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Generator Repair reviews in Fairfield

  • A

    The installation included:

    22 kW Generac air cooled generator (model 6551)= $10,829

    Mobile Link monitoring system (4 year contract) = $249

    Maintenance agreement (2 year contract) = $925

    Applicable permits = $206

    Belgian block masonry work (special customer request; in addition to included gravel and pad base) = $270.75

    After meeting with 3 potential service providers, we selected CT Electrical Services for this job due to Bruce's prompt responsiveness, thoroughness, and professionalism, and his competitive pricing.  We were very thorough in our due diligence process when selecting this service provider, asking several rounds of questions and for information prior to making our decision.  What really made this company stand out was how fast Bruce would get back to us on emails (often within minutes), phone calls and service visits (1 time we needed him to come to our house right away for an emergency situation and he was there immediately).  Bruce and his team are truly customer service oriented in all aspects and very respectful as such.  That is a hard find in today's world and worth a lot to us!  Without hesitation, we strongly recommend CT Electrical Services as this was an EXCELLENT job completed from start to finish.  We attach a photo of our newly installed generator.  

    - Leslynn J.
  • F
    Around 10 a.m., the technician arrived via a Cannondale service van onto our property. I first noticed he was there when I saw him already at the generator located in the fenced backyard. He did not ring the bell to see if anyone was home or to announce he was there to do his scheduled maintenance. However, all the back windows were opened with the lights were on and I was doing work by the window so it was probably obvious someone was inside the residence. He spent a few seconds at the generator trying to open it, not realizing it was locked, and then left to the front of the house and returned again, obviously with a key because he opened it. I was expecting him to ring the bell to ask to borrow ours after noting he was unable to open it at first, but he never did. After a literal minute of looking inside the generator he locked it up and proceeded to the front of the house, into his van and drove away. 
    My husband and I weren't sure if he forgot supplies such as an oil filter or whatever else he may have needed to use.  We waited a little over 20 minutes and then called the company. We wanted to know if the technician was coming back because we didn't see him do any work except take a quick look inside. A man who claimed to be named "Paul", as the owner, stated he would get in touch with the technician and put us on hold for the interim.  We are contracted and pay for a complete maintenance service of $300 yearly that includes checking the oil and changing it with a new oil filter, inspecting the spark plugs, cleaning out any debris inside the machine and running the machine to see how well it functions.  The only thing he did was stick his head down to look around and did not take out the oil dipstick, or change the filter, or replace any oil, or run the generator.  In the previous 2 years we had service with them, the technician did all of that and then even explained all that was done to us afterwards. This obviously seemed odd which is why we called the company. When we were taken off hold, the man stated that his technician was not equipped with a key and had to leave the premises to retrieve one and would be back later to do the job. That was obviously a lie to us, merely because of the FACT that he did have a key and opened it. Naturally we got suspicious and then annoyed at the fact that the man on the phone completely disregarded what we were saying. 
    Since our trust was broken, we requested a different technician come to the house and complete the job. When asked when the new technician would be able to come, the man on the phone said he didn't know when he could and it may be later in the week.  Was the owner himself actually unaware that the technician is supposed to have a universal key on him or in the van? That is completely unacceptable and unprofessional. The lie of not having a key readily available was repeated several times by Paul and later again by another man named Paul Bonomo, Jr., who then claimed to be the "real" owner and son of the other Paul. Paul Bonomo Jr. claimed to not have any knowledge of the situation when I had called the company about an hour later. 
    Paul Bonomo Jr. was informed by us that one of his technicians that was scheduled to service our Generac generator, lied to him and indirectly to me, through the person we first spoke to.  Instead of rectifying the issue professionally, Paul stated he would take the word of his technician over a customer because he was employed for him for 15 years and he kept bragging how he is a U.S. Marines veteran, and therefore more legit than I am. He keeps harping on his military history as the epitome of his worker's reputation. It is more than the customer being right, but that the customer has video proof from  security cameras along with being right. Logically, how can someone feel confident in a company that supports an employee who lied, and his only defense was persistently stating he stood by his employee's word? It would obviously make anyone skeptical the work would be done properly, if at all. In this case, it was not done. It would also make anyone upset and angry.
    Paul Bonomo Jr. now stated several days later via an Angie's List response that his worker needed to use the bathroom and was embarassed to say so. Possible, yes, probable no.  He also stated that his worker told us directly he needed to leave which is an absolute lie because he never was face to face with us or even set foot on the porch.  Paul Bonomo Jr. continued to say that he sat through "over 30 minutes of profanity and insults" from me, in which telephione records show the entire conversation with him talking a lot also, was a total of 15 minutes.  Yet another exaggeration.
    So now, the owner is not being entirely accurate in his account of the situation. What would have been the big deal to say you would be returning to finish the job if you had to use the bathroom so urgently? He should have stated that immediately to his boss and would have said he was on his way back. Instead our trust of the company remains broken. In fact, the first call to Cannondale was over 20 minutes after the technician left to inquire why he left without doing the job in full, and he simply had to say he was on his way back.  That doesn't sound like someone who went to use the bathroom quickly and planned on returning. It would make anyone suspicious that the technician may not have planned on returning and moved onto the next job. This means that potentially we would have been charged a full maintenance fee if we did not say we had proof the work wasn't done. That was our fear.  What was to keep him from saying he did it quickly, if it weren't for the security cameras catching him in his lie? He was scheduled to inspect the entire unit, check spark plugs, check and change the oil and filter and run the machine to make sure it runs properly.  The only thing done was a visual inspection inside for literally about 1 minute according to the video. He was on the premises a whole 8 minutes with the majority of the time sitting in the van.
    What would have been the big deal to be honest to your boss about it, unless you have something to hide? If you can boast about being in the military and at war, saying you had to make a quick stop would be nothing, especially if your relationship is claimed to be so great over 15 years.  There was ample oportunity to state that to his boss when asked several times on the day this occurred and this "reason" of needing the bathroom was only recently suggested, when the lie about not having a key was proven. The worker is seen on video surveillence remaining in the service truck for several minutes before walking to the backyard, unannounced, to attempt to open the generator. He is in no hurry or urgency. He is seen going back to the truck and then back to the generator, successfully opening it and inspecting inside visually. He likely went to retrieve the key he left in the van. He then shuts and locks the generator and leaves the premises at a normal pace to his service vehicle to drive away.  He never rang the bell to announce his arrival, which is against the company's protocol verified by Paul, or left a service note on the door, another protocol violation verified by Paul.  Paul did admit that was wrong and was supposedly going to talk to his technician about it.  The first two phone calls to Cannondale were received with disrepect from Paul Bonomo Sr., and by Paul Bonomo Jr., who also claimed to be the owner and supposedly entered the office close to noon that day after the incident occured, supposedly unaware of all that occurred. Paul Bonomo Sr. questioned the remark that there was video surveillance, despite us offering to show him. He couldn't seem to grasp the concept that there was a problem created by his worker. Paul Bonomo Jr. constantly repeated his technician's military resume as if it had anything to do with his outright lie that he held onto until he was forced to confess because of tangible proof. Initially he refused to listen to the fact that his technician lied and there was proof. All he had to do was say that was wrong on their behalf and send another technician out right away to rectify the issue. His arrogance obviously annoyed and angered us.  Instead he took it upon himself to absolve our contract immediately and stated there would no longer be direct communication from his company to our residence.  He eventually did apologize that his technician should have had the key, as he continued to believe the generator was never opened, despite it being observed, and that protocol wasn't followed.  When asked what he could do, I requested a hand-written apology letter from his technician, in which Paul Bonomo Jr. proceeded to laugh at me, repeat what I requested and had his staff audibly laughing at me, and then say that is not likely going to happen. I stated I would write a bad review and he said, "Go ahead and try to destroy my reputation." He proceeded to have a lawyer send me a general request to remove any bad reviews I have posted that they deem as defamatory. This situation would not have escalated had the customer been given the benefit of their word (even without video surveillance proof), had the customer's concerns were not met with derision, had the customer's service been immediately performed after the dishonest and premature termination of said service, and/or had an apology from the technician and Paul Sr/Jr been forthcoming.
    - Geraldine V.
  • A

