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    Design Exteriors LLC
    Our home needed an existing interior drain solution repaired. Using a masonry saw and jackhammers, the crew was able to replace the existing drainage, and restore the basement slab to its original condition. This was a fairly unique project, and Design Exteriors was very detailed in providing plans and estimates up front.
    - Zachary T.
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    ElkStone Basements Inc
    We will start this review the same way we will finish it. In our opinion, signing with Elkstone was the worst mistake we could have made. If you are reading this review because you are considering Elkstone to do your basement, our opinion is that you DON���T. Find another basement company. Based on great online reviews and several good sales meetings, we signed a contract with Elkstone to finish our basement at the end of Sept 2018. They began work on October 22nd 2018, with a finish date of early to mid-December, and everything seemed to be on schedule and going well for the first 3 weeks. This is where anything positive we can say about Elkstone stops. The miscues and miscommunications started shortly after. We had to request a new Project Manager because we were not getting timely or satisfactory responses to our questions about timelines, specific questions about things that were being done in the basement, and what we believe in our opinion, was inexperience and incompetence of the original project manager. We contacted and requested a meeting with the Director of Operations to walk through the basement with us and address our concerns in mid- November 2018. Our new project manager was also involved in this meeting. To say that the majority of this meeting was professional or respectful to us as a homeowner would be a lie. Not only did our new project manager insist on arguing with us on many matters we brought up and trying to get us to pay for things we never agreed to, he and the Director of Operations were involved in what would be described in our opinion as a tense, inappropriate conversation with one another in front of us. I called and addressed my concerns regarding this meeting with the DOO within in the next few days and was assured that despite what we had witnessed, Elkstone was committed to finishing our basement and doing a great job for us. We proceeded with our new project manager as discussed and were hopeful that no more issues would arise. However, just the next week, things started going downhill again. The drywall crew was at our house the night before Thanksgiving and nicked one of the pipes in the basement. Instead of telling us what they did (we were home), they attempted to shut the water off and left the house. We only discovered the issue because I tried to use hot water at the kitchen sink and was not able to get any. We went downstairs to discover a leaking pipe, with puddles on the floor and the outside backflow was a geyser. Had we not been home, this would have been a disaster. To our new Project Manager's credit, we called him and he was over within the hour to fix it. However, this incident was very upsetting to us. The next few weeks showed some progress in our basement as the drywall was completed, the paint started and the trim and doors went up. We gave Elkstone the 2nd portion of their payment, paying 95% of the total job on December 12th, 2018. The next week, despite being told that contractors would be at our house working, Elkstone stopped showing up and no work was being done. On Jan 14th, we emailed the DOO and asked where our project stood. We had not heard from anyone or had any workers in our house for 4 weeks. In this same email, we asked them to address more than 10 items that were not done correctly and when they were going to be fixed. Many of the items that we asked to be fixed were poor craftsmanship-wavy drywall, bowed out drywall, crooked doorframes. This list has an additional dozen items of significant issues. This started the final decline of our relationship with Elkstone. We again met with the DOO at our house and addressed the issues in our basement that were not done correctly, the timeliness or lack of and the lack of communication from our Project manager. We asked for them to give us a guarantee on a timely and quality finish and he would not. We asked them to give us a portion of our money back so we could finish the basement on our own, they would not. It is now April 1st. We are over 5 months into the project and Elkstone has hired a lawyer to defend our claims of inadequate construction and breach of contract. We are no closer to having our basement finished or a resolution to this issue than we were in December. We have not been able to use our basement and other areas of our house for over 5 months and now have to pay lawyer fees. And let us just reiterate, that Elkstone has been paid 95% of our contract since December 2018 and we do not have a basement that is useable, much less 95% complete. Additionally, the general time lost and emotional and mental stress this has caused in our lives is immeasurable. Elkstone does not want to accept responsibility for the loss use and enjoyment of our home or compensate us for that loss even though their failure to meet the agreed completion date has not been satisfactorily explained. In our opinion, signing with Elkstone was the worst mistake we could have made. If you are reading this review because you are considering Elkstone, our opinion is that you DON���T. Find another basement company.
    - Angelica L.
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    Creative Home Buys
    Amber Brown and Cedric Williams showed up on time to quote us a price for drywall and insulation. We agreed on a fair price and they were very nice and seemed professional. The workers showed up and they said that there would be more work involved then what was originally quoted. We discussed this work with Amber and again agreed on what we believed to be a fair price for the extra work and paid half own to start the work. However, after the workers left to get materials, the workers had a disagreement with Cedric about their pay for the job and decided to leave and not do the job. We contacted Cedric and Amber who got us in touch with another crew. This crew had a problem with how the electrical was done previously and would not start the job until it was fixed. We contacted our electrician who agreed to come out and fix the electrical issue. We had an agreement with the new crew to start work on another day at a certain time. When the time came for the crew to show up, no one was here. We contacted the crew who said they couldn���t start until later because they were on another job. After all this, money changed hands but no work was done. We decided to cancel the check and cut ties with the company.
