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Deck Building reviews in Torrance

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  • Ayal did a fantastic job building a deck on the front of my West Torrance home. From our first meeting to the completion of the project he was very professional in all areas. I have received numerous compliments from the neighbors on my street. The curb appeal of my home has increased dramatically! Thanks Ayal!
    - SCOTT G.
  • we met Horizon Construction & Remodeling representative after meeting 2 others contractors and we must say we liked them a lot. he was very knowledgable and personable. he listen to us and made good suggestions and was always available for us. We honestly couldn't do this project without him It took longer than we planned because it was around holidays season but it was worth it - the end product is beautiful we get a lot of compliments from family and friends we appreciate the hard work - all workers were very dedicated and talented we will spread the good word about Horizon!
    - Mason T.
  • Two very hard-working young men did nearly all of the work under Itay's supervision. They cleaned up after themselves everyday. They did an excellent job. The photo attached shows the nice red/brown deck and the lighter colored pergola. We're very happy with the work.
    - DANIEL M.
  • All remodeling work from demolition to final inspection was excellent. Workers were on time worked diligently, respectful to the owners and cleaned up the area everyday. Work was very accurate and all custom work turned out better than our expectations.
    - D N F.
  • Free estimate. Prompt and punctual. Good understanding of scope of the job. Made improvements in the design. Seemed like a small job that many contractors would not be bothered with, but TME treated us like a multi-$K client.
    - Jim S.
  • This is a long review. Please read the whole article to put the ratings in context. To start, we have all plans and permits ready and paid for. We were ready to execute when we sought out contractors for bidding. First contact: Rep did not show up due to miscommunication. Sion personally apologized and arranged to come out himself. He requested electronic copies of the approved plans. When we sat down at our residence, he had printed out his own full size prints from the pdf files we sentand was prepared to discuss the details of the drawings. He is a civil engineer and it reflected in his depth of knowledge beyond what I would expect a GC to know. I had to call the architect to get some clarifications and this is after I have sat down with 3 other contractors already. He submitted a written bid at the sit down and after we had time to review his proposal, he answered my questions within 24 hours. He wasn't the most detailed, but it was sufficient for us to understand and compare with other bids. His initial bid was very competitive and we know where the cost increases will be based upon the quality of finish we are looking at. Reviewing his license, he has a Class B (general contractor) AND a Class A (engineering contractor)!!! His license dates back to 1981 for the B license and 1996 for his A license. Go to license # 407061 to verify yourself. He also looks to be up to date on insurance with no complaints to CSLB. Through the initial discussions, Sion offered up a few suggestions on improving the aesthetics and functionality. We will take those under advisement, but requested the bid against the drawings as-is so we can compare contractors fairly. Upon review of all offerors, we selected Real Construction. 1) They have excellent references in the south bay/culver city area. 2) Sion has a Class A and B license. 3) They were lower priced for the same scope of work (typically a danger sign, but I'll address this more later). It took two iterations to agree to the scope, payment schedule, terms, and final price. Terms included us remaining at the residence during construction. It was a fair and straightforward exercise. No games, no fuss. Since starting, communication has been excellent. They are available via email, text, and phone and are very responsive. Sion explains each step and the following steps so you are well informed. He is patient and willing to work with our desires and needs. The subs he uses have, for the most part, been professional and very knowledgeable. Sion and his subseven have some, I'll call them passionate, discussions... which I find is a good thing. It means everyone cares to do the job right and not blindly do what they are told. Experts in their fields, they include us in the discussions to ensure what they are going to do will meet or exceed our expectations. As a project engineer myself, I totally enjoy this and appreciate the attention to detail. When we started to put down foundation, floor joists, and frames, I walked around with both large and small levels verifying that everything is down, plumb, and level. I found one vertical beam that was 1/4" off over an 8 foot run, which was acceptable and the most out of alignment I could find. Everything else was dead level or plumb. He ordered all his hardware from a lumber yard in Woodland Hills. We wrote checks directly to them and deducted it from our running balance with Sion. Sion also provided the lien waivers. Our first change order occurred when we pulled back a wall and found no foundation under it. It was permitted by the city, so we had all assumed it had a proper foundation. To remedy, Sion charged $11k to tear down necessary walls, dig, and pour a proper raised foundation, re-build the walls, plumbing, electrical, etc. that would not have had to be touched before. Note this area is to support the new second floor, so while the price may seem high, a lot of work went into it. All the rough framing was done well. We had a few issues from