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    Green California Builders
    Green California Builders remodeled my old basement. They did exactly what I requested within agreed time and agreed price. The quality is superb and I only can say positive things about this company. Highly recommended!
    - David B.
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    Wise Builders
    I had a special requests for my basement remodeling and Wise Builders was only company which provided me acceptable offer. Sal was my project manager and he was brilliant. Everything I requested he added his thoughts and suggestions to make project much, much better. At the end result was perfect, the new basement looks amazing. Thank you Wise Builders, you are the best, will highly recommend!
    - Shirley P.
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    Baron Construction & Remodeling Co
    Everything was done professionally, efficiently, and in a timely manner. I was impressed with the communication also. Working with Baron Construction was a very positive experience compared with working with our previous contractor. We would definitely recommend Baron Construction.
    - Colleen W.
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    Z7 Team Powered By Baseline Construction
    We are very happy with our house, and our experience with Joe. We interviewed multiple contractors - Joe was straightforward, friendly, gave his honest opinions, and was knowledgeable about the work that needed to be done and the area our house was in. We liked that he has his own team, so we saw the same guys working at our house all the time, and got to know the crew. Joe and his team did everything they could to achieve our vision for the house, suggesting ways around problems that popped up as we opened walls, and giving us pros and cons as we made decisions. He always listened to how we wanted things done, and if anything got mixed up in the execution, ensured the team made it right (for example they installed the wrong handles on the closet door but had it fixed within a day). Joe also went above and beyond after the team had technically finished, coming back to fix minor things as we encountered them upon move-in (a drip in the shower head, patching a spot we knicked moving furniture in). He was even kind enough to come out and replace the fuse in our furnace when we blew it trying to install a smart thermostat, despite him warning us prior to be careful about that very thing. :) We are 98% thrilled with the work Joe and his team did - our house is beautiful, and even more importantly, up to code, sturdy and safe. The other 2% is because we are perfectionists, so there are a couple things here and there in the final finishing touches that were rushed at the last minute and we wish were more precise (things like crooked door handles, backsplash that is just a millimeter or two short of the counter edge, faint paint splatter on the wood floors in one corner). Overall, we highly recommend Joe - his construction knowledge, years of experience, and awesome team made for a smooth project despite it's large scale. We can't believe this beautiful house is ours to live in. Thank you Joe!
    - Megan M.
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    M&M Construction & Home Design
    Throughout our entire process we received incredible customer service and support. Communication was outstanding with weekly and daily contact from our site manager during the project. Overall the build was amazing value with high quality finishes even with adjustments to plans and specifications. The process was very efficient, taking 14 months from first day on site to handover even with extreme wet weather at the end thanks to our very efficient site manager. We would highly recommend M&M Construction and Home Design for those choosing to build their dream home in a cost effective and timely manner
    - Bishop G.
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    Baron Construction & Remodeling Co
    The project has been a long one but there were quite a few things I wanted done and one I didn't expect such as the foundation.
    I am very pleased with the quality of work and Mike's people he has working for him. What I appreciate the most is that I have the same group working on my house so you know who they are. I have found them to be responsible, knowledgable, respectful, and mindful of the client's needs. I come and go as I please knowing they will complete the work and 'take care of my house'.��
    I also feel I have an added bonus because Mike has a keen eye for design and is willing to go with you to help select tiles, flooring,��lighting fixtures or whatever it is that you need.
    Yes, we are still working on a few of the 'list' projects but my house has taken on a whole new personality, it fits me��and its beautiful!��
    - Marcia G.
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    Prime Construction Corp
    I initially sent an inquiry to set up an appt via AngiesList on 02/23/16. The next day I got a message reply and confirmation from Amanda for an appointment to discuss the project on 03/15/16.
     The afternoon before the appt, on 03/14/16, I called Prime to reconfirm it. I spoke to Amanda and she said that she had no record of me having an appointment and would not be there the next day. When I explained that we traded messages via AngiesList, she said she'd investigate and call me back. She did return my call within the hour and figured out a way for a project manager to indeed come the next day as scheduled. Problem acknowledged and quickly fixed, which was good service.
     On 03/15/16, Agustin, the Proj Mgr, showed up and was great. He listened to my needs and concerned, was thoughtful and comprehensive with his replies, and was generous with his time. I really liked him, his approach, and his ideas and wanted to work with Prime Construction if their proposal was clear and reasonably priced (ie. competitive with other companies).  The problem was that I never received a proposal from Agustin despite me sending multiple emails and phone call follow-ups over 4+ weeks. He promised, in multiple emails and phone calls, that he'd have it by "the end of the week" and it never arrived. I was so disappointed. Here's the timeline after the initial meeting:
     03/20/16 (5 days after initial meeting) -- I sent a follow-up email to Agustin directly with a list of the things we discussed with clear prioritization, per his request, and asked for a proposal / bid for the work. This included a complete basement renovation, opening up a wall and an archway on the main floor, and a bunch of improvements in the bedroom area including a complete bathroom renovation.
     03/20/16 (same day) -- I received this email reply: "Good evening, Thank you for your email. It was my pleasure to have meet you. I'll take a look at the list and get back to you within a week. Thank you for the opportunity!! -- Agustin"
     03/27/16 -- I sent a 2nd email to Agustin directly: "Just circling back to see when you'll have a proposal ready. Let me know your thoughts."
     03/28/16 -- Email reply from generic Prime email address (info@Prime): "...All the estimators have been very busy running appointments and its taking them a week or two to send out their proposals. You should have a proposal before the end of the week..."
     04/08/16 -- I sent a 3rd email to Agustin directly: "It's been over 3 weeks since we met to review the remodel project for my father's house. I have still not received a proposal from you. Please let me know if you are still serious about bidding for this work and when I can expect a proposal. I liked meeting you and think your company does good work but am somewhat disappointed in the turnaround time so far."
     04/08/16 -- Email reply from generic Prime email address: "..Our sincere apologies, but we have been very busy, and estimators are taking longer than usual to send out their proposals. I just spoke to Agustin and he said that he would have a proposal ready for you this weekend.  Again we apologize for the inconvenient."
     04/11/16 -- Received a missed phone call from Agustin. No voicemail left.
     04/13/16 -- I returned Agustin's call and we chatted for 5 min. I asked why they haven't sent a proposal, if he is still serious about this project, and when I can expect to get a proposal. He said they've been slammed, he's really sorry, and that there would "definitely be a proposal in your inbox by EOD Friday." I said he can even give it to me by Monday but 1) I can't afford to continue to wait and 2) can't trust a company to do tens of thousands of dollars of work on a home if they can't even follow-up successfully on a project proposal. His reply: "I understand and that is fair. I promise you, I promise you this will get done."
     04/18/16 -- No proposal in my inbox and no further contact.
     In sum, I'm pretty disappointed at how this all went down. I'm sure that Prime was actually busy but it's pretty disconcerting that Prime continues to make basic promises about timing and deliverables that it can't keep. 

