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    Cretejack managed to bring both the driveway and porch steps back up to the level where they were supposed to be. Cracks were closed and areas at the edge of the driveway where soil had been washing away were blocked. Good job!
    - ann c.
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    We thought we were going to have to replace the older AC unit, but Robert came out and told us that there were a couple of things he could do to service the unit and keep it going for a few more years. He could have easily told us that we just needed a new one. He was very informative and showed us everything he was doing and why. You don't always receive that sort of service and it was GREATLY appreciated. I would highly recommend Robert at A&D!!!
    - Mindy W.
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    Erik was very prompt in getting us scheduled for an initial consultation. After speaking with him about what we wanted, giving a general idea of our budget and our time frame (which was ASAP as we had an immediate need for more living space), he drew up plans on our basement and presented us with a bid in a very reasonable time-frame. We had also contacted two other companies to get bids from. Viking's bid was MUCH more reasonable than the "big basement company" from Denver. And they were a little bit more than a smaller local company. Most importantly, Viking really listened to what we wanted included and not included in our basement design. The big basement company kept trying to add more stuff and elements we really didn't want (and kept them in the plans after we told them to change it) to the point it was ridiculous. Viking was able to start us a few weeks after signing our contract. Which was faster than other companies told us when speaking with them. As for the actual work, it went very well! Viking has a small crew of core workers that does certain parts of the job, while subbing out other parts like electric, carpet, tile and plumbing. While we were not excited about having subs, it couldn't have gone better. Every person that came to our home was committed to doing the job correctly, not just rushing through. The Viking crew was great, the foreman even giving me his cell number, so if I had any questions or concerns I could get in touch quickly, and they always contacted us if they were not absolutely sure of what we wanted with an aspect of the job. Any questions or concerns we had were not trivialized and were addressed to our complete satisfaction. The Viking crew even stayed late a couple times and worked a couple Saturdays (with our permission) in order to keep ahead of schedule and get our basement finished. For materials selection, there are several companies that Viking works with that you can choose from or you can find your own. We liked this as we could search for something different if we wanted. The crew was very tidy, cleaning up at the end of each day. It was a pleasure to go down and see what each day's progress had been, not having to step over/around a mess! Communication was excellent- from the beginning to the end of the job! Having your basement finished is not a quick nor a quiet job, but the Viking crew made it as wonderful as possible! We would absolutely use them again.
    - Kristene O.
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    We were finishing our basement and contacted this company. After about a week, they finally got back to us and set up an appointment. THEY NEVER SHOWED UP!!! Thirty minutes after they were supposed to be here, we called to see when/if someone was still coming. No one answered, so we had to leave a message. This was on December 23 (they were the ones who set the date and time, we were surprised they said they could come so close to Christmas) - they haven't even bothered to call us back.
    - Jason and Emily W.
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     It went awful, it is awful, this is the worst experience I've ever had with any contractor in my entire life and I also own a business. Every time I go down there I cry I cannot tell anyone strongly enough  to never ever and I mean never ever use this contractor. You are better off to get higher quality work to go pick up a homeless person with a sign on the side of the freeway.  It took him several months longer to complete the job and yet it's never been officially completed. The only thing done right in this entire job is the walls are in the appropriate locations. Here's a list of what is still wrong. Bathroom;  The tile work in the shower is not grouted or sealed properly it is crooked the grout is all over everything it is sloppy it has to be torn out and redone.  There is a tile bench in the shower he did not use bullnose tile so if you sit on the bench the corners of the tile will cut through your thighs this was brought to his attention instantly his fax to take a Dremel saw and try to round out the corners fitting the tile and they still cut into your thighs the bench is absolutely unusable no one can sit down in the shower.  Understand this shower was designed for a disabled person who has to sit down to take a shower. Brought in another contractor after Jim failed on seven different promises to come fix the shower got three estimates of what it would cost to make the shower functional and usable minimum bid $5000. Bathroom floor tile extends 2 inches past the bathroom door into the hallway. So when you walk down the hallway even if the bathroom door is closed you are going to cut your foot on tile.  Grout work on floor tile is done improperly space too far apart to low and not properly sealed.  Carpet I paid extra picked out and purchased higher quality carpet and pad then was in the additional bid.  