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  • Her name is Marilyn Wyatt. She's A all the way. I wear dentures so if I call her and tell her it has to be readjusted, I can go in right away. I had x-rays done. The price was regular; it was not where I would say WOW. I don't believe in x-rays every time because that's the dentist's little money maker, so we have an x-ray every 2 years.
    - MARTIN A.
  • Before working with Jim, I exercised occasionally, but never
    felt like I was getting anywhere. I mountain biked, played with the kids and
    ran with my dog, and generally considered myself in OK shape (albeit 15lbs
    heavier than I should be). My workout runs were typically 2-3 miles at top
    speed (around 7:30 pace, and my Heart Rate would max out around 180bpm). I
    didn?t enjoy these ?all out? runs, and would usually dread going out for my
    next run.

    I?m the type of
    person who likes to succeed at whatever I?m doing, so I?d exercise in ?bursts?.
    During a burst, I?d exercise frequently and would enjoy seeing my pace improve
    from 8:00/mile down to 7:17/mile (my personal best 2.5 miles). When I stopped
    seeing improvement (or got injured), exercise would drop down my priority list,
    I?d stop for a while and would pick it up again a few months later when I had
    time. In retrospect, my workout regime was unenjoyable and unsustainable.

    In March 2013 I weighed 187lbs and felt generally unhealthy and out of shape,
    so started running. I reached out to Jim and mentioned to him that I was
    running and he started asking questions. It quickly became clear to me that Jim
    knew a ton about how to train, and he offered to help coach me. On Jim?s
    advice, I started wearing a Garmin watch and HR monitor on my runs so he could
    track my workouts. After a few runs he evaluated my situation as:

    1. I have a gifted heart rate (who knew?) so had good potential

    2. I was running one type of workout (short+fast), and needed to:

    a. Slow down and get in more miles, and

    b. Do different types of workouts, each with its own specific purpose

    3. Change my diet to get off my ?sugar cycle? and shift and my metabolism to
    become efficient at burning fat

    Jim said if I followed his program that I would accomplish things I wouldn?t
    think possible. I figured I?d give it a try.

    It turns out that following Jim?s recommendations were easy to do. In fact,
    switching to longer, slower runs made the whole running experience dramatically
    more enjoyable. I actually looked forward to going out on runs because I was
    didn?t suffer the way I used to. Jim also gave me some interesting podcasts and
    books on the topics of health and fitness; I?d listen to them while running on
    the trail and get more informed and motivated. 

    I found it very motivating to have Jim monitoring my exercise. I?d send him a
    report after every workout including the Garmin file; he?d analyze it and give
    specific recommendations on what workout to do next, diet, recovery, sleep,
    injury prevention, etc. During this period (April 2013-July 2013) I got the
    exercise bug. I talked to Jim or emailed every day and was really enjoying it,
    but I was still running much slower than I used to; I probably averaged 9-10
    minute mile pace and hadn?t done anything near my 7:17/mile record. I couldn?t
    see the results, but Jim constantly analyzed the heart rate, pace, elevation
    profile of my runs and assured me that I was getting much fitter. It turned out
    that he was right. He was Mr. Miyagi and I was the Karate Kid. 

    I did a sprint triathlon with some colleagues from work in Aug-2013. Despite
    never having ridden a road bike and being a weak swimmer, my fitness allowed me
    to finish 3rd in my age group, and (to my surprise) I ran the 5k at 7:02/mile
    pace after having swum 750 meters and biked 12 miles. After this, I started
    seeing some amazing improvements:

    ? Aug 2013: Weight had dropped from 187lbs to 163lbs; resting heart rate had
    dropped from 70 to 48bpm

    ? Oct 2013: Olympic triathlon: 28th of 204 people. Ran 10k at 6:58/mile (after
    0.9 mile swim + 24 mile bike)

    ? Feb 2014: Half marathon: 6:44/mile pace (finished top 5%)

    ? Mar 2014: Sprint triathlon: won age group. 11th of 194 people. Ran 6:27/mile
    pace (after swim + bike)

    ? April 2014: Olympic triathlon: Ran 6:48/mile pace (after 0.9 mile swim + 25
    mile bike)

    ? May 2014: Trail Half Marathon (>2,000? of gain): 3rd overall out of 134
    participants (1:44, 7:56 per mile pace)

    ? July 2014: Half Ironman (?70.3?): 76th of 2535. I even beat 5 pros. Qualified
    for 70.3 world champs in my first 70.3

    ? Sep 2014: 70.3 World Championships: 902nd/2235. I raced well and enjoyed it
    (the competition was very fast)

    ? Nov 2014: Ironman Arizona. 10 hours 46 minutes. 170th of ~3000 (top 6%)
    despite injury issues. 

