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Moving reviews in Stratford

  • A
    Jon's team was very focused on providing excellent service. Jon was always accessible by phone and went out of his way to accommodate us asap when we required a change to our moving date. His crew showed up right on time- friendly, easygoing, hardworking. During 3 days of work- packing, loading and unloading...nothing but positive attitudes throughout. This crew was eager to make the move as easy as possible for us. They kept mattresses unpacked for our family of 5 and TV remained connected until right before we moved out. Our belongings arrived in great condition and again, the team of 6 men were 100% accommodating in locating items exactly where we wanted them to go. Pricewise almost identical to a large corporate mover estimate. Would definitely use again.
    - Carrie C.
  • B
    Movers were very polite, hard working and efficient. The only drawbacks were that they only wrapped two thirds of the items stored in my basement despite asking for all to be wrapped and at the end of the move they caused some damage to my dining room cieling and to my basement stairs handrail. The guys deserve A for effort but a B for execution. Nor did they own up to the damage, make note of it to me, or offer to fix it or adjust price of move as compensation.
    - David C.
  • F
    The crew was very young and inexperienced on how to move different objects. Precautions were not taken and many articles where damaged. Their preoccupation was to load the truck as fast as possible. While not taking precautions and not being familiar with certain article of furniture and how to move them. In general we would never use the company again nor would we recommend them.
    - Emilio and Karen R.
  • F
    On/about  May 12, 2015, I had a phone conversation with Carlos Lopez at Careful Movers regarding
    contracting for a move from New Jersey to Connecticut. He stated that he would
    provide 3 men for the items I detailed (1 air conditioner, 3 folding bookcases,
    ~12-18 boxes, 1 chest of drawers, 1 microwave cart, 1 microwave and a TV). I
    stated that the move was from an attic apartment to a house, that I needed the
    AC unit removed and installed at delivery site, and that most, if not all,
    boxes would be packed and sealed (all were). 
    Carlos stated that the movers would need the microwave box, and agreed
    with all I was requesting.
    On May 13, I received a ?Binding Estimate? of $410. Since I
    had received two other estimates in that ballpark, I did not question the
    amount. Later that day I received a revised estimate based on additional travel
    expenses, also on a ?Binding Estimate? form, of $452, to which I agreed and
    On May 21, 2015, 2 movers showed up to effect the move.
    Things went relatively smoothly at the apartment, although I did mention to the
    supervisor that I thought three men were to be involved ? he said he knew nothing
    about it.
    Upon arrival at the house, the supervisor proceeded to finalize
    billing before he would proceed with emptying the truck. The final bill was
    $872.  I protested that the amount was
    almost twice the estimate, and received excuses about tolls (OK) and $75. for extra
    stairs, although I pointed out this did not account for the major jump in fee.
    I called Carlos and stated he was running a scam, boosting
    the price. He kept reiterating that the guys needed to be paid for the hours
    worked. He did not respond to my statement that 3 men were supposed to be on
    the job and that he had underbid the expenses. Indeed, the moving rate and
    travel rate were almost doubled (Moving $255 for 3 men, 3 hours vs $467.50 for
    2 men, 5.5 hours [$85. / hr was quoted for both the 3 man and 2 man teams];
    Travel $127.50 vs $212.50).
    Ultimately, if I wanted my belongings moved from the truck,
    I had to pay. They would not accept a charge card ? although they had done so
    for my retainer. They would not accept a personal check unless I kept the payee
    line blank, which I refused. I ended up going to the bank to get the $872 in
    My belongings were moved in, although the men said they
    could not install the AC unit. Then they offered to install it for additional
    pay, which I refused.
    I question whether the above actions on the part of Careful
    Movers were legal, since they did not abide by their ?Binding Estimate.? I
    believe their actions were a scam to increase their payment unduly. Had they
    provided the third man they may have operated within the contract they
    presented me with in the appropriate time frame. They did not; the estimate was
    grossly underbid.

    - Kathleen P.
  • A
    The two movers were extremely patient. There was a sofa that needed to go into the basement of the new residence and there was difficulty in getting it into the basement. They would not give up on getting it into the basement when it would not fit down the basement stairs. Despite several sharp turns and steep basement stairs, they eventually were able to via the basement hatchway.They were friendly, worked well as a team and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the future.
    - Patti H.
