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Home Builder reviews in Chico

  • F
    Schuster Homes
    Schuster didn't tell us that he had no public report for our phase of construction when he tried to sell us on buying our property. He illegally took a deposit from us, which he was later forced to return. We were told our home would be finished by February 2016. Concrete was poured in August 2015. The house was not ready until June 2016. We were told that we'd be involved in the layout of the kitchen. When the time came, we heard from the cabinet builder that the cabinets were already half done, and it would not be easy to make changes. Our small kids' bathroom has kitchen height countertops, and my drawings of how the kitchen should be laid out went in the trash. There are signs up that a local bank is financing construction. Months into the build, when the home was due to be done, Schuster met with us to tell us that he was personally financing the build and that he was out of money. He asked us to release our $240K loan deposit directly to him. He also showed us a one hundred forty six thousand dollar debt paper that he had on one of the homeowners in the subdivision. He wanted us to buy it from him, at no discount. We declined. During our decision making time Schuster left me a nasty message that if he didn't get money from us, he would put our home on the market for sale. Even after releasing the cash to Schuster, he still stopped our solar company from installing ahead of escrow closure until we paid for the system in full the next morning. He gave us keys ahead of escrow closure, only to change all of the top locks once we started inspecting some of the interior workmanship. When asked why, he told us that things would be completed to his "high standards". Some door handles were installed upside down. Some door hinges were missing. Gouges in walls were simply painted over. Someone stepped through the ceiling and did a sloppy job of covering it up. When I complained that some of the downspouts at the sides and rear of the home were not connected to drains and pointed out other obvious flaws that were not to my "high standards" for a home of this caliber I was told that I've been blocked from his email and cellphone because of my rude attitude. For the release of the funds from us directly to him, Schuster drafted up an interest payment document for us. During escrow signing he insisted that he didn't owe us interest on the money that was released even though he initially agreed to fund the entire build. After the release, our build continued to trickle on with a few subs here and there to do work. Luckily we didn't sell our other home early, or else we'd not only have lived out of boxes for additional months, but would have had to rent. Now, almost a year later, as we're looking to finish our back yard, I found out that Schuster suggested to the owner of the landscaping company that he not work with us, after which we signed up with them to begin work. According to the on site job boss and nephew of the owner, later that week on a Saturday, Schuster drove up to him in front of our home and started a conversation with the worker. Schuster asked him if he knew who he was working for and if he knew what type of people we were. Schuster continued to go on and on about what bad customers we were and made it very clear that he did not like us. If we were at all getting over how we were treated before, we are now irate. We found out that Schuster's problems started months earlier when it was discovered that the emergency reserves on his water and sewer companies for the subdivision were not adequately funded. That was part of the reason keeping him from receiving the Public Report from the Department of Real Estate for our phase of building. The lack of that report kept him from selling lots and finished homes to at least three families, who according to Schuster kept them from closing escrow and moved into their homes without the proper paperwork. We've been nothing but accommodating to Schuster, thought we were done with him, and now it's all being spun into something to make us out to be villains and are being slandered by him. We've filed a complaint with the HOA, which has assured us that he would not be back here, and will pursue all other legal actions against him so that other customers and business partners of his know exactly what's happening.
    - Andreas H.
  • F
    H Leighty Construction
    Concrete work still not complete after months. Asked that he seal our stamped concrete driveway and patio before the first rains. Not done. Offered no time table. Said that he, and only he, had the ability to do the staining of the stamped concrete work. He was nowhere to be found that day as his employees did the work. The front and back salt finished concrete are also turning pink because he didn't seal any of it. We didn't expect to have to ask or pay extra for sealant of our brand new, expensive, concrete. Pool: We contacted CareFree Pools/Bill Bell to have our pool done. He told us that Harley Leighty was to take over the business as Bill Bell was retiring. All payments were made to Leighty, invoices had Carefree header? We were told that we'd be swimming by the second week of August yet the pool wasn't filled until the third week in September. We were told that the entire project was delayed because it took longer to get the large decorative jump rocks formthe waterfall. We questioned how rocks would hold up the plaster and electrical work. We had to micromanage every aspect to get any information out of them. People didn't show up as expected. Nobody notified us of the constant delays. They told us of their very strict installation protocol in the beginning....dig on Monday's, rebar on Tuesday, concrete on Wednesday...and so on. They seemed like they had it all figured out over decades in business. Constant excuses over subcontractors problems brings us to where we are today- We have pool equipment that's nearly 100 feet from the pool, behind my bedroom