    - Blana C.
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    Pair-A-Dice Interior Finishes/PAD Construction
    Great experience! Quality work, great company. Ready to use Pair a Dice again. Appreciated the guidance from our first planning conversations through to the final touches. Trustworthy and easy to work with. Highly recommend.
    - Sandie L.
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    Complete Basement Systems
    03/5/2019 UPDATE: We are appreciative to Travis who contacted us and apologized for the service we received. He reconciled the remaining balance of what we owed to offset the damages caused by CBS. We believe this was the appropriate action for CBS to take. 2/24/2019 Review: We hired Rob Martin CBS for a $50,000 plus foundation stability project. We have never had a worse experience with a company. CBS might be a company worth hiring for jobs that are not complex. If your project requires engineering consultation and extensive communication between CBS��� management and it���s on site workers, we highly advise that you do not hire CBS. Their fundamental problem is communication within their organization. From a consumer stand point, we experienced little customer service and sometimes their communication bordered on bullying. My review is designed to be completely objective so that you may read the facts and decide for yourself. Concerns started when they modified our engineer���s original plan but did not provide a change order so that the new price point could be considered. CBS recommended a sump pump. I stated it might be an acceptable change BUT first I I wanted to consult the engineer and see the price BEFORE agreeing. Within a week of this conversation, to my surprise, the sump pump had been installed. They sent a bill, three weeks later, for $6K. This was our first objection. No change order had ever been presented nor signed off. When we finally got the bill, Rob called and asked that I come into their office to discuss the bill. The phone conversations that ensued became increasingly hostile. I suggested that we meet at the project site and they were dismayed that I wanted to bring my wife, my real estate agent and the project engineer. At the meeting, our main point of contention is simple: No change order was presented, no pricing was reviewed and no agreement was ever obtained from us, the customer, for the sump pump. CBS was not prepared to own this mistake. In our group meeting, Jason actually turned to the employee, Augustine, who installed the sump pump, looked at me, and asked if I was prepared to tell Augustine that he needed to take the $6000 from his pay check to cover the cost of this sump pump. At which point, my wife became very angry at the notion that CBS would bully an employee and essentially use them as a bargaining chip. Ultimately, CBS covered the cost of their mistake. But this incidence, seemed to be the catalyst of ongoing dysfunction. In this same meeting, negligent work or ���short cuts��� had been identified. But if this is a company of integrity, why were there short cuts? * In the original foundation design, the French Drain was to be dug to 3-4��� feet deep. The French Drain had already been dug and it had only been dug to 6-12 inches which does not allow for proper drainage. *When digging the French Drain, instead of respecting our property and simply removing the patio pavers, the crew completely destroyed the patio by sawing, literally, down the middle of the patio pavers. The concession cost that CBS gave is insufficient to repair the patio. The work continued and our property continued to be disregarded. ��� A window was broken by the CBS concrete crew. Four weeks later, with winter approaching and temperatures dropping, the window had still not been repaired despite their awareness. ��� When they went back to dig the French Drain, to the appropriate specification, they cut through a sprinkler line disabling the system. ��� When they replaced the dirt, after digging the trench, they did not tamp it down correctly and that portion of the yard began to sink. They never brought this to our attention. ��� The French Drain needs a pressure release cap to allow the system to function appropriately. They utilized solid caps which would have rendered the system ineffective should it ever be employed, demonstrating their lack of knowledge. ��� There was a window flower box that one of the workers disengaged and just left it there, never acknowledging nor apologizing. ��� We were responsible for moving the furnace so that they could build a cement retaining wall. CBS built the wall higher than the ���verified��� height, as specified on the engineer���s original plan. On the original plan it was to be ���verified��� with the engineer. This was verified with the engineer and the construction manager, Jose. Unfortunately, the CBS��� concrete guy, Efram, built the wall above the ���verified��� height. The wall was too high thus making it impossible to re-install the furnace. The ���verified��� height was essential to reinstalling the furnace. The concrete guy also sprayed cement all over the furnace vents which solidified the vents to the crawl space. Ultimately the concrete guy failed to show twice and did not even have the courtesy to call me and tell me he was not showing. At this point, in frustration, we told Jose we were going to hire our own contractor, to repair these problems and that we would bill CBS for the cost. Jose said ok. We had to hire a furnace company who had to replace and reconfigure the furnace parts and vents so that it could be operational over the wall. They had to reconfigure the entire furnace because of CBS��� gross negligence. CBS will not take responsibility for the cost to reconfigure the furnace to proper functioning status. We had to use our time and resources to repair the items identified above. We subtracted these cost of repairs from the final bill. In the final walk through, it was discovered by the engineer, that when CBS excavated next to the foundation, they potentially undermined the integrity of the foundation wall. He required that cement be put between the pads and the foundation for support and to mitigate this problem that CBS created. We had to contract this out ourselves. CBS��� integrity regarding the city permit is also precarious. The permit CBS purchased from the city showed that the total fees and taxes paid by CBS was for $466.68. CBS, on the original itemized contract, charged us $990. It was later discovered that they did not obtain a permit until construction had been under way for three weeks, they paid for a permit totaling $466.68. This is a dishonest difference of $523.32 which we have pointed out and still not received a credit. The sum total of all of the repairs identified above came to $4,049.74. We subtracted this from the remaining balance owed and sent a check for the remaining balance of $2,062.76. Astoundingly, several months later, we received another bill for a new unpaid balance of $5011. This new bill does not show a proper credit for the repairs identified, nor does it show a correct bill for what was ultimately paid for by us for the entire project. If you have other choices, we���d recommend that you pursue another company and save yourself months of anguish and valuable time. We are not inclined to write reviews but this was such a flagrant disregard for customer service, that we felt inclined to save our community from a nightmare such as this when there are so many good companies who would appreciate your business.