    Pete and his crew did a really nice job ugrading the electrical service. Pete took care of all coordination with the Town of Fairfield and our electric company. They performed all work on schedule and within the price quoted. We had a really nice experience with Pete and his crew (finished all work in one day).

    Phone calls and text messages to Pete were returned promptly. Would definitely recommend their services.

    - Nick C.
  • C
    Repaired what they came to do. It took them over 1 year to fix the initial problem. Wrong billings, missed dates, service people that did not know how to fix the generator, etc.
    They worked with me to resolve it but it was tough.
    - Alexander G.
  • A
    Tony came out and met with us to assess our needs and offered us several options.  We chose the one the worked with our needs and our budget.  He then scheduled the installation and completed the work in a timely and efficient manner.  After the electric went out and we lived with the generator for a few days, we wanted some additional circuits added.  He came out and added them with out a problem.  He was great about respecting us and our house and was a pleasure to work with.
    - David L.
  • A
    Very professional, fair price and a pleasure to work with!
    - Karen F.
  • A
    Services were done promptly and professionally. Whenever we need servicing, they come out right away. Would recommend.
    - Donna L.
  • A
    I use them all the time. They do excellent work. I got a really long relationship and maybe 15 year relationship with these guys. I would not think of using anybody but these guys.
    - Ed H.
  • A
    Outstanding service, fair price, responsive, knowledgeable.
    - Joseph S.
  • A
    He was courteous, prompt, very knowledgeable and most helpful.
    - Gail N.
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