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  • A
    We needed the exterior of our home painted. We contacted several companies, and we decided to go with Ace of Diamonds because of the products and process they use to paint the home. We did not want a quick once-over job. We wanted a job with proper prep, spray and backrolling, and multiple coats. They did everything they said they would do. Fernando couldn't have been nicer. Dustin and Dylan were responsive and kept us informed prior to and during the job. It was an overall wonderful experience. Our home looks beautiful, and we are happy!
    - Matthew C.
  • C
    College Works hires students for Summer jobs where they are meant to learn and apply basic business skills. They subcontract the actual painting, so this review is about College Works itself. I liked their concept of using students - they promote it enthusiastically - and I looked forward to working with their staff. At the conclusion of the job, though, it was clear to me that the CW Summer hires had only the most cursory training and little, if any, management oversight. Our CW contact had a template for estimating and quoting a job, but had obviously never been trained in the procedure of how these things are done. I never received a formal quote and every time we met with the CW manager there was uncertainty as to which were her "official" numbers. Just as the job started, she came back to me that the prince had to be increased because she her manager felt she had under priced. Her manager, of course, should have signed off on the quote before it was ever presented to the customer. A week after the job, when an area of the paint began to blister, I notified CW and a drawn out process of unfulfilled promises followed and I ended up going elsewhere to get it set right. I cannot not recommend CW. Our contact did the best she knew how, but the company itself failed to train her in the very basics of dealing with a client or fundamental business practices.
    - steven p.
  • D
    I paid a deposit (about 1/2 of the total) when I signed the contract on 5/13/17. The cleaning took place but the staining never happened despite repeated calls and texts. Clearly something was up with the company. I was told "our sprayer is being repaired" and then "you're on the schedule for next Thursday" and then "we had an emergency" and then "someone will call you." Never happened and responses to my texts and calls stopped. I hate to ding a small business but I can't recommend them after this experience.
    - Hans L.
  • A
    Our home was hail damaged from the May 8th storm. Milton Brannon has been an invaluable point of contact with Peachtree. He wrote a full estimate that covered much more than our insurance wanted to originally and discussed why there should be more coverage with our adjuster. State Farm agreed to send out a second adjuster and Milton met him on site to review the overlooked damages. The results...replacement of 4 additional windows, a rear patio door, siding replacement on 2 sides of the home, trim paint, additional code items added to roof, full gutters and several downspouts approved. They even upgraded us at no cost to a class 4 impact resistant shingle that is now saving us 25% on our yearly insurance bill! We couldn't be happier with the professionalism, responsiveness and attention to detail with Peachtree. We had no idea how to get the work done at the initial price State Farm offered, so this was truly a blessing. Thank you Milton and thank you Peachtree Restorations.
    - Michael B.
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    It took the team about two weeks to get the project done working every week day. They showed up every morning around 7 and got to work. They worked in pieces of the home: removing the old siding, installing home wrap, then Hardie in one area before moving onto the next area. They kept the worksite clean, the dumpster and their tools were removed promptly after completion of the job. Payment was due in full upon completion - no upfront deposit - so this gave us quite a bit of comfort. They have a huge book of references to reach out to as well and to see prior work. Another big selling point for us was that all of their crew are hired employees - not sub-contractors as we've seen with others. They also had no issues providing documentation of their licenses and insurance coverage, Professionals all around. Due to the timing of when we decided to proceed with the work, we were scheduled later in the summer - not a problem. However, our start date was moved and just a little more proactive communication would have been nice. Otherwise, it was a breeze to work with everyone and we wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
    - Dwight D.
  • A
    The new colors look fantastic! The painters are very careful to respect our property, their safety, leaving the job each day in such a way that there are no hazards while performing their job. We appreciate the quality of work and the consistent communication with Mark Ackermann, owner, as the job progressed. Very happy customer
    - Irene L.
  • A
    I cannot recommend highly enough. I needed to get my home "show" ready before winter came along, and CO Commercial Painting really showed up. Incredibly professional and punctual in bidding job and scheduling. As they couldn't use one of their teams in the time frame I needed, they used one of their subcontractors. My job ended up being bigger than he'd budgeted for - instead of abandoning ship, they hustled and found me another absolutely wonderful painter to complete the job.
    Every concern was addressed and they really went above and beyond during an extremely busy time of year for every painting company out there - I know, because I collected bids and talked to most of them. Price wise, time wise, performance wise, I could not be more pleased! Thanks for delivering CO Commercial.
