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Stone & Gravel reviews in Studio City

  • A
    Cipriano is FANTASTIC. He's punctual, responsive, knowledgeable, and takes tremendous PRIDE in his work - so it SHOWS. His work is TOP NOTCH. He replaced some really crappy turf that another installer had talked me into, and he installed beautiful, thick, high-end turf that looks real and feels amazing. And he did it all in LESS time than he said it would take, despite having to do it in between rain storms! He rearranged all the sprinklers, organized the system, moved an incredibly heavy piece of stone to another part of the yard, and just did an overall BEAUTIFUL job on our back yard! I cannot possibly recommend him HIGHLY ENOUGH!! I've had turf installed by three other companies in the past, and C.Perez is by FAR the absolute BEST. Quality, price, and professionalism! I will definitely ONLY call them in the future!
    - John K.
  • A
    Excel Construction sent to our house Eyal who came over and set with us for a while in order to understand what we would like to have in the remodeling project at our house. Our remodeling project was to remodel the kitchen, family & Dining room areas including new coat of paint and few other tasks. After he understood what we wanted to do, he designed a simple draft so we will understand how and where he think to relocate some parts of the kitchen and after we approved it, he then went back to his office and designed a detailed computerized 3D. After the design and the price was approved by us, he then came over with his workers to do the remodeling job. Each one of the workers was polite & flexible. After the work was completely finished, Eyal sent back his workers to replace or fix some things that we had issues with. Our house was left clean during the entire remodeling. We received so many of great comments on our new remodeling and on our house in general. Thank you Eyal for the great work you did for us and for the awesome service!
    - Rafael z.
  • A
    The project went great. Luis and his crew took up an old concrete driveway that was worn thread bare and replaced it with pavers that wrap around and extend in front of the new backyard deck. In addition he created an interesting crushed concrete path around 6 fruit trees that he planted in the back yard. On the outside of the path he planted drought tolerate blooming plants. So I replaced a boring square with a delightful fruit orchard! Each of the fruit trees has a light next to it that comes on in the evening that adds a special touch. One of my main complaints about the back yard was that it is surrounded by unsightly cinder block. Luis planted vines that will adhere to the cinder block and cover it completely in a short time. Luis also added a faucet to to the backyard and put in a new sprinkler system front and back. In addition, he leveled my front yard and re-lanscaped that as well with drought tolerate blooming plants and less grass and also an interesting crushed concrete path. I am beyond pleased!! I would definitely hire Ruvalcabo landscaping again and I fully recommend them.
    - Jeannette Y.
  • A
    Prime Gardens pricing was competitive and they were able to start our project in less than a week of our signing the contract.  The team working on site, headed by Sina, was experienced, efficient and very professional. We especially appreciated the excellent on-going communication.  We always knew the state of our project and could anticipate each day's activities.  Because one or both of us was home almost continuously during the work, we were always able to see the progress and provide decisions and feedback quickly, whenever needed.  We had one delay mid-project, due to rain, but Sina still made it a point to visit us in person to apologize for the delay (unnecessary, given the rain) and to tell us when work would resume. 

    We are very happy with the work Prime Gardens, Inc. provided and would gladly engage them for future landscaping and related work.
    - John A.