    ? 2015 Season: 2 Ironmans, a 70.3, a sprint (won age group) and an Olympic (8th
    overall out of 608 athletes!)

    It has been really fun to improve this quickly. Jim?s transformation approach
    has made it enjoyable and sustainable. 

    If I hadn?t worked with Jim, my March 2013 exercise burst would have ended a
    month later, I?d probably still weigh in the 180s, be doing bursts of exercise
    and my fitness goal would still be to break my 7:17/mile record. 

    Instead, I?ve successfully and sustainably transformed my health and fitness. I
    set a goal in early 2014 to qualify for the 70.3 and Ironman world
    championships. A year ago, that goal would have seemed (1) unachievable and (2)
    completely insane. Now I?m half way there. I know it IS possible, and more
    importantly I?m enjoying the journey.

    I talk to Jim daily by email or on the phone. No matter how much faster/fitter
    I get, I find it immensely helpful to have Jim pore over the details of my
    workouts, provide feedback, prescribe new workouts, rest, sleep, injury advice,
    nutrition ideas, equipment, motivation and goal setting. 

    My goals and exercise program will change, but my transformation is permanent.
    Jim?s approach made it possible.
    - Benjamin K.
  • On July,9, 2015, I had the best over-all experience I have ever had going to the dentist.  The office is roomy, bright, very neat and clean.  The young ladies at the front desk are very friendly and polite. Walking in, I felt so welcome; it was a good feeling.  I was treated like royalty; they showed me a list of the things they offer to patients to ease their possible anxiety; I chose the hot wax dip for my hands and the lavender wrap for my neck.  I was so relaxed I could have fallen asleep.  Helen took my X-rays; she was very gentle and always concerned for my comfort.  A few weeks prior, one of my crowns popped off while I was flossing; Dr. Doroodian shaved off just enough of the crown so it fit perfectly!  I was so happy!  She examined my X-rays and checked my teeth and I was relieved that I had no cavities. She noticed that my gums were slightly receded and asked if I had problems grinding my teeth at night and did I use a night guard; I said that I do tend to grind my teeth at night due to stress and in the past I did use a night guard, but had lost it; she said that her colleague, Dr. Heidarian, would be able to make me a new night guard; I was happy she suggested this and later made the appointment. Dr. Doroodian was friendly, gracious and made me feel so comfortable.  I truly felt that everyone in this dental office was sincerely caring and concerned about my comfort and wanted this to be a positive experience for me.
    On July 29, 2015, I had my appointment with Dr. Heidarian to have the night guard made; her assistant made the mold and they were both very careful and concerned for my comfort.  It was an easy experience.  
    When the night guard was ready, Dr. Heidarian made sure that it was balanced on both sides; I have a TMJ condition and my bite is uneven; she checked several times, and made several corrections and when I left the office I felt that the night guard was balanced and would be beneficial for me.  After using it for about a week, I felt a lot of discomfort in my jaw; I called and made an appointment so the doctor could re-check my night guard.  Dr. Heidarian was extremely patient and spent a lot of time with me checking and re-checking and making the necessary adjustments; I felt very confident that now my night guard would feel comfortable and not hurt my jaw; the good news is that I had no more problems after that and have been successfully using my night guard every night.
    On Jan. 13, 2016, I had my 6-month cleaning and check-up.  When I arrived, Ghazaleh, my dental hygienist, met me in the front area; then she gave me the hot wax dip for my hands and put a warm lavender wrap around my neck; she was very concerned that I felt comfortable and relaxed.  Usually I tense up when I?m in the dentist chair, but I was totally calm and serene, feeling the warmth of my hands and the warmth of the lavender wrap cradling my neck.  Ghazaleh was very thorough,careful, gentle and kind.  I felt that she thoroughly cleaned my teeth, but also was gentle so the experience was a very positive one for me.  After my teeth were cleaned, Dr. Doroodian came in to check my teeth and asked if I had any concerns; she is very competent and I felt that I was given a very thorough exam.  Both Ghazaleh and Dr. Doroodian really listen to what I have to say; they give me their full attention, which really feels good.  She said that I would be on a 6-month return for cleaning; I was wishing for a 4-month schedule so I could have this positive, relaxing experience again sooner!  I would highly recommend Atherton Dental to anyone looking for a dentist and staff who are professional, competent and caring.
    - Martha S.
  • This seems like very busy practice. The staff is friendly and efficient. I recently moved to Naples from N. California where I had health care through an HMO so this is my first experience with a private practice in many years. The doctors at the HMO were busy but they took the time to chat with you and listen to your concerns. I felt the doctor at Riverchase seemed rushed and uncommunicative.
    - Lynn B.
  • He has a small office. He has a receptionist who is very friendly and knowledgeable. Scheduling an appointment is very good but he does not offer Friday hours. They are very nice to work with.  He offers good senior discounts.
    - CAROLE H.
  • He loves her.  One thing that my husband likes is that she is very beautiful, fun and interesting.  It?s easy to get an appointment with her.    

    She has a nice office and it is convenient for us.   The staff is great.  She is just terrific.  
    - leigh s.
  • Later in the evening, my husband's fever spiked and he seemed really confused.  He was stumbling when he walked.  I called Dr. Rabin (by now it was around 10pm) and he said get my husband to an emergency room because he needed to be seen by a doctor ASAP.  He told us to go to Sequoia Hospital as they are less busy than Stanford and he was likely to be seen quicker.  I got him there very quickly. The whole time my husband was saying he didn't want to go to the emergency room.
    It turned out my husband had pneumonia and sepsis.  For those of you that don't know, sepsis is when the bloodstream is over whelmed with bacteria. Blood pressure drops, and major organs and body systems including kidneys, liver, lungs, etc. stop working properly. My husband was immediately seen and treatment started.  At something like 3 AM he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit where he remained for 2 days and then another 4 days in the main hospital.  I was told that if he had not been seen when he was it is very likely he would had died.  My husband at the time was 53 years old, in great shape and in extremely good health.I am eternally grateful that Dr. Rabin was available when I needed him. His calm manner was very reassuring throughout these stressful events.  Dr. Rabin followed up and spoke with the emergency room doctors as well as the Intensive Care and hospital doctors on a daily basis.  When I couldn't get answers from the doctor at the hospital he told me who to make an effective complaint to, and he followed up with that doctor and the nursing staff to get the answers we needed.
    Dr. Rabin is extremely thorough in all visits.  He will monitor all your care; He asks that when you see other doctors that you have them send him notes on the visits and their course of care. see send him notes.  He has made excellent recommendations for specialists.  He is cognizant of medical costs and does not do tests unnecessarily.  However, if you want a specific test and can give him your reasons he will discuss them with you and together you determine the course of action.  He is a collaborator.  He is not the kind of doctor who makes it clear he is the expert and he will make the decisions (which is so much of what I see today).  He is a joy to work with.  He does the most amazingly thorough physicals.I know this review is long but this guy is amazing!
    - Gigi B.
  • Barbara Butler designed a treehouse on steroids!  It's not your average treehouse.  This one has custom windows, a skylight and even a Zipline!  Barbara kept every deadline and was finished on time.  The finished project is amazing.  Her attention to detail is only superseded by her imagination.  She's found her life's passion and shares it with others.   I'm sure it will outlast the kids!
    - hazel t.
  • Dr. Gould is very proactive and thorough in addressing potential skin cancer issues and routinely takes biopsies of potential problem areas. Fortunately, all tests have been negative.  It is very reassuring to know that Dr. Gould is on top of this aspect of my health care.
    - Earl R.
  • The crew had to remove the door frame, old tub, vanity and toilet in order to install the new walk-in tub. All of the old fixtures were removed and replaced. The crew didn't seem to be aware that the salesman had told us that it was a one day job, but they managed to pull it off. They had to cut through the bathroom floor to move the drain and then replace the subfloor. They also had to adapt the circuit breaker board to accommodate the new heater and circulation unit. At the end of the installation, the crew demonstrated how the new tub worked. Workers were very professional!!
    - Royal B.
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