have to work within is THEIR fault and THEIR ability to control. I clearly stated my desire for them to break ground in Spring 2016...they didn't until Summer 2016. - Missed appointments during consult phase. Scheduled dates for their sales guy (Matt) to arrive and, on several occasions I called him "where are you?" "Oh sorry, I can't make it". - Contract did not have dates of start nor end. Project started later than I wanted and seemed to be taking longer than I anticipated it should due to poor planning. - Didn't plan for photographic evidence for variance hearing in order to get permit. Luckily, I was prepared knowing at that point they don't plan for eventualities. - No architectural drafts so I could sign off on the final look of the porch. Final porch NOT built to my design aesthetic, but to theirs. - We produced our own images (overlaying a real photo with our drawings because my partner is a graphic artist) for them to build to/estimate project off of. When his subcontractor carpenter came to build the porch, his plans didn't match our expectations. In fact, they didn't even match the placement of our door and window. They had sent these drawings to the county for the permit and I never saw them so I couldn't correct them. Subcontractor claims he never saw any of the photos I had produced and sent via email/text to Matt (their sales guy that produced the contract for me to sign). - Opened my roof and didn't put tarps over it. That night it rained, leaving my attic exposed to rain. - Did not clean up my garage after done. Left remaining construction materials in garage that I had to call the owner to come retrieve (including his own a-frame ladder). - Did not clean up yard (nails, screws, wood chunks, shingle debris, vinyl and flashing cuts. - Several items were built and needed to be re-done because they didn't follow their own contract: Ex1. I wanted 5' wide stairs. was on contract in black and white. we talked about it MANY times. They built 3' wide stairs. Ex2: They put up vinyl railings and didn't screw the railings into a wood post inside the vinyl. Yes, I caught it and had to ask him to build it correctly (which he did, but what other corners did he cut that I did not catch? Was he aware of it, or just trusting his subs to do a job right? no process for vetting his own crews work quality). Ex3: Our drawing had 2 columns and I often said the size of the columns must be appropriately thick with respect to the size of the gable above it (balanced). They built porch with 2, 4x4 columns for a gable that is 14' wide. I said no. Columns must be bigger. they changed it and then wanted me to pay for extra material. NO. Not my mistake. - Lights were installed. Thank god I came home when I did. Electrician was going to run conduit pipe on the outside front of my siding instead of through the basement as I hoped. reason: I didn't know electrician was coming that day and didn't have house unlocked. No freaking way you are putting conduit pipe on the most visible portion of my new curb-appeal porch!! You kidding me? - Lights. Subcontractor electrician recommended I put in 4 can lights (I orignally thought 2 would be more than enough.) I trusted his judgement. Shouldn't have. Thankfully I had asked for porch lights to be on a dimmer. Lights are SO bright and flood the entire porch with light (no 'wall highlights') that there is no reason to turn lights on at anything other than their dimmest setting. - Gutters. water is leaking from the gutters/behind the gutters. The left gutter's water was following the bead-board channel along the house wall and at the first gap (above my front door), was dripping down. So the place that should be the most sheltered from rainwater was in fact collecting rain. Nice. Because they never water tested their gutter installation. - Day of pouring the footers, they asked my NEIGHBOR if they could use his garden hose to mix up the concrete. Why are you involving my neighbor in my project? That put my neighbor in an awkward position and is completely unprofessional. I have a garden hose and exterior water...why use his?? Summary: Because of poor communication between their workers and between their workkers and me, and because they don't know how to run their business smoothly, I wouldn't hire again. Andrew responded to all complaints. But the complaints were daily and often-times, head-slapping. If I was paying half this cost, maybe I'd be ok. But I feel I was charged full price for services where only half the quality and expectations were being met. Meanwhile, I'm playing role of project foreman, project manager, architect/designer, and quality control.
    - Dave P.
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    John Elliott General Contractor
    When I originally discovered birds nesting in an old cavity in our siding, I called John to discuss his availability and the best way to repair the problem. He visited me that day to see the problem first hand. At that time I was uncertain if the cavity was actually still occupied, so I observed it for several weeks. When I was convinced the nest was active, I waited until the young birds (Starlings) had fledged and then called John to schedule a time that was convenient for both of us. Within less than a week he and his son came to take care of the siding issue and deal with two faulty electrical switches and examine a problem with a faulty breaker on one of the kitchen circuits.

    John was responsive and kept me informed by phone, so that once we began the siding repair, the work was completed promptly. My experience with John and his crew remains consistent over a period of more than one year and with multiple jobs requiring a variety of skills and experience.
    - JOHN W.
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    Reilly's Handyman Services
    Norm Reilly gave measured and practical advice, didn't try to talk me into services I didn't want or need, and assigned his crew to help me meet ALL my deadlines! His crew was composed of long-time employees who worked together well as a team, were helpful, courteous and communicated exceptionally well with me, calling to provide updates, timelines and actions. I trusted them completely and really appreciated their hard work and expertise. I wish I had met him years ago!
    - Nancy S.
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    B C Construction

    He arrived on time for the initial appointment. He gave us a detailed list of the cost of labor and materials. He made many good recommendations that we hadn't thought of to enhance our bathroom. He went out of his way to obtain materials desired. He started the job on time, and kept us appraised of the progress and finished on time even working through a day where our air conditioner had broke. He cleaned up the work area after each day and after the total installation to our satisfaction. We would definitely recommend him and plan on using him for additional jobs.