    - Elizabeth S K.
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    They did a great job on the project;  the last paint this house saw was ~25 years earlier, so there was a lot of prep work.  The team was outstanding professionally, and very easy to work with.
    - Mark W.
  • A
    Based on recommedations of a few neighbors, I call Justin at Peak Professional Painting.  To my surprise, Justin responded to inquiry quickly and immediately arranged an estimate appointment, within a week.  Once I met him in person, Just clearly outlined what was entailed in the estimate and then he spent about 40 minutes assessing the job.  At the end, he presented me with a clear and detailed estimate for the job.  He went on to say that if I was willing to book today and provide a deposit of $750, he would provide an overall job discount.  I accepted his offer and agreed to the terms outlined in the estimate.

    A few weeks later, at the previously agreed upon job date, I met the painting crew.  They did a meticulous job of prepairing the house for the paint. This included a thorough powerwashing of the entire exterior of the house. Additionally, they used caulking to fill all the cracks and gaps.  They fixed some siding that needed repair and nailed some balcony boards that had popped loose.  The first two days of the job were spent simply preparing the house for the paint..  Once the painting started, they began with the trim color, followed by the body, and lastly the accent color.  The painters did a beaufiful job.  The clean up their work area each night.  There was no paint splash or splotches left on the sidewalk or patio or anwhere where there should not be any paint.  A very clean and tidy job.  We love that.  The painters were very courteous, respectful and polite with us and our home.  It was readily apparent they take great pride in their own work.

    Overally, we are very pleased with the quality of the finished product...our freshly painted house.  Peak Professional Painting provided us very professional, courteous, responsive, and thorough customer service.  When we have to repaint our house in the future, we will absolutely use them again.  Since finishing our job, I have referred Justin to several of our friends in the neighborhood.  They did a great job.
    - Michael M.
  • F
    We had an extremely disappointing experience with the Denver branch of Siding Repair Systems (SRS). During this nightmare, the salesperson, Cory Feco, repeatedly misrepresented the capabilities of the company; the professionalism and experience of the work crews; and the promised quality of the workmanship.  While a slick salesman, he was either completely inept at coordinating work crews or he repeatedly lied to us as to when work crews would show up and the processes to be followed during the project.  Materials from his sales pitch were taken directly from the parent company in Missouri, however, the rag-tag bunch of unsupervised work crews that did eventually arrive at our house were subcontracted locally and were not trained in the installation ?best practices? claimed by SRS.   Their behavior on the job site was extremely unprofessional and they were not even fully aware of the scope of work to be performed.  While our job was finally completed satisfactorily, re-siding one wall and repainting our house took over 3 months to complete.  We strongly warn others in the Denver area to steer clear of this company and not be fooled by their slick sales pitch or good reviews for the parent company.  Details of our experience are given below.
    After speaking with Siding Repair Systems? salesperson at the Denver Home Show, we agreed to meet with the salesperson in our home to discuss our project.  We requested that the north side of our home be re-sided with Hardie siding, and repairs to be made to two areas in the rear of the home, and two vents be changed on the front of the home.
    After a lengthy sales speech and multiple promises of professional, quality work which didn?t even require us to be home, we considered hiring the company.  Feeling we were doing our due diligence, we reviewed the company?s recommendations online through BBB and the company website, never realizing that the recommendations were from the parent company, Siding Repair Systems, located in MO.  The local branch?s advertising was completely under the auspices of the parent company in MO.  It had nothing to do with the performance of the local branch.
    The nightmare and inconsistencies began soon after delivery of materials on 04/09/2014.  After promising that our driveway would be protected, I rushed outside to find the delivery truck preparing to dump supplies and a dumpster on our driveway.  I scrambled to find spare plywood that the supplies and dumpster could be placed on.  A few days later, the ?crew? arrived.  Two men arrived at our home in dirty clothes with no identification.  They said they were here to work on the house for SRS.  Their first question ? ?where?s the paint??    SRS has a guideline to how your job will unfold.  #5 on their list states ?upon start of the project, the crew foreman will be present to go over the work with the crew.  At that point feel free to ask the foreman any questions you might have or special directions you have for him.?  Really?  The ?crew? then asked what the job entailed, and were completely surprised by what I was telling them, they said they would have to call their foreman.  The foreman eventually came over, and I showed him the contract we had signed with SRS and what the job entailed.  The foreman then related that he didn?t know if they were getting paid enough for this job!  Really?
