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Recent Marina Reviews in West Los Angeles

  • A
    They always took really good care of me. They always were looking out for my boat and taking good care of my boat for me. They had great parties, three or four a year for their dock clients. Security was very good. They had a swimming pool next door of the hotel that you could use. They were really thinking of their people. They had food that you can go get there and wine and all those drinks and all those stuff right there at the marina that you can go get. They were fabulous. It was easy to get out and easy to get in but it was very secure. They have concrete docks and they spray those every night and day with a high water spray because of all the bird droppings. The place was sanitary.
    - Craig L. G.
  • A
    As always, the people at Peter's Landing Marina were great. We live about 90 miles away and they work with us to do everything over the phone/fax. They also leave the key in a locker so that we don't have to drive all the way down there to pick it up. They're friendly, the bathrooms and showers are clean and well maintained. It's just an overall pleasant experience. We will definitely return as we have each summer over the past 6 years or so. :)
    - Lisa A.
  • A
    San Diego Yacht Club
    It is a very nice yacht club. It is one of the best yacht clubs in the United States. Dennis Conner is there and he is rated as probably the number one sailor of all time. He won the America's cup. He lost the America's cup. They have a lot of history of greatness there. North Sails was there. Some of the great sailors in the world have come from the same yacht club. Everything is straight A's except for their dock. Their wood dock has splinters in them. When Dennis Conner was coming, they put those wood docks. They were terrible. They need new docks. I do not think they have started changing the docks to concrete. Everybody does concrete docks because they are stable. They do not give splinters in the ropes, in the lines. Wood docks give splinters in the line and then your hand gets cut up and get splinters on them. Other than that, they are great.
    - Craig L. G.
  • A
    Marina Construction
    They did an excellent job. Everything that was promised was done in a timely manner. They communicated well and I would highly recommend them.
    - chris t.
  • B
    California Yacht Marina - Cabrillo Marina
    We had our boat there for about six years. They were very well kept. They keep the premises up very well maintenance-wise. They were very friendly and easy to work with. The staff was nice. The pricing was very competitive. There were times we didn’t have carts to use. They were very quick and very professional.
    - Glen G.
  • D
    Very costly. Then forgot to rettach alternator belt, leading to power loss on a subsequent sail. Had to have engine diagnosed and repaired by other vendor.
    - Carlos S.
  • D
    On weekend of 8/10/13 I took my wife, 11 y.o. daughter and her friend to Table Rock Lake. Before I say more, please note that I have visited the area and stayed on the lake more than 50 times in the last 20 years.  We rented a cabin from POK which is owned by the same people who own "What's Up Dock" (please read my review of this boat rental facility and their horrible customer service), a new hotel, restaurant, marina, dry boat storage and boat dealer.  The cabin itself was fine., cute and cozy. The steps to the loft sleeping area are very steep and do not conform to any code or standard.  The risers were much to high and in fact one of the girls fell down the steps. Additionally, the girls could not stand in the loft and the "beds" are two mattresses thrown on the floor without any linens on them. The bedroom which had a king size bed and offered some privacy had a door that did not lock. The kitchen and bathroom were adequate and served our needs fine. The living area is no bigger that 10 x 10 and held a couch, large chair, stools and a table that was built for dwarfs - and I am not a big guy! The tow televisions were so small it defied my imagination. During the rain (which happened on all three days we were there) we were without a signal. The deck on the front was great (the very best part of the cabin) and had a nice view of the water.  Though it smelled musty and damp in the cabin appeared to be clean. There was adequate linens and sundries for personal and kitchen clean up.  The cost was a bit high for the comfort, space and lack of amenities. There were no amenities - no pool - no game room - no activities - no nothing. We paid the AAA rate which was $145 per night. We have had cabin's at Big Cedar for the same money and condo's on the lake for less - many much less. All offer more amenities, comfort and space.  If you want a cute, very small, cabin with no amenities on the lake this may be your place. If you like a few more creature comforts, more space, some amenities or activities - you can find them all over the lake for the same or less money. If you want to feel like your business is appreciated definitely go elsewhere. The name of this establishment is  Port of Kimberling Marina & Resort.  We were amazed that the owners did not make it possible for cabin guest to use the pool on the property at the hotel which was only a city block from our cabin. This is not a real resort. No consideration was given to making guest feel like they are at a resort. The prevailing attitude in my opinion is not good. They need a lot of Disney training in the customer service department. We will not return to POK. Their idea of good customer service is not this repeat customers idea of customer service. We will be returning to other places when we return to the area.
