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    Paradigm Home Solutions
    Our basement has always been damp and, at times wet when the existing drain system silted up. With this year's high amount of rainfall it needed something better. After some research on the trusty internet and interviews and quotes from 5 different contractors, Paradigm and one other company were the only ones who really seemed to know what they were about. Both quotes were about the same in cost and scope. I went with Paradigm over the other company primarily for the sense of personal responsibility I got from Andy and Ross. As the owners, they clearly take great care and pride in the work their company does from start to finish. The job involved excavation around the perimeter of the basement, including an attached crawlspace and peculiar raised section of the floor. French drains with all the trimmings, including silt filters were installed. The existing sump was improved, a second sump added, and new pumps installed in both wells. The walls were wirebrushed to clear away the efflorescence and mildew, then spray treated. Sump drains were linked to the outgoing sewer hookup (which was a problem, more on this later!). Work was completed in about 2.5 days exactly on schedule. There were two problems that came up, both resolved satisfactorily. Firstly, the drop cloths that did a superb job keeping the house dust-free on day 1 ended up releasing the accumulated dirt and fine silt into the air on days 2 and 3 as workmen walked across them, coating the ground floor with dust. They took extra care in cleaning both before and after day 3, but I didn't identify the source of the problem until late in the 3rd day of work. In the future, I would suggest cleaning, or at least beating dust out of the drop cloths after each day's work. The foreman was responsive and properly apologetic about the problem, and they did a fine job cleaning up as best they could at the end of the job. The second problem came to light a few days later, when I was talking with my neighbor. It turns out that sewer hookups for sump pump drainage were explicitly *not* allowed in our area of New Castle County. The patchwork of municipalities, neighborhoods, towns, and the City of Wilmington makes this a non-trivial question, as some places forbid these clear water hookups, some allow them, and some even encourage them! Paradigm had initially gotten incorrect information when they inquired, but confirmed that the hookup would have to be removed to pass code in our specific location. They returned to move the discharge lines, and ran them out to grade on the exterior of the house. This ended up causing another problem: a couple days later I started hearing a loud "glugging" noise coming from the discharge line on the rear pump, which was not draining properly. We had a battery backup pump on the old sump pump, which Paradigm was happy to re-install on the new pump. However, the check valve on that 5 year old, consumer grade backup had started to fail and could not support the much larger column of water in the retrofitted discharge plumbing. Andy and Ross came out twice more to fix this problem, once to figure out what was actually happening and a second time to remove the faulty pump, and to shorten and properly pitch the discharge pipe. I was impressed by the owners' responsiveness and professionalism in addressing these problems, and have confidence they will similarly resolve any issues, however unlikely, that may arise in the years and decades to come.
    - Kathryn G.
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    Basement Pros Inc-Basement Waterproofing, Crawlspace Conditioning, and Mold Remediation
    First class work and first class people. There was a complicated water problem in the basement and Mike Ward analyzed the situation and determined what needed to be done to totally eliminate it. The drain, barrier, sump pump and DuraWall were installed in a professional manner. They respected the rest of the house and kept the work area clean. The great results exceeded my expectations. They did an outstanding job.
    - Alma R.
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    Worthington Basement Health Systems
    I am so impressed with this company. I really felt like I could trust the men in my house. The men who worked at my house were wonderful, if it weren���t for the occasional jack hammer I wouldn���t even have known they were there. My parents were there and both commented on what hard workers they were and wondered if they ever took a break, and they cleaned up everything at the end of every day. They did an awesome job!
    - KATHY R.
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    Basement Pros Inc-Basement Waterproofing, Crawlspace Conditioning, and Mold Remediation
    We bought the house in 2014 and started to notice the basement was getting a little bit of water in the one corner. We attempted to fix what we thought was the problem however after heavy rain we noticed we were still getting water. We called in two basement companies, Basement Pros being the second call we made. The first call the individual used terms like "yeah that should would" and "if we do xyz you may not get water anymore"... they were not confident in their sales. They also told us we didn't have any mold to deal with. After they left we said we needed another opinion. I searched BBB and Angie's list for a company and when I came across Basement Pros we felt they had the best reviews and ratings. When I called, Helen was extremely friendly!! She was upbeat and polite and very responsive each time we talked. Pete arrived early (30mins) for our appointment which was no issue for us! I felt good with Pete's explanation of our issue, what we needed and what work would be done. He also informed us that Yes, we did have mold and what product they would use and how it would work. The day of the work the guys showed up on time (a few early but waited in their car for the foreman to arrive). They were polite, professional and hard workers!! They took the time to cover my hardwood floors (even rolled up my runners nice and neat and placed them in my other room). Donny went through everything with me and when I asked if they needed anything from me he actually asked if it was okay if they could use the restroom while they were working. I just thought it was polite they asked and not assumed. For two days these guys worked non-stopped and Donny would take me to the basement so I could see the progress they were making after each step, floor removals, piping put in, stone put down, plastic, walls covering, etc. They kept me informed throughout the process. They removed all the flooring either by hand or by buckets and placed in their truck. They removed the old sump pump and replaced it with a new one (the basin in the floor was replaced also). At the end of day they cleaned up after themselves and left no trash or scraps. These workers busted their butt and did an excellent job!!! We are very satisfied with the work and company!!
    - Jennifer C.
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    Basement Waterproofing Nationwide Inc
    I'm not going to have them back in. They don't do mold remediation like other basement waterproofing companies do. I would advise anyone that if you get a basement waterproofing contractor to make sure they do mold remediation. That should be part of their service. The cement that they used, they did not use the right amount and did not pour the right thickness and if I was to put any furniture on it , it would just crack.
    - Anthony V.
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    Basements Love Us Inc
    My parents had Basements Love Us came out to their house in August 2015 and installed a waterproofing system with a sump pump. Every time when it used to rain they got water in the basement, but now since Basements Love Us  completed the work  they have had no problems. A lot of personal and sentimental items had been lost in the past due to the water damage, it is extremely comforting to know we will not have to lose anything more. We are extremely pleased with their company! Thanks Guys!
    - Melissa W.
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    Paradigm Home Solutions