I paid the difference for this upfront the carpet was installed but it's not tacked to the basement floor the only place the carpet is talk to the floor is on the stairs down to the basement all furniture has to be removed from the basement the carpet has to be pulled up and tacked down properly the carpet is gathering in the middle and there's about 6 inches of carpet extra in every room and every wall because it was never stretched or tackedto properly. Paint; this is the worst painting job on anything I have ever seen in my entire life. I could've let my 11-year-old paint this basement and wouldn't of ended up with a much better job. There are parts they're not even one full coat of paint the drywall is showing through there are parts where the wall paint is all over the ce paint; this is the worst painting job on anything I have ever seen in my entire life. I could've let my 11-year-old paint this basement and wouldn't of ended up with a much better job. There are parts they're not even one full coat of paint the drywall is showing through there are parts where the wall paint is all over the ceiling.  Jim made three attempts to touch up and correct this however he never bothered to do all of the places that were marked with painters tape showing where the issue was he did one third of the marks and called it good.  Basement floor; Jim was supposed to sand down a raised area where a support beam was placed in the basement by the builder he did not bother to do this even though it was addressed asked and in the bed instead he carpeted over it now every person that steps  down the basement stairs steps on this uneven piece of floor in almost falls over.   Jam on five different occasions promised to correct this yet it was never done .  Doors; three of the six doors in the basement are hung crooked and in properly they either will not open or will not close to the point they are hitting the floor and you were unable to open the door any further   The bathroom door is less then 1/6 of an inch from the tile floor and drags on the tile in 2 places.  The door to the storage area will not close it will always pop back open it does not latch and it can only open halfway because of the uneven floor that was supposed to be sanded down by the support beam the door is unable to open further than that. This basement had several windows all egressed windows with screens Jim and his people ruined 3 of the 4 screens.  They bent the frames to the screens even if they were rescreened they cannot be used in the windows without the frames being replaced the screens were in original condition and had never been removed from the windows prior to the basement refinish.  On four occasions Jim promised to have these fixed they have not been done.  When they did the drywall in the basement they taped off nothing not even the heating docks and central air ducts to the rest of the house creating a layer of dust in all ducts throughout the entire home this is the only thing let me repeat that is the only thing he had corrected was he paid monster vac to come out and clean the ducts.  And that was in February of this year after me threatening to take him to court he also agreed to have all the rest of the issues corrected the morning he was supposed to come over with the other contractor to complete this work he call that contractor up said screw her I'm done dealing with her I won't fix anything and never showed.  All the finish work he cut corners on use lesser quality items then I paid for and slapped it up or slapped paint on it even the railings going down to the basement they were added on the finish  must've been painted outside in the wind and sand storm because they will cut your hand as you use them going down the stairs because of all the debris stuck in the paint on the railings   I could go on  for another 20,000 characters on the rest of the items wrong in this basement I've had estimates from several contractors to fix all of the issues in the basement total cost to correct the damage done to my brand-new basement by this contractor because of the shotty work he did is $15,000.  Jim has been made aware on a total of 11 different occasions of the items that need corrected in the basement that he absolutely just did poorly. On the 11th occasion he came over reviewed the other contractors estimates which were also certified mail to him and agreed all  of these items needed fixed however on the day the repairs were supposed to begin he let the contractors know he is not doing it and he has no money and he is unable to pay them. Jim never notified me even after agreeing to do the work that he would not be doing it   He will take the money that you pay him in advance for the job and spend it and then not have money left to purchase the items and the employees to complete the work properly.  Because of this it drug the completion or should I say the shoddy work completion of my job out an extra three months and still to this day has not been corrected. If you have any questions or would like to see the work this awful thieving contractor  has done feel free to contact me. I had a limited budget to do this basements I spent all of the money I do not have the money to fix the work he didn't do properly and now I'm stuck with this awful and partially unusable space that I paid over $40,000 to have done.  Do yourself a favor hire any other contractor this man is a scammer in a con artist and does not have any skills to finish any basement anywhere anytime.  I am a single mother with a very ill child and he knew this and he still took total and absolute advantage of me and all of the money I had saved to do this job. It takes a lot of evil in one person to do that and sleep at night
    - Renee R.
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    Below is how the last several months transpired.In late August 2013, we signed a contract with Affordable Basement Finishing (ABF), based out of Broomfield, CO, to finish our basement. The owner of ABF is Pete Enzinna, who was supposed to act as the General Contractor. ABF is top of the list on Angie?s List and the BBB for basement remodel contractors in our area. We received bids from other contracting companies as well, however ABF?s top rating on consumer review websites made us decide to go with them over other less expensive bids. My husband is in construction and would normally do the job himself. However, he had an injury and had several restorative surgeries and was on painkillers, therefore unable to do the work himself. I was newly pregnant with our second child, and wanted to have the basement finished before our daughter arrived. So we decided to hire a reputed General Contractor who would have our backs and leave my husband out of the remodel work. We were willing to pay a premium for someone to do this work and do a good job, as all the reviews for ABF had suggested. The final bill with ABF was $25,705.15, not including several items we purchased ourselves, such as lighting, fans, and bathroom bidet sprayer.In September 2013, ABF began work on our remodel using the basement egress window as an entrance to the house, which would keep my husband, who is a stay-at-home dad, from having to deal with the construction. As construction was ongoing, there were several things that I wasn?t particularly happy with which met with resistance when I asked them to fix it. During construction, one evening I went down to check on how they were doing and found that they had changed the design that was approved in the contract, and built a platform for the washer and dryer in the laundry room, over the existing sump pit. They told me that it was the best way to do it, and I believed them. I told my husband about it, and he got really upset, and said that if they didn?t have an engineer design it, it would never be structurally sound. Then my husband went down and looked at it, and blew a gasket at me. He was so frustrated with the work, and still recovering from his surgeries, that he decided to stay out of it, which is what we had arranged with Pete in the first place. At that time, we had no proof it wasn?t an engineered solution, and I believed that Pete was doing an honest job. The next time I met with Pete?s crew, I asked them what it would take to move the laundry back to the original design over the concrete floor instead of over the sump pit. They said it would take some plumbing, but since the tile and drywall were not up yet, it was easier to do then than later. The crew said the plumbing could be moved for around $500. I asked Pete to help do this, and he gave me a verbal amount of $3000, which even though I felt was outrageous, I was willing to pay it to make my husband happy, and more importantly, because I was beginning to understand that my husband was absolutely correct in noting that our top-load laundry would be un-functional on a platform.Even with the inflated price that I was willing to pay, Pete refused to switch the laundry back to its originally designed location, because he said it would take an additional 3-4 days to move the plumbing and he wanted to get the job done quickly and just would not make the change. He also assured me that this platform was going to work, and I was placated.The tile work started. In the bathroom, the tile was horrendous by any standards, because even I noticed it and brought it up to the tile guy, who corrected only what I saw and pointed out. We had family visiting us over Thanksgiving. When my husband went to show his brother the work in progress in the basement, he was thoroughly embarrassed at the appalling tile job in the bathroom. I brought it up to Pete after the holiday, who said on the phone it was just fine. Then my husband encouraged Pete to come to the house, to show him in person that the tile job was unacceptable. Even at that point, Pete refused to re-do the entire tile work, and marked off 6 tiles to replace. However, Pete?s crew, after we pointed out the flaws to them, agreed that the work was terrible and replaced the tile with their own labor and out of their own pocket on the weekend. However, this meant that we did not get any travertine tile in the bathroom since the crew paid for it themselves, but we were happy to just have it look decent.In early January, Pete wanted to finish up the basement and get his final payment. I had been paying him regularly and on time per his schedule throughout the project. There were a few things we asked him to take care of, such as a falling heat register in one of the bedrooms, and a leaky bidet sprayer that had to be warrantied with the manufacturer and reinstalled. When removing the bidet, we found that the plumbing was not installed correctly, and that had to be corrected as well. Since Pete wanted his final payment before going to his mother?s funeral in Florida, and we wanted to be done with the project as well, we agreed to have his crew come back for the bidet work, and we made his final payment on Friday, January 10th. I was 9 months pregnant by this point, and we were excited to finally have laundry in the house again.On Saturday, January 11th, after digging the washer and dryer out from behind 6 months of accumulation in our garage, my husband took the appliances downstairs to get them hooked up. The