    - PEGGY S.
  • F
    STAY AWAY!!!! I made an appointment in May to have a couple of simple problems fixed. They gave me an "appointment" date of June 16. I thoroughly cleaned my boat and dropped it off on the appointed day. After almost a month, I called to get a progress report and the "lady" at the counter acted like I was being a total pain in the *** just for inquiring about my boat and said that "it's summer and everybody wants their boat worked on. I asked her what was the point of making an appointment and she said that it just puts me in line to have my boat worked on. Would have been nice to know ahead of time. I would have taken it to somewhere reputable. Finally got my boat back and paid their exorbitant bill which listed among other charges $52.50 just for plugging in my battery charger. TOTAL RIP-OFFS! They did not itemize the final charge which was "clean deck" (probably cost me another $150.00 to hose off the deck of a 22 ft. boat.) They had the nerve to remark that ("BOAT WAS VERY DIRTY UPON ARRIVAL"). The boat was clean upon arrival, it just got dirty sitting in their yard for a couple months before they looked at it. I used to have my boat work done there a lot, but I will never go back! They must of changed hands or something. BEWARE!!!!!
    - John F.
  • F
    Whats up Dock
    This is necessarily a long and detailed review. If you are only interested in the outcome you may wish to skip down to the final paragraph. On June 25, 2013 I made a reservation with What's Up Dock to rent a boat on both July 5 and 6, 2013.  I explicitly told the person whom I spoke with that our party was three children (2 - 11 y.o. & 1 - 8 y.o.).  I told them that it was our intent to ski, tube & swim.  I ALSO told them that we would be teaching the 3 kids how to ski.   Due to the close proximity of the Fourth of July holiday they were mostly booked.  They set up the reservation for the 5th for a 19' runabout and the 6th for what I was told was a New 21' Fish and Ski (F&S).  I was told the F&S was a good boat to do water sports and that skiing off this boat was no problem. When we arrived on the 5th we were told that the 19' boat was rated for 6.  I explained that I had told the individual who I spoke with when making the reservation about the size & composition of our group.  To be clear we had to 11-year-old girls and one eight-year-old boy.  None of us, including the children, would be considered overweight or unusually large. In fact 5 of the people in our party are under 5'7".  The manager Mary told the young lady to go ahead and allow us to rent the boat which had been reserved.  What immediately became clear was that this boat was unsuitable for our group ( 3 kids and 4 adults) & the gear we needed (2 pairs of skis (one which was a set of trainers) and a tube).   To make it work we left the tube at the marina and came back for it when the kids were ready to tube.  Keep in mind the rental agreement prohibits towing a tube and skiing AND having a tube in how is not ideal when working with novice skiers - especially children. Any experienced skier or boater knows this. This of course meant staying within a reasonable proximity of the dock and using time and gas to go back and forth to retrieve our the tube.  Additionally, this also kept us from going to quieter areas of the lake which are further from this marina.  I will say that the dock hands were quite nice and very helpful to us regarding the tube. On the second day when we were provided the fish and ski we experienced even greater difficulty trying to load our group and the limited equipment that we had brought to ski and tube.  This boat did not even have a ski locker in the floor so we had nowhere to go with the skis.  It is noteworthy that I have owned several open bow runabouts and grew up in a family who owned boats and skied from the time I was in grade school.  When we left the dock and made it out if the no wake zone it became very clear that the boat we had been rented was not at all suitable for our purposes. Suffice to say that the boat handled like a 1962 Ford F2 50 pickup truck with no power steering.  Due to the hull design the boat was not stable and was extremely rough in any kind of chop.  The steering, which was not power, was absolutely unresponsive.  Additionally, the boat drifted when running at low speeds.  Hoping that I was incorrect, I found a quiet cove to carefully evaluate the boat away from crowds and choppy water.  It took no time to conclude that putting young children in the water to learn how to ski was not happening.  Additionally, it was quickly decided that I was the only person who would drive this boat due to the manner in which it handled.  All skiing was completely off the table. Even my wife who has been boating with me for 23 years did not want to drive this boat no less get in the water to ski behind it! When we returned to the dock to retrieve midday I went into the boathouse and told the staff that I felt that the boat was extremely poorly suited for our purposes and unsafe to ski behind. I was told that no other boat was available and that if we wanted to be on the water that this boat was our only choice.  