the drawings that the architect had put together. For example, the walls were drawn as 8' high, but were actually 8' 4" high. Sion had to return all the 8' sheer wall (with restocking fee) and purchase 12' sheer wall and trim 20" off each one. He wasn't happy, but he did the work without a change order. This also forced a change to the stairs since we were now one step short of the height. It also changed the roof line. Sion discussed several options with us and he found ways to make the whole thing work. I was really impressed. Rough Plumbing and Electrical were done well. We opted to do a change order to increase the water main diameter and put in a recirculating hot water system. We also had to increase the size of the gas lines to accomodate several new appliances. The total change was about $8k for all the work, plus recirculating hardware. I am very happy with the quality of work so far, so I thought it was a fair price. I'm sure I could have gotten it cheaper, but probably not with the same level of integrity and attention to detail that I have seen. Insulation installers were fast and used good quality materials. Dry wall contractors took a few days since there was a lot to put up, plus we have 14' vaulted ceilings in almost every new room. Sion used Milgard for the windows and french doors. Roofers did their job well. The tile work was done by his workers. Good quality overall. My wife saw a 'waterfall' design at Floor and Decor and decided she wanted that pattern of river rocks running up the shower and on the shower floor. Used metal bullnose material. Everything was installed the way she wanted. Sion's shower glass installer came out, and installed what we agreed upon. He tried to upsell us on some things, but he was ok when we politely declined. Sion gave us an allowance for the master bath and we were able to stay within it and ended up with something we like. The flooring was a bit of a different story. He gave us an allowance, but his flooring contractor was going to charge us an absurd amount of money. Sion was OK with us contracting the flooring ourselves. It was a lot of work and time for us, but we did save a lot of money on that aspect. His workers generally work hard, but some of them do have a bit of an attitude. Just deal directly with Sion and let him handle them. For the stucco, Sion only bid stucco color for the addition. It took us a bit of discussion to understand why he wanted a change order to fog the entire house. Fogging is the last step in stucco with the coloring. After a bit of research, we saw what he was telling us was correct and the price was reasonable. Unfortunately, he limited us to the basic colors, but we found one that my wife liked. Should you use Sion, make sure you are very explicit in the painting instructions. He will assume a single color. Sion was present almost 90% of the days throughout the project. He was there before 7am (mostly because he wanted to beat traffic down). Now we are in the final throws of the project. Sion completed the bulk of his contract in 18 weeks, right about when he thought he would be done. So, he held his promised schedule in spite of a few issues along the way. Overall summary: For the rough work, Sion is on top of the game. The detailed work required some arm wrestling and discussion. Communication is generally very good. Though Sion can get stuck on an idea and you have to be patient to let him get it all out before he hears you. After I figured that out, it was easy to deal with him. He is responsive to phone calls, emails, and texts. He can get a little emotional if you don't do exactly what he thought you would do, but hey, he's human and not a machine. I'm ok with that. Integrity: Sion didn't do anything to make me question his integrity. He worked hard and he kept his word. There were a few times when we remembered things differently, but I believe that those are honest differences and not an attempt to mislead or increase the price. The one real complaint I have is that he was on contract to keep the grounds clean each day since we are living through the construction. We called him on it the first week when the workers were leaving meal boxes and drink cans on the ground. He promised it wouldn't happen again. Unfortunately, that didn't hold. Rather than risking making the workers upset and potentially decreasing quality, we acted as the clean up crew ourselves. An annoyance, but if you are OCD, you're going to have to deal with it. On the flip side, Sion swears he will never take on another project where folks are living through it. To his credit, he did take longer to keep the dust level to a manageable and livable level for us. He probably could have gone a lot faster if we had vacated completely. I highly recommend his Electrical and Plumbing contractors. Definitely two standout groups. Quality is A for rough work, B for finish work. Price is an B, though that requires you to be very explicit in your contract negotiations and putting a payment schedule together. You must understand your scope of work and what you really want. As with any contractor, late changes will cost you. His price was fair. For an A, that would require me getting a great deal. He is a fair and good deal. Punctuality is an A. He kept his schedule and kept me informed if there were any potential issues. Professionalism is really a B+. Some of his crew were not the most professional. Also Sion is a nice guy that wants to do a good job, but sometimes if you disagree with him, he can get a little upset or a little passive aggressive. Don't let it bother you. He eventually comes around and gets over it and then you proceed forward. You will most likely meet his wife, Nara, as well. She is his office manager and a pleasure to work with.
    - Mark H.
  • I put off reviewing Vinyl Concepts/Torrance for a couple of

