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Pet Care & Health reviews in Valley Village

  • A
    Dr. Chadik was so wonderful with my cat!  I'd had very bad experiences with vets in the past so I had great trepidation going, but my cats dew claw (thumb claw) was growing into her paw pad and I didn't want it to get infected.  She explained everything to us  thoroughly and gave detailed instructions on how to care for her claws in the future to prevent it from happening again.  I'm so relieved  :-)
    - Dianne W.
  • B
    It went very well. Dr. Chadik is super nice and very competent. She treated the cat and me very kindly. Made sure I had medications when I left and told me who to follow up with the next day as she would not be in the office. Dr. Kennedy called me the next day with all the details and explained things to me very carefully. He and the staff there are all very nice and helpful, and genuinely care about the animals. 
    It was expensive, but I haven't been to a vet in years that wasn't. I got my money's worth.
    - Jory B.
  • F
    Rainbow Veterinary Hospital
    Please DO NOT take your pets to this clinic! I had been going to Rainbow Vet for a few years originally when Dr. Weule was the owner and operating vet there. Dr. Weule was excellent, so when he sold his practice I assumed he left his patients in good hands, therefore I continued to take all 6 of my pets there (3 cats 3 dogs).  I was horribly mistaken.  When Dr. Timothy Metzger took over Rainbow Vet about 6 years ago, he was  supposedly in retirement but decided it would be lucrative to buyout the clinic and resume his practice.  I didn't know how horrible he really was until my pets started having medical issues. namely my cat, Oscar. Over the years I had brought Oscar to see Dr. Metzger, both for vaccinations and exams, and on a couple occasions specially to report his funny breathing, obsession with drinking water, disorientation at times, extreme weight gain, among other symptoms.  Every single visit I had with Metzger relating to Oscar I would stress the concern I had for these things, especially the weird heavy breathing, but Metzger brushed them off with barely any exam, outside of a brief listen to his chest with a stethoscope, and he continually concluded it was allergies of some sort and said he was fine.  A couple years ago he claims he checked his urine after I had pressed again on the fact that oscar was insanely obsessed with drinking water (of course it was a quick in house check of which i didn't know then to actually see the lab results to verify). Metzger just chuckled this off as not a big concern and said his urine was fine.  So...what about his breathing? And his seeming disorientation when he would be scared or excited over something?  Or what about how tired he seems to be? He was also gaining a ton of weight at the time. Metzger brushed it off as some cats just like to lay around..and will gain weight..and get allergies. This was the drill every time I told him about Oscar symptoms. Until finally, Dec 30, 2013. I took Oscar in for another vet appt because I noticed his breathing had become even more heavy and labored at times...and I'd actually see him wrenching his neck forward as if gasping for air or clearing his throat, I didn't know. He also had suddenly lost a couple pounds and looked like he was feeling ill. He slept most of the day and he was not his usual self, his stamina had noticeably decreased. I didn't know what was wrong..I had asked Metzger several times in past if Oscar may have had asthma.  But he always said no or not likely..his breathing and heart sounded ok to him, he'd say as he took a 10 second listen to.  But this time I insisted,  something must be done..Oscar is not ok. Metzger took his slow time, no urgency as usual. He listened to his heart again..nope, no murmur, he said after 10 seconds. He listened to his lungs...well, maybe it sounds a wee bit congested, he said. Knowing I wasn't going home without SOME kind of answer other than "its likely allergies", he  agreed he'd keep him an hour or two to run a chest xray and  bloodwork as well as urine check. I said ok..finally relieved he was going to get to the bottom of Oscars ailments and find him some relief!  So I came back in a couple hours to pick him up..paid almost $600, and got the MISdiagnosis. Metzger told me it looked like Oscars lungs were showing up more than they should on an xray, meaning there was some kind of congestion or something in his lungs. His urine also had some sugar present, and there was something going on with the blood cells. So he had given him a couple injections, depo-medrol and dexamethosolone (spelling?)-these are heavy steroids basically. He told me if the urine meant diabetes, the injections would wreak havoc on the diabetes and we would know...I said, ok..but is that going to be dangerous and should I be looking closely for any signs..?? He said no, just more drinking than he normally does. And he claimed the lung congestion/irritation was likely due to, again, allergans. I left a little worried, but trusting Metzger when he said the injection should make him feel better and to bring him back in two weeks to check the blood and urine again.  