    In hindsight, we should have stopped the process here and demanded our money back.  Obviously there were major issues with this company, and we would soon find out just how severe they were.   After enduring almost two months of no-shows, leaving after 2 hours of work, showing up with broken equipment or missing pieces.  My husband and I left for a previously planned trip that could not be avoided. Upon our return, we were shocked to see the work that had been done to our home.  There were numerous areas where brick had been painted on, areas that were left completely unpainted or half-way painted and areas that you could completely see through on the trim.  In speaking to my neighbor, he informed us that he had inquired about having his home painted.  Because we were out of town, and he said he was in a hurry, he wanted an estimate without speaking to us about their performance.  Our ?crew? had gone over to his home and said they were finished with our home and could use the remaining paint to paint his home!  They even painted a sample area on his home to see if he liked the color!  Moreover, their foreman (who had never returned to the jobsite after that first day) didn?t know about this, and they were trying to arrange the job outside of their company.  Besides that, the Hardie siding on the North wall was not even completely attached to the wall, and there were numerous nails, razor blades, screws and scrap left around the home and in the street in front of our home.  The sales rep. apologized and asked why we had not contacted them sooner, and wanted us to point out exactly what we were unhappy with. Really?  You?re the preferred Hardie company.  Shouldn?t you be doing this?
    He agreed that the painting was done poorly and would send another painting crew to try to fix what the previous crew had done.  The next day, a man showed up with a power washer and said that he was asked to fix our home, but that he would not be available for at least two weeks.  He also stated that there was no way to get the paint off the bricks.  Again, we contacted SRS and let them know this was not satisfactory.
    We contacted SRS and let them know that no matter what happened, we would not be paying them as contracted.  They had damaged our home and obviously could not provide what they promised in the contract, as they had no competent workers.  The local sales rep came over and said the job was ?done per Hardie?s recommended practices,? and that they were a Hardie preferred installer.  We were shocked.  Refusing to accept this, we contacted the Denver Hardie Representative directly and requested he inspect the job.  He reported that the job was definitely not done to their specifications and suggested we try to get our money back.  They also stated they would pay $500 toward the project because of the horrible job we had endured.  They would also contact the parent company in MO and let them know they were in danger of losing their ?preferred? status. 
    Suddenly, the local SRS sales rep called insisting that they could get the job done to our satisfaction.  After informing him that we realized the only reason he called us back was because of pressure to the parent company, we agreed to let them try one more time to deliver what was promised.  SRS sent over ?their best crew.?  Again, we endured no-shows, shoddy work, and unkept promises.  For one of the no show occasions, the worker actually stated that his wife wouldn?t let him come to work on that day.  Really?
    On 07/14/2014, three painters show up at our home ? no information as to the job that was to be done, no foreman with them, and no representative from SRS.  I immediately called the local SRS sales rep who had stated he would be directly supervising the completion of the job.  He stated that he could no longer afford to be present on our job because it was costing him too much money.  My husband, now furious, got on the phone and demanded that a supervisor be sent before work could start.  I immediately called the President of SRS in MO and stated that our next step was to go on local TV and try to get a resolution to our problem.  We were sick of this, our neighbors had endured this, and we didn?t have to be treated like this.
    The President of the company stated that he was well aware of our situation, and asked me several times, ?what would you like us to do??  I replied several times, ?do the job you promised and end this nightmare.?  I also stated that I did not want his lying local sales rep back on my property.  I also informed him that if he knew about the situation, it would have been nice to have heard from him during this process. 
    In closing, this job was quoted as being ?two weeks? at the most, considering possible weather delays.  It began on 04/09/2014 and was completed 07/17/2014.  After being told we would have two managers on the project, we wound up having none.  The job was discounted $6,000, but it in no way compensates for the stress and misery we endured.  We should have been paid a salary during this entire project, as we served more as project managers than anyone from SRS did.  Our home was damaged and left open to the elements on several occasions because of constant ?no shows.?  In the end, we were asked if we were satisfied with the completed project.  We wearily said yes because we couldn?t deal with this nightmare any longer.  I wouldn?t recommend this company to my worst enemy.  We heard every excuse in the book, every day, in every different manner it could be told.  We were lied to on numerous occasions ? all explained away by the local sales rep that they couldn?t get good workers.  Guess what.  Even good workers don?t have to work so well if there are no foremen checking on them!  SRS = SORRY REPAIR SYSTEMS!
    - Dale S.
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