dryer needed to be hooked up first. He somehow got the dryer onto the platform by himself, as I was unable to help due to my advanced stage of pregnancy. At that point, we realized that the dryer did not fit on the platform. The front of the dryer extended out 4 inches past the platform ledge. We had not even tried to get the washer up yet.I left a voicemail for Pete, and given that it was Saturday night, we didn?t expect a return call until Monday. That night, on January 12th at 2am, I went into labor. My husband rushed me to the hospital and we had our beautiful baby girl at 2:23am. We also have a 2-year old little boy. On Tuesday, January 14th after I had come home with my baby, we gave Pete a call as we had still not heard from him. He said he was in Florida and there was nothing he could do until the following week. We said we knew, but we just wanted to get on the schedule for when he got back. He promised to come to our house on Wednesday, January 22nd.During that week, we had friends stop by our house to see the baby. As we were describing our laundry situation, some of them suggested that we get a structural engineer to confirm whether the platform that?s supposed to hold the laundry appliances would be strong enough and structurally sound or not, and possibly get a solution. While we were waiting for Pete to come by the next week, we hired a structural engineer to review the work. He stated that the platform is absolutely not structurally sound, and has given us a letter to that effect.On Wednesday, January 22nd, we waited for Pete to come by. However, he did not come, and instead sent a plumber from his crew to fix the previous bidet issue, and asked his plumber to look at our issue with the laundry platform. We were of course disappointed that Pete did not come in person even though he had promised that he would, and we had waited over a week. His plumber went back and told him that the platform was not going to work, the appliances don?t fit, the platform would never hold up to a running washer and dryer, and that the laundry room would need to be re-worked so the laundry was on concrete, not on a raised platform.The next day, January 23rd, we contacted Pete about the platform again and asked him to please come by the house to look at the problem, so that we could discuss a solution. We had a two-year warranty for all labor on his contract, and we really need to have a working washer and dryer in the house, especially with two children still in diapers, a toddler and a newborn infant. During that phone conversation with Pete, he was being extremely unreasonable, and accused us of trying to get free labor from him. We explained to him that we just wanted a working laundry room, and we need to fix it somehow. We didn?t have any more money to fix something that shouldn?t have been wrong to start with, and we mentioned that if he couldn?t come out, we would have no recourse but to look at what our options were with the credit card company. At that point, he called us con artists, and said that we only paid with credit cards so that we could get our money back through a credit card dispute. We tried to reason with him that credit card protection goes both ways. If he had done a good job, we wouldn?t have had a leg to stand on in a credit card dispute. All he did was yell at us the whole time on the phone, and the call ended with no resolution, and us being insulted. My husband and I were both really upset, but we calmed down in a short while and tried to give him another chance to make things right. We sent him an email, and included pictures of the laundry room, since he didn?t want to come by and see the problem in person.The following day, January 24th, Pete called us. He asked what the report from the structural engineer said. As my husband started telling him what was in the report, he started yelling at us telling us to not rehash the issues of the past. It was an extremely frustrating conversation, and he still refused to come to our house that day. He said the best he could do was come on Tuesday, January 28th. We had no choice but to wait for him. In the meantime in an effort to be proactive, we called other contractors and a home inspector to get bids on what it would take to fix the problem in the laundry room, only to find out that Pete had not done entire major portions of our basement project. In fact, we will require a complete demolition and redo to just do the air-conditioning. We have an infant and a toddler and need a solution to have a functional basement and laundry area.The next Tuesday, January 28th, Pete did come to our house. He brought along with him, without warning us, a friend of his who he called a retired city inspector, who now does construction. We allowed Pete?s friend to go downstairs and look at Pete?s work. He agreed that the laundry room was horrendous, not structurally sound, and would require a complete redo. He also took note of the fire hazard heating system that ABF installed, the hallway is skinnier than code, the fire blocking is missing, as well as all of the TV and sound cabling, then quoting Pete $8500-$10,000 off the top of his head without really doing a deep dive bid. This really angered Pete as he was probably expecting his friend to say that nothing was wrong, or it was only minor issues. After much discussion back and forth between Pete, his friend, me and my husband, we asked Pete to come up with a solution that would help us get the basement functional and all parties happy. Pete agreed to do so by the end