Oscar was aggitated in the crate the entire time..he was desperate to get out. Not unusal but it was more so than any other time. He was pacing and scratching. So I reassured him, its ok..we will be home soon. When I did get him home I opened the crate and he sauntered out slowly then headed down the hall towards my bedroom. I thouht that was odd, as he usually would prance out and head for the water and food. Oh well, I assumed he was tired from the testing and to just let him go decompress. Afterall, Metzger told me there was nothing to be concerned about, and noting to keep an eye out for. About 20 minutes later Oscar finally came back out to the living room and lay under the chair he normally would sleep on, but he was not comfortable, so he went to the back room again. I carried on feeding my other pets their dinner. About an hour and 10 minutes later I went to my room to fetch one of my dogs to take outside. I heard a loud scream, like a baby cry. I turned around and found Oscar laying stretched out under a bench at the foot of my bed. Soemthing was terribly wrong..he looked limp in the body but his legs an claws were fully stretched and digging into the rug..I heard gurgling...I reched down to pull him up and he  was stiffening up with all his might and choking on white and red foam. At this point I was panicking...Oscar! I yelled, whats wrong boy?! As I tried to get a grip of him so I could rush him to the animal hosptial up the street, he started convulsing in my hands, foam pouring out of his mouth, gasping for air, his back legs and paws stretched out in such desperation that he clawed me inadvertantly in the arm during n his struggle. But in the next moment, his struggle suddenly stopped and in a snap he went limp and the light went from his eyes.. I helplessly watched my boy die in my hands. And I will NEVER forget it.  I rushed him up to Studio City Animal Hosptial in hopes it was not too late, in my denial maybe it wasn't too late.  Sobbing I called metzger telling him of the events and asked him if it was from the injection he gave him just 3 hours prior. ? He was very matter of fact in his answers..he said no it wasn't the injection, the injection would have helped him he said. I was sobbing uncontrollably and said I" think he's dead", Metzger replied with no emotion "he probably is".  I hung up as I arrived and ran into the hospital. They tried to revive Oscar, but it was too late.  I had them do an autopsy. As it turned out Oscar had heart disease. His left venticle was 30% larger than normal and his lungs had filled with fluid as a result of the heart not be able to circulate the fluid out to the body properly-it was all backing into his lung area, which is what metzger brushed off as  an"allergan irritant".  The emergency vet told me the last thing she would ever had given my cat was any kind of steroid injections given the symptoms presented.  She said steroids are dangerous without thorough analysis and this was an old school approach. Metzger did not run any tests to rule out heart disease when all the symptoms of heart disease were so present even a blind man could see it..and as a vet he should have known better and not brushed it off. He chanced Oscars life with a careless and sloppy diagnosis...he grossly misdiagnosed my cat and gave him a death injection. HE KILLED MY CAT. Oscar could have been treated for his disease and lived many more years on proper meds and care. He was only 7. Metzger would not only refund the money he made me pay him to kill my cat, adding insult to injury, he arrogantly denies any culpability. He thinks what he did, how he diagnosed him, is fine. He claims if he would have run more tests patients complain about the costs...W**?! He didn't run more tests knowing it could be something more serious because he said patients complain about the $ to do so? I NEVER ever complained about his already high costs...and I was never given an option to further tests, or was even was told Oscar could have heart disease. Instead this loon of a vet took it upon himself to gamble and inject my cat, with steroids-- a cat who presented with all the classic symptoms of heart disease ! (this was not a difficult case to assess for a trained vet-even the emergency room vet suspected heart disease as I began to tell her his symptoms before she even did the autopsy). I feel so guilty that I subjected my pets to this sub-par care with this lunatic of a vet. I feel guilty that I left my kitty with him to be essentially killed. If you want to gamble with your pets lives, then take them to Metzger.  Otherwise please find a reputable vet and do due diligence research on them. I learned my lesson the hard way. I was trusting and naive. I dearly love my pets, they are like my children. I will never forgive myself for allowing this man to care for them for any length of time. And on a side note, he totally misdiagnosed my dog he examined just two weeks prior to this with, wait for it...."most likely ALLERGIES". She was having a dry cough and hoarse voice, choking after drinking water, and heavy breathing at times. Needelss to say I am having all of my animals re-diagnosed by another vet now, and found out my dog has a SEVERELY COLLAPSED TRACHEA with possible other problems associated. She is still being tested to rule all things out. But sure enough Metzger had sent her home with simply a shot of steroid to the rump. She could have asphyxiated at some point as the dieseas progressed and I'd have been none the wiser as to what was happening. So there you have it...a dead cat and a sick dog both grossly misdiagnosed by this vet, "Dr." Metzger. God knows what else I will find as I one by one get all of my animals reassessed. Save your animals lives and go elsewhere, if you actually care about them. This guy is a hack.

