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  • A
    Very well!  The dogs' chinese pulses respond well to the acupuntire needles. One of my dogs has a spooky temperament. At the age of 6 , she now deals well with new situations. Her stomach is calm. Her thyroid is now in line. What a difference! My dogs both love Dr Peggy, are very comfortable in her office. Dr Peggy looks at the whole picture and uses chinese medicine as a basic frame for the dog's well-being, but is completely trained in western medicine. I drive all the way up from SF to have my dogs see Dr Peggy. Her office is one stop shop!
    - jacqueline c h.
  • A
    Duncan McBride MD
    Dr. McBride and his team at UCLA were professional, courteous and kind every step of the way from the initial visit, surgery, and post op follow up.  My surgery results were fabulous!  Pain and numbness all gone.  Thank you Dr. McBride!  You're the BEST!
    - Kathy W.
  • A
    Kesavaramanujam, Dr. Satish
    He is very personable and an excellent surgeon. He is soft spoken. Y have to listen closely because he has an accent. He is excellent. He takes his time with you and explains things.
    - Tricia P.
  • A
    Kyle Potts MD
    I had an appendix attack and he very quickly performed the operation and when I went back to him for a checkup he said "I think your gall bladder is acting up" and he took me in the next day and took my gall bladder out. So now I am ok and he did a excellent job for me.
    - Yvonne D.
  • A
    John Yadegar, MD
    This type of surgery generally calls for psychiatrist appointments and monthly trips to the dietician.  I would suggest seeing Dr Yadegar before doing the above.  I didn't and it took me over a year and a half for the surgery.There is lots of lab work to be done so make sure you follow up with Dr Yadegars office and your own doctor.  After receiving authorization I had the surgery and was hospitalized for three days and took two weeks off of work. Silly me thought I would have surgery on Wednesday and be back to work the following Monday.  The first two days were extremely painful.  I was not sure I was happy to have it done.  I had scar tissue and a hernia repaired at the same time.  After three days went home and took it easy.  I am now at four weeks and feel wonderful except that I do still tire out easily.  All in all I am extremely happy with the results.
    - Valarie d.
  • A
    Cassandra Kennedy MD
    She is wonderful. She has excellent bedside manner and I think she is very efficient. She is also very adept when she does procedures. She gives very good information. Her office is not the newest and most glamorous office but it's fine. Her staff is very nice, too.
    - Gean P.
  • D
    Barstow Community Hospital
    The staff care was very good.  The hospitalists and the case managers were dangerously confused.  Nobody had a consistant game plan for treatment or transfer to a better equipped facility.  Do not go to this hospital for more than 3-5 days!
    - Lynda S.
  • F
    North Coast Surgical Spec
    In my opinion Dr. Rydz is the most non-holistic, arrogant,  self-righteous, mean?spirited, prejudiced, non-empathetic doctor I  have ever met. He recommended two additional months in a nursing home  for treatment of my wife's serious pressure wound. There were at least  eleven ways in which my wife's overall condition was deteriorating in  the nursing home: 1.Sleep deprivation.Wife has chronic fatigue based on Epstein-Barr  virus.She sleeps at home in silence on an as necessary basis.Nursing  home is noisy 24/7.There is no separation between dementia and  non-dementia residents.Wife?s roommate at nursing home has advanced  dementia. Her roommate yells all the time and bites, claws and spits on  nursing home personnel that try to help her. My wife is awakened every  two or four hours at nursing home by nursing home staff. 2.Inadequate and poor quality protein.Wife has difficulty assimilating  protein. Normal albumin is 3.6.Wife's albumin was 1.7 in hospital  before transfer to nursing home. Provide protein-rich diet at home  based on beef, pork, chicken, fish, cheese, other dairy products and  rice. Also give her whey powder mixed with liquid yogurt (kefir) at home. 3.Inadequate salt intake. Wife has tendency to hyponatremia due to inadequate salt intake in an institutional setting. Hyponatremia  presents as the first stage of dementia including sun downing,  confusion and short-term memory loss. Luckily as soon as a normal  sodium to blood volume ratio is restored these symptoms are reversed. 4.Lack of access to vitamins, minerals, food supplements and herbs.Her lyme disease doctor has recommended numerous vitamins, minerals, food supplements and herbs that have converted several abnormal conditions to normal. Other items in this group are necessary to control other formally abnormal conditions. 5.Inadequate control of blood thinning.Wife takes coumadin blood thinner because of two genetic clotting defects that make her prone to deep vein thrombi (DVTs). Upon discharge from the nursing home her INR  was 1.08 that is even low for normal young people. 