  • F
    It was awful.  First they ask if I would like to take out insurance.  They told me that the insurance they has only paid .35 on the dollar.  So, I said it was not worth it.  They then assured me that they would take real good care of my furniture and nothing would happen to it.  Well, they left my foot board standing by the fence and it was windy and it fell down.  They picked it up and put it back
    and let if fall again and that time the foot board broke.  They damaged my kitchen table with big scratches and they damage my head board on my other bedroom set and it is broken.  They also did not bring a large enough truck and it took so long to wrap my furniture so they could only do one load.  I had to scramble to get people to help me move all the other items out of my home.  It was a nightmare.  I really should not have paid them because they did more damage to my property.  They also scratched my computer screen. This is a company that I would not recommend to anyone.
    - John and Callie S.
  • A
    Movers picked up the refrigerator in CT the day before, meeting with my sister to gain access. Two men arrived at my NJ apartment precisely on time at 8AM the next day. They were cheerful and personable, making no complaints when they had to go up to third floor for boxes and to deliver refrigerator, and shrugging off the workload. They had to take a long way around on the Interstate - through a snowstorm that had started - to get to my storage company. Joked about the experience and remained in a good mood. Emptied my storage unit quickly and advised me of any damage noted on my belongings before moving them. Made the trip back to CT over the GWB, again snowing heavily - beat me back to my house. Spread coverings on my hardwood floors and proceeded to empty the van carefully, putting items where I wanted them. Throughout the day, they maintained contact with me, letting me know what was happening and what would be next. At the end, the lead mover calculated my charge based on hours taken and # of men, and it was $400.00 less than the estimate! (Which had been based on my best guesses re amount of items in storage unit). I was thrilled with the service, the price, and the attitudes of the men.
    - Kathleen P.
  • A
    Perfectly. They came on time and finished packing things I couldn't handle, pictures, lamps, mirrors etc. They were polite and very professional I was amazed at how well they worked as a team. The truck arrived at my destination on time and did a terrific job, really nice people. I would highly recommend this company and personally wouldn't use any one else.
    - Shirley L.
  • A
    The original estimate was fair and competitive.  They also delivered at least 10 used boxes, including 2 wardrobe boxes, plus packing tape to me before the move for my own use.  They arrived 40 minutes earlier than scheduled time.  The three men worked efficiently and carefully.  They informed me about the way certain pieces of furniture would be moved and the possibility that the contents would shift during the move.  The 3 men worked well together and in separate tasks.  It took them about 3 hours to pack and load; they were 30 minutes in transit from Stratford, CT to Milford, CT, with only the shortest break for lunch.  They unloaded at new location quickly and efficiently.  A few long wooden counter tops had to be carried up 4 flights of stairs because they were too long to fit in the elevator.
    I would highly recommend them.
    Do Not Confuse this Bridgeport, CT company  with a disreputable company of the same name located on Long Island, NY
    - Susan L.
  • F
    I found Astro Movers through Angie's List, where they were well-reviewed, which is very difficult to understand considering the nightmare experience my family and I had with them. I hired them to move me and my family from one home to another, only 3 miles away. I had already moved nearly every box and most small items to the house prior to moving day. All that remained was furniture, and some last-minute boxed items. Despite the simplicity of the move, it was a disaster from start to finish. From the second they arrived, it was clear I had hired the worst movers on the planet.
    Instead of showing up in their own "clean" trucks (I had specifically inquired about how they take precautions for things like bedbugs), they showed up in unmarked rental trucks (one they claimed was their own, but it was clearly a used Penske truck with the markings removed) and the movers were in street clothes. There was no indication of Astro Movers anywhere. As I watched them get started, it all seemed very chaotic and clumsy, and I started to wonder if these were actual movers or day laborers recruited by Astro for this move.
    In chronological order, here's how the series of screw-ups and damages occurred:
    - I noticed that as one of the four-man crew was driving one of the trucks into position in front of the house, he was texting on his phone.
    - They took our good, wood dining room chairs out of the house and then placed them on the wet front lawn for an extended time until I asked that they be moved to either the driveway or the street to avoid water damage.
    - They removed all the lampshades from the living room lamps, but did not immediately move the lamps. Instead, they put a table lamp with its bare bulb exposed onto the floor next to the couch. When they went to move the bookcase on the other side of the couch, they slid the couch over so that its arm made contact with the bare bulb. It sat that way for several minutes until a silver-dollar-sized hole was burned through the upholstery and into the padding on the arm of the couch.
    - After the couch incident, one of the movers said, "There won't be any more mistakes." Ten minutes later, that same mover dropped an air conditioner out of a second-floor bedroom window, smashing it. Thankfully, it was only onto the lawn and not the deck, a car, or a passer-by.
    - The movers had no idea that they were also supposed to go to a storage facility in a neighboring town to pick up some items we had there, even though it was part of the original estimate, and their dispatcher had called us the previous day to confirm that. They didn't argue about the additional stop, but it was another indication of how unprofessional and disorganized they were.
    After letting two of the movers with one of the trucks into our storage facility, I received a call from my wife that the two other movers at the new house had punched a hole into our newly-painted dining room ceiling when lifting our hutch onto the buffet.
    Unfortunately, once they were done, I also discovered that I hadn't seen the full extent of their damage. They had turned a $1600 armoire that was at the storage facility end-over-end to get it both on a dolly and on and off the truck. However, they hadn't taken out the loose shelves that were inside it. Everything about this piece, including the shelves, was very heavy wood, and when those shelves moved, they struck the internal metal pins that support them when they're in position. The force of that drove the two pins on each side of the interior straight out through the sides of the armoire. There are now four holes (two on each side, with metal pins embedded in them) ripped through the sides of the armoire. It's ruined. 
    I also discovered a few days later than another of our air conditioners had 3 dents in the back grille and when I put it in the window, it no longer worked.
    As this series of disasters was unfolding, I continued to call the office of the moving company, detailing the problems as they occurred and was told that someone (a supervisor) would call me back. That never happened. I had to keep calling throughout the day, growing increasingly angry and demanding that a supervisor or someone in charge come to our house to assess the damages and detail how they intended to make it right, financially.
    Only after the second truck came back to the house loaded with items from the storage unit did I get a call back from Tom (the "supervisor," who I believe is actually the company president). Tom had already told his men to stop working and not unload the truck until he and I had worked out what I would pay for this move. As far as I was concerned, they'd done so much damage that I expected to pay nothing until I worked out what the damages would amount to. Instead, the movers held our belongings hostage on the truck while Tom explained how little his actual liability was in this and said, "I'm not coming away from this with no money."
    So there I stood with a serious rain storm starting, with my wife and three kids in the house, a commitment to be back at our old house within the hour to turn the keys over to its new owners, and our property held for ransom on the mover?s truck. My choice was to either strike a completely unfair bargain, or call the cops and create a scene outside our new home in the rain in our new neighborhood.
    The total cost of the move, had all things gone smoothly, would have worked out to $880. Tom kept asking me what I thought was "fair." When I said that I expected the necessary repairs and replacements to consume nearly that entire amount, and we went back and forth some more, he proposed cutting the bill in half, and I paid $435 in the end just to get the truck unloaded and to get the remaining two incompetent movers out of our new home. The toll on me that day from the stress of this move and my need to move on and put cribs back together in time to put our kids to sleep that night is the only reason I even agreed to this.
    Throughout the day, the response and comments from both the movers and their supervisors were unacceptable. When I told Warren (the first person I spoke to at the office) about the air conditioner and tried to continue talking, he talked right over me saying, "Everybody knows you have to support the air conditioner weight when you open the window." Everyone but his movers, apparently. Lucille, the estimator, said "This never happens," as if I should (a) believe that or (b) care that their other customers don't get subjected to this (which I also don't believe). Robert, the mover who was in charge of the four-man crew said each of the following things to me: "I can't be in the truck and watch everything they do," "I could have been at my son's softball game instead of here," and "They're grown men, I can't watch them like babies." Another mover laughed and said, "Hey, buddy...we're doing the best we can."
    These movers not only ruined property, they ruined what should have been a happy occasion -- starting out in a new home. They also put extraordinary stress on me and my family and up-ended the entire plan for the day, which I had taken great pains to work out in advance. In addition, they acted and responded unprofessionally and extorted money from me. Any one of these things would be cause for complaint, and they did them all.
    Never, ever, ever hire this company. If you hear of someone mentioning them as an option, warn them. They shouldn't even be in business.
    - Michael M.
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