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    Attic Pros Inc
    We had had a problem with rodents in our attic and crawl space last year that we had solved. When we were installing new can lights in the ceiling this year, we discovered the problems that we had not solved���lots of rat droppings, a couple of rat skeletons, old, ineffective insulation, and generally a mess in the attic which needed a fix. We contacted Attic Pros based on the reviews of others and scheduled an assessment. Jeremy came on time as promised, and he provided a detailed assessment of the attic (and our crawl space below the house) complete with pictures and a recommendation of what was needed. We received a detailed estimate that evening with a plan to complete the work over two consecutive days. We scheduled the service for days that worked for us. Armando and his crew arrived promptly on day #1. They removed the old mix of batts and blown-in insulation, and vacuumed the entire attic eliminating all evidence of the prior rat infestation and disgusting mess. The provided pictures of the cleaned out space (which I confirmed with my own inspection of the attic) which was spotless down to the rafters and floor boards. They also completed vacuuming out and sanitizing the crawlspace and disinfected the attic space. They inspected all possible entry points for rodents and other pests and air sealed and patched all of the small holes around pipes, vents etc. with mesh and foam. All of the old disgusting insulation and other waste disappeared into large bags which were hauled away (thankfully!). They also installed attic recessed light covers over the ceiling can lights in the entire house to minimize air (and heat) leak around the fixtures. On day #2 Armando arrived in the early morning with a crew and a truck full of fresh batt type insulation. They spent the day re-insulating the entire attic with R38 batts. Because of a very narrow attic space in one area under the roof, they had to cut a new attic access in one of our closets to complete the job. They were efficient and answered all of our questions that arose, and when the job was complete, they left virtually no evidence that they had been in around the house, except for the very nice thick layer of insulation in the attic, which our furnaces already appreciate. Jeremy was in contact via text message throughout. In fact, after they had to cut the new attic access, Jeremy asked us whether we wanted it restored or whether we wanted to retain the new access for future use. We decided to keep the access, so Jeremy sent a member of the crew out the following day; he framed the access and placed a trap door into the closet even painted to match the closet color! Overall, we were very pleased with the job. We are happy to have cleaned up the mess in our attic and crawl space and assured that a new infestation is unlikely since all possible entry points have been patched up. In any case, they set traps in the attic and crawl space to make certain that we were rodent-free, and they provided a five-year guarantee to return at no cost if we detect any new rodent infestation. OVERALL WE WERE VERY SATISFIED WITH THE SERVICE FROM ATTIC PROS, INC, AND WE WOULD RECOMMEND THEM (IN FACT, WE ALREADY HAVE) TO ANYBODY NEEDING INSULATION REPLACEMENT AND/OR CLEANING UP FROM PESTS AND RODENTS.
    - Michael L.
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    RM Built

    It went much better than I anticipated  The provider developed a good rapport with the city inspectors he was able to schedule inspections very quickly (sometimes over the holidays as well). Whenever we faced any hurdles, he would come up with quick solutions.  For instance, we had an issue with rerouting sewer lateral and the provider found a work around and quickly worked with the city to get the approval and make forward progress.  Being a structural engineer, the provider has a lot of insight into what is needed and what is not structurally and it was very useful to me when the structure was coming up.
    - sekhar n.
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    GoodFellas Construction ��� Bay Area
    Worst. Contractor.  Ever.            Do Not Hire
    Please check their contractor's license for complaints on the California State license board site.  The complaints there match my experience.
    We hired them to build a new bathroom in an existing space in the garage.  They signed a contract with us that specified the brands of exhaust fan, skylight, window, details like the mortar bed for the tile and a solid core door.  They estimated it would take 6 weeks.
    They ignored the brands and specs in the contract and installed lower quality brands with substandard workmanship. For example, they tried to install the tile directly on hardee board, the fan wasn't the super quiet one we specified, the door wasn't the solid core one in the contract, and so on. We had to correct them on each of these and they eventually had to rip them out and redo them to contract.
    The plumbing they installed  for the toilet and cabinet were such that the corner mounted cabinet would have had a foot of dead space between it and the wall and the toilet would have been three feet away.  They had to move the plumbing to make it fit. 