  • F
    I guess the old adage is somewhat true, "you get what you pay for". Out of the four contractors we interviewed, Supreme's quote was significantly less than the others we received. However I'm not even sure we got what we paid for considering we had to hire another contractor to fix most of the work that Supreme was hired to complete. I'm very upset with our experience and spoke and met with their office manager Kerry on their shoddy work. They offered us $500 in compensation for the mistakes but we never received it. Although $500 doesn't cover the large amount of money it cost us to fix all of their careless work. Do yourself a favor and avoid working with this company at all costs!!! We were very dissatisfied with our lead contractor Simon. I would strongly recommend you avoid working with him. He was never on site and difficult to reach. When we he did show up he was usually late for our appointments and acted rather indignant when we brought up our concerns on their errors. We had very expensive Italian tile (wood look) installed in our house and he did not even bother to show up during the consultation on how it should be laid. As a result, it was laid incorrectly. The spacing went against our instructions and it was laid unevenly throughout the house. Our vision was that it would look like wood and therefore the spacing was to be no more than 1/16th of an inch (the store we bought it from strongly suggested that spacing). However, they laid it 1/8th of an inch inconsistently which made it very obvious that it was tile. Supreme said they did this because that was the manafacturers suggested spacing, however, they went against our wishes and it's our house, our project. The tile alone costs us 18,000 dollars so to be unsatisfied with how it looks is very upsetting. Additionally the grout color was completely wrong. It was supposed to be dark grey so it blended in. It dried uneven shades of white. They blamed us for this as we bought the grout however they grouted the entire place knowing it did not look as we wanted and never reached out at during the process to say we should buy a different color grout. They refused to fix it and we had dye the grout ourselves. The spacing between tile was very inconsistent; some was 1/8th of an inch and some had no spacing. I really wonder if they just don't know how to lay tile or if they were just sloppy and trying to finish quickly. Regardless they never stopped and asked us when they had to make critical decisions that affected the way the floors looked. Lastly the floors were left dirty and were never cleaned after installation. The drywall on the bathroom and stairs was done sloppy and not sanded before painting. The half bath where they removed wall paper and painted was not finished correctly. The wall had holes and divots in it and the way they dry walled it did not cover this. They said it was an additional charge to finish the walls correctly and we never requested that in the scope of work. We probably would have coughed up addironal money if they had mentioned this to us however it was never brought to our attention at any point. We were extremely displeased with how horrible the bathroom came out. I think it's fair to assume if you pay for someone to remodel your bathroom that they would finish the walls seamlessly, otherwise what was the point in having them do anything? They also did not bother to paint the door frame or door which was orange. We had to pay another contractor to come in and re dry wall, sand and paint the bathroom. They also left the old toilet and sink in our garage (despite our agreement that all materials would be hauled out of the premise). We had to pay someone to come haul it away. Lastly they did not hook up or install correctly the appliances they removed during remodel (the fridges ice maker was not hooked up and they left the /dishwasher uninstalled). They also removed chandeliers and never reinstalled them. They left the work areas filthy and never cleaned up before leaving. We were so disappointed and upset with the work and the way we were treated during this project. I really dislike the way our floors look and will probably redo them at some point. I'm so upset that we paid nearly 40k between labor and materials to dislike it as much as we do. Many of the guest we have over comment on the floor. They always say how much they love the tile but see how poorly it was installed. I would be happy to share pictures of the work with anyone who is considering hiring them. I hope this review helps others avoid getting into the situation we did.
    - Amy J.
  • A
    This was a great experience all around.  My rep, Oscar Solano, was terrific.  He worked with me very closely and allowed me to make changes to the order a couple of times before the job was done.  They took 4 days which I thought was fast.  Edgar supervised the job, and he and his entire team were fast and very professional.   I have already recommended them to others, and will do so again.
    - Sue B.
  • A
    Me and my wife had been saving money waiting for a house to go up for sale in North Hollywood (we had been targeting the area for a while but everything the realtor showed us wasn't up to snuff). We finally found a place right where we wanted but the house was in bad disrepair. After getting a few ideas on what it would cost to tear down what was there and build our dream home we decided to purchase the property. The first company that came out gave us a price of a little over $900,000 which seemed OK. Luckily my wife decided to check out a few other places and we ended up contacting Supreme. We met with Patrick (who is not only an amazing project manager but also one of the owners of the company) after explaining a few things he brought our cost down to $826,000 which needless to say made our eyes widen a little bit. After meeting with yet another 3 companies we still found Patrick to be the lowest and most experienced we'd talked to. 

    So we moved forward with the project it started in November of 2014 and should be finishing up next month (May 2015). We have been extremely happy with the speed and quality of the work being done. I was a little cautious due to the price difference since it was so much but so far the work has been going great, no delays and no surprise costs which was my biggest worry.

    I check in with Patrick or his office daily and they are always super nice and helpful with letting me know whats going on with my project.
    I can't wait to see what the final product looks like. I will keep you guys posted.

    - Fred F.
  • F
    Stay away from this company at all costs.  This was one of the worst experiences I have ever had dealing with a company and why Angie's List exists.  American Masonry totally misrepresented themselves when they bid on this job and had no clue as to what they were doing.  The job was estimated to be done in 4 weeks and, during the 7th week, Jamie and his crew walked off the job with approx. 40% of the work still not completed, even though we had already paid him over $33,000.  After he walked off the job, Jamie put a Mechanic's Lien on our house for the outstanding balance, even though he didn't finish the work, and sent us a Cease and Desist Letter saying he would sue us for defamation of character if we were to post any bad reviews on Angie's List or other review sites.  We filed a lawsuit against American Masonry for the amount we over paid and our lawyer had the Mechanic's Lien removed; however, PRIOR TO GOING TO COURT, Jamie filed bankruptcy and listed us as a creditor.  This is the type of character you will be dealing with if you hire American Masonry.  I am curious if there are many others who would have given bad reviews but were threatened by Jamie, as we were.  Now, onto all of the details that lead up to this fiasco.