    - Desiree B.
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    Complete Basement Systems
    We had an issue with the back corner of our attached garage sinking and after consulting a structural engineer Complete Basement was one of several companies we contacted for a quote. That aren't too many places in Denver that do this work, and I found the price fairly competitive for what is expensive work to install four Helical Piers. The workers had a lot to dig by hand and machine, with the final alignment of raising the back corner being pretty darn close to perfect. I did have a gutter downspout get damaged and it took contacting them several times to get reimbursement to get it repaired. (The gutter contractor charged $200, but Complete Basement only reimbursed me $150. A small amount in my case, but may make one pause if larger damage was an issue on a different job.) Update: I was contacted by Complete Basements and it turns out the missing $50.00 for repairs of the gutter was an oversight. They cut me a check for the shortfall amount and I���m now even more satisfied of the experience.
    - Keith S.
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    Design Exteriors LLC
    Great! Sonny and the team are absolute professionals from start to finish. They are very responsive, flexible with scheduling and communication, personable, and do great work. No delays or concerns throughout the project and it was completed on time. I'm confident that the same project through other vendors would have cost more and taken significantly longer.
    - Brendan D.
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    Image Line Renovations
    Jose began by installing tile on the shower floor and bathroom floor in one bathroom. When he left, some tiles were crooked, some had air spaces below, and he had grouted the same day, so the adhesive was still wet and moldy when we pulled up the tiles a couple of weeks later. The tiles were left with a film from the grout that won't come off with detergent. He was supposed to return the next day to fix the problems, but picked up his tools instead. We had pre-paid him 50% of the cost of remodeling 2 bathrooms, and he has only made excuses about refunding our money or fixing the problems. The last time I talked to him, he said I would need to pay him the rest of the amount on the contract, or he could not return, by law. But half of our savings is gone, and we were left with a mess to clean up and try to ourselves.
    - S W.
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    Wright Brother's Construction & Design Services
    We hired Wright Brothers to do our basement remodel that included a full bar, guest bedroom, bathroom, and a lot of custom millwork (i.e built in entertainment center, wainscoting, base trim and window casing). Although we had a design in mind before we hired Wright Brothers, they were able to offer suggestions to improve what we had already started. Their prices were very fair and the communication from the beginning to the end of the project was outstanding. We never felt pressured to do anything and they were always upfront and transparent when items outside the scope of work were identified. Guests are constantly amazed when they walk in our basement and see the before and after pictures. It is a place our family will use for many years to come thanks to the quality, dependability and integrity Cameron and Jordan put into their jobs.
    - Mike D.
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    At Your Service Plumbing & Rooter
    My wife had just given birth to our twins, who were premature and I obviously had a lot on my plate. Lowell, Jonathan and their crew performed with the utmost professionalism & integrity to help a new dad in a tough situation. I was quoted ridiculous quotes from other companies and for one reason or another I felt compelled to go with these guys. After we agreed that the entire main line should be replaced, which I was prepared to pay, their onsite service coordinator told my father, because I was at the hospital, that there was no need to replace the entire thing!!! Talk about integrity!! I have rarely met a group of individuals in an industry that usually tries to take advantage of people at their most vulnerable and completely blow me away!! I am very grateful and appreciative of the work these guys did for me and my family!! If you don���t hire them your crazy! P.S. I work for the largest tire retailer in North America and I understand customer service!! These guys deliver! Thank you gentlemen for all that you did for us!!
    - Brett M.
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