    They had a project manager who appeared not to be communicating with the subcontractors.  Later on they removed him from the job and had another one who left the company and suggested we hire him to fix the "micky mouse" (his words) job GoodFellas did.   He did tell us that the firm had expanded into the Bay Area, they'd overcommitted, this job was not up to their standards, and we were not the only ones with these issues.   I'm not sure why he thought I'd want to hire him when he didn't fix the job for GoodFellas.  This was in the first 3 months.  
    After that they went without a local project manager and had various contractors showing up not knowing what they were to do.  This repeated for five months or so. 
    Despite stating the brand and style of window in the contract (and multiple reminders to their project manager), the window had to be replaced 3 (!) times.  The first time, they put a clear glass window in (for a bathroom window) directly opposite the toilet, viewing and being viewed by the patio.  The second time, they got the material correct (fiberglass) but with a brand that didn't match the contract.  The last time they gave up and had the window manufacturer install the correct window.
    Once the permit final inspection was signed off, their project manager demanded final payment and I refused until they had completed all of the items in the contract.  He threatened to put a lien on my house, but I told him my final payment wasn't coming until the job was done.  I complained to Angie's list and GoodFellas offered to finish the job and asked I take my negative review off Angie's list.  I did, and to their credit they eventually did finish in some manner, but we had to ask for redos of almost every step. Most anything you can point to in that bathroom had to be done twice, and sometimes 3 times, either to make it to contract or to code.
    To their surprise, they had to replace the electrical panel since there was not space for a new gfci circuit, something they should have known, and which was extra cost to us. The project manager gave my husband, who was present during the electrical inspection, the distinct impression that he was trying to sneak the sub-standard electrical box past the inspector. The electrician installed the new box parallel to the old one and left a hole in the wall and the mast on the roof up.  When I asked they remove the mast, someone came by, sawed the top of it off, and glopped some kind of roofing tar over the hole.  After we complained and demanded a proper repair they eventually sent someone out who shingled over the hole correctly.
    They had to move the water heater to build the bathroom.  They installed the vent with no cap on the roof.  When I pointed this out to them, they sent someone out who pulled out the flue vent and replaced it with flexible aluminum dryer hose (still with no vent cap).  I had a real plumber come out and fix this.  The real fix was to put a solid metal flue in with a cap.
    The water heater itself merits special mention. The first plumber disconnected the water heater and threw it in the back yard, then completed the new plumbing, without reconnecting the water heater, and left, even though new tenants were due to move in that day, and Goodfellas had been informed weeks in advance. Because the plumbers were based so far away, more than two hours, they were unwilling to come the next day to attach the water heater. The tenants were forced to stay an extra night in a hotel to accommodate the plumber.
    Once the renters took occupancy, they noticed calcium deposits repeatedly clogging their faucets and showers. Goodfellas told us, after their plumbers had supposedly tested the water heater, it had nothing to do with their work, but it was probably coming from the city, and offered to install a whole house filtering system at the cost of $3,400. We investigated and discovered that it normally cost $600 to install a unit like what Goodfellas proposed installing, and when we hired a real plumber, they were able to diagnose over the phone, that the water heater was old and needed replacing. Bottom line: Goodfellas proposed solution would have cost 5 times more, and would NOT have solved the problem.
    The tenants also had a problem with drainage in the shower. The Goodfellas plumber sent two guys, driving almost two hours, to look into the problem. The plumber came knowing it was a problem with the drain. After looking into it, they decided they needed a plumbers snake. But they didn't bother to bring one with them, so they needed to come back in two days time, because they were busy the next day. Finally, a frustrated tenant took matters into his own hands, and finally fixed the problem... with a household plunger, something that was beyond the Goodfellas plumbers to do.
    Along the way to trying to look at the drainage problem, the plumber started talking about maybe having to replace the cast iron drainage pipe to fix the problem, which he claimed sometimes happened. He estimated it would only cost around $2,500-$3,000. Clearly, given how it turned out, this expense was not necessary in any way and seemed like the plumber was just out to inflate his bill with unnecessary work.
