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  • I bought an Angie's List Deal for a $99 cleaning and inspection to be sure the fireplace in our rental house was in fact safe for use. They promptly called within a few days to set up an appt, which was set the week after. They then called to confirm the day before and also on the day to let me know they were running late, which was great. They did not tell me that two separate teams were going to come out - first was a 2-man chimney cleaning crew and later the chimney inspection technician showed. It was fine since I took the afternoon off, but it would have been nice to know it was going to take about three hours total, instead of one or two. Its a very messy process, if you have furniture or carpets that you don't want soot on, then move it out of the way in advance. The guys that come in to clean do tape off the area and keep most of the dirt/dust/soot from escaping, but their hands are filthy (since they clean chimneys) so if they need to move something out of the way it will get black fingerprints and smudges on it. And soot does not come out of every fabric, so move your stuff yourself and give them enough space to work. The crew was fine and professional, one spoke English, the other did not. They put a long ladder on the roof after taping the fireplace off and spent about a half hour sweeping the chimney. Then they vacuumed up the soot pile, cleaned up any other large mess, took all the tape and plastic away and left nothing behind. It was relatively quick and painless. Like every worker who comes into your house, you do have to watch, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable or like a busybody. They used a hose out in the back to rinse their arms and hands off, but it was over the vegetable garden, so I had to throw away some kale covered in soot. I didn't catch it until they were already halfway done, but they didn't ask if it was okay to use that hose (I would have preferred they use the one over the non-edible plants). I always wish vendors would take the extra step in respecting my home//stuff/crapnooneelsecaresabout, but some things are inevitable. The technician came about 45 min after the cleaning crew. He was polite, nice, professional, wore a uniform and seemed very knowledgable in his job. This process will also take up a fair amount of space so don't move your furniture back in place after the cleaning guys leave. The tech has a camera and a portable monitor and needs to connect the camera rods as he goes, so clear a three or four foot radius and put construction paper down if you have sensitive floors. He found cracks in the mortar and declared the chimney unsafe for use. He showed us where the cracks/separation were and explained why it was dangerous. I have no idea what to look for inside a chimney, but it seemed like common sense that you can't have holes in the mortar else a rogue spark lands inside and causes a chimney fire. He also knew about retrofitting a chimney and happily answered any inane question we had about chimneys. I did not feel rushed or like I was annoying him with all the questions, I really appreciated his patience and thorough explanations. About a week later they sent a very detailed report, it had photos and descriptions and cited the county fire code and also explained the remedy. Very helpful. Unfortunately, the cost of repairing the chimney is over $5,000. It needs to have a ceramic glaze laid on top of the brick and mortar (hope I got that right). They explained that would be a three day process. I don't think $5,000 is unfair for the scope of work they explained, but since its a rental we won't be spending that amount out of our own pockets and the management company hasn't given a response yet (it was sold as a working fireplace so fingers crossed they feel like honoring the listing). I would definitely use Boston Brick & Stone to do the work they quoted and I'd also ask for a thorough explanation of what the work would include so I could prep the area in advance. I do also see the benefit of getting a second opinion since the cost of repair is so high, but I have a feeling I'd go back to BB&S, they seem to know their chimney stuff.
    - Samantha C.
  • They did great work. They came to check that everything was okay not that long ago. I would definitely work with them again. They were great. I like the fact that the guy really seemed to try to understand what we wanted, it was a little complicated of what we wanted and he seemed to be very intelligent about trying to design something that would work for what we wanted, and I believe he achieved it. We did got a couple of cheaper quotes but their design, experience and knowledge was really worth it for us. You could probably get somebody to just buy the parts and throw them in for cheaper price. There was a heat wave or something and they were up in the attic just really long hours putting the stuff in and stayed really late couple of nights to get it done on time so they are really, really good.
    - MICHAEL B.
  • We wanted to get log sets for our fireplaces before the winter holidays (like everyone else in the world). Mike, at Burntech, went out of his way to get it done despite the fact that ours was a custom order. When his guys first came to our house the gas lines has been put in slightly cockeye so the fire didn't look quite right. We needed some additional work/parts. Also, one set seemed to large for the fireplace. It turned out the company had put the wrong size in the box. 
    Mike got the right size and came out himself to supervise the work. I was really worried that even with the additional parts the fireplace wouldn't work right or look right. But it looked great and was all done in time. Also was very concerned that we be satisfied with the work.
    - Nanci E.
  • I was very nervous, I had just moved to Los Angeles and bought a home, that was, well, kind of falling apart and I wasn't too sure who to call. I checked out Angie's list and found my "Life Savers", California Construction Center! I started out with just the bathrooms & kitchen remodeling and then half way through that, because I was so pleased, I asked Jonathan if they could do more work, "Of course we can, we can do whatever you want us to do", so with that, I just kept adding projects, new tile floors, new lighting through out the house, new "stamped" concrete and new circular driveway, new roof, with sky lights and solar, new walls, making more room, I just stand back and look at the difference each day and I am SO happy with my "new" house. I'm truly thinking about adding a pool and outdoor kitchen BBQ, for next summer. Thank you, sincerely, California Construction Center, for helping make a really nervous decision turn into such a "calm" one, Jonathan, you and your company are "family" thanks again!
    - OfIr E.
  • The man who came by, Don, was a rock star. He patiently answered all of my questions. He was timely and so courteous. And most important, he was knowledgeable. I felt as if my chimney was well evaluated and I learned so much. I do not think that anyone could do better than The Chimney Sweeper.
    - NATASHA L.
  • They cleaned the chimney but soot was left on the floor and chimney base.  They didn't clean up very well.  It seemed to me that they were more interested in getting the job done and leaving quickly, than doing an honorable job.  I would not use them again.
    - Robert A.
  • He just did the most excellent job. The price was very reasonable for what he did and I do plan to have him back. I like his attention to detail. He was very, very conscientious and detailed and just very skillful. Other than he is just very good at what he does, he has a pleasing personality and he's just a wonderful person to work with. He is very professional.
    - Marion B.
  • Steve came to give me a bid and describe the process. They arrived for the job on time.. took the necessary steps to minimize dust and went to work. They did an amazing job. The garage has been left for dead for at least 20 years. I am renovating it and the sandblasting has made an amazing difference.

    - Paul Z.
  • I have to say, I've been remodeling my house and used Angie's list for almost everything.  It's been a great resource.  It was a major failure in this case.  
    I went to the shop in pasadena.  I explained that I had one fireplace that only had a gas hookup that I wanted to put fire rock in but that I wanted to just remove the doors as well because the brass didn't go with the rest of my place.  He said he could do that, but that then they would have to put something in place that would keep the rooks from falling out of the fireplace.  That made sense.  I had pictures of the fireplace and everything.  I also wanted to convert my weber BBQ from propane to nat gas as I have a gas line right next to it.  He said no problem, I just needed to buy a tubing.  I didn't get the greatest vibe from the place but everything he said made sense, so I went ahead and ordered it all along with the installation ($89)
    Well, despite saying he would call on monday, almost a week later I called to set up a date for installation.  Finding a date in and of itself was a process.   But that doesn't bother me as much.
    The guy who comes out to install is a disaster.  Hardly speaks english (and not spanish b/c I speak spanish).  I explain the whole thing about taking the doors off and building it up.  He nods and smiles but doesn't understand.  He puts the burner in and covers it with the filler rocks and fire rock on top.  I again explain about the doors (as they should have been done first b/c now the rock is in there being held back by the door).  Eventually he calls back to the store and I talk to the original guy (Harry I believe).  I have to go over the entire plan again and how I could have hooked up the burner and covered it in rock (that doesn't take a rocket scientist clearly).  He says not to worry that he will come back out on saturday afternoon and take the doors off and hook up the BBQ (which the guy who came couldn't do either apparently).  Frustrated, I agree.
    That night I turn on the fireplace... only to realize that the burner was not placed centrally so the fire is noticeably off to the right.  It would be simple to move the burner except that it's now under 60 pounds of rock!!  It looks ridiculous.  I figure they can fix it on saturday with the rest.
    Saturday comes around.  I don't hear a word.  So I call.  Harry says it is getting kind of late (duh, I can read a clock that's why I'm calling).  Then he proceeds to tell me that the BBQ can't be hooked up to the natural gas line and it needs a converter kit.  Now I'm p***** b/c we discussed this WAY back at the beginning.  He says the kit is $179 and asks if that's fair to me.  Are you kidding?!?!  No it's not fair, that's not the plan.  So I ask for a refund for the tubing I bought (that I clearly can't use) which he gives (a few days later).  So then I talk about the fireplace doors.  He says that he can take off the doors but that the brass frame is a unit and can't be removed.  Okay, again, we'd talked about this before and he said no problem.  And the frame is simply screwed in, so I KNOW it can be removed.  These are the two reasons I paid for the installation!!  Harry says that he'd be happy to remove the doors but can't do anything more.  Are you kidding me!?!?!  What a waste... $89 to hook up a burner and cover it (sloppily) in rock
    I have slowly moved the burner more centrally.  And I guess I'm going to try to paint the brass silver, I'm not sure yet.  But I would never use this place again.  To say one thing and then not follow through on what you said later is ridiculous.  I feel like they totally overcharged me for what I got.  Not sure how they have so many good reviews.  I'm not that hard to get at least a C grade out of.  But this company I think is more scam than legitimate business and I hope others with similar experiences share them so they can lose their great (an undeserved) angie's list rating.
    - Jay R.
  • I would not recommend Fireplace Freddie if you need any tile work done in addition to fireplace/chimney repair. For reasons that were never adequately explained to me, the fireplace company changed the plans on how to repair the subflooring and ending up removing the tiles around the hearth. The company advised me that they could do the tile work as well and sent me to James. James is a bit of a flake. I was able to set that aside, however, and selected the tile I wanted. A man named Ron came to my house. He is apparently a general contractor working with Fireplace Freddie. Ron occasionally brings in his own workers to lay tiles. HE IS NOT QUALIFIED TO SUPERVISE TILE WORK. I had the distinct misfortune of meeting his employee, Gilbert. Ron left Gilbert unsupervised for the entire project - the laying of seven tiles- which Gilbert managed to botch beyond belief, not only gouging the tiles when he cut them to fit but gouging small notches into the hardwood floor bordering the fireplace. I was devastated. I had just gotten the house a month before and it was my first house. I imagined that the job was simple enough to allow me to run errands while Gilbert worked and Ron supervised. Ron did not even tell me he was going to leave. He came back when I called and acknowledged that the job had to be redone and my floor fixed. I have never seen such incompetence. I could have done a better job. And I was upset that Ron left without so much as a word to me. Needless to say, I complained to James and Tag, another Fireplace Freddie employee. I will give them credit for their willingness to make the job right, but really what choice did they have? I had paid $10,000 for the entire job, chimney work included, and had come home to see my hardwood flooring destroyed. Ron came out a second time with new workers and LEFT THEM ALONE AGAIN!! This time, I was wise enough to stay but Ron disappeared. I called and he came back 30 mins later. He watched the guys but not very closely because when they were done, I realized one tile was not lined up with the floor and another had an obvious chip which Ron missed. I complained a third time. I should have gone to another company and demanded reimbursement but my judgment was clouded by disbelief and anger. How hard is it to lay 7 tiles? Ron and his workers came out a third time and did an okay job. I had a male friend stand around and supervise and Ron didn't leave. But the damage to my floors could not be repaired without removing the hardwood and inserting a new piece or filling in the gouge marks left behind by Gilbert. I chose the filler option because it seemed simpler. If you look closely, you can see a yellowish border lining the side of the wood closest to the hearth. Nothing like it used to be. Fireplace Freddie "made it right" by doing a passable job after 3 tries. I would recommend going elsewhere if your fireplace project requires tilework because Fireplace Freddie does not have quaified workers who specialize in laying tiles and is ignorant of this obvious fact, or simply does not care. As evidence for the latter proposition, I complained to Tag the second time and have yet to hear back from him.
    - pallavi d.
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