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Flooring reviews in Vacaville

  • A
    In the kitchen for example, I had this long, sort of rectangular light fixture. It was looking pretty old. So I bought a new one per his recommendation, an inexpensive one. But, it looks so nice. In the dining room area I had a fan that had been installed by a friend of a friend and it wasn't installed properly. I could tell that it was a little uneven and it always made me nervous. I was relieved when Gary suggested that we should pull that out. He said that the dining room was not intended to support a ceiling fan. So he recommended that I just do a light fixture in there. So I just bought an inexpensive light fixture and he went ahead and installed it. He took out the ceiling fan and installed a nice fixture for me in the dining room. He charged me $1500 for the paint. I bought my own flooring, so he charged me for the labor. He charged me $2000 to install the laminate flooring and that included hauling the old flooring away. And then, I remember, I had to pay 100 something dollars for something else. He didn't do everything in one day. The paint job took two or three days and the floor installation probably was another two days. I feel that they were very honest and I really liked that. I had some tenants there before. One tenant decided to open up the place to some friends of his. So I ended up with squatters because these people were homeless and all of a sudden my tenant wasn't paying me, he ended up trashing the place and to me, it was a nightmare. So, I was missing some cabinet doors. I don't know why the cabinet doors were missing, same thing with a closet door. The place was a mess. When the hauling company came to take away all of that, they found the doors to my cabinets, but they ended up kind of like hiding them. So I was in the process of  researching if I should be buying new cabinets for the kitchen, which Gary was definitely capable of installing. But he knew that I was on a budget, I was looking for the least expensive thing possible. I started looking at the kitchen options at IKEA because I thought that might be the less expensive way to go. So needless to say, Gary ended up finding the doors and I felt, "What an honest thing to do to save me money?" because he could have easily pretended that he never saw them and have me move forward with the plan of having to redo the cabinets and he could have made a little extra money off of me because he would have done a little more work. I really thought that it was awesome that he was very honest. The doors were dirty obviously, but he cleaned them up. He told me, "I think I can clean these up and I'll put them back on." That is exactly what he did. So, I liked how honest he was and his work was very, very good, in my opinion. I had researched other people. For example, the paint job, I found two other companies, one was willing to do it for $2400 and the other one would do it for $2600. So I saved about thousand dollars on the paint. Gary would have charged me more, but he knew that I was on a budget, so he said to me that he had some white paint and if I didn't mind going with white the entire place then he would charge me $1400. So I went ahead and did everything white. The people who have looked up the condo, when we started showing it, they loved the floors because he and his team, in my opinion, did such an awesome job. Maybe it is easy to install laminate. But, it looks very, very nice. They were very responsive.
    - Vanessa K.
  • C
    The first cleaning was great. I was very happy. The second cleaning was pretty good. The third cleaning was just ok. My carpet is still visibly dirty in the traffic area. Sure it was fluffed, but that lasts just a few days. I do have dogs, for reference. I expected their powerful cleaning wand would get the dirt out. Their service is on time, they are responsive, the people are professional. The overall C grade is weighted with the actual cleaning being most important. After a week the carpet looked like it did before the cleaning. The guy said people generally replace carpets after 5 years. Is that true? 5 years doesn't seem long enough.
    - Christine C.
  • C
    The Carpet/Laminate/Tile turned out looking good. My only issue with the carpet was the quality of workmanship. for example, tracks in my closet were carpeted over when they should have been removed before laying the new carpet. Also, the floor makes a loud creak in certain areas were the floor could have been repaired.
    The Kitchen Remodel was a nightmare. the individual who performed the work has some of the worst customer service skills that I have ever experienced. A two week project turned into a 3 month struggle where every step of the project had to be redone because the quality of work was clearly not up to par. When I questioned the work, often times the contractor liked to remind me that this is what I wanted in a attempt to place the blame on someone besides himself. When we tried to set up times for the kitchen guy to come over to finish the work that he promised, he refused to give us a time and randomly show up at our house. one of the major flaws in our kitchen that we now have to live with is the use of top cabinets at ground level to create an island. The problem with top cabinets is that they do not have a kick panel which means that the cabinets will most likely have kick marks on them in the future.
    When we decided to us Carpets and More for our kitchen, we were assured that their kitchen contractor was very experienced and a real professional. The last straw was when he tried to install our dishwasher and he didn't push it far enough back or level it before placing it in position. this caused the door to scratch when we closed it and leave a permanent mark that we now have to live with. Our kitchen is still incomplete to this very day and we are now forced to find another contractor to finish the job.
    - carl c.
  • A