    - LESLIE S.
  • A
    Andy and Erin have been our cats sitters for years. They are responsive, communicative, reliable, almost always available and completely professional. I am so glad to have them to watch over our cats when we're gone. We have two rescue cats who are very anxious and slow to warm up. They also trust Erin and Andy and are always in perfect shape when we return from vacation.
    - Sandamal S.
  • A
    The Roamin' Bath Mobile Pet Grooming
    Roamin Bath was great.,  Laurie was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable of how to groom older dogs.  My yorkie looked great and she gave me some good advice for future grooming.  She also squeezed in a bath for my other dog and he loved it.
    - Susan S.
  • A
    Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital
    My dog ran out of the yard, was hit by a car and ran away for three days while I was out of town. After we found her, she was in bad shape. I immediately took her to Beverly Oaks where she was promptly seen and treated. Beverly Oaks has a number of vets on staff so during the course of my dog's treatment, I consulted with a number of different vets. Some are more conservative than others in terms of treatment, but overall the care the vets, the techs and the admin staff have for the animals is apparent. I found Beverly Oaks to be rather pricey, but it will continue to be my go-to pet emergency center due to the quality of care my pets receive there.
    - Susan J.
  • A
    Animal Specialty & Emergency Center
    They were very responsive and nice to the dog and my daughter. They had to do an MRI to diagnose the problem. They were able to figure out a different approach to retrieving the palm pit other than performing surgery.
    - TAFFY S.
  • A
    Big Sky Dogs
    This is a wonderful service.  Ken and his staff are kind, professional and very attentive.  I have been using them since I adopted my dog in 2008.  I can go to work without a worry because I know that my little guy is happy and well taken care of.  And they're prices are extremely reasonable.  My dog gets the attention that he needs and there's no concern about him lost in a dog park with a bunch of other dogs.  It's his walk and he's the prince.  i honestly don't know what I'd do without them.
    - Mary M.
  • A
    Choice Veterinary Care
    We had to make the horrible decision to have our beloved 15 1/2 year old Weimaraner put down last night. I don't want to re-live the sad details here. Suffice it to say we are very happy with the service performed by Dr. Amy Stillwell-Graiff and her sweet veterinary assistant (sadly can't remember her name. I was a hot mess during the process.) They were extremely gentle, kind and caring. They let us set the pace for the process and gave us all the time we needed with him. I don't think I could have asked for a better experience considering the circumstances. It was a very peaceful and dignified passing. My old boy was in the comfort of his home, not stressed out in a sterile office environment, and he was surrounded by the people who loved him in his final moments.
    - Camila I.
  • A
    The Roamin' Bath Mobile Pet Grooming
    We originally purchased an online deal coupon for Roamin Bath, which was a great deal and scheduled the grooming for earlier in the year.
    Poor Lori called the day of the appointment and told us that unfortunately her grooming van (and she)  had been in a car accident and could not do the grooming. We wished her a speedy recovery and went on.
    About 2-3 months later when it was time to think about a grooming, I remembered that we had already purchased that coupon and called Lori for an appointment. We settled on a time and she came by as scheduled and groomed our dog.
    It was all basically good, and the only reason I put Bs on the responsiveness and punctuality is because we needed to reschedule, and it was up to me to remember that I had already pre-purchased the service. Clearly this is not a ding on Roamin Bath perse, but straight A's need to be reserved for perfect performance.The price we received with the coupon was an A price, but the regular service price is quite a bit steeper.
    - THEO M.
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