    The skylight they installed was not the Velux called for in the contract. It had no insulation, and it condensed a ton of water into the skylight well.  The paint started to peel.  I complained, and they sent someone who sprayed expanding foam on the outside of the skylight and then coated that with some kind of tar.  This was extremely ugly and obviously not professional quality work, didn't work and wasn't weather safe, so I asked them to fix it and instead they sent out another guy who taped foam sheets to the outside of the skylight. I called a roofer who said that this kind of work was why people have leaky skylights.  He recommended replacing the skylight with a curb mounted insulated one.  When I called Goodfellas to explain this, they wanted me to pay half the cost to do it correctly, which I refused to do.  They eventually paid to have it done correctly.
    Basically, we had to check every piece of work they did and we had to become an expert on what correct work was so we could force them to redo it when it was borked.  Despite the fact that we were paying them to be the general, their lack of supervision made it clear that WE, the customers, were to act as the general contractor, inspecting the work, and checking it for both technical correctness as well as basic workmanship, while their role was limited to writing the contract, hiring some random person do the work, then cashing the check.  
    They had no supervision I could see of their local workers. On a job that ran 8 months long instead of the 6 weeks scheduled, Goodfellas was on-site maybe 6 times at most. They didn't appear to have a crew that worked with them other than transiently, including some that told us they were just hired blind off Craigslist.  
    The last item they had to do for us was to drywall and paint the light well under the skylight.  The first try was a real mess with gloppy caulking in the gaping joints and rippled tape.  The second try was better, but I could see the drywall tape through the paint and voids in the drywall compound. When I complained, they said this was standard construction, refused to make it right, and said they'd refer us to their legal department if we didn't pay the rest of the balance.  
    After eight months of pain with them, paying the last of payment was the best choice for us.  it's much easier to hire someone who does it right the first time.
    I will include photos so you can see for yourself.
    - Mary F.
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    Bay Area Rodent Solutions
    We live in a 3 bd, 2 ba house and we decided to sell after living in the house for 49 years and move to a Continuing Care Retirment Center (CCRC) in Arizona. We're on our third shake roof and when the roof is open the roof rats in our wooded neighborhood make our attic their new home and pooping ground. We've used a shop vac to clean up up but we could never get all of it up as it was in the fiberglass insulation bats. We didn't want to sell the house this say so we called Bay area Rodent Solutions after seeing them on Angie's List. The owner Stanley Bapu was at our house to give an estimate the same day we called! A man crew showed up two days later and began the work. The job was a little bigger than estimated so they had to come back a second day to finish up and what an incredible job they did. They were neat, clean, and did an absolutely excellent job. They spread plastic on our carpets, etc. so they didn't track anything through the house. It is a rare event that you have this level of quality workmanship. What a company........I hope we never have rat poop again (we won't at the CCRC) but if we did we'd only make one call to Bay Area Rodent Solutions.  They have our highest rating on all aspects!!!
    - Duane & Lorna W.
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    Dirty Rats Rodent Control
    There were very knowledgeable about the habits of the creatures that inhabit under and above the home and told us how we could restrict access to the home  They gave us a itemized price to take care of the problems the next day I was very please with there professional services.
    - Mark B.
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    Universal Insulation Inc.
    The work went smoothly and the company cleaned up with a few comments from me on finishing up with cleaning the driveway or areas around the house. They accepted this agreeably. When it became clear that several areas had already been insulated during a previous renovation, they reduced the price to match the amount of work that had been done. In the beginning of the process,the estimator gave me a sheet of information about getting rebates from PGand E. It was outdated and therefore confusing, but information on the PGand E website cleared it up.
    - LYNORE B.
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    Universal Insulation Inc.
    Excellent work. The work was completed as per schedule. The work crew cleaned up nicely. It had been necessary to access the power panel to get 220v power. When the workmen left a connection was intermittently loose. I called the company, and early the next morning a workman came and fixed the problem.
    - JEDAL A.
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    Attic Pros Inc
    It went pretty well. All the work was done at a good standard.
    - Yao X.
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    They did a great job.
    - Andrea R.
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    Advanced Home Energy
    - Cynthia R.
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