    The installation lasted three days; the first two days were concentrated on the installation of the laminate and the last day was used to install the carpet.  The laminate was a challenge due to my choice in a Versailles pattern with a small grout line, but the crew managed to pull it off with a dazzling result.  I took all three days off work to be there with the crew and complete some projects of my own.  I must say, working alongside these guys was an experience I am truly better for and happy I had.  The house was a little lonelier after they left.  They gave me some excellent insight and confidence to complete some other projects as well as shared some genuine guy time...I miss them for sure.  The home interior has made a positive transformation with the new floors and has already began paying me back by attracting a tenant within just a few days of advertising my house for rent.  The salesmen I worked with at the store set me up for success.  I have faith that the laminate will last for some time to come and will continue to pay dividends.  I was sure to make it back to the store to personally thank the installation crew as well as the salesman that helped to organize the install.  Thanks Tony for pulling together such an excellent team.

    - Travis F.
  • D

    We interviewed other contractors and decided to go with Blanton construction after reading several positive reviews and seeing his grades on Angie's list.  I even showed Mr. Blanton an example of the quality of work we expected.  After scraping popcorn texture from ceilings,  Mr. Blanton hired another crew to texture ceilings and walls in hallway.  The subcontractor applied the wrong size texture to the ceiling in the first bedroom but when I expressed dislike and asked to have it changed to match the rest of the house, he (Mr. Blanton) had the texture crew spray the walls in the rest of the bedrooms to match the room I did not like instead.  (The texture crew claimed to have a malfunctioning air compressor which caused them to not achieve the correct air pressure to apply texture at the correct size).  I still have texture on some door frames, which was just painted over.

    When my wife asked the carpenter about repairing nail and staple holes left from the texture crew and some paneling that was removed, he responded that he would take care of it "later".  The repairs did not happen.  I overheard the same carpenter comment that a newly replaced door adjustment was "close enough" but I observed that there was a gap showing through into the master bedroom; he would not fix it until Mr. Blanton instructed him on how to fix it.

    One carpenter asked to borrow my painting equipment 3 times as he had not brought his and did not want to drive the 5 minutes to his home to get his own.  The first time I lent him the equipment, the 2nd time he did not clean the equipment before leaving for a long weekend and was disappointed when I refused his 3rd request.  He didn't understand why it was a problem.  He then went home to retrieve his own equipment (on the clock) so I ended up paying for his not bringing the equipment that he knew he would need.  He promised to replace equipment that he had used (without asking) and then destroyed but still has not followed through.

    Another carpenter asked my wife where she would like the peep hole installed on the front door.  She showed and told him where she would like it (at her eye level) but he installed it too high so that now she cannot use it.  When installing crown molding the carpenter needed a pin nailer but had not brought one.  I loaned him mine so that he could complete the task with the desired results without delay. 

    Although I requested that painting would be included in the estimate, I failed to notice that painting was not included.  I had agreed to the price thinking that painting was included as requested. However, painting was added at an additional cost.  Much of the painting was then done by my daughter and myself when she had come home for a holiday weekend.

    There were days when we did not know if or when anyone would show up to work on the house, so we had to be prepared just in case.

    The doors we had installed were pre-primed and some of them only received one coat of paint. To be recoated after hanging but that didn't happen.

    I finally settled the bill (for several thousand dollars more than estimated) and finished the work myself as many details had been overlooked by Mr. Blanton and his crew.  Mr. Blanton and I should have looked the job over before considering the job to be done.  As we moved back into the rooms after they supposedly were done, we discovered that crown molding had not been painted, nail holes had not been filled and base boards had not been cut to fit or installed.  I was so frustrated with the lack of workmanship that I finished these issues myself rather than having Blanton's crew return.

    It has been almost a year since this remodel and I am having problems with the floors.  I observed that the subfloor installed by Blanton's carpenter was not prepared according to the manufacturer?s directions and pointed this out at the time of installation but was told that it would be good enough.  Now the hallway and the master bedroom have squeaking floors. Mr. Blanton has been contacted regarding this and said that he would order a T-molding and schedule a time to perform the repair.  I know that the T-molding requires a week to receive and it has been over a month but still no word from Mr. Blanton.  Mr. Blanton has pointed out that he does not warranty floating floors for squeaks and neither does the manufacturer.  However, he would perform the repairs this time and wrote "This is strictly a customer service issue and not a warranty issue."   I pointed out that the other floors do not squeak and only some of the floors with the questionable subfloor installation were a problem. Nowhere in the contract does it state that he does not warrant sub floor or floating floor installation.