    months to see how they would respond to my issues with their fence

    installation. I have gone to the extent to write a letter to the Torrance Store

    Manager and the Owner in Newbury Park to alert them to the issues that the

    Customer Service area of Vinyl Concept was less than acceptable to my wife and

    I (this included detailed notes of this project mailed to both).

    After getting my letter, both the Manager and Owner called

    me, and both said they would look into it (neither said they knew of the

    situation) and that they would call me back. 

    They seemed genuinely concerned and made us feel better about our 4-month

    ordeal to get 114 feet of 2-foot topper on our existing 4-foot block wall. Unfortunately,

    neither one of them was heard from ever again.

    The short story is that we were aware that our 4-foot block

    wall was tilted slightly and had many holes in it from a previous fence configuration;

    Vinyl Concept suggested we consider a 6 foot full vinyl fence in front of the

    block wall to cover it?s appearance and run that 6 foot all the way along the

    south-side of our yard (which was the most visible to us from the house). The

    other side would be the 2-foot topper. My wife and I liked the idea and went

    ahead with it.

    We paid the deposit (more than they suggested) and set up

    the measurement visit and installation. Two months after our deposit was taken,

    the installation started. The 2-foot topper on the North side of our yard was

    completed the first day ? very nice. Also at the end of the first day, they were

    halfway done on the South side with the 6-foot full vinyl fence. The installers

    had left, and we walked around admiring our new (half-finished) fence, but

    suddenly noticed something didn?t seem right. Upon closer inspection, we

    realized the vinyl fence was slowly moving away from the block wall, the

    farther into the yard it went, the larger the gap.  We measured the gap from the top of the block

    wall to the vinyl fence at 7-inches. After putting a laser pointer on the vinyl

    fence and projecting it to the garage, where this vinyl fence would end, we

    could see if they continued on in this manner, the distance between the wall

    and fence would be over 12 inches! A 12-inch gap? A gap that tapered down over

    two-feet, a potential trap for leaves, water or a small animal?

    We quickly called and stopped the project to discuss what

    happens next. This is where ?customer service? comes in. They didn?t seem to

    step up to our dissatisfaction. They didn?t even feel there was anything wrong

    (I can provide pictures if interested). It took them almost 3 weeks to come

    back out to our home and discuss the ?fix? and reconfigure our contract. It was

    at this visit that we finally heard them say, ?this fence is not right? for the

    first time.

    Through this entire process, we were made to feel we were

    being unfair to them and they did not seem interested in getting our problem

    fixed or our fence finished in a timely manner. After several more months, they

    returned and removed the 6-foot fence and replaced it with a 2-foot topper like

    done on the North side.  When the job was

    completed, the Southside looked great, so we paid the bill in full (it was a

    contract and it is how we are). Afterwards, I went out of my way to contact the

    Store Manager and the Owner (as mentioned above) but neither of them made the

    second call to me after getting all the facts, even after saying they would

    look into the matter and get back to us. They never did...