    - Bangaly K.
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    Z7 Team Powered By Baseline Construction
    Joe is THE best. ��I feel so incredibly blessed that I stumbled upon him last year via Angie?s List��? Joe will be��MY CONTRACTOR FOR LIFE and I now consider him to be a valued friend. ��I couldn?t have asked for anyone better, and I can?t imagine trusting contractor more than Joe. ��In the past year I have completed 3 projects with Joe��? 1 was a complete teardown / new construction, 1 was an extensive gut and reconfiguration, and 1 was facelift on a rental unit. ��My conclusion is that I would trust Joe with any job, big or small. ��I never write online reviews, but am making an exception because Joe is the best and deserves the praise!

    • CLEAR COMMUNICATOR +��SUPER RESPONSIVE.�� Joe is great about setting expectations, explaining the remodel process, presenting issues along the way that require decisions to be made, and just generally providing status updates. ��Joe is very responsive to calls and texts.

    • SHARP! ��LOTS OF COMMON SENSE +��CAN IMPROVISE WELL.�� ��Joe is very on the ball. ��He remembers everything. ��His mental math is awesome. ��He manages his crew with ease.����Joe knows how to��roll with the punches and troubleshoot problems and over come obstacles as they come. ��Whether it?s a delay in a vendor delivery (he?ll figure out how to expedite it, source it somewhere else, or shift the workflow so that it minimizes delays), or a part that doesn?t fit (suprise! the special fixture you ordered doesn?t fit. ��that?s ok, Joe will figure out how to customize it to work), Joe knows how to come up with creative solutions, how to present the options to client, and how to push the project forward. ��I wish everyone I met was as competent as Joe! �� ��

    • GUIDES + PROTECTS HIS CLIENTS.�� Remodeling for the first time can be overwhelming. ��Joe will guide you every step of the way, will make sure you avoid common pitfalls, and will make sure other vendors don?t take advantage of you. ��If you?re being overcharged, Joe will steer you towards a better vendor (e.g. this happened with my��Caesarstone��countertops). ��If your given shoddy product, Joe will help negotiate with your vendor on getting a refund (e.g. my cabinet vendor sent me garbage. ��Joe helped play good cop (me) bad cop (Joe) with the vendor. ��And this was all because I didn?t listen from Joe from the beginning on which cabinet vendor to go with!). ��There were so many times in the last year when other vendors were incompetent and Joe swooped in to the rescue, going above and beyond his responsibilities in order to bring ease to his client. ��Even if it meant fixing the mistakes of the outside vendors that I hired! ��I?m so thankful that I had Joe to watch my back. ��

    • KEEPS THE BALL ROLLING. ��Other contractors drag their feet and are slow at getting work done. ��Joe isn?t like that; he?s great about making sure the project is always pushing forward. ��Otherwise, he gets ants in his pants! ��That?s not to say delays in schedule won?t happen (that?s the nature of construction); but you can generally trust that Joe will keep the ball rolling without you having to micromanage. ��

    • INTEGRITY. ��Spend some time with Joe and you can tell that he is a man of integrity. ��He is honest, hardworking, and committed to doing what?s right for his clients. ��He is a man of his word. ��

    • QUALITY.�� You can trust that Joe will do a good job and stand by his work. ��He is detail oriented. ��If you?re not satisfied, he will go back and fix it until it exceeds your standards. ��If anything goes wrong, you can trust that he will come back to make it right. ��

    • HARDWORKING. ��Joe and his guys have some serious work ethic. ��You?ll never catch them slacking. ��They work Mon - Sat. ��Joe is a workaholic, so as clients we actually need to to tell him to take it easy!��

    • KNOWLEDGEABLE.�� He?s got experience you can trust.

    • PATIENT. ��Joe never gets impatient, despite my million questions, or despite me waffling about a design decision. ��He also understands that some decisions take time to mull over, and so he won?t rush you if you need more time to think about it (though he will let you know if it will gate the schedule).

    • PRIORITIZES CLIENT SATISFACTION.�� Joe will go the extra mile to make his clients happy. ��If you ask��?Hey Joe, do you think you could do [X]? you can bet that he will do what he can to make it happen, even if it?s adds complexity/headache/time on his end. ��He?s not looking to cut corners and do what?s easy; he?s looking to do what will make the client happy. ��Joe is very much a��?yes? man and has a can-do attitude. ��If the request is within reason, he will make it happen; if it?s not within reason, he?ll work with you on pricing it out.

    • POSITIVE ATTITUDE, ��GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR! ��Working with Joe is FUN! ��

    • TRUSTWORTHY +��SAFE. ��Joe?s workers are good, honest guys who you can trust in your home. ��

    • VERY FAIR PRICING.�� I trust Joe will be more than fair in any quote he provides.

    • BUDGET CONSCIOUS.�� Joe is good about reminding you of what your original budget was?you?ll still blow past it (not his fault. ��your fault for growing the scope!), but he?ll work with you to stay within your hard limits. ��In my case, for the rental units, he was good about reigning me in on changes that I didn?t need so that we could focus on the updates that mattered.

    • PUNCTUAL. ��Never late. ��

    The best decision I made in 2015 was selecting Joe as my contractor. ��
    - Liane F.
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    Morgan Construction
    I contacted Daniel Morgan through Angie's List and he responded right away. He came out to look at the garage and we went through everything and talked about different options, We minimally wanted the concrete floor repaired or redone and the dilapidated built in cabinets removed and walls finished with drywall., and we wanted to know what the options were for a tankless water heater and adding a sink. I had another contractor out to look and his recommendation was more involved, and would result in complete tear down and rebuild. Though I am sure he was right about some issues if we really wanted to make things perfect and up to today's code it was more than what we needed to make the very old garage functional so we decided not to go that route. I also previously had a friend who is a retired contractor have a look and his recommendations for repairing the concrete were in line with what Morgan recommended. Once we decided to go with Morgan and went back and forth by e-mail about a few of our options and concerns, he sent us a contract with a couple add on options with prices for those so that we could consider them when the time came.  Once they started the work Dan was there working or came by to check on the subs every day. The worked very fast and all of the subs were great and very nice and communicative and definitely experts and many seemed to have worked with Morgan for years, it was also nice that they all seemed to be from close by in and around Redwood City.  The plumbing for the tankless water heater (installed on the  outside wall of the garage- great space saver) was first and they ran into a couple glitches just because of the way the house and garage were structured underneath but they figured out a solution quickly and, though it added some cost because they had to drill through the concrete foundation, they actually still completed it that day. Everything else was very smooth and again I was impressed with all of the sub contractors, all were super nice and hard working. There was a plumber, electrician, concrete, framing, drywall and texture, and painters.  
    We had a couple of change orders because as things got going and looking really nice we decided to really finish the walls and ceiling with texture and paint rather than just leave it at taped drywall. The whole process was very smooth, Dan was easy to work with and we were happy with the final product. We will definitely be contacting Morgan Construction again when we start to plan our next house project.
    - Robin L.
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    Peninsula Hauling & Demolition Inc
    I scheduled an estimate for Saturday afternoon, but they no-showed and no-contacted. Needless to say I will not be using their service. Quotes I received from other companies were in the several thousand-dollar range.
    - Benjamin C.
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