    I called Andy to come out to give me an estimate on waterproofing a section of my basement.  Per schedule he came out and we looked at the basement and I explained to him my problem.  The basement was dry at the time and I thought I would get a good deal because we had zero rain for awhile and figured business was slow.

    I explained if I receive heavy rain I would get water in my basement in a particular spot.  He gave me a suggestion which he thought would take care of the problem.  He didn't try to sell me on something that was overkill.  He wanted to fix my problem.  We installed around 50 -60 total feet of French drain and installed a new sump pump with a battery back-up. We also cleaned walls and painted for mold remediation. Andy and Ross the owners of the company were on site the day of the installation. Very Clean and respectful of my house. The install took maybe 8 hours prompt and courteous.

    After the install Andy and Ross assured me that they are there to take care of the problem and would stand by their product and expertise.  Since we had no HEAVY rain everything looked great.  Months later we had a HEAVY rain and in a section of the crawl space there was water.  I called Andy and he said "Ken don't worry about it, I said you will have a dry basement and that's what I will stand by". I sent him pictures and he concluded that we needed to install an extra 5 foot of French Drain in the crawl space.  He came out looked at it and concluded that is what we needed to do.  "He stated I will take care of it, I promised you a dry basement and that is what I will deliver" he did not charge me an extra penny.  He stuck by his promise and quote.

    I have waited months to write this review because I wanted to wait until we had rain and snow melted to make sure basement is dry.  Well as of today the basement is dry.  Thanks Andy and Ross, job well done!!

    Awesome company and I would recommend them for any basement waterproofing solution.  They stand by their product and honor their word.

    Thanks Andy and Ross

    Ken "happy homeowner in North Wilmington"

