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  • They took our $1,000 deposit and never worked on our deck. It took over 1 month for them to respond to us at all. We kept waiting and waiting for a response, but we never received anything from Adam (our project manager). Adam came to our house, he was a great sales person. He convinced us that a SOD Builder is a fantastic company. My wife had a great rapport with Adam during the initial interview/quote. She mentioned I would travel to his home country (Hungry) for work. He was excited and asked me questions where I went and how I liked it. He seemed very personal and trust worthy, and I was sold. I cut them a check for $1k on April 1,2016 for a deposit. It was cashed on April 15th, 2016. Adam promised they would start immediately and he would personally be in charge of the project and be able to start the week of April 11th. We were so exited getting a new deck and remolded kitchen. They signed us up for This was a way for us to see the progress of our remodel. I thought we were in the right hands. We sent all the prints for the deck and permits to Adam. The prints for the kitchen and permit were in progress. We scheduled a time Monday April 11th, for the foeman to come get an assessment on the Demo of our deck., since Adam was the project manager, we thought Adam was going to be there too. But to our surprise, only Damien (subcontractor) and another 2 workers were there. Damien asked for the drawings that we gave to Adam. I was shocked, why didn’t Adam (Project Manager) give Damien (Sub Contractor) plans for our deck? Our architect gave the official prints to Adam? I don’t have a copy. I ran scrambling thru emails looking for some type of schematic. I finally found it after 20 mins of looking. our Architect came by 10 mins after. Our Architect was also expecting the Sub-Contractor to have the blue prints. This was totally unprofessional. There was no communication between Adam and the Sub-Contractor. After Damien left, we were told by SOD via Karla, that Adam would “oversee” the project from the office. He will never be on Site, only for emergencies. The interview was the last time I talked to Adam or receive and email from our “Project Manager”. This was not conveyed to us as the owners. I wish he would have mentioned it during the quoting process. We didn’t even get Damien’s email address. Back to the story. Now Damien has the plans, no work for the rest of the week. We try to contact Adam, to get pricing on the wood. No contact from Adam from Tuesday Apriil 12- Friday April 15. Monday April 18th rolls around, no work has been done on the Deck, no contact from Adam for pricing. We try to contact Adam or anyone from SOD, but nothing. No Contact from Adam from Monday April 18th – Friday April 22. Monday April 25 rolls around this is the 3rd week, NOTHING has been done to the Deck. NO contact at again from Adam or SOD. Monday April 25 – Tuesday April 26th. Tuesday night, April 26th I’m so frustrated, I email again, thru builder trend and finally Angie’s list. Pleading to get some answers from Adam. All I want is our deck to be started. On Wednesday morning of April 27, 2016, I finally get a response from SOD, but they say “I know that Karla and Adam are working on getting the pricing for you. They are just trying to collect all the information they need in order to give you an accurate price.” Why didn’t they call us at all for those 3 weeks? NO contact, ignoring our emails. Later in the day, Oren Dagan contacts us via He says he wants to start the project next week, but he wanted to know: • Do you want us to start working on the kitchen at the same time. • Do you have the permit ready for the kitchen?Is your architect going to do that? • Do you have the engineering (if needed) drawing for the wall removal? • Are you ok with us starting the deck already, before the kitchen or do you want it all in once? • Can you provide me with few days that i can send the carpenter over? • Have you chosen your appliances, fixtures, hardware and etc for the kitchen? do you need any help or list of items needed? ***!! We talked to Adam about this way in the beginning during the quote. He took lots of notes. He even itemized all these items on the agreement that we signed. It’s like we are starting all over again! All they wanted was their deposit from us. We were totally frustrated. I wouldn't be so pi$$ed off, but they just refunded our $1k. But I haven't seen a check in 5 months, even though they DID NO WORK!! I can't believe them. If you go with SOD Builder, DO NOT TRUST ADAM! They don't tell you they WILL NOT BE THE PROJECT MANAGER ONSITE... they don't tell you ADAM WILL ONLY BE THERE FOR EMERGENCIES. My wife and I are so mad and Frustrated. We had to find a new contractor and had to extend our permits. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? 1. I would attach pictures, but THEY DIDN'T DO ANY WORK! THEY JUST TOOK OUR MONEY!! 2. I would rate their Quality, BUT THEY DIDN'T DO ANY WORK! THEY JUST TOOK OUR MONEY!!
