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    Masonry Enforcement
    We selected Mike Napoleone based on many factors. He had excellent reviews on Angie���s List (AL), he was AL Certified, an AL Super Service Award winner, personable, understood our needs, and his price was competitive. He also said he could start work immediately. Before we signed a contract, Mike was responsive to our emails/questions. Since the deposit, he has been predominantly irresponsive, uncommunicative, ignores our messages/emails/calls, consistently no-shows, and makes commitments he can���t keep. He said our start date would be 10/5/17 and that the project would be completed in 2 weeks. Work did not start until 11/6/17 and our project to date is still not finished. Initially we were happy with the work done, but over the past few months have become extremely unhappy with the quality of materials used and workmanship. The flagstone is breaking, the cement is chipping, the edge of the flagstone patio is jagged, there are clumps of cement around the perimeter of the patio, there are areas of the patio where the flagstone significantly overhangs the cement slab, there are voids between the cement slab and the laid flagstone, salt deposits are leaking from the stone veneered steps, both the flagstone and stone veneer themselves are rusting, and there is unsafe sharp corner of the constructed front walkway. Everything looks terrible. Work done 3 months ago looks like it was done at 10 years ago, and by an amateur not a professional. Friends have asked us if we did the work ourselves, which is not the response I would hope to get about a service performed by a professional. The last day a crew was at our house was during the week of 12/6/17. They took down our cattle fence, removed some equipment, and left our yard like a construction zone. Large pieces of broken flagstone/stone have been left all over the yard, making it unsafe for our toddler. Buckets/wheelbarrows have been left all over the yard, along with a soil compactor, extension leads and other equipment. It���s a disaster zone/eye sore, and we haven���t been able to use the yard since. We have made numerous payment installments to Mike in good faith despite our contract agreement that half the cost would be paid in deposit and the remainder at completion. We feel we have been nothing but patient but have now reached our limit. We understand that there are project delays and weather can prohibit progress, but at this point Mike has taken advantage of us and our flexibility. We asked him on numerous occasions that if he did not think he could handle our project that he return our deposit and payments, and each time he assured us that the work would be completed in one or two weeks. We are so unhappy with Mike and the work performed that we would rather demolish it and start from scratch. We have lost all faith and trust in him. Every time we look at the patio/stairs, we feel angry/upset, and hate the work that has been done. It is unacceptable to feel that way about a 3-month-old product. The following outlines communication with Mike since 9/29/17: ���9/29 Signed contract with Mike Napoleone (MN), paid deposit ���10/4 Texted MN asking if work will start 10/5 as relayed on 9/29. MN responded there was a delay on another project, work would start 10/10 ���10/10 Texted MN asking if work was starting today. MN responded would arrive later that day with tools/equipment. MN did not show ���10/11 Text from MN that would be starting work 10/12 or 10/13. MN did not show either day. ���10/15 Emailed MN asking when work on project would start ���10/17 Email from MN that materials would be delivered to house on 10/20 ���10/20 No materials delivered. Email from MN apologizing for no-show. Said would be the last delay, job would be staged 10/21-10/22 ���10/24 Emailed MN as job not staged. Inquired when work would start. ���10/26 Email from MN that weather bad. Work will start 10/30 ���10/28 Emailed MN asking if work will start 10/30 since weather looks bad. Conveyed discontent with project delay, numerous no shows, broken commitments. Asked for refund of deposit if unable to start during week of 10/30 ���10/30 No reply from MN to 10/28 email. Called MN, left voicemail. Texted to call us ASAP. ���10/30 Text from MN that received our email/voicemail. Work would start 10/31 ���10/31 Crew arrived at house to demo existing slab. Left after 15mins. Received text from MN that slab is thicker than expected, jackhammer needed to demo ���10/31 Texted MN asking if should edit scope to keep existing slab instead of demoing, extend existing slab, set flagstone in cement ���10/31 MN returned to house, discussed revising scope to keep existing slab, extend slab, set flagstone in cement. Texted MN asking for revised estimate with cost breakdown per project element. Asked that he send estimate that night as were concerned cost of project would escalate outside of budget ���10/31 Emailed MN example of the estimate/cost break down looking for ���10/31 Text from MN that cost of additional work would be $5k. No cost breakdown provided ���11/1 MN met us to finalize revised scope. Told us entire project would be complete in 1-2 weeks. Work would start 11/2 ���11/2 No show. Received text from MN that were ready to start but truck broke down. Crew would be at house 11/3 to remove shed ���11/5 Shed not removed. Texted MN asking about shed ���11/5 MN replied promising full crew would start work 11/6 ���Week of 11/6: Work on back patio started. Materials delivered, area staged, limits of patio marked, dirt compacted, gravel base placed ���11/11 Texted MN to call me as had questions about slab. Spoke with MN. Followed up with text questioning reinforcing slab. MN replied. ���Week of 11/13: Cement poured, started laying flagstone ���11/16 Text from MN that he needed payment of $8000. Payment outside of contract terms. Payment made for fear of delaying project. ���Week of 11/21: Grout between flagstone placed, railing on back steps removed, existing steps capped with stone, sides veneered with stone. Work started on front steps/walkway, removed railing. Existing walkway removed, flagstone in cement placed ���11/25 Crew came to remove shed. Shed not demo���d per contract but rolled to front yard. Said ok provided shed removed on 11/27. Crew said would be removed on 11/27 ���11/27 Shed not removed. Called MN. Left voicemail. MN texted that truck was coming 11/28. ���11/28 Texted MN about concerns with patio/front walkway. Front walkway has corner that comes to dangerous sharp point over driveway. Clumped cement outside perimeter of back patio where concrete poured to set flagstone, flagstone overhangs the concrete poured by a couple of inches. Told MN that we wanted this fixed ���11/28 MN responded he would look at concerns above ���11/29 Workers started attaching deer fence to existing cattle fence. Deer fence not what agreed to, barely higher than existing fence ���12/1 Texted MN inquiring about deer fence ���12/2 Text from MN asking to stop by the house to show us what he wanted to do regarding deer fence/grading of backyard ���12/3 MN arrived at house, discussed bringing in dirt to regrade backyard. Stone wall would be built to contain dirt. Would remove existing cattle fence before regrading, reinstall after with 6ft high deer fence. No additional cost. Showed him areas of concern with work so far. Asked when railing for back steps would be installed. MN said concerns would be addressed ASAP. Said entire project would be finished in 2 weeks. Decided to proceed. MN said would be at house 12/4 to start regrading. ���12/6 Text from MN that they can���t bring in fill because ground is wet from rain. Said would be at house 12/7 and/or 12/8. ���12/17 Texted MN asking for update, if any work will get done until spring. Since 12/6, crew took down existing cattle fence but otherwise no show. Asked for realistic timeline since project should have been completed already ���12/22 Texted MN as no response received to message sent on 12/17 ���12/22 Text from MN that he would restart work after holidays. Asked for $3500 payment needed for regrading. Fill being brought next week ���12/26 Text from MN asking to pick up check ���12/26 Emailed MN inquiring why he needed more money. Said we���re discontent with the project (delays, poor workmanship etc). Contract stated payment at beginning and final payment at end. We did not feel should make another payment. Want to meet to discuss ���12/27 Texted MN that we sent him an email, wanted to meet to discuss ���12/29 No response from MN. Texted again to talk about project. Conveyed wanted to finish the project, and if that means making another payment then will if the project moves forward, no more delays ���12/29 MN called. Promised work would be complete in January despite weather. Gave MN $3500 payment ���12/29 Texted MN about stair railing/holes in siding created by railing removal. MN replied will make it work ���1/2/18 Texted MN inquiring when work will start based on weather. MN responded will start Monday 1/8. ���1/6/18 Texted MN relaying discontent. Asked for return of $3500 payment since unlikely regrading will be done before spring. Asked to complete work that could be done. Asked to put the project on hold until spring. ���1/9/18 MN responds to 1/6 text that weather looks better, will proceed with project ���1/26/18 No reply from MN since 1/9. Texted MN asking when work will continue ���1/26/18 Text from MN would be there next week ���1/28/18 Texted MN inquiring if bringing in dirt/regrading. If not, asked to complete other work ���2/2/18 Text from MN that would be there next week ���2/21/18 No communication from MN since 2/2. Texted MN inquiring if work would continue ���2/21/18 Response from MN: ���We will be there next week for sure��� ���2/21/18 Texted MN regarding concerns with work completed on patio, stairs. Sent pictures of concern. Asked what can be done to fix ���2/23/18 No response from MN. Texted asking to meet on 2/25 ���2/25/18 No response from MN. Texted again asking to meet ���12/28/18 Attempted calling MN. No response
    - Emma H.
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    Pat D'S LLC
    Excellent. Pat D was very professional and provided high-quality services. My driveway is over 30 years old and large. He and his team worked together efficiently and effectively to create an amazing final product. The driveway looks great, and he also provided some recommendations and reassurances on the integrity of the driveway. He and his team were also respectful of my property (e.g.: lawn was edged beautifully and they did not leave any sealant markings or damage to the lawn). His price was right in line with other quotes I received, but his quote included the full job of filling cracks and sealing services. I highly recommend this team of workers, and thoroughly appreciate the quality of work the provided.
    - KELLY L.
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    Mark Carroll Landscaping & Stone Masonry, LLC
    Mark and his team did a fantastic and beautiful job! From responsiveness for initial quote to final completion of the projects, Mark and his team demonstrated professionalism and attention to detail. The new steps and walkway were finished in stone that looks beautiful and the newly repaved driveway looks sharp! The work was done on time and on budget and the crew worked diligently, even in some ugly weather, to get the job done perfectly. Mark was immediately responsive to any/all questions throughout the process. Once we complete some other renovations, we'll have Mark and his team back in the spring to help with major landscaping work.
    - Michiko M.
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    White Oak Building & Design, Inc
    The worker was instructed by his boss to dig way too deep in a small area wasting time, money and my supplies. Additionally, he was not well, possibly dehydrated, and vomited four times on my neighbor's lawn. The work was not completed and what was done has to be undone by someone else.
    - Karen K.
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    Nardi Masonry and Paving

    The installation of the driveway, curtain drain and downspouts were fine with the exception of the fact that a substantial amount of asphalt residue and tar were left on the trim work of my garage (3 bays) and downspouts and asphalt was piled into the first level of vinyl siding on my garage.  In addition, the workers' trash, including water and soda bottles, pieces of asphalt and rock were left at the job site.  Multiple requests were made of the contractor to remove the trash, extra asphalt and rock and, moreover, to clean the extra asphalt and tar from the trim work of my garage and downspouts.  Notwithstanding these requests the contractor did not clean up the items.  Multiple weeks after request, I cleaned the items in question at my own cost and time.  One week later the contractor sent his wife to the job site with an inadequate cleaning solution.  I advised her that I had already rectified the problem.  In response to this situation the contractor provided a $150.00. credit.  This was neither fair or adequate.

    I delayed payment of the final installment due under the contract because of these issues.  I thereafter, on a Sunday afternoon, received a nasty and threatening telephone call from the contractor.  The contractor advised that if the final balance was not paid by week's end he would come to my home a rip up one-half of the driveway.  In addition, the contract advised that he had been to my residence that day and had marked in white paint the point from which the removal would occur.  When I returned home that day it was apparent that the contract had trespassed on my property and marked the wood chip area with white paint. 

    I remitted final payment to the contractor and advised that I was due a refund because the contract called for the installation of three downspout tie ins and he had installed only two.  Multiple communications were sent to the contractor requesting the refund for the services not performed.  Finally after multiple e-mails I received a response from the contractor's representative stating that the refund check had been mailed.  Despite the passage of one week since the date of the claimed mailing the check has not been received and, as of date, has not been received.

    The contractor's asphalt work is reasonably fine, except his installation process and crew are sloppy.  His customer service is awful.  His attention to detail as unprofessional.  His relations with customers is extremely poor.  The use of a threat of tearing up one half of a driveway already installed and trespassing on property is not only absurd but borders on illegality

    I would not use this contractor again and cannot recommend this contractor. 

    - Gary R.
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    Nardi Masonry and Paving
    My experience was fine. The service was good. I have had a little issue. I asked if I needed a drain or something and he told me no, but I think I do because I have a thing with flooding. So, I just have not called him back. The price was good. I probably would use them again in the future or I need to.
    - Marcus W.
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    Driveway Works
    Driveway Works team was fantastic. Arrived as scheduled and did a fantastic job resealing the driveway. The crew was very respectful of the edges of the driveway. A clean job! I would recommend them highly.
    - Matt K.
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    I called for a service estimate and received a call back 3-4 days later stating the "foreman" will call me back to arrange a day and time to come. Never called. I called again 2 weeks later and the service said I would "definitely get a call back within a day" and said she would relay to the owner I have been waiting to hear back from them... That was 5 days ago. You can give them all the "A" reviews you want but poor professionalism will always be an "F". Message to the owner: stop leaving your sign on people's lawns with your name and number if you're obviously too busy and important to take on new business.
    - Geraldine V.
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    Nardi Masonry and Paving
    All went well.  Came and gave me an estimate as scheduled.  Called before showing up for both demolition phase, and then the paving a week or so afterwards.  Job was done efficiently, professionally,  and to the specifications we agreed upon.
    Very satisfied with all phases of the project and the end-result,  and would recommend to anyone needing to redo their driveway.
    - Iris G.
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    Stutz Driveway Sealing and Repair
    Called - got an estimate - work completed. Jim is very efficient. My only issue is that the large crack that was repaired in October has already opened up.  This is less than two months. The large crack repair did not last as long as I would have hoped. Since this is the first time I have ever had a crack sealed, I am not sure if this is common - which is why I gave quality/overall a B grade.  If the job prevents more winter damage and I can redo the work in spring for the same price all will be good.

    Update: saw the provider attachment regarding cracking as well as response. Thank you.
    - Edward W.
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