    - Kenneth B.
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    Desert Dry Waterproofing
    We do not have any crawl space under the porch, so there was no work to be done in that area; however, at the time my husband mentioned a problem by the front porch in which the corner gutter is not able to handle the rain and it usually overflows considerablyby the front walk way.  After inspection of the problem, and assessment of where to place a downspout and continuing under ground pipe, we chose them to do the work for  us the next day. 
    On both occasions, they were prompt, or called prior to the arranged time to say they would be a little bit late.  Again, very perfessional, knowledgeable and personable.  After digging the trench for the underground discharge pipe (as well as having carefully removed the soil and grass), they replaced the soil and grass and put some new grass seed down.  We are most thankful that they increased the width of the downspout from 3 to 4 inches, and we are confident that our gutter problem by the front porch is solved.
     Should we need further work done at the back of the house for any drainage issues, we will call Desert Dry Waterproofing.
    - Joan G.
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    John Elliott General Contractor
    1929 home's 2nd floor bathroom waste pipe developed a pin-hole leak. Pipe was 3" Copper waste line. When the attic was converted to living space, apparently, the contractor decided to cut INTO the house from the OUTSIDE to run the drain line. They had added pink fiberglass insulation around the pipe and then covered the pipe+insulation with aluminum siding. The pipe developed a leak and had probably been leaking the 13 years I've lived here, creating an awful moldy mess of the insulation, in the wall cavity, and down into the basement. Awesome.
    I had opened the wall to locate the cause of the leak (which, due to a continually leaky toilet, I finally noticed puddling water, otherwise, I'd have never known about the mold..just would have chalked it up to "that's how basement's smell"). I had removed the insulation and cleaned the mold.
    John's crew was great. 4 guys working on this over 3 days. Always punctual. Always professional. John was very open to my suggestions about how I wanted the exterior hole patched with rigid foam insulation (since XPS is mold/waterproof..and if water ever got behind the siding, I didn't want it getting back into the same pink fiberglass baffles I planned to put back up.
    They laid drop-cloths on the path through the house so as to protect the carpeting not only in the work area, but also on the path leading in/out of the house with the waste materials.
    Original job quote was for 1700, but once he opened the ceiling to connect the new PVC waste line to the upstairs toilet, we discovered that 2 of the floor joists (2x6's) had be notched and cut so badly by the former plumber/gc, that they had cracked completely through. Totally non-supportive anymore. John's son recommended I simply sister the joists and run the drain line below the joists, creating a soffit. I would have went with that approach, however the bedroom they were working in only has 8' ceilings and it's a 10x10 room. Losing any more headroom would make the room feel even more cramped/cave-like. John suggested running two new beams and jacking the sagging joists back up into their proper location and then bolting the broken joists to the new ones. I voted for this approach, even though he had to cut a 2" hole in the center of a 2x6 support beam.  Fingers crossed these two beams are strong enough. Since the bathroom is small upstairs and won't have tile, I'm hopeful that these will be sufficient to hold a 300 pound man in the bathroom (the current american male standard it seems).
    John did a great job soldering the new copper lines. He decided to use PEX tubing to connect the plumbing fixtures (some copper, some CPVC)  to the existing copper feed lines. He even went 1 size larger with the PEX since PEX tubing's connections are narrower than the 1/2" copper pipe. He did this so as to avoid low water flow in the shower/sink upstairs and make it easier for him to thread the connecting pipe through the new floor joist holes. Sadly, despite his best intentions, I do have lower shower head flow. And, I think he could have gotten a 1/2" copper pipe threaded through the holes he made in the joists (and thus, made them a little narrower too). I can't fault him for it, and I've debated calling him up and asking him to switch out the PEX for copper, but then he'd have to change out the 1/2" to 3/4" copper connector he put in specifically for the PEX. Is it really worth it? i dunno. The shower still works fine...but I know that the flow is lower than it was before. We have 1/2" copper throughout the house, so if I was really gung-ho, I'd change the 1/2" right from the source to 3/4" and only reduce it at the fixtures (as is supposed to happen in a modern home). Bah! Next home.
    John built us a frame so we can put drywall up, covering the pipe's new location which is now inside the house (as required by code). I could have had John do the drywall, but this was the first job I've worked with him on and wasn't sure how his drywall skills were. Besides, it would have cost me an extra $800 for that, and I had already paid an extra $800 for the unforseen replacement of 2 floor joists. he did the right thing there too.. Most contractors would have tacked up a new joist and called it day and never bothered to jack up the sagging floor to it's proper location first. He got the temp lolly column and had a h*** of a time boosting the floor to its proper location. He asked before doing this what the floor material was (so he is also aware of what happens when you jack up a floor...rigid stuff, like tile breaks. Luckily for us, we have linoleum up there.
    The toilet hole was also cut so that the toilet flange wasn't even resting on the plywood up there. He attached 2 2x2s to the sides of the hole so that the flange could rest on something and then re-sat the toilet upstairs, complete with a new wax ring, etc.
    NO LEAKS. No leaks in the feed lines to the sink, toilet, tub. And no leaks on the PVC drains from all those fixtures.
    Forgot to mention, when he moved the pipe inside the room, the baseboard radiator had to be cut back. That meant draining the lines and then refilling them.
    It's summer time, so I haven't tested that he properly bled the air from the radiator lines. I've had a plumbing service do this on two separate occasions. Once, they properly bled the air out. The second time, they did not. I'll test when some cool night temperatures come along whether the lines are bled, and if not, John will get a call.
    Overall. I really liked working with John. When the joists needed replacement, I had hoped to use engineered wood i-beams as the holes he had to make could be very large. However, they don't make i-beams in 2x6. Only 2x9 and above sizes. John entertained my request and looked around for 2x6 i-beams. As did I. Most contractors would have told me to p*** off and they know what they are doing, and I'm just a dumb homeowner, etc. I didn't get any blow-back from John at all, even if he thought the request was strange or silly.
    He is trustworthy, honest, fair priced, knowledgeable, thorough, and does the job right the first time because he knows what he's doing. I would use his services again in a heartbeat as he is easy to get along with, great personality, and attentive to details.

    - Dave P.
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    John Elliott General Contractor
    John came out on 4 different occasions.  He gave us an estimate the first day and the other days were repair and cleaning up the work.  He actually had to cut into the wall in our basement to get to the pipes.  By the time all was said and done, our refinished basement looked as good as new.
    - Douglas M.
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