We were stuck. This was a busy holiday weekend and we felt there was certainly no possibility of going to another marina and getting a boat that appropriately fit our needs.  We had come to the lake to ski, tube and swim and we now had two poor choices; either leave the lake or deal with a boat that was not suited to our purposes and that did not fit our limited equipment and group.   None of the staff, including the manager offered us any kind of apology or price adjustment.  Since we felt stuck and didn't want to totally disappoint the three kids, we opted to stick with the F&S and make the best of the time we had on the lake. When we returned for the evening several staff members asked how our day was and how we liked the boat.  I was very clear that we loved the lake but did not like the boat.  More important we made it clear that we felt it was not a boat they should rent to those intending on skiing - especially with young children.  Several of the dock hands mentioned that they only had two of these boats, that they did not handle well and that at least 50% of the people who rent them do not like them and voice similar complaints.  Once again, upon check out I made it very clear in a nice way that we were very disappointed and that our experience with the F&S in particular was very bad.   Was any effort made to address our issues you ask? But for one staff member, who as it turned out had no authority to do so, mentioning doing something for us on our next rental, our concerns and complaints were dismissed and ignored. A couple weeks back when we decided to return to the lake the weekend 8/10/13 I called What's Up Dock take them up on what I believed was a legitimate offer to do "something for us" on another rental.  What resulted was a conversation with the manager which was so insulting that I contacted the owner.  During our conversation she told me that they "pride" themselves on "providing excellent customer service" and  that the managers comments about their not caring about what is said about their business on web sites like this one having "little if any" impact on their business was totally wrong.   So what did they do and how was our second experience you ask? I book lodging in their cabins and set up the two day rental. The owner offered us a $100 discount on our two day rental which reduced the cost from $550 to $450.  We felt they should have done more since we had spent more than $700 on the prior rental on the 5th & 6th but I was not prepared to argue with the owner. On the second day of the rental the weather was bad.  During the morning it rained and for a period of time there was a strong downpour.  The Weather Channel was showing a 60% chance of rain and the sky's were threatening. When I contacted Mary the manager at the dock she told me that they had sent boats out and that they "do not make refunds or adjustments because there are thunderstorms predicted".  Though I tried to deal with her logically and explained that going out with the weather predicted did not make good sense it was clear I was on the hook for the entire day.  Once again it was clear you play by their rules and whether your happy is simply irrelevant Over the course of the two weekends we did business with POK we spent more than $1400.  Suffice to say we feel they are not focused on assuring their patrons the best experience.  Their idea of customer service does not appear to include listening to clearly stated and totally reasonable expectations nor assuring the safety and well being of those that rent from them.  Please review the attached photographs and judge for yourself.  Suffice to say we will not be doing business with POK in the future.  We urge you to be cautious.  Be sure what your sold/rented truly fits your needs and be aware short of unremitting severe storms your on the hook for your entire reservation.  No exceptions, no adjustments, no refunds and most certainly no  ones judgments matters but theirs.  This is what they consider "excellent  customer service" ?  OMG!!!
    - PEGGY S.
  • F
    In MAY, the new manager of MP Boat Slips, LLC, J Jay Feinberg, announced by mail, a slip fee increase of 16.4%. I have been a slip renter since MAY 2008. Correspondence between myself and Mr. Feinberg consisted of 2 letters each. Mine pointed out the inappropriateness of the increase and the need for repair, countering his characterization of repairs as improvements and his attempts to equate this marina to the vastly more service oriented City of Long Beach marinas. Today I was sent a certified letter giving me 30 days notice to leave the slip. Have had no dealings with Mr. Feinberg as a real estate agent but if he handles consumer complaints or deals with customers the way he has dealt with me as a manager, I would strongly urge others to take their business elsewhere.
    - Jeffrey G.
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