wall. The pump distance is too far from the pool to provide enough suction for our sweeper. We were told that the equipment would be whisper quiet. It's not. I can hear the pump outside behind my headboard. The installation manual that I was handed by an employee clearly states that thicker piping needs to be used at that distance for proper suction. I've had to adjust the valves several times per day to get the sweep to run. It stops randomly because of the lack of suction and the pump makes horrible sucking noises as it struggles to pull water that far. I was told that it would cost a thousand dollars to try to fix the problem, after I just paid sixty for the pool project alone. I have no paperwork from these guys regarding anything as far as inspection reports, and don't even know how much water my pool holds. The highlight was his employee telling me to go to the store to get concentrated hydrochloric acid to stabilize the PH in the water. You would think that they would take care of that $5 of ACID for the price they charge. Dangerous for customers who don't know what they're doing! The whole setup looks unprofessionally installed with conduit sticking out of the dirt because the cords for the pool lamp were not long enough to reach the electric panel. It is now October. We started this in June. He is still taking on new jobs instead of finishing old ones. Last count, he said he had fifteen more pools to do! Playground: Harley insisted that he had time to lay some on site base rock and playground chip round my jungle gym. He awkwardly asked me if I wanted that "turn-key". Big words for the Country, but yes, ok. Ended up with compacted base rock and 1" of the 3"s of wood chips in place. The rest was left in a pile for me to do by hand and wheebarrow. He came by and saw what his crew didn't finish and commented annoyed at them that they would leave half the work. I just recently got a bill of 400 for that half-job. I still don't have a timeline of when my concrete will be finished. I still have to deal with them regarding the pool pump. Before I realized how much work they were taking on, I offered him more work landscaping. He insisted that he had the time and that he'd be glad to do everything that I wanted. I even asked if he was sure, or I would do it myself. He insisted that he would have someone available. NONE of it was taken care of. The recent rain storm washed out my whole backyard because I waited for someone else instead of doing it myself. He has one part time electrician who is overworked and can't keep up, breaks appointments without notice. Harley has nothing to offer as far as recommending other trades such as pool fence guys. They never bothered to finish installing an outlet out by the pool, just left the conduit sticking out of the ground on both ends, and billed me for that part. No suggestions on automation, LED light options for lower power consumption, decorative lighting around the pool, NOTHING! Dissapointed, aggravated, and unfortunately angry with the whole process. Update: Leighty told us that he and business partner Bill Bell would be by to look at fixing the pump system "in a bit" yesterday. He told me to leave my gate unlocked. Over 24 hours later, no show, no call, no text. He didnt respond to my text today, and didnt pick up the phone when my wife called him.
    - Andreas H.
  • F
    Schukei Contruction and Roofing
    He never showed up or returned phone calls after we agreed to utilize his service. It really set back our remodeling plans due to his lack of professionalism. We had to find another contractor to get the work done.
    - Ronald S.
  • A
    stout construction
    They do aluma wood covers, patio covers. That's just about all they do. They kinda specialize in that. Our experience was good, we love the job--it was perfect. The communication was a little bit off because the owner and I had a little differences in opinion. We had a little bit of difficulty there but we got over that. The guy that he sent out, they were on time, they did really good work, very professional. The installer explained to me everything: how that all happened, what caused it--it was very nice.
    - Dan B.
  • F
    Benjamin Wentland Construction Co
    I first contacted Ben in early April, 2013 and was given a quote and was told that the work could be done by the end of May. I did not hear back from him for two weeks. When I contacted him again, he told me that he had a few more things to finish up but that he would still be able to finish by the end of May. Please note, at this time, the home was vacant. He was given a key and could come and go as needed. LONG story short, I finally severed ties with him  in the third week of July and he was not finished. The work was incomplete, and some of it he said was done but was of poor quality. He never had me sign a contract and I never received anything in writing to reflect changes made along the way. He installed the cabinet racks without consulting me on the type, he charged me for GFi outlets that I later learned were not done, he ordered the fiberglass showers without consulting me as to which one, he custom painted and installed a ceiling fan for my daughter's room that I hadn't requested, but did not replace the one from another room that I had asked to be replaced, he left an electrical outlet cover off in a room he said was done with, he raised lights and shower head heights to an appropriate height for him (I believe he is approximately 6'5") rather than for me (I am 5'7") and installed the countertop/folding table above the washer/dryer so low that the soaps dispenser drawer would not open. The rooms he painted still show the old color in the crevices around the door-jams and vents and the drywall done in the hallway and both bathrooms was so poorly done that you could clearly see the outlines of where the old things had been. He also left a hole the size of a golfball open to the attic around one of the bathroom fans he installed. He left beams in the outside patio unfinished and left a opