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    Rick Jamison Painting
    We selected Rick Jamison Painting primarily based on the reviews already posted by other members, and as importantly, based on the interactions we had with them via email during the section process. We are glad we did. Rick provided very detailed estimate, priced all items separately and covered all steps - so we were clear what to expect and what the costs would be. They were on time, always prompt and responsive to any questions we had during the process. The office staff (Leonor, Elyse, George) were very helpful and very responsive all the time. We would like to thank Rick, his crew, and everyone in his office for quality job and very high customer service. We highly recommend them for any paint work.
    - saeed s.
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    Patios By B&B Inc
    Absolutely wonderful! These guys were quick & efficient. They rescued me from an essentially abandoned job by the prior contractor. The other company came for a few days, did 50% of the demo and disappeared after the city shut them down for starting without permits. 2 months, many many excuses, and $6,000 later I walked away with a dug up backyard and very broken sprinkler system. Then I found Patios by B&B and Jeff. I was shocked and happily surprised when they completed the majority of the work in the 1st week of the job and returned to complete the job the next week. The work was very beautiful as well as high quality. The drains and sprinklers worked properly and the paver work was just beautiful. They also give good design advice. I ignored Jeff's advice on brick arrangement for a small side walk at the side of the house, what they did looked great, but I admit their suggestion would have looked even better. They weren't the cheapest, but we're competitive and I've learned it's true over and over; you get what you pay for. I can't thank Jeff and the folks at Patio's by B&B enough. They did a beautiful job, and quickly..
    - Marianne W.
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    Patios By B&B Inc
    Jeff, Paul and the entire crew were professional and absolute perfectionist. They provided us with a complete quote with everything we wanted, and no surprise add ons. As we started to implement the original plan, we changed a few things, and they were not at all put off by our requests. We even had to change out the heaters a few times, and they came through with what we wanted. From the very beginning, they communicated the plan, changes to the plan and any issues they saw were always raised. They were stellar (service and quality), from beginning to end. Even after the project was completed, we asked Jeff about something we wanted to add, and he was completely responsive and came up with a solution. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to expand their living space to the outdoors with a patio cover that is beautiful, timeless and will withstand years of use.
    - Cheryl E.
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    Patio Warehouse Inc
    Finally, I find some time to sit down and write my review on this project. My review is not only to the contractor, but more of sharing my experience of handling a home project from beginning to end, hoping to help other homeowners.
    First, I want to tell everyone I am more than 100% satisfied with the patio cover work from Patio Warehouse. I have a Apollo Louvered System on my back yard, size 16'by 19'. And I have a solid roof with skylight in my atrium, size 10'by 12'.
    As usual, I spent lots of time doing research and shop around. My goal, as always, to get the best stuff with the most reasonable price. It's not always the cheapest. Because you need to keep the quality of the service and customer support after installation in the picture. You might not know for sure until things happen, but you can get some idea from reviews and face-to-face talk to the contractor. 
    I had Patio Depot, Patio by B&B, California Sunroom, Southern California Rooms, AlumaWood Factory Direct (equinox louvered), besides Patio Warehouse come to my house for design proposals and price quotes. The back yard is facing direct south which is super hot in the summer, the atrium is fairly shady. I want to make the backyard more enjoyable with the concern of making the family room next to it too dark. And I want to make the atrium fully covered to make a kid's playhouse or my gym. So the options I have are either Louvered System which give me the flexibility of light but expensive or solid roof with skylight. I end up having the ideal design of having louvered system in the backyard and solid roof in the atrium, which seems the most cost effective design to me. There are three manufacturers doing the solid roof, Amerimax, Duralum and Metals USA. The first two also make louvered system, called Equinox and Apollo respectively. For solid roof, MUSA is having the best material and best warranty. For louvered, I am not able to find much info online. And either contractor gave me really negative points to the other. From what I see on the demo sample or showroom units, I think they are similar in the metal material, which is not sheet formed. Not sure about the coating. Things I like about the Apollo is 1. close to a flat surface. 2. powered by AC-to-DC power supply, vs equinox is by solar and battery. Here solar is not a good idea, because the lourver is not often used while the battery has average of 3-4years life time. Being somewhat exposed to the hot weather, the battery will last significantly less time. Equinox is much cheaper based on the quote I got. But with extremely bad quoting experience with the vendor, I ruled Equinox out no matter what. (I am not going to extend the story with them here, but better stay away from that contractor). 
    Another difficulty I have is to deal with the HOA for permit. Sunroom is NOT allowed by the HOA strictly. But I was not given a clear answer about the solid or louvered cover, since most people just do wood lattice cover. All contractors are willing to deal with city with engineering drawing support. But most of them push the HOA work to me. Some told me I can only do open lattice, some told me louvered is the only choice. But no one was sure. The reason I chose Jeff's company is his willings to accommodate my design request and to talk to my HOA for possibility. When you are looking for a contractor, you need to look for his desire to take your business. If they don't have the motivation, either they are already loaded with enough job or you squeezed their profit too low, you'd better not go with them. The manager of the HOA didn't allow me to have the solid roof in the atrium initally. However, Jeff changed her mind after a long talk with the manager. (thumb up).
    Although I didn't know beforehand, I like the way Patio warehouse handle the project. They have a person handling the permits, one person handling the payments and scheduling. There are different teams in charge of the hardscaping work (digging holes, pouring concrete footings, patch up existing flagstone) and the patio installation. Jeff will from time to time step in, overseeing the progress. Whenever I email or text Jeff, he reply within a reasonable time with his best knowledgable answer.
    It took 2-3 days to install the solid roof. It's at the height I wanted, with skylight and fan. I also added a exterior light to the wall and a power recepticle to a corner of the patio. It took about 4 days to install the louvered system, excluding the time for the footing and poles.It immediately became the highlight of the backyard. During the heavy rainy days in the spring, the louver system was well tested which is 100% waterproof. Right after the installation, I realize of one motor for the louver has slightly louder noise in higher frequency than the other. I pointed out the installer and also to Jeff. They didn't question my concern but initiated the replacement process with the factory right away. It end up been rejected by the factory since there is no spec on the noise level of the motor as long as it's functional. However Jeff stood up firmly behind his work, replaced the motor at his own cost to gain the customer satisfactory.
    There are some suggestions I want to make to Jeff which I mentioned in one of the emails to him as well. A project manager or coordinator is very very important. Before the project, he/she needs to spend time with the customer to make sure all the details of the project based on the contract, give a good vision to the customer of the overall effect. Pass all the info to the related staff to make sure a correct installation before the start. Once start, he/she needs to follow up with the progress every day on both sides. Things don't happen as planned 90% of time. He/she needs to handle the dynamics, get updates from the project leader first and update to the customer before the next day's job. This way, less mistake made, customer satisfaction more likely achieved. In my experience, I had the solid roof up before I even know it. It end up quite some more work for the staff to install the switch, light and recepticle. 
    To any homeowners reading this, expecting to hire contractors, I also have some suggestions. It's hard to have everything ready when you are quoting. Before you sign the contract, it's good to go over all the design details yourself or with your family first, making sure everything on the paper is what you want and all you want is on the paper. Don't hesitate to tell the contractor if you change your mind and want to add things. The earlier you tell them, the higher chance you they can make it done for you. 
    Beside the patio cover job, I also have my side yard poured with concrete by Patio Warehouse. It's still working in progress right now, which is not quite as I expected. But the team is still working h****** it. I will probably write a separate review on the hardscaping job or add updates to this review later.
    Thanks again to the fantastic job Patio Warehouse has done to my house. I highly recommend this contractor.
    - kan z.
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    SunSetter Awnings
    The awning couldn't be installed because it was missing parts right out of the box. Called the customer support line and spent hours on the phone. The people didn't want to help because I didn't buy it directly from them. The awning is cheaply made and sags really badly. We installed this awning on the side yard for our dogs and bought a new awning from a local company that was custom made and a much higher quality. When we moved we didn't use Sun Setter again.
    - Robert S.
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    Patios By B&B Inc

    The manufacturer is C-Thru Sunrooms.  The product is a 4-inch thick aluminum and vinyl solid roof 13' x 20' sunroom with an 8 ft. slider and a regular entry door.  There is no HVAC but it does have full electrical.  There are six windows plus transoms at the top and about 20 in. of wall beneath.  I'm especially impressed with the dual pane windows, which open from either side and have screens which are easily removed for cleaning.  There are several options for the windows as well as the finish for the walls.  I chose almond color which integrates well with my house. I was able to visit the manufacturer in Corona, CA to see the different options, and I would highly recommend doing that if you can.  The 4-inch thick room (as opposed to the 2-inch) has vinyl trim that covers most of the fasteners for a nice finished look.  A real negative I could mention is that this trim does not exactly mold well around the bumps in the structure, and leaves gaps and wrinkles that are noticeable.  It should be re-designed.  Another serious annoyance is that the design does not allow for window coverings.  There is only a tiny space available for drilling, and an unaware consumer could easily damage the structure.  Therefore I am having the company come back to install window coverings (at an additional cost).   The jury is still out on the insulating properties of the 4-inch walls.  It's winter and the room is cold, but B&B said this would improve once the floor is tiled (floor is the existing concrete slab).  The real test will come next summer because the sun heats up the rear of the house like a furnace.   

    Jeff Goldman was very thorough with his proposals.  We went through several versions before I made the final choices, and each time he emailed me detailed drawings and pricing.  The prep work involved removing two large masonry planters attached to the house, pouring several concrete patches, moving the water faucet, and building a concrete lip on which the room sits.  All this was done flawlessly.  A crew of 2-3 built and finished the room itself, and the company had an excellent painter re-texture and paint the stucco of the house which became the interior of the room.  The entire build took a month longer than projected.  There were a few unexplained delays and I would have appreciated more communication from the company.  However, once the structure was up, it was fully usable and the delay with the finish work was a minor issue.  The company did a thorough job with the small issues that cropped up such as replacing a couple of the aforementioned trim pieces.  All in all, I am happy with the way the room turned out and I'm very pleased with the job done by B&B.  I would not hesitate to use them again, and would recommend them. 

    - Linda B.
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    The Awning Company
    Gary came out and measured for the job, he was very professional and had a variety of fabrics to choose from. I had a design in mind based on a picture I took at a model home for a steel framed fabric structure to sit atop our existing wood patio cover. What they created was far better then I could have imagined. The design had to be modified due to an obstruction on our stucco wall but they returned with the correction in a timely fashion and installed while we were gone. When we returned to see the finished job, I was personally amazed at how they fabricated exactly what I wanted from a two dimentional picture. Also installed a drop shade on the west side of the patio cover to give some badly needed afternoon shade. The end result was a simple wood patio cover had been transitioned into a semi-enclosed outdoor space that is perfect for entertaining and relaxing in the shade. Great customer service, craftsmanship and follow up that is hard to find in the construction trade today. Truly rare and very much appreciated. Thank you Gary and crew.
    - Jack D.
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    Patios By B&B Inc
    I came on Angie's List to find prospective contractors to construct an aluminum patio cover. Patio's by B & B were one of the contractors, whom we eventually chose to complete the work. I received bids from 3 other companies to compare and keep everyone honest. I contacted the company through AL email system. Received a call back from Jeff less than an hour later and we discussed what I was looking for and set up an appointment. Jeff came and measured, showed us samples of materials and colors and discussed the different options were available. He spent a lot of time with me making sure to answer all my questions. I received an estimate via email a couple of days later as promised. Comparing apples and apples, his price was a little higher than others but Jeff was willing to work on it and we agreed on a price. This was the first week in June and we were hoping to have the patio installed by July 4th since we were having a get together. A week later his father, Paul, also came to confirm all measurements and material needs. Jeff promised it would be done before the 4th and a week later his crew of two came and installed the patio in one day. The quality of the materials and workmanship were top notch. His crew were clean, quiet, polite and spent about 11 hours to complete the job. When the job was completed, Jeff came over to inspect and make sure I was happy with the install. We also had a patio slider and kitchen window replaced. As those items need to be special ordered they were installed a week or so later. It took a crew of two about an hour and a half to complete the install. Unfortunately, the door was made incorrectly at the factory with the door opening the wrong side. Jeff and I spoke while his crew was here to determine a possible solution. The only solution was to order a new door. Jeff took care of it immediately and we had a new door two weeks later, so no problem. Jeff is very attentive and will do what it takes to make sure you are happy. We will be using Patios by B & B when we are ready to replace all the other windows. I would recommend PbyB&B.
    - Robert H.
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    Patios By B&B Inc
    My experience with B & B was great throughout the entire process.  Paul and his crew were a pleasure to work with.  Paul has restored my faith that there are still good contractors out there!
    - Lisa S.
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    Patios By B&B Inc
    My wife and I had a 20 year old wooden patio that we loved dearly but was termite infested and needed replacement. We took bids from 6 different companies and my wife and I decided on Patios by B & B. We met Paul Goldman and was impressed by his punctuality, presentation and his bid for the project at hand. His crew was punctual and always cleaned the work area at the end of the day. They demolished the old patio in half a day and built the new patio in a day and a half as promised. Thanks again Paul for a job well done!
    - Hans S.
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