    - patrick p.
  • My experience with this company was not good. This happened a couple years ago, but I'm finally ready to write about my experience. I am speaking about the Bay Area branch of the company, which was run by the owner's son, Ron.
    I met with Ron in mid-November 2013. I told him what I needed to have completed and he wrote up a contract. I needed the bathroom to be completely remodeled, a couple walls to be fixed and to make the back porch more stable by adding concrete supports. During the initial meeting, I told Ron my electrician would handle all of the electrical work and he would not be starting until November 29th. Ron said this would be fine. I paid $1,000 deposit, The job was to start around November 19th and would finish on December 20th.
    They started work a few days later. The first day I dropped off the first installment of the payments $5,000. They took down the drywall on the dining room wall, but did not remove the old plaster that was behind the drywall. They demoed the bathroom.
    The next day, Ron tried to say he needed to do the electrical work in the bathroom and I told him no and if he did anything I would not pay for it and my electrician would take it out when he came to do his work. Fortunately, Ron realized some other electrical work with the panel would have to be done first, so he said they couldn't do the electrical work. When I got to the house that night, they had worked on the back porch. What I didn't realize at the time was the porch was now were completely unattached to the ground, just resting on top of the concrete. According to my other contractors, this is highly dangerous and destablized my porch. There is a chunk that broke off one of the pillars too. Two other contractors have looked at it and the porch posts would have to be entirely replaced. They have told me if someone runs into one of the posts or there is an earthquake, the porch is at risk of collapse. Thankfully the Napa earthquake in August 2014 was not severe in my area.
    Over the next week or so, the only person I saw at the job site was a subcontractor named Phillipe. He was supposed to make the wall in the dining room flat and put up new drywall and then smooth out a wall in one of the bedrooms. The problem with the original dining room wall was the wall had been remodeled a few times and was very uneven, also the original drywall overlapped the crown molding. The job on the smoothing of the wall in the bedroom went ok, except some of the new plaster was overlapping on the baseboard, so it looks odd. He used my compost bucket as a paint bucket. When the wall in the dining room was demoed I realized four planks of original fir wood from the dining room paneling were hidden behind the dry wall. The wood is very expensive about $20-$25 per foot and this was about 24 feet of wood. Ron and I wrote up an addendum to the contract that added a couple things, including removing those four planks. The plan was to use the planks to replace some of the removed woodwork in the house.
    One day, they put the drywall up in the dining room. It looked terrible to me. They had not removed the four planks of wood and had damaged the wood by drilling multiple holes into them putting up the drywall. Also, the drywall was overlapping the crown molding and the wall was still uneven, which was why I was having the wall worked on in the first place. I was putting up paneling to match the original woodwork in the house, so it would not work if the wall was not flat. I was very unhappy and called Ron. He put the blame on the subcontractor, but had not been by to inspect the work. Later, I had to hire another contractor to properly deal with the wall and when he removed the drywall, he found that they had left the original plaster and not demolished it as per contract. This was the reason the new drywall was overlapping the crown molding. The new contractor was able to fix the wall and make it so there is no overlap and the wall is flat.
    The main issue with the bathroom was that nothing was being accomplished. After they demoed the bathroom the first few of days, they didn't do anything else for over a month. I told them I wanted to reuse the tub later and to put it in the basement. They set it on its face and scratched it severely. It would require reglazing to fix it. The toilet got some damage because they put it next to the garbage pile and threw garbage around it. I asked them to move the toilet, but finally did it myself after 2 weeks of waiting.
    There was rarely anyone working at the house. I spent most evenings over there, weekends and every other Friday when I had it off work, so I saw the house often and knew when people had been working there. My electrician finished up his work on Dec. 4, so they should have been able to do the first inspection on the bathroom at that time. We extended the contract at one point by a couple weeks because there was a window that needed to be special ordered for the bathroom. This put the job being scheduled to finish around January 3rd.
    One of the things added to the addendum was that the bathroom floor needed to be replaced because after they demoed the bathroom, some of the original flooring was in bad shape. I arrived one day to find press board installed over the original floor. I was upset and called Ron because I had told the subcontractor myself that the floor would have to be removed. Some of the original wood flooring was salvageable and Ron agreed to have the subcontractor try to save some of the original fir flooring in the bathroom. The subcontractor said Ron never told him this, but Ron said he did. I arrived on New Years Eve to watch the progress at the house. Ron was stated he would be coming to the house that afternoon. He never arrived. After I left, the subcontractor and two assistants came in and ripped out the floor in the bathroom. They destroyed the original wood floor planks. They also were not careful when they were cutting the floor out because one floor joist had a 1 1/2 inch cut into it and nearly all the other joists had at least 1/4-1/2 inch cuts. They called for an inspection, but were not prepared for any sort of inspection, so the inspector left after asking a few questions. I later found out they had done the permit drawing wrong and flipped the toilet and sink, so my new contractor had to get the permit corrected.
    At this point, I was done. Hardly anything was done correctly or was remotely near being finished in my opinion. The bathroom was still completely gutted at this point and now had a floor open into the basement. I didn't see how they were going to finish it anywhere near the timeline we agreed to. I get that things don't always go as planned, but, as I saw it, it was because they weren't coming to do any work.
    I was pretty upset and I told the workers to leave. I called Ron and told him I was firing them for breaching the contract. I told him I was very unhappy with their work. He told me they would sue me and put a lien against my house and get the house foreclosed on. He told me I owed them the entire amount of the contract ($12,000 remaining) because I was breaching it by stopping work. I told him I needed to mitigate my damages at this point because they were doing a poor job from my perspective. The subcontractor left, but removed all of the construction materials he had brought inside earlier, including the pressboard that had been installed previously, but taken out to remove the original floor. They took the crate my new tub came in, which I did not give them permission to do. I complained the company about them taking my crate, but it was never returned.
    I noticed a couple of things after they left. My house has airport windows (triple pane, double hung), so they are special orders. One day, shortly before Christmas, they brought a window to the house. It was wrapped up in plastic. After I fired them, I found another contractor to complete the bathroom and he unwrapped the window and found multiple problems with it. The first being, it was a stock window. I know this because there was a large sticker on the window that said, "Stock." Goodfellas told me they had to delay the job two weeks because they had to special order a window and this was obviously a regular window you can buy right off the shelf at any home improvement store. It was a double pane window and single hung, so not triple pane or double hung. It was not made from safety glass. The window was to be placed in the tub/shower stall and by code, it is supposed to be made out of safety glass. This is in case someone falls in the shower, the window won't shatter and cut them up. Also, the window was not frosted. The window was also a nail in window, when a tapered window was required by the design of the house (this is what my new contractor said). It was also the wrong size, too small.
    Per contract they were supposed to remove the garbage from the demolition, but they left it sitting in my basement for a month and a half. After I fired them, I had to pay for the garbage being taken away, which was expensive because there was a lot of heavy tile and drywall.
    On 1/5/14, they sent another contractor by to look over the job. I had another contractor I trusted there with me. The guy was 30 minutes late, did not seem to know the building codes and our interaction did not instill any confidence that he would be better than Ron. I did not feel comfortable with him taking over the job and told them a couple days later I did not want to work with their company anymore. I tried to negotiate with them through a lawyer during 2014, but all they said they would do was to end the contract and for me not to post about it online. I would not agree to this. A few months later, another attorney called Ron on my behalf and he agreed via telephone to return $3,000 to me. I never heard from them again.
    - Laurel M.