6. Inadequate monitoring of bowel movements.Wife has had two gastrointestinal bleeds in past due to excessively hard stool abraiding colon remnant. First stool when she arrived home was very hard due to failure to provide daily stool softener. 7.Lack of an iron supplement.My wife has difficulty assimilating iron. Since the wound drains a significant amount, adequate blood iron levels are required to prevent anemia.She routinely takes an iron supplement at home. 8.Lack of a vitamin D supplement.My wife has chronic vitamin D deficiency. She has serious arthritis in her shoulders, knees and ankles and a congenital tendency to osteoporosis. Adequate blood vitamin D levels are essential to bone health. 9.Inability to use soft wipes for bowel movement incontinence clean  up. St. Joseph?s Hospital uses soft wipes for bowel movement incontinence clean up. Because of the incidence of flushing soft wipes down toilets thus clogging them, the nursing home has forbidden its staff to use soft wipes. The washcloths they use for bowel movement incontinence clean up are coarse and rough which is h****** my wife?s tender, sensitive skin near the pressure wound site. 10.Time spent in bed. Activities outside of bed such as physical and occupational therapy and sitting in chair are limited in a nursing home, particularly on weekends, resulting in increasing weakness and muscle atrophy. 11.Danger from germs that breed in hospitals and nursing homes that are rarely found outside of these settings. The key to the healing of a serious pressure wound is to keep it free of all germs so that it doesn?t become infected. This is easier to do at home than it is in a  hospital or nursing home setting. In a previous nursing home stay for rehabilitation, my wife caught the nano virus and had serious diarrhea that complicated her recovery. I explained the majority of these items to Dr. Rydz?s FNP. I had several extended conversations with Dr. Rydz?s FNP because he wouldn?t talk to me on the phone. My fear was that two additional months in a nursing home would make her so weak and sick that I couldn?t take care of her.This would  necessitate her becoming a permanent resident in a nursing home.I doubt that she would live for more than six months as a permanent nursing home resident. In addition there are at least two comfort/convenience problems involved in my wife?s staying an additional two months in the nursing  home: 1.Use of extension cords by residents is not allowed.The rule against  a resident using an extension cord in the nursing home prevents my wife from using her tablet computer to play games to pass the time. 2.Limit on frequency of visits by husband due to travel time involved.We live on Elk Ridge above Briceland in Southern Humboldt County. The trip from our home to the nursing home requires six hours of driving time round trip. Dr. Rydz made it clear at a meeting in the hospital that he thought a registered nurse (RN) was required to provide my wife with wound  treatment involving a wound vacuum machine for three months.He felt that I couldn?t do it although I had successfully provided my wife with the six months of wound treatment required to heal a triple skin  graft on her leg. He even admitted that my wife?s skin graft healing was one of the best he had ever seen. He also said that an RN was not available in Southern Humboldt because Southern Humboldt lacks a nursing agency. I found a very bright, experienced RN to provide required wound care for my wife at home and arranged to pay her under my wife?s in home care insurance policy. In my discussions with Dr. Rydz?s FNP, I was told that my wife needed to be in a nursing home for 24/7 nursing coverage.I arranged with the RN who is going to do my wife?s wound treatment for 24/7 coverage.Nursing coverage in the nursing home is pretty thin between 5  P.M. and 8 A.M. and usually involves Licensed Visiting Nurses (LVNs)  rather than RNs. Because RNs prefer non-nursing home work, nursing  homes tend to attract less bright and less experienced  RNs. Interestingly enough, the nurse manager of the clinic at  Garberville Hospital thought I would be able to pass my LVN exam without studying very much. Then Dr. Rydz?s FNP indicated that my wife needed to be in a nursing home for access to an experienced wound care technician.I quickly arranged for access to the nursing home?s experienced wound care technician. Although I had managed to set up a situation where there was no advantage for my wife to stay in a nursing home and many disadvantages, he insisted that she should stay in a nursing home. In my final conversation with Dr. Rydz?s FNP she said: ?We are technicians.We are only interested in the wound, not the other health issues your wife has.?This sums it up. Dr. Rydz does not practice and is not interested in holistic medicine. Home care of my wife?s pressure wound is actually superior to nursing  home care.The mattress topper used on my wife?s bed in the nursing home was one that is not very different from a camping air mattress. The mattress ordered for her for home use has alternating  pressure provided by an electrical pump The seat cushion my wife used in the nursing home is a simple air cushion. The seat cushion ordered  for her for home use is only a slightly more sophisticated air  cushion.The air cushion I bought on the Internet for her is an alternating pressure air cushion with an electrical pump and a battery for portable use. The nursing home?s hospitalist arranged for my wife?s discharge from the nursing home after a month and ordered all the equipment and supplies that I and the RN I had engaged would need to take care of my wife at home. In a fit of arrogant, self-righteous, mean-spirited pique, Dr. Rydz denounced me to the county adult protection services agency for elder abuse/neglect because I wasn?t going to leave my wife in a nursing home for another two months as he had recommended. During our interaction Dr. Rydz evidenced a number of prejudices.He is prejudiced against care givers with mild disabilities, people who live off the grid and people who live in Southern Humboldt. He also has no empathy with a patient?s situation.My wife and I have been married for over 52 years and are still romantically in love.He pparently was unable to see that another two months in a nursing home could have destroyed a beautiful relationship and a beautiful woman. An ?F? grade (Lousy) does not adequately express my opinion of Dr. Rydz. In our 22 years living in Humboldt County, my wife has seen about 30 doctors and other health care providers.Several of them have been outstanding practitioners and the vast majority have done a credible job in their field. In my opinion Dr. Rydz is the worst of the worst.
    - Edward H S.
  • F
    Eric Anderson
    I had considerable pain after the surgery: pain scale 6-8 (out of 10), that was only relieved by doubling the small amount of pain medication that was prescribed to me by Dr. Anderson, by lying in bed with ice and without moving, and by taking additional large doses of Ibuprofen. I received a call from IHC the day following the procedure and I told the person I was in considerable pain: he said I should use ice too, and when I said I was, he said "It will get worse before it gets better" and that I could always call the surgeons office because one was always available. The following day I called Dr. Anderson's office because I was almost out of pain medications and needed to speak with him to find some relief from my pain and to see if I was experiencing a post-operative complication. I was told that Dr. Anderson was not available, and that to proceed any further I needed to make a follow-up appointment with him (which I did, for one week in the future). I was then put through to his nurse who said I should take Ibuprofen and that Dr. Anderson was not available. I asked why there was not a physician on-call for Dr. Anderson and she said I did not sound like that was needed because I was only a day and a half post-op. I insisted on speaking with the physician on-call and she said she would try to have that person call whenever they got out of surgery, but otherwise she couldn't help me because she could not prescribe medications. Without any further offer of help from her, I was left to suffer in pain hoping someone from their office might call back. Because pain management is one of the primary quality indicators from the Institute of Medicine, I would rank Dr. Anderson and his office as "F" in medical care. I feel I have been left by IHC and Intermountain Surgical Specialists to find my own post-operative care on my own. I would highly NOT recommend this surgeon or this healthcare system to any patient seeking reliable or caring medical care.
    - George L.
  • F
    Barstow Community Hospital
    My doctor was Dr. Grover and she works at Barstow to do endoscopy and colonoscopy. I had my colonoscopy and the same day surgery. The nurse did not put the needle in my vein right and therefore I didn’t have any sedative or any kind of pain medication. I was thriving on the table and asking them to quit. They did not realize that until I told them and made me through. When I was in the recovery room even that nurse in the recovery room let me know that the problem was that the pain killer wasn’t coming in me and she witnessed it at the veins. They couldn’t use that vein because it wasn’t in there. The nurse that put it in there said it was my fault and told that when I went to the bathroom I must have jarred it out. It was a terrible experience. All that the lady could say was that I moved it when I went to the rest room and she didn’t even apologize for me thriving on my table. This goes on into your intestine in your colon and you are not asleep or nothing. I was just moving around. It was awful. I don’t trust them anymore and I would not go there again.
    - John F.
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