of day Thursday, January 30th. However, he never called or emailed and has not responded with any type of solution other than letting his guys continue to squeeze us in-between their other jobs as and when they have time. It took nearly three weeks for him to even bother to come and look at the issue. He had taken final payment from us without even doing a proper walk-through.We disputed with our credit card companies. Some of them have sided with us, while others have not. ABF has given a different story to every credit card that we disputed with, from calling us con artists, to a manufactured story about how he told us that putting in a closet would make the washer/dryer not fit, and even a story about how one fine day 3 weeks after the job was done, I decided to wake up and want all my money back that day. Good thing we have email and paper trail documentation for all of this. Pete's rebuttal about the closet causing the washer/dryer not fit is really just a lie, because the closet is NEXT TO the appliances, while the washer/dryer don't fit FRONT-TO-BACK.As of April 2014, Pete has put a lien on our house for over $30,000, for a job that cost less than $26,000 and for which he was fully paid. If he has an issue with the credit card companies giving us some of our money back, he should go after them, not us, because the credit card companies went by cold, hard facts and structural engineer's reports and home inspection reports.At this point, we do not trust that ABF has the skills necessary to complete the job, based on the disaster they have currently left us with. We are so sorry we ever hired them.
    - Firdaus M.
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    We could not be happier with how the project turned out. VCB was beyond professional. From the start Erik Nielsen was communicative, punctual, and responsive. We received weekly status updates. Any time that there was an issue or question he contacted us immediately. He was always available via phone or text. His entire VCB crew, especially the other Erik, as well as Andrew, Dirk, and Nate were all extremely professional as well. Every evening at the end of the work day, the entire work space was cleaned and swept and their tools put away. Even the subcontractors they used were excellent, especially the electricians and the HVAC guys. They finished the project early and on budget (except for situations where we went over the allowance on the material selections we chose). I am by far not an easy customer. In fact I bet I was a bit of a pain in the rear with all of my requests, all of the do-it-myself projects when it came to the low voltage and home automation, and how involved I was with the entire project from start to finish, but VCB was extremely patient and accommodating. We interviewed several other contractors before choosing VCB. The experience throughout the proposal phase was just as pleasant and professional as the building phase was. Also it didn't hurt that they were the cheapest of the 5 bids we received, and on top of that their quality throughout the construction process has been outstanding. Our family is so incredibly happy with our new basement and we cannot say enough good things about Erik and the VCB crew!
    - Christian G.
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    We had seen work that Mike Sims had done on other houses in our development and knew that he was the right contractor for adding a patio cover over our existing deck.  The requirements of our homeowners association are very stringent and we needed to insure that the new patio cover looked like it had always been part of the house.  Mike did an excellent job in achieving that look.  He took the time to listen to what we wanted and helped us improve on our original design.  We couldn't be more pleased with outcome.  As the patio cover was installed over an existing redwood/cedar deck, Mike used beautiful cedar tongue and groove planks to complete the underside of the cover.  His subcontractor who stained the planks made them match perfectly with the existing deck and did an excellent job of matching the paint colors on the rest of the cover. 
    What really set Mike apart from other contractors we have used in the past was his excellent communication.  Mike kept us informed along each step of the way and made sure we knew what each step entailed.  I would recommend Mike with absolutely no hesitation. We appreciated his honesty and integrity and the pride he took in his work.
    - MaryLynn H.
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    My wife and I reached out to Pinnacle Structural Services well over a week ago. We sent an e-mail, and then followed up with a telephone call.
    They never returned our call, or responded to our e-mail.
    We were attempting to get someone out to take a look at the foundation of our house. We will be reaching out to someone else.
    - Mike F.
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    Keith at Elk Stone is great! Very responsive, professional, and attentive. We have a rather involved project planned for the basement and he was very patient with all of the back and forth in order to ensure that he captured all of our requests in the proposal. We had a great working relationship during the entire bid process. It came down to Elk Stone and one other contractor. In the end we just couldn't make the price differential work. I would not hesitate to recommend Elk Stone to anyone.
    - Christian G.
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