  • Straight-forward, ethical, professional, attentive and efficient!  Paul Edwards and his team at Exterior Remodeling Specialists transformed my home, and restored my faith in contractors.  It's been a long, difficult journey to find the right people to work on my house. Paul showed up, listened to me, offered his insight, an estimate and a construction schedule on the spot. It was obvious he knew exactly what needed to be done. No padding of the budget, no contingency plan for any delays. He told me what he could do, would do ... and he did it -- on time and on budget! The house looks GREAT. Throughout the process, he was on site and available to answer my questions. He would invite me out to see the work and explain the process phase by phase. I appreciated that he kept me in the loop, while also making sure I was happy with the progress. The crew cleaned-up every night, and showed up on time each morning. I'm a bit of a "tough customer" and can say that Exterior Remodeling Specialists exceeded my expectations. If you want topflight craftsmanship and a NO NONSENSE approach - you must call this company!
    - Beth F.
  • My 1940's little bungalow had single-pane, metal-grid casement windows.  Some didn't close all the way; some didn't open.  They were drafty and had lots of condensation and black gunk that would collect every winter.  I had been pricing windows for six months.  I had received three quotes from companies, and they were all way over my budget.  I was about to give up when a friend suggested I go with her to the Five Star showroom in Campbell just to look at windows.  I didn't want to go since I felt that any windows would just be out of my budget, but I agreed since she was also in the market for windows.  I spoke with Jeff (owner) about the different windows for about an hour. He was very nice and didn't seem to mind giving us his time.  I mentioned to him that I was not in the market for windows because of the cost but he still asked if he could bid.  I didn't want to waste his time, but I agreed he could come to my house to quote me.   We talked for over an hour at my home.  He was very genuine.  He talked at length about the configurations I wanted.  He prepared the quote the same day (giving me everything I wanted when the other companies were telling me that I'd have to sacrifice something to get the price down). He was considerably lower than the other companies I spoke with, and he gave me Milgard windows, which the others didn't want to quote me on.  I like the look of Milgards so I was quite surprised that all of a sudden they were affordable to me!   I was so surprised by the quote that I didn't want him to change his mind :-), so I was ready to sign.  We scheduled the install for April.   Also?I impressed upon him how important it was for me not to lose my 5" window sills because my cats love to sit in the windows.  He promised I would not lose any space, and he and the installers made sure I ended up with 5" window sills.  My kitties are very happy!   I thought perhaps I was being trivial, but Jeff understood the importance of them from my perspective.  I appreciated that he took my concerns seriously.
    The installation went very well.  Two installers came (Jeff and Greg).  They were very professional and did take great care in making sure nothing in my home was damaged or got dirtied and that nothing affected my immediate neighbors. I was asking a lot of questions (and probably got in their way, but I've never gone through something like this before, and I enjoyed learning about it), but they were always very nice to me.  When (by the third day), they realized that they would need assistance to finish on time, they brought additional help the following day.  The reason why my windows took 4 days to install was (I think) because I had all metal windows, and they had to saw through all of the grids.  Very noisy!   The only problems that came out of the install were that the bathroom window came clear (instead of opaque) and a few window screens were scratched.  They hung a shade for me in the bathroom until they could get the correct window, and they brought me new screens for the damaged ones. The office staff (Heather and Ragina) were very prompt in responding to my issues and resolved them all satisfactorily.  Jeff (owner) was always available if I had questions and issues.  I felt very taken care of!  I have recommended them to my friends.   It was a very painless process for me (except for the noise).   I am so happy with my windows.  They have made a real difference in the comfort level in my house.  They definitely reduce the airport noise, and even when my house is cold, it does not have a chill in the air like before with my old windows.  I think it was one of the best decisions I made!   I was very thankful that I had such a great company to work with!
    - Annie M.
  • When I contacted the company and told them what I was needing and they sent me a proposal that was more than I needed. I just need a simple window and what they offer is overkill in my situation. They were very nice; they just didn't have what I wanted.
    - donald m.
  • Our sales rep. was Axel and he was great with follow through when the
    installer neglected to replace the blinds after installing the windows.  We will definitely use them for future installations.
    - Delores W.
  • I had shopped around for replacment windows for my house for several months. I got three prior quotes before going to Five-Star. All were much higher than I was anticipating, and most of them were not giving me the kind of windows or configuration that I wanted.  I went to Five-Star with no intention of getting windows (just to see the showroom), because I was convinced I could not get them for my budget.  I spoke for quite a while with the owner, and he asked to come give me a quote. I was convinced it would not be within my budget, but I agreed.  He came down a few days later, and we agreed on the configuration of all of the windows, and he gave me a quote right then (for Milgard windows).  It was much less expensive than the others. So I was happy to agree to it.  It took about one month for everything to arrive.  We scheduled an install date (it was not exactly the date I wanted, but they were booked that week), but it worked out fine.  They were an hour or so late on the first day of installation due to traffic, but the remainder of the days they were prompt.  Two guys came out.  They were polite, quick, and tidy. Install took almost four days and on the fourth day they callled in the troops and showed up with two more guys.  I asked a lot of questions (mostly about how they actually keep windows from staying in with just a few nails), and they tried to answer them and reassure me. The bathroom window was wrong (it was not opaque) so they had to re order and return. There were a few screens that were scratched and they had to re order those as well, but they did, and they completed everything.  They even made sure that my window sills were still 5" wide so that my cats would be happy!   They had to replace my metal windows which meant  they had to saw them. It was quite noisy, but they made a great effort to keep everything clean and protected while they were sawing.  I am quite happy with the results!  When they replaced my dining room window (new construction) I think they primed the outside trim (but I didn't see them do it), and it was done a little sloppy as the white paint ended up on my exterior siding and I had to re-touch it up. That is the only reason I dropped the rating. Otherwise I have been very pleased (though we have not yet had our first rains of the season!). I would recommend them to others! I saved quite a lot of money compared to the other companies and got better windows!
    - Annie M.
  • Paul is a friendly  and trustworthy person. I would definitely hire him again if we need more work done on our house. Everything went smoothly. It was easy to communicate with him - by phone or email. He called my partner and I both whenever he wanted to communicate scheduling and updates on the work being done. He was able to recommend other contractors as well when we needed sheetrock installed and coordinated his schedule around ours. He was very flexible and willing to work with us when we found mold that needed to be taken care of. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family if anyone needs new windows.
    - Amy S.
  • The project was completely painless. It was a genuine pleasure to work with such a straightforward, professional, and dependable company. I received 3 estimates and Save Energy was the most cost effective option by a couple of hundred dollars. I received a comprehensive education of the options, pro/cons, and process and felt equipped to make the right decision with respects to my project. In total, I had 3 appointments with staff from Save Energy and on all occasions they were prompt. The work was executed quietly, expediently, and expertly. The installation team took tremendous efforts to protect my hardwood floors, carpet, and walls. There was absolutely no evidence of anyone being in my home after the job was completed. Lastly, the end product was simply beautiful. I couldn't be happier with the results; they are nothing short of transformative.
    I would highly recommend this company for their integrity, workmanship, pricing, and professionalism.

    - Kim M.
  • We were concerned: the work we need to get accomplished was both extensive and expensive and we were in a national economic turndown. We could not afford mistakes or rework. When we met Miguel and Vicki at our home, we felt at ease immediately. Miguel is a "Can Do" person. Aside from the challenges that our 1937 home with a shared driveway could bring him and his crew we have a 112lb Rottweiler, 4 cats and a parrot. Not a problem for ACT Construction. He cut off the kitchen and addition from the rest of the house and made friends with Lucian, our Rottweiler. He ensured we had hot water by reconnecting our hot water heater every night! The job went extremely well and they worked hard and showed up every day-sometimes on Saturday if the work in progress warranted. Not one of my neighbors complained! His crew cleaned up every night and the backyard, which was used as a staging area, was kept neat and was cleaned out regularly. Miguel and the crew of ACT Construction are great!
    - Vincent G.
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