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    Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider
    Just purchased my new alarm system from Protect Your Home and had one of the best customer service experiences ever. Branden Tomas is awesome! He is very knowledgeable, polite and enthusiastic about his job and the company he works for. I like the fact that he doesn't try to over sale what you need for your house. He called to remind me about my installation appointment, he showed up at the time of the appointment to see how the install was going and also followed up a few days later to see if there were any questions or concerns. Hector, the installer was also great. He walked me thru the whole process and did a great job on the install. After completion he spent plenty of time going over the system and even left me his cell number. If you need a security system I highly recommend these two gentlemen. First rate and professional start to finish.
    - Elsie R.
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    Sure Lock Homes
    I've been a Sure Lock Homes customer for over 20 years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. No major contracts - you own the monitoring equipment so if you stop the monthly monitoring service, you still have an alarm system in place. I like the fact that Sure Lock Homes is a local family-owned company. A local company you can trust and depend upon. Installation and maintenance have been a breeze. I plan on continuing for as long as I own my home. Greg is professional and fully explains options and benefits of different systems. I changed out to wireless/cellular once I dropped my LAN line phone a few years ago - not an issue at all. Customer service is great. Never had an issue in over 20 years! Thanks Greg!
    - Christine Z.
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    Alley Electric
    He was punctual and professional and competent. I thought he would finish the job by applying silicone to seal the fixture but he was out of it and did not offer to do so later.
    - Peter N.
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    Flores Electric
    Very will. Was able to get quote/estimate and scheduled for work within a few days. Work was completed quickly and all features and warranties were explained in detail.
    - Char J.
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    Vigil Security Systems
    Went extremely smoothly. Project completed in a day. Leo is excellent and would highly recommend him.
    - Nancy B.
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    Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider
    It all went really well. Nicole was very helpful in making sure I got just what I needed for my home instead of just one on the pre set packages. We did all this in about a half an hour. I highly recommend this company!
    - Richard W.
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    Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider
    Lousy I called to have someone come out put it up I will pay for all services this was difficult and unable to
    - consuella m.
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    iii Solutions INC
    Asa hung a television and installed a high end home theater system. He has an incredible sense for detail.He needed to cut holes in the walls and also drill through the floor to complete the installation. All of the wires were clearly labeled and neatly tucked into the walls and floor. He then re-drywalled, sanded and painted and the result was perfect. I would hire this company again in a heartbeat.
    - Henry R.
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    I looked at several other companies and Protection Now was the only one that was able to discuss a system that bypasses all the bells and whistles of most home security systems.The owner of Protection Now understands and cares about the difficulties in managing a client with demential and took the time to figure out a security system that would work for us. Due to problems with the layout of the apartment, there were a number of difficulties and installation took longer than expected. However, the installers rearranged their schedules so they could get it right.
    - Debbi L.
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    Protect America
    If there’s any doubt that Protect America in Austin Texas is not a corrupt, sorry and pitiful company, please read the reviews below taken verbatim from Yelp. There are hundreds of them going back several years. Their main emphasis is ripping their clients off for every cent they can. They deploy an in-house sycophant/toady Andrew R. who responds to hundreds of negative reviews with a “thanks for reaching out.” I know it’s not easy being a shill for one of the worst companies in the world, but how about a little understanding, compassion and fundamental decency? No such luck with this dishonest, deceptive & pathetic company “I find it a bummer when companies take advantage of situations, when the customer is clearly unhappy with their services, and no longer using, or wanting to use their services, yet they still demand payment for them. You would think a company would want to have their customers walking away from their services, feeling good, or at least neutral about it. This practice of their's, ensures that the customer is walking away unhappy, frustrated, and very likely inspired to speak poorly of the company. I know I will never use Protect America again, and I will likely be more vocal about it to those asking about it. Please choose wisely.” “Beware of these company! Me and my husband got both laid off! Last year when I was still in the trail period and wanted to cancel they gave me three months free I said Okay yet I call Explain how I'm being affected by covid19 and they've said I reached my maximum amount Of credits without knowing those three months were added as credits! What are we Going to do now!? There is a contract and this could negatively affect my credit! No sense of empathy or caring for the customer! Just caring on messing people more up knowing we're in a crisis!” “I find it a bummer when companies take advantage of situations, when the customer is clearly unhappy with their services, and no longer using, or wanting to use their services, yet they still demand payment for them. You would think a company would want to have their customers walking away from their services, feeling good, or at least neutral about it. This practice of their's, ensures that the customer is walking away unhappy, frustrated, and very likely inspired to speak poorly of the company. I know I will never use Protect America again, and I will likely be more vocal about it to those asking about it. Please choose wisely” “Worst company in America. They are very scammy and the equipment is terrible. Avoid these guys and the lengthy contracts. Protect America does not do what they advertise, at all, in any way shape or form. There reviews have only remained strong because they basically pay people or give them something at a discount to write a better review. I know this first hand, because I they offered me free things to change my review. The truth is, they will not be there when you need them the most. There entire business model is based on creating unnecessary fees, over charging, and when you cancel they bill you one extra time to get another payment. they are only following the procedure. There system is a scam making customers feel like it is their fault because the equipment is not working. If you want to be nickel and dimed, if you want horrible customer service, and most of all if you want your home to be unsafe and get charged for it.... then sign up with these guys. time. adequate alarm services as they advertise. Protect America is just terrible, there is no other way to put it.If I could rate them lower than one star, I. Their lack of integrity and inferior customer service is horrendous.” 4/30/2020 Updated review “This company will not stop calling me after I told them I do not want to do business with them. Harassment pure & simple! We have been trying to cancel this account for over a year now and every time we call the wait time is over an hour! They just keep charging our account each month even though we have stopped the service. They just won't let us cancel the account! Upfront when we ordered the service, they were all over us and had several people calling to help us, but now that we no longer need them they're ghosting! DON'T USE THEM!!!! “ “After being a perfect customer for 14 years, they still charged me to cancel. Are you kidding me? Their platforms are outdated and simply don't function correctly, whichever one you choose. The customer service is HORRENDOUS with hold times that routinely exceed an hour or more. Their price is now more than the three times the market rate than newer platform competitors” “One of the worst experiences I have ever had. The company uses scare tactics and deceitfulness to gain your business, and make you sign a 4 year contract. Customer service is a joke! Just stay away don't allow this company into your home.” “Awful awful awful. If I can give them negative stars, I would. Service and product was awful. You're locked into a ridiculous contract they won't change even if you don't need the service anymore. Go with simpli safe” “I truly wish that I would have read all of these reviews before going with Protect America (I don't know what I was thinking). Yet again - unhappy and still unhappy. I would not refer anyone to Protect America” “Consumers - Do Not Choose This Failing Organization! They were once a solid offering at a decent price but have declined to being inept and overpriced. There are so many other superior competitors. You have been warned.” “I wish I had never heard of Protect America. I used their DIY system for over 2 years and had nothing but problems. I paid every month even though I had problems and couldn't depend on the system monitoring my home and the only thing they have been out is the cost of shipping the equipment to me. I am now being hounded by a collection agency for over $2000 because I canceled one day late. They are an unethical company and I am telling all potential customers to stay away from Protect America! “ Useful “Do not sign up for protect america!! they do not support the military! they do not honor a military clause for transfer or deployment and will not cancel your contract for orders! they are dishonest and will extort all the money from you that they can!! if i could give zero stars then i would!!! “ “….they are deceptive - be careful. I tried to cancel during the contract - they said ok. and I continued to pay thru the end of the contract. guess what - they continue to bill me every month AFTER the contract was done. speaking with american express now for a refund.” “As my first year comes to a close, I can proudly say that Protect America is a garbage company that will scam you out of your money. The only call I received from Protect America was to check on my equipment. They never once brought up my contract or offered assistance on my situation. This company will do anything to distract you while they take your money. Do not trust this company. PROTECT AMERICA IS A SCAM!” “It doesn't matter how great a customer you are with this company. They will keep trying to nickel and dime you. All of the negative posts on here are true. There are reasons why sites like this exist and that's to help consumers make an informed decision on where to spend their money. .Don't spend it here.Customer service is terrible. They are rude and do not respect the fact that you're spending your hard earned money on their products. They WILL send you through the queue and there WILL be long wait holds. Supervisors do not call you back. They aren't really interested in helping, just taking you $$$$.” “I have had an awful experience with Protect America since the beginning.. I cannot afford this. I did not sign up for this. I've attempted several times to cancel or reduce the term of my agreement. So far, the people I have spoken to have not returned my calls and they assigned my account to collections.” “We moved into a new home. The people we bought it from had a Protect America account, which they said we could take over and $60 would cover us for the rest of their term, which was a year long and would end in November 2020. Now that we are signed up, the contract says it's $60/ MONTH, and is a year from the date we took over. We can't afford this and it's not what we signed up for. We've attempted several times to cancel or reduce the term of our agreement. The people we have spoken with have been manipulative, fake, unkind, and completely unhelpful. They have offered no solution for us to end or reduce this service that we no longer want. They have provided terrible customer service, twist our words, and pretend they are "just trying to help" us.” “DO NOT GET! SAVE YOUR MONEY! It's the most annoying system I could have ever have gotten! No way to break the contract! When I first called they said it was only a year! When I tried to cancel in the first year the guy I walked too said I only had six months left! When they called again they said after March i need another! They are not honest when they are selling to you! Only way to break this horrible contract is to pay it all! Horrible horrible service! On another note their customer service is still nice. Even with me being upset probably every time they keep pretty chill. But still guys, let there be a shorter term or something that let's us opt out.” “After years of paying their overpriced service( my fault) Now that my contract is over they want to charge an extra month just beacuse. No stars if I coud. Nightmare trying to cancel my service. Do not so business with these people. They flat out dont let you cancel service with them. They are liars and manipulators. This is a horrible company. I had to hire a lawyer to have them stop harassing me.” “ í tried to cancel there home security. They said I just have to pay one extra month. Paid that, then they send me a bill in the mail. Just paid that. I cannot get rid of this useless money grabbing company. They just want money for nothing” “They won't cancel my THREE YEARS CONTRACT even when the contract is over. They will try to get you to sign up for another month before cancelling but nice try though that's not happening. I told them I would like them to cancel it. I called them to cancel stayed on the line for 4hrs only to get transfer to a TON of bargainers even then they did not cancel. I even when an extra few miles and sent in a cancellation form via email and fax but they never cancelled it even when the contract is OVER. I won't be paying these thirsty vampires. They are the true robbers. I would NOT recommend them to family and friends, STAY FAR AWAY, you won't regret it! If you end up getting it then may god bless you cause they will eat you alive” “This is the worst company if you want to cancel your contract. It took me 5 calls to finally get the email to cancel. Horrible customer service- as previously stated if you move - you are stuck in you contract. Now that I canceled you are supposed to send the equipment back so you do not get charged- the address to send back was on the electronic signature to end the contract - once you submit your signature you cannot go back and get the address- so if you are lucky enough to get this far - screen shot the cancellation address- now I have to call again and try to find someone to get the address to send it back- they intentionally make this VERY difficult! “ “Not only can we not afford this contract, but we don't want to support a business that is so deceitful and rude to it's customers. Do not do business with this company. If you move to a new house or apartment and no longer need their service, guess what - you get to keep on paying until your 3 years are up. My box is sitting in the closet collecting dust and I get to keep on paying monthly because they only care about one thing - revenue - not the customer. Go with anyone else but definitely think twice before using this company” “Absolute worst customer experience and deceiving business practices. Looking to report them to BBB and any other form of rating system available online. Same story with contract, they specifically said I could cancel at any time (big for me since I move around a lot) and then they claim I signed a contract electronically which I did not. Now I am fighting with collections to avoid having to pay 2 years of contract that Protect America tried to get from me. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!” “I have been with Protect America for about 2 years and I have had nothing but problems! Please save yourself a lot of heartache and don't use this company.” “I have NEVER written a negative review for any company but Protect America has really been the worst experience I have ever had with a business. I was locked into a 2-year contract in Maryland with them and I informed them that I was moving to California because of unforeseen circumstances. They claimed they didn't support the California market and that I would not be able to cancel my contract. 3 years later, I'm still paying for a service I haven't used for 2 years, I've been trying to cancel ever since but when I call support, no one wants to help. Horrible customer service and I would not recommend to anyone!” “Company is a complete ripoff! I wish I could say you get what you pay for... Awful company with useless staff that over promises and under delivers. Equipment is cheap, always breaks, and there customer service/tech support lied about the features of their monitoring service. I put up with it for 7 months of being told they would fix the problems and issues i was having with the monitoring services. When i canceled, they chaged me for the remaining 29 months of my 36 month contract!!! $1044 cancel fee!!! “
    - Christopher K.
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