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Hvac Repair reviews in Darien

  • A
    From the initial estimate meeting to the actual work and some followup repair, our experience with CT Air Systems couldn't have been better. Our house, built in 1901, has a hodge-podge of layered climate control systems: an oil furnace to heat one part of the house in the winter, a heat pump to cool/heat the upstairs and an addition, but no cooling other than open windows on most of the first floor. The heat pump was nearing the end of its useful life at 25 years, but we were also tired of being hot during the summer in the downstairs areas, including the kitchen. So we collected estimates for cooling solutions and heat pump replacement. Tony from CT Air Systems visited for the estimate, and went over various options with us for cooling the downstairs hot spots, including installing a cooling system to utilize the existing furnace ducting. He was knowledgable and thorough, listening carefully to our needs and explaining in detail the pros and cons of various solutions. In addition to the heat pump/blower replacement, we settled on a ductless system, with two "heads" for the downstairs, and a third one in a third floor attic space renovated as a home office. The price was a little higher than another estimate, but not extraordinarily so. The job was completed over two days, with most of the work happening on the first, needing just an electrician to wire up the new ductless heat pump on the second day before things could start actually working. The initial day went like clockwork, with two fellows appearing promptly in the morning to start dismantling the heat pump blower in the attic and removing the old heat pump unit outside. A bit later, another crew arrived to install the ductless system. At this point, it began to rain heavily outside, and this kept up for several hours, but they worked through it. I wish I could remember the names, but one guy worked outside in the driving rain for most of this time. Everything was installed by the afternoon, with the new heat pump and blower working fine. The following day, an electrician wired the ductless system and someone from CT Air Systems arrived afterwards to fire up the heads and give us a tutorial in running them and the system in general. At every point in this process, the people from CT Air Systems were professional and courteous, working efficiently throughout. Update, 9/4/18: We discovered that water was leaking from our third floor, down the side of the house near where the ductless unit there had been installed. Since the water stopped when we turned it off, we figured that there was some issue we couldn't see in the walls where the conduits ran out to the ductless heat pump. I called CT Air Systems at 9:00 a.m., and by 11:00 a.m. they had someone at our house who identified and fixed the problem without any cost to us since the issue had stemmed from some fittings which had loosened after installation. While it would obviously have been better had the problem not occurred in the first place, I was impressed with how quickly and efficiently CT Air Systems responded.
    - Marc M.
  • A
    It can be difficult to find a reliable and fair HVAC contractor, particularly in Hoboken with it's density and parking issues. Diego and team did an excellent job at a very fair price. In fact, we waited for two days for other no show vendors. I have dealt with many different HVAC companies and can tell you Diego will always get it right. Don't hesitate to hire his team.
    - sheehan m.
  • D
    Lots of charges for "repairs" that did not revive an old and failing system. Then a bid to replace that system that was $10,000 higher than a competitor even though Solvit was using a lower-rated AC system.
    - Tom M.
  • A
    Amazing job!! Upul and his partner did a fantastic job! They showed up exactly when stated, worked efficiently and effectively, explained everything well, provided a great service at a fair price and even did it after hours. We are tough critics and would highly recommend and will definitely hire for any of our AC or heating needs. Thank you!
    - Richard C.
  • F
    Upon accepting and online agreement with Chillie Willie Heating & Air Conditioning LLC , we paid the requested 60% deposit on March 24 in the amount of $9,900.00 (nine thousand nine hundred dollars). The check was expeditiously cashed on March 25. The owner, Mr. Gonzalez indicated that such high deposit was required in order for him to purchase the A/C equipment that he was being contracted to install. Mr. Gonzalez was very prompt to collect payment, coming over to our house immediately to pick up the check and spending time revealing personal details about his life to my wife. However, from this moment on, he became increasingly difficult to reach by phone, not returning phone calls and voice messages. After repeated attempts to reach him by phone and text messages, Mr. Gonzalez performed three hours of work on May 2nd and an additional five hours on May 6th. He proceeded to abandon the job by telling us that he wanted to quit the job. He sent this via a text message. He indicated in this message that he would refund us our deposit minus materials and labor consumed so far. Later he sent us an invoice with labor, materials and he was charging us expected profit that he was expecting to make on our job. So far he has not returned any of our money and we are out $9,900.00. According to our estimates, Chillie Willie performed approximately $1,000.00 (one thousand dollars) worth of work which ended up costing us $9,900.00. The majority of the work was done incorrectly, as verified by the second contractor that we eventually hired to complete the project. For us this contractor turned out to be a fraud that did bad work, was unprofessional, delayed our project and stole our money. My strong advice is to go elsewhere for services. Below is a full description of the events: The scope of work was to install two outdoor HVAC mini-split units that would feed four indoor units as well as to re-route some traditional duct work that was to be fed off of a pre-existing HVAC system. Our house was undergoing a renovation of some of the existing structure and we were placing an addition to the back of the house. Living Room Issue: The plan for the living room was for Mr. Gonzalez to install a mini-split indoor unit exactly centered in between two windows on the south facing interior wall. Our specifications were very clear after numerous discussions about the placement and location of this indoor unit. In order to have the indoor unit centered between the windows he would have to install a copper line-set to the right of center as the line-set is designed to connect to the right side of the indoor unit. This would allow the indoor unit to be centered on the wall. It was clearly understood that this indoor unit was to be centered in between the windows. What Mr. Gonzalez ended up doing was installing the line-set at the center of the space between the windows which meant that when the indoor unit was mounted on the wall it would need to be installed off center. When I pointed out that he made a mistake with the location of the line-set he blamed me on confusing him. He said that I caused him to make this mistake. Mr. Gonzalez stormed off and left the house leaving us hanging as to a solution or what the next step was to get it fixed. Having this unit installed in the wrong position was not acceptable for us. Routing the Line-Set and Drain Piping in the Basement: Prior to the signing of the contract, Mr. Gonzalez had agreed on the exact location and path of the line-set and condensate drain pipe. These were to be routed inside the walls and across the basement ceiling and outside the house in the south west corner of the old part of the house. After the contract was signed and he received the deposit, Mr. Gonzalez changed his willingness to route the line-sets where we had agreed. He argued that they couldn’t be bent that way and that it would cause him to do more work. He wanted to simply drill a hole on the side of the house and drop the pipes on the outside of the house which was certainly the quickest and easiest thing possible, but not what had been discussed and agreed upon, and not aesthetically acceptable to us. After we insisted on routing the line sets in the location that we had agreed to prior to signing the contract, he was again difficult to reach. Attempts were made to reach him via phone calls, text messages and emails. There were days in between responses if any responses at all. His delays in getting back to us had a cascade effect on our whole project as the work on other aspects of the project could not be completed until he completed his work. This caused us major delays and discomfort as we were living with two small kids without a kitchen and in a partially finished house. Due to Mr. Gonzalez’s delay and non-communication with regards to when he would come and do any work at all, the plumber ended up going ahead and putting up the plumbing lines in the basement near where the HVAC line sets were originally planned on being installed. When Mr. Gonzalez finally came back to our house, he reluctantly agreed to put the line-sets in the location originally agreed upon. Consequently, we had to have the plumber come back and temporarily remove some plumbing and in some cases re-route plumbing entirely. Before this work could be done, we had to schedule to have the plumber come at the same exact time as Mr. Gonzalez. Scheduling this work was nearly impossible, as Mr. Gonzalez was not responsive. At this point, many aspects of the project had to be put on hold due to his unresponsivenesss. Laundry Room Issue: It had been originally discussed and mutually agreed to by both parties that, as part of the work scope, Chillie Willie would route a duct to provide heating and cooling to the laundry room. The planning for this vent was that it would be situated at the very top of the wall adjacent to the ceiling. The precise spacing was critical as we were planning custom-made cabinetry on the same wall. The cabinetry would need to be designed such that it would allow for the air to flow over the top of the cabinets. In discussions with Mr. Gonzalez, he informed us that he needed six inches of clearance down from the ceiling for a heating vent. Based on this information that he provided to us, we had the cabinet maker design laundry room cabinetry that provided six inches of clearance from the ceiling. When he arrived to do the work for the laundry room vent, he changed the amount of clearance that he needed to eight inches. This seemly small change had big consequences as we had laundry room cabinets designed to fit with only six inches of clearance. This caused us to have to go back to the cabinet makers and have them redesign the cabinets to accommodate the new eight inches of clearance, causing us an additional expense for design fee and again, loss of time. We had discussed our plans for the cabinets in the laundry room with Mr. Gonzalez on more than one occasion and it was clear to Mr. Gonzalez before we started and contracted what our exact plans were for this room. After I confronted him when he was trying to install a duct vent that required 8 inches of clearance, he promptly left the job in anger. After I was unsuccessful in reaching him, after leaving voicemails, emails and texts, I sent a text to Mr. Gonzalez telling him that we would need to find another company to finish the work if he didn’t respond. A number of days later he replied saying that he would stop his work and return the deposit to us. He said in the text that he would deduct the materials and labor incurred up to that point so far and return the balance of the deposit to us. I agreed to his suggestion and proceeded to find a good contractor to do the work. After I had hired a new contractor he changed his mind and came back to us wanting to be paid not just for materials and 8 hours of labor, but for “expected profit”. This was some arbitrary amount that he was planning on making in profit off of us. This expected profit was over $5,000.00! He proceeded to send us an "invoice” claiming that he had completed $1,720.76 (one thousand seven hundred-twenty dollars and seventy-six cents) worth of work consisting of $940.00 (nine hundred and forty dollars) worth of labor and $740.76 (seven hundred forty dollars and seventy-six cents) worth of materials plus the expected profit of $5,063.31. Therefore, he was charging us a total of $6,782.07 for 8 hours of work and approximately $500 in materials. By any accounts, Chillie Willie completed no more than $1,000 (one thousand) worth of work and caused us immeasurable amount of wasted time, anxiety and undue stress, as well as costing us to have to pay additional monies to other trades to accommodate him. While Mr. Gonzalez claimed to be too busy to return phone calls or the refund check, we ran into Mr. Gonzalez leisurely spending a morning on a Friday at West Marine yacht and boating store, where he was buying parts for his boat and getting ready to go boating. We confronted him about our refund money, and he replied that WE owe “HIM” money. We were surprised to see him as he kept affirming that it was his busy season and that he was so overworked that he didn’t have time for our project. Note that this by-chance encounter happened on a weekday morning, a Friday, at approximately 9 AM on a beautiful spring day. A great day for doing work. In decades of experience working with contractors I have never experienced anything like this before. For us this contractor turned out to be a fraud that did terrible work, delayed our project and stole our money. To date we have not received any money back and are out our total $9,900.00. My strong advice is to go elsewhere for services.
    - Brian M.
  • C
    It went okay but I was quite disappointed that it took so long to schedule. They didn't contact me after submitting information to Angie's List. Finally, I did get through and they were quite confused as to they thought the program had already been discontinued and then they couldn't give me an appointment until a month later. And then when that date came I got a phone call that the service man was out sick and they had to postpone an additional two weeks. So, when the service man finally did come and do the service the work seemed to go very well and he found the problem and was able to solve the problem and so we were satisfied with the results in the end but we were very unhappy with the lack of response and the great delay. My feeling was that they were substantially oversubscribed. I would appreciate getting some kind of credit or rebate under the circumstances. The service man did a good job once he was here but it really seems almost outrageous that it took that long and they didn't seem to know what they were doing and that it had been paid for. They should have contacted me much sooner and than they did. As a matter of fact they never contacted me and I had to pursue them and it took several weeks. I waited a couple of weeks and then it took another couple of weeks to even ascertain that there was a deal in place. So, I wasn't happy with the whole experience.
    - David H.
  • B
    When I called upfront, they told me they would charge $129 to diagnose all 3 of my A/C units. When they arrived, they said the charge was PER unit ($129 x 3). I'm certain I am not mistaken about what they told me on the phone because my husband was in the room listening to me. I expected that they would charge per unit, so when they said the $129 would cover all 3, I repeated and confirmed what they said a couple of times. The only reason I had selected them was because they were cheaper, given this deal.
    They arrived at my house more than an hour later than the service window they had given me and did not apologize or even bring it up. After I found out that they charged per unit, I had them only service one. The final charge was $338 after adding refrigerant and making a minor fix they said that I needed. I called Levco for my other two A/C units, and they charged $79 per unit and the service person seemed much more knowledgable and experienced. What's more, the Air Solutions people told me it was important to service my air conditioner twice a year. Really? The Levco person said once a year was sufficient (so long as I replace the filters when needed).

    - Cheryl L.
  • A
    They were great. I have 3 A/C units in total. I had another service provider service the first one and Levco service the other two. Levco was cheaper, and the serviceman was more knowledgable and experienced. I definitely appreciated the difference!
    I've used Levco for 4 years to service my furnace, and I've never had a problem. The servicemen they've sent have all seemed competent. When I had an emergency once, they were prompt in coming to fix it on a Sunday evening.

    - Cheryl L.
  • A
    Upul and his team are very professional, knowledgeable and completed the work within time frame. The quality of the work is excellent. While fixing our AC issue, Upul fixed the other minor issues without charging any additional cost with one year free labor warranty for our AC repair work. There were no surprises. I will defiantly rehire the Green Mechanicals LLC in future!
    - Ashish S.
  • A
    Upul and his team are very professional, knowledgeable and completed the work within time frame. The quality of the work is excellent. While fixing our AC issue, Upul fixed the other minor issues without charging any additional cost with one year free labor warranty for our AC repair work. There were no surprises. I will defiantly rehire the Green Mechanicals LLC in future
    - A S.
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