    American Masonry was hired to begin demolition of all the existing brick and cement on the property on April 7, and we were told that the demolition would take 1 week.  As we discussed with Jamie when he came to bid on the job, there was a lot of cement on the property and around the pool (over 4,000 sq ft) and it was very thick.  When we renovated the interior of the house, the inspector had noticed the cement decks in the back were too high since the previous owners had placed a cement slab on top of the existing slab.  So, we decided to remove all cement and convert the area into grass.  Jamie was to meet with our Landscaper at 9:30 to go over all of the details with her and his crew.  Also, he was going to bring samples of the stone and color samples for the stamped concrete.  Jamie arrived alone, with no samples and no crew, and told us that the crew he was going to use was too expensive so he had another crew starting the next day (first red flag).  The next morning, 1 man arrived with a hand-held jack hammer and told us they were still trying to get people together and were working on renting a Bobcat.  The Bobcat was delivered on Wednesday, April 9, and we stood in the window watching 3 young guys reading the instruction manual to try to figure out how to use it.  At this point, my neighbor was texting me about how it looked like they didn't know what they were doing.  Then, 2 of the guys started knocking down the cinder block wall that we shared with our neighbor.  Once again, my neighbor started texting that the guys were knocking the wall towards his house and we had to go out and show them how to knock it down correctly.  I'm not sure where Jamie got these guys but, according to the contract we signed, they were supposed to be full-time employees who are covered by Workerman's Comp, etc.  It took a little over 2 weeks for the demo and, after they walked off the job, we noticed that they didn't fully complete the demo work.  They had removed the top layer of cement in the back and covered the remaining cement with dirt.  Since we were planting sod, there couldn't be any cement under the dirt, which they knew.  So, we had to hire additional workers to come out and remove the remaining cement.
    During the demo, American Masonry got into a disagreement with their disposal service because Jamie's crew wasn't paying attention to how many bins were used.  So, half way through the demo, the disposal company refused to pick up the bins in our street until the matter was cleared up.  American Masonry actually sent me emails asking if I could track down how many bins were used since they didn't know.  So, I had to sit with the workers trying to sort out their paperwork.  After that, I had to pay the disposal company out of my own pocket each time they picked up the bins.
    When they finally started to lay the first patio, Jamie's crew arrived with only 1 flat (2 tons) of slate.  We were using Pennsylvania Blue Multi-Color slate and, as everybody should know, when you use a multi-colored slate, you have to have all of the slate up front so you can mix and match the colors evenly throughout the project.  I told them that we were going to need a lot more than that (we ended up using 10 flats) but was told that Jamie doesn't like to work like that and they proceeded without having all of the slate.  On the day that Jamie walked off the job, he accused me of trying to get him to buy all of the slate up front because he felt I wanted to stiff him on paying him, even though we had already overpaid him for the work he had done.  Also, he kept yelling at me on the phone to fire him.  I believe he knew he was in over his head and was looking for a way out.
    When his crew started on the patio, it was evident that they had no clue as to what they were doing and Jamie was hardly ever on site.  They would stand around trying to figure out what to do and this lead to them only placing 3 stones during an 8 hour day.  I took pictures of what they did and contacted Jamie to tell him that they weren't getting anything done.  That was the first time in a long list of times that Jamie started screaming at me on the phone.  He told me that I needed to stop interfering (which I wasn't) and his guys were fine.  When I explained how little they accomplished that day, he started yelling at me telling me that if I wanted to fire him, then I should just fire him.  I never mentioned anything about firing anybody.  After that phone conversation, Jamie's girlfriend actually called me up to apologize for how he acted on the phone and to promise that everything was going to work out and we should just trust them.  Finally, Jamie came over the next morning to work with his guys and I approached him to explain what had happened.  At that point, he started yelling at me again that he doesn't like to be approached in the mornings because mornings are the times he likes to relax and meditate.   ??????  He spent about 2 hours with his guys "teaching" them how to cut and lay stone and then, he left again, after just telling me that he would be on site for the remainder of the project.  It took his guys just under 2 weeks to finish the back patio, which was one of the smaller projects.  Even worse, the patio is uneven since his guys didn't know how to smooth out the slate to make a flat surface.
    I think Jamie realized that it was evident they didn't know what they were doing at that point because he then hired outside contractors to come in and do the remaining stonework.  On the day that the outside contractors came in to do the 2nd patio, they were able to complete the entire patio in 8 hours.  One of Jamie's workers told me he was embarrassed because they were making Jamie's workers look bad.  That was true.
    While they were working on the patio, my pool man was there to work on converting our pool to a salt water system.   Also, he was going to be applying new pool tiles under the coping once Jamie completed the coping and he explained to Jamie that it was okay to attached form boards to the pool when adding the coping.  Jamie explained that he didn't use form boards and this worried my pool man.  The next day, I received a call from our pool guy to tell me that Jamie had contacted him directly and asked if he could get somebody to install the coping since Jamie didn't feel comfortable doing it.  Why did he take on the job if he didn't feel comfortable doing it?
    Since the other workers were working on the stone work, Jamie explained that we should seal the slate and he was going to seal the patio that his workers completed in order to show us what it would look like.  So, his guys "sealed" the patio.  A few days after sealing the patio, we noticed that the stone was all splotchy.  Apparently,, we found out that Jamie didn't allow the stone to dry long enough before applying the sealer and, on top of that, he used the wrong type of sealer for that stone.  When I told Jamie about the problem, he responded with "Well, we didn't charge you for it."  We had to pay to have the sealant removed and, since it required a deep cleaning, the slate on that patio is now ruined and is deteriorating.  We will need to have that patio replaced in the next year.
    During all of this, they were set to pour the stamped concrete driveway.  I was notified by Jamie's Office Manager via email that although we have paid so much up until now, it would be easier if we pay the concrete company and other workers when they arrive so there aren't any set-backs.  The email states that if we did that, we would not have to pay anything else until the job is 100% completed.  So, we did.
    On the morning that Jamie walked off the job, his worker was picking up another flat of slate and asked if Jamie mentioned that I had to pay for it at the stone yard.  I told him I have an email saying I wasn't to pay for anything else until the job was completed.  That's when Jamie accused me of trying to back out of paying and walked off of the job.
    So, we had to hire workers to complete the work that Jamie left undone after taking our money.  Upon examining Jamie's work, we were notified that we need to keep an eye on the driveway since Jamie didn't float the rebar and we need to replace the patio his guys laid.
    Luckily, I was home during all of this and I have printed emails with all of this documented; yet, Jamie still claims this didn't happen.  Looking at how he responds to other bad reviews, this seems to be how he operates with everybody.
    Beware of shady business practices.  I was told by the lawyer that American Masonry charged us way too much as a deposit.  Do your research so this doesn't happen to you.
    - Richard B.
  • A
    Long story short: a very nice and effective husband and wife team. He took a great deal of care to ensure he understood what I wanted, and he and his team were patient and straightforward in making adjustments/abatements as needed; she took a great deal of care to keep in touch via email about estimates, arrival times, delays and materials choices. I was very happy with the process and the results, and plan to use them in the future for other projects.
    Added bonus: he accepted my word that I'd already completed the necessary sprinkler work, and when they completed the job, my sprinkler systems were still working as they had before.
    By comparison,  I've had other company reps disregard my word and upsell unnecessary sprinkler services/insert unwanted sprinkler maintenance charges into their estimates, and had another company break two sprinkler heads during the job and just shove the heads into the ground as if nothing had happened.
    - Dave O.
  • A
    First of all, I'm not really sure about the price because I added some extra footage to the front concrete and that changed the price, but it was somewhere between $2,700 and $3,700.
    They were great from the beginning. Came over the same day I called and did the job 2 days later. The concrete took a little longer than expected because it rained, but they did a great job. They had a real and quot;can doand quot; attitude. My back yard is colored concrete with period areas of random cut Arizona sandstone. After the plumbers opened up a 25' x 3 foot area of concrete I wasn't sure what I was going to do to fix it, but then decided it would be best to make that entire area Arizona sandstone - same random cut as the other parts of the yard. I had some sandstone left over from when the yard was originally done about 7 years ago, and the brother (sorry I am terrible at names) who was there was terrific. Not only willing to use that, but happy to use it. They did a lovely job in the back yard and you cannot even tell there was ever a problem.
    The front is equally good with just one caveat. I'm learning that I really do need to ask more questions. I don't know why, but I assumed the concrete would be the same color as the rest of the sidewalk, but it wasn't. That might be because it is clean white in front of my house, or because the City uses some special blend, but now my sidewalk looks better than the rest of the street! A very small, insignificant, problem. But I should have asked.
    - PAULA G.
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