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Home Builder reviews in Norwalk

  • A
    Another OUTSTANDING renovation by Rocco and his team. Punctual, clean and top quality craftsmanship in converting our 1980s style bathroom into a modern spa-like showpiece. The team removed our old tile, jacuzzi style bathtub, funky hardware and vanity expeditiously. Then roughed the plumbing, laid new tile, installed soaking tub, shower, toilet, vanity etc with the care, skill and attention to detail of an absolute professional. For the record, Rocco’s team renovated our guest bathroom in 2015 and it still looks great! Needless to say, it was an easy decision to enlist Rocco’s team again.
    - bill w.
  • D
    Carmine over promised and under delivered.  My 6 week job turned into a 6 month job.  Not one window that was initially ordered came in correct.  Carmine never checked the order for accuracy and blamed the salesman.  He typically blamed someone else for his mistakes.  As an example,  he removed my deck, and failed to put up any warning tape or barricades or tell me his plan.  When I returned from vacation at 8:00 PM, I was surprised to find very little had occurred while I was out of town.  After taking my luggage into my house, I decided to use a flashlight to inspect the rear of the house.  I opened the sliding glass door, took a step and fell five feet.  I ended up in the hospital with a fractured pelvis.  I ended up hiring another contractor in March.
    - Fredric W.
  • A
    The work, as usual , was excellent. We have used JVI builders for a number of projects stariting with a $60K expansion in 1987, and a $40K kitchen expansion/remodel in 1997. 
    The work quality is always excellent. Jay always shows up when scheduled and leaves the area clean when finished. 
    This last time we had some smaller jobs to complete and again it was a pleasure doing business with him.
    - Paul H.
  • A
    iWe contacted Flying Colors the weekend before Christmas when we noticed a water leak in our downstairs bathroom.  They came out immediately and provided a quote for replacing the roof over the addition to our house.  We advised them that we wanted to contract with them that day since we had already received other quotes and decided that we wanted to move forward based on their quote and scope of work.  There was some confusion about which shingle was required to match the rest of the house and so Steve came out to the house to confirm which one we needed to order.  We appreciated this very much even though it caused a slight delay in the start of the work.  I would have been crazy if the roof did not match the rest of the house!  They came to the house on 12/29/14 and completed the job as discussed in one day.  They were professional and did a great job.  We noticed at the completion of the job that the house shingles were uneven and the flashing where the addition met the main house stood out very badly.  Steve came back out to the house the next morning to see what we were not happy with and agreed.  This additional work would require a carpenter.  We provided the replacement shingles which we already had but Steve took the old paint we had for the house and had it mixed so that they could use it again.    The carpenter came to the  house on 1/2/15 and finished the job for us.  We couldn't be happier with the final outcome and would definitely use them again in the future!
    - Daniel L.
  • A
    We couldnt be happier with the results! The carpets were pulled and the hardwood floors below were refinished. New trim was added throughout and the ceiling was raised leaving a really nice tray ceiling. A custom closet was built and I am so happy that I listened to all of Ubaldo's suggestions. Every day when the workers left they cleaned up and told us when they would be back the next day. They were also really patient and friendly when my kids were running around the house.  I finally love my bedroom!
    - Gamal M.
  • F
    What a tragedy my family and I had to endure.
    Karl and his illegal immigrant crew came on site with genuine excitement to start the job.  They first renovated the exterior of my existing home, while excavation and foundation took months to complete for the addition.
    During the months of March thru May, Karl only showed up 6 times on my property, while his crew (between 1 and 2 staff members) worked on the exterior of my home and average of 3 days a week, from 10:30AM to 4:00PM, NO LIE.   They were contracted to remove the exterior siding and place new trim on my home, before re-siding my home with double coated white cedar shingles that I paid a fortune for.
    1> The trim was installed horribly. Sections were cut up in multiple strips, where there should have been long runs.  Just more work for the painter to putty the Azek and with it expanding/contracting, it's surly going to make it look horrible.