    - Yvonne B.
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    John Elliott General Contractor
    1929 home's 2nd floor bathroom waste pipe developed a pin-hole leak. Pipe was 3" Copper waste line. When the attic was converted to living space, apparently, the contractor decided to cut INTO the house from the OUTSIDE to run the drain line. They had added pink fiberglass insulation around the pipe and then covered the pipe+insulation with aluminum siding. The pipe developed a leak and had probably been leaking the 13 years I've lived here, creating an awful moldy mess of the insulation, in the wall cavity, and down into the basement. Awesome.
    I had opened the wall to locate the cause of the leak (which, due to a continually leaky toilet, I finally noticed puddling water, otherwise, I'd have never known about the mold..just would have chalked it up to "that's how basement's smell"). I had removed the insulation and cleaned the mold.
    John's crew was great. 4 guys working on this over 3 days. Always punctual. Always professional. John was very open to my suggestions about how I wanted the exterior hole patched with rigid foam insulation (since XPS is mold/waterproof..and if water ever got behind the siding, I didn't want it getting back into the same pink fiberglass baffles I planned to put back up.
    They laid drop-cloths on the path through the house so as to protect the carpeting not only in the work area, but also on the path leading in/out of the house with the waste materials.
    Original job quote was for 1700, but once he opened the ceiling to connect the new PVC waste line to the upstairs toilet, we discovered that 2 of the floor joists (2x6's) had be notched and cut so badly by the former plumber/gc, that they had cracked completely through. Totally non-supportive anymore. John's son recommended I simply sister the joists and run the drain line below the joists, creating a soffit. I would have went with that approach, however the bedroom they were working in only has 8' ceilings and it's a 10x10 room. Losing any more headroom would make the room feel even more cramped/cave-like. John suggested running two new beams and jacking the sagging joists back up into their proper location and then bolting the broken joists to the new ones. I voted for this approach, even though he had to cut a 2" hole in the center of a 2x6 support beam.  Fingers crossed these two beams are strong enough. Since the bathroom is small upstairs and won't have tile, I'm hopeful that these will be sufficient to hold a 300 pound man in the bathroom (the current american male standard it seems).
    John did a great job soldering the new copper lines. He decided to use PEX tubing to connect the plumbing fixtures (some copper, some CPVC)  to the existing copper feed lines. He even went 1 size larger with the PEX since PEX tubing's connections are narrower than the 1/2" copper pipe. He did this so as to avoid low water flow in the shower/sink upstairs and make it easier for him to thread the connecting pipe through the new floor joist holes. Sadly, despite his best intentions, I do have lower shower head flow. And, I think he could have gotten a 1/2" copper pipe threaded through the holes he made in the joists (and thus, made them a little narrower too). I can't fault him for it, and I've debated calling him up and asking him to switch out the PEX for copper, but then he'd have to change out the 1/2" to 3/4" copper connector he put in specifically for the PEX. Is it really worth it? i dunno. The shower still works fine...but I know that the flow is lower than it was before. We have 1/2" copper throughout the house, so if I was really gung-ho, I'd change the 1/2" right from the source to 3/4" and only reduce it at the fixtures (as is supposed to happen in a modern home). Bah! Next home.
    John built us a frame so we can put drywall up, covering the pipe's new location which is now inside the house (as required by code). I could have had John do the drywall, but this was the first job I've worked with him on and wasn't sure how his drywall skills were. Besides, it would have cost me an extra $800 for that, and I had already paid an extra $800 for the unforseen replacement of 2 floor joists. he did the right thing there too.. Most contractors would have tacked up a new joist and called it day and never bothered to jack up the sagging floor to it's proper location first. He got the temp lolly column and had a h*** of a time boosting the floor to its proper location. He asked before doing this what the floor material was (so he is also aware of what happens when you jack up a floor...rigid stuff, like tile breaks. Luckily for us, we have linoleum up there.
    The toilet hole was also cut so that the toilet flange wasn't even resting on the plywood up there. He attached 2 2x2s to the sides of the hole so that the flange could rest on something and then re-sat the toilet upstairs, complete with a new wax ring, etc.
    NO LEAKS. No leaks in the feed lines to the sink, toilet, tub. And no leaks on the PVC drains from all those fixtures.
    Forgot to mention, when he moved the pipe inside the room, the baseboard radiator had to be cut back. That meant draining the lines and then refilling them.
    It's summer time, so I haven't tested that he properly bled the air from the radiator lines. I've had a plumbing service do this on two separate occasions. Once, they properly bled the air out. The second time, they did not. I'll test when some cool night temperatures come along whether the lines are bled, and if not, John will get a call.
    Overall. I really liked working with John. When the joists needed replacement, I had hoped to use engineered wood i-beams as the holes he had to make could be very large. However, they don't make i-beams in 2x6. Only 2x9 and above sizes. John entertained my request and looked around for 2x6 i-beams. As did I. Most contractors would have told me to p*** off and they know what they are doing, and I'm just a dumb homeowner, etc. I didn't get any blow-back from John at all, even if he thought the request was strange or silly.
    He is trustworthy, honest, fair priced, knowledgeable, thorough, and does the job right the first time because he knows what he's doing. I would use his services again in a heartbeat as he is easy to get along with, great personality, and attentive to details.

    - Dave P.
  • B
    B C Construction
    This guy is very reasonably priced.  Quick and efficient.  He did a good job at patching the hole, he wasn't able to get our paint color exactly matched so he painted the whole wall so it wouldn't be noticeable.  He is a smoker and our basement did smell like smoke a week after he left.
    - Rebekah M.
  • A
    ABX Contracting
    They did an amazing job. On time, very personable, and great quality. They built every aspect of my addition, from pouring my foundation to framing all they way to finish carpentry work. They also built a porch on the front of my house, and did a lot of custom woodwork. They have a great team of guys, all of them very pleasant and respectful. They were also very tidy with there work during and with cleaning up at the end of the day. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.
    - Joan M.
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