    Are we satisfied with the fence we ended up with? ? Yes.

    Do we feel that we got our money?s worth? Yes, with reservations

    Did it take too long and too much effort on our part? Yes

    Were we treated with respect and courtesy? No

    Did they meet our expectations? Absolutely No

    Would we use Vinyl Concepts again? We considered a gazebo over our hot tub and fencing out front, but NO WAY WOULD WE CALL THEM AGAIN!! ?


    Gary and Margina S.

    UPDATED REVIEW - 6/18/2015

    Please read my above review where it is clear I sent letters and talked with both the Torrance Store's Manager and the President of the Company, Mr. Stull. Both of them said they would look into the matter and both of them failed to ever call back.

    Now read the Response from Mr. Stull at Vinyl Concepts - "Please feel free to reach out to me directly, and I will do what I can to help rectify the situation"

    He also states that their motto is "run to the fire"; I'm afraid I never felt this way during my project. 4 complete months to complete our fence/topper. I guess our "fire" wasn't big enough.

    There is no better examples that the Customer Service from Vinyl Concept is very lacking. The communication between the office, management and the consumer is poor at best.

    For the simple reason that Mr. Stull's response is so off base (did he even read my letter or review?) I lowered my rating from a "D" to an "F".

    Mr. Stull, Please feel free to reach out to me directly.


    PS Take the time to read the lower rated reviews; it appears if you have a nice easy job, no problem. But if you need craftsmanship and some custom work at your property, look elsewhere.

    - Gary S.
  • Miron showed up when he said he would, was responsive to our emails/calls and provided us with lots of options and examples. We ultimately decided on pavers, as it was a good fit for our location and budget. The project went so smoothly; it was a fantastic experience. The team showed up on time every day, worked all day, and left a clean project site every evening. The team worked together like nothing I've ever seen. I kept calling it a ballet, as they worked together so seamlessly. Very impressive. The quality of the job is exceptional; I could tell this team was proud of their work and were real craftsmen. The project took about 3.5 days - from demo to cleanup. That included a rework of an ugly concrete blowout valve box, which was our surprise issue. We are so pleased with the project and the team that we have already started scoping another project with Miron. Emininent is a keeper, for sure!
    - Chelsea B.
  • The house was spray painted and then the trim was painted by hand later.  I needed some fixture replaced, front and side porch.  A motion sensor light was installed on the garage as well.  Two of my rain gutter also needed repair work were done by them.  . Also, two door bell ringers were installed for me.

    On a second job, they came back and stucco a small wall that I share with my neighbor.  They used the same color as my house.  The front yard  looks really nice.  Excellent job.

    I am going to have them build a railing for my front and side porch.  This will make it safer because the steps are quite high and someone could fall and injure themselves..

    - Arthur K.
  • Excellent , High Quality work! Highly Recommend Todd Fendley and his crew for any type of remodeling, or installing  windows , doors, or floors! Todd has great ideas and can advise if you need it. He recommended a paint color that I am really happy with. 
    The work that was done was updating a single garage that had only one light bulb in it to start with for electric. No drywall, and no side door to the back yard. 
    New electric was installed. I now have light switches for outside lighting for the front and side yard, and all the outlets I need!
    Now I can get a new garage door!!!  
    Drywall was installed, patched and painted without a mess at all. I was surprised at how fast, neat and clean this job went. Installed a six panel steel door with bronze hardware ! Gorgeous! Super quality door installation. Used high quality wood to frame it in and the oak sill / threshold stained dark is really nice. The stucco patch done on the outside was excellent. The new door opens and closes like a dream. Perfect. 
    I am very happy with my new garage. Will be calling Todd and crew back very soon for other work. They are a pleasure to work with and are the BEST at what they do. Hire them. You will not be sorry.
    - Andrea F.
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