     I had completed two rooms myself before hiring Blanton's to continue the job and the rooms that I had completed according to the manufacturer's directions do not have problems with squeaks.

    - Kathy A.
  • A
            I hired Blanton Construction for this job because I had used them last fall for upgrading part of my house (popcorn ceiling removal, wallpaper removal, painting four rooms, new carpeting).  Since I was happy with their previous work, I hired them again to upgrade my hallway, laundry room, and two bathrooms.  Tom Fargo, the contractor, was very responsive and helpful throughout both upgrades.  I had several choices to make regarding materials and options for a new shower and he made that go smoothly.
             For this project, new tile flooring was installed in both bathrooms, hallway, and laundry room, and new baseboards to match what had been installed last fall in my first upgrade.  Four can LED lights, an exhaust fan, all the materials for the shower upgrade, and the flooring were provided by Blanton.  I purchased two new toilets, two medicine cabinets, bathroom faucets, showerhead, hardware, and light switches which Blanton installed.   The  city permit was an extra charge.
             About half the cost was for a new custom built tile shower in the master bathroom, and half the cost for everything else.  The shower measures 36" x 48" x 54" which is a custom cut AKW barrier free shower.  They needed to move a floor heater vent and waterproof the entire bathroom floor since it's barrier free (no curb).  The shower looks great and I am happy with it, for the most part.  However, water does splash onto the regular tile floor outside the shower which takes some getting used to.  Since the front of the shower opens at an angle, installing a custom made shower door would have been possible but expensive.  I opted to leave it open.     
               This recent project took about three weeks and I'm glad they started earlier than I expected since I had a vacation planned soon after they finished.  The Blanton employees all did a great job, including hauling away debris and cleaning up every day.  I'm done upgrading for now, but if I need something done in the future, I would hire them again.

    - Nancy A.
  • A
    Mike did a fantastic job and even contacted the floor installers to ensure the job would meet the standards they required for my wood flooring. I really appreciate his professionalism, expertise and the quality of his work and would recommend him to anyone. If you want the job done right, you'll contact Blanton Construction.

    - Michelle S.
  • A
    We found! Floors On First on Angie's List. Bob came to our house and talked to us. He gave us an estimate. He was very helpful ! He helped us make our decision. we put in Inhaus laminate,Haywood Hickory on the whole bottom floor of of our house. We put in new baseboards. Upstairs we put in carpet by Dixie Home Style 4495 Chiriahua. We are very happy! It looks great! We would highly recommend Floors On First ! Bob & Hillary are very professional ! Thank you so much to the whole Floors On First Team !
    - Marjorie R.
  • A
    I can't believe my favorite flooring company has no reviews yet on Angie's List! Luckily I found them because they had been nominated by The Reporter of Vacaville in the best of 2011 contest. New to Vacaville, I relied on that recommendation made by thousands of Solano County residents. After hiring them I began hearing countless times from neighbors and friends, "Do you know who we used... Carpets and More! They were amazing!"

    They've got a beautiful large showroom right near Lowe's of Vacaville with a video for children and toys for them to play with. It made a tremendous difference to my shopping experience. It was the only store my husband was willing to come along too with the kids and I didn't need to think about hiring a babysitter each time. They allowed me to bring as many samples home as i needed. If they don't have something they can still get it in for you at better prices than anywhere else. They're also willing to install a bellawood floor I'm purchasing from lumber liquidators at the same great price as if i would've purchased the flooring from them too.

    Mike, the owner, came out numerous time to measure anddiscuss everything from the best flooring material, to the way to lay the materials. I've never met a nicer owner and best of all his prices on materials and labor cannot be beaten! Having moved into a new house of 3,000 sq ft, with no existing flooring, it was important for me to get the best price possible... and I shopped around extensively.

    They take pride in their work and have only highly skilled craftsmen and most of all stand behind their work.

    I can't recommend them highly enough! I'll be using them for the rest of my house to install hardwood and carpeting too.
    - Chaim Z.
  • A
    I found out that when they say 2 and a half car garage floor, you can not stretch it to cover a three car garage.  I wish someone from the store would have pointed out and sold me metal cans that I could have used to save some of the paint in one and the epoxy in the other.  That way the extra gallon of paint/epoxy wouldn't have been wasted.
    - Anthony H.
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