    2>  Siding on my home was a complete disaster.  The shingles were placed too tight, which caused buckling.  They were also secured with a nail gun that leaked oil, which the installer simply didn't care and continued to install with palm prints/finger prints all over my house.  "Don't worry, it will come off with windex", I was told by Karl.  Long of the short of it?  It took them 4.5 months for them to put 70% of the siding, before they gave up.  Also, the siding's 'reveal to the weather' ranged from 4" to 5" for no apparent reason.  It cost me over $7,000.00 to have to professional fixed and an additional $6,500.00 to have my home re-painted.  Yes, double dipped, re-finished shingles that I had to paint, that I spent over $20,000 JUST ON the shingles alone.
    3>  Craftsmanship was horrible.  Crooked trim placement, untacked areas on the house and lack of ambition to complete each task led me to hire another contractor to finish the jobs.  Another $10,000.00 was put out to complete the home.  Also, regarding the trim, his lack of manpower on the job slowed the new sider's job, so Karl instructed the siders to just shingle up to the top of the walls and Karl would trim OVER THE SIDING, which is a horrible thing to do.  Essentially, Karl did some of the work on each task (The EASY part of it) and got paid for the entire thing, all the meanwhile, left the tedious/time consuming part for the end. (The end, meaning, someone else that I had to hire and pay more!)
    3> The actual FRAMING was the only 1/2 way commendable thing Karl's men completed.  HOWEVER, the most costly mistake Karl's men did to my house were the horrible "Return Boxes" off each gable.  12 boxes in all.  My coppersmith simply couldn't believe what he observed.  Each return box was a different size and was rendered useless.   I had to pay nearly $10,000.00 for someone to come in and complete this -  which is a framer's job.  Essentially, Karl had his men forego the craftsmanship of the boxes to immediately place trim over it, ALL TO GET "THE TRIM FEE", as this man is in major financial woes.  So the trim had to come off the house, the boxes rebuilt, then re-trimmed.   What a circus - and documented for a court case, mind you!
    4>  His shtick?.  He starts putting in the windows, asks for the full payment because "it will be done today", but then he stops and doesn't finish the job.  Then goes onto another task and repeats the SAME PROCESS until I caught on.  He was ahead of me nearly $15,000.00 before I stopped paying him.
    5> Thereafter, he couldn't afford to pay his men, so his men were threatening to walk.  I felt bad, so although he was ahead of me, I paid Karl's payroll for the entire month of June, before I realize he could walk any minute on me.  I stopped paying him on July 4, 2014.
    6> Since July 4, 2014 he didn't get a dime from me, and out of punishment, he only sent ONE GUY on the job, 3 days a week.  
    On September 01, 2014, I fired him and stopped the misery from continuing.
    I'm out over $30,000.00.   He was also fired from two other jobs the week prior, as he pulled the same stunts on them.  And he owes them money, which he doesn't have.
    I found out later that he worked on my home with a LAPSED license.  If I suffered a loss, the insurance company surely wouldn't have covered it.
    The Vice President of the company, his wife, Eleanor Reasoner-Nilsen (Harry Reasoner's Daughter from the show 20/20) was no help at all, as all she cared about was the money.  She never made an attempt to reach out to rectify the situation.
    I'm begging you, the reader to think long and hard about using this company.  A company who might be reasonable in the pricing, but in the end, you pay a fortune.  A company who will GC your project and slap on a profit to each contractor for his own gain.
    I have documentation/photographs to back all my information that I've provided to you.  Anyone is welcome to come see my house and the less than acceptable job Karl and his crew provided.
    So you check with the Dept. of Consumer Protection, right?  All the customers who he screwed over, for some reason, never bothered and walked away from their messes.   The last two others who fired him haven't bothered either.  But I'm in the works to get a class action suit placed against him to send a message that you simply can't take advantage of people.
    SPEND THE MONEY - I should have used Coastal Construction Group out of Westport, Connecticut.
    - James F.
  • A
    Kowalsky Brothers were yet another incredibly professional and knowledgable company I selected through word of mouth.
    I never ONCE was concerned on what they were doing and trusted every single decision they made.
    They had the task of jackhammering and removing 2 months worth of ledge from my property which was a grueling process.  Once that was complete, they excavated the rest of the property for our addition.
    Additionally, we had massive water issues which they easily fixed by installing a moderately expensive solution:  french drain.   It was worth every single penny, trust me.
    With that, they went ahead and reshaped my driveway which was conducive to the new structure and did an amazing job.  Their eye for elevations/grades are incredible.
    They were the first ones on our property in March and worked vigorously to make the customer happy.
    Kowalsky may be priced slightly higher than most, but let me tell you? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR and in the end, it was worth it.
    The horror stories I hear from others using competitors solidified my choice of dealing with Jay Kowalsky and team.
    Anyone want to see my home?  Email me!

    - James F.
  • A
    Combination of demolition and installation of porcelain tiles, painting, lighting, shower and glass in our guest bathroom.  Rocco and his team of craftsmen were professional, punctual, knowledgable and exceeded our expectations  on our customized project.  My wife and I couldn't be happier with our new bathroom. Excellent work and outstanding results!
    - bill w.
  • D
    The job started off well but the same cannot be said to how it has ended.  We signed a contract with Silvestri Group on july 3, 2013 for rough;y $104,000.  Other work projects were added on each with it's own contract brining the total cost to about $160,000.  The work was supposed to be finish by October 11, 2013.  The added projects were about a months worth of work.  We did not end up moving into our home until January 9, 2013.  We still do not have a master shower door as it was never ordered.  In December we received a letter from the Town of Norwalk stating a mechanics lien had been placed on our property for amount of $12,626.42 by the plumber who performed the work on our house.  We were told by Silvestri Group that this happens all the time and the plumber would be paid in full soon and the lien would be lifted.  The plumber has still not been paid.  We have emailed copies of checks made out to the plumber that were actually never sent out but we were told were.  The plumber did receive a different set of checks later on that war at first post dated and then were continually told to hold on to the checks each week as funds were not available.  We were also provided an invoice for our fence post caps from deck  After contacting and forwarding them the invoice, it was established that no order was ever placed and that the invoice did not match a deck invoice.  We also had two dumpsters on our property one which had been full since August.  When I asked Ed Silvestri why the dumpster was still on our property since it was full, he responded by saying that the company had gone out of business and that the other dumpster company would be removing it.  Towards the end January we had had enough with the dumpsters as they were blocking us from using the garage. Something we desperately needed this winter with all the snow.  We called the dumpster companies and found that they were still in fact in business and had been trying to collect money for removal from Silvestri Group.  After speaking to the owner we gave them $1,000 check to remove the dumpster.  The there dumpster was removed by the other company after begging them to take it away since we had a newborn at home and we needed access to the garage.  When we first signed our contract we chose a certain brand of kitchen cabinets.  The cabinets which were actually installed were a different brand and we were never informed of this.  We only figured this out when we asked repeatedly for the invoice of the cabinets which were delayed over and over for delivery.  The bait and switch was also done with a guest bathroom vanity.  We approved one vanity and a completely different vanity was installed.  we had them remove it and another vanity which was still not what we approved was installed.  Finally we ordered the vanity ourselves.  When we first met the Silvestri Group they preached communication as well as transparency.  That is not the experience we had with them.  Towards the end our calls were not answered and our emails took days to be responded to.  Our last emails to them gave them ultimatums to order the materials or we would deem the contract void.  We gave them 3 weeks front the time we sent a certified letter and email.  It was 2 days before the deadline that we heard from Ed Silvestri.  We emailed him back with our wishes and demands to which he responded but nothing was done.  His last email to us was on March 15, 2013.  We have sent him 2 emails the last being on April 1, 2013.  We take the no response as a sign that Silvestri Group is walking away from the project.  We have filed with the BBB of CT.  All we want is for our shower door, the fence post caps, and the recessed light caps to be ordered.
    - Marisa G.
  • F
    I met with one of their project managers on March 1, I walked him through my home and the items we wanted adjusted (which consisted of simply removing one wall and opening up adjoining closets to one closet). The Project Manager wasn't able to give me any estimates on cost or time to do any of this work which I thought a little strange, but promised to get back to me. I left him 2 voicemails on his direct cell and then called the company twice and never received a call in 2 weeks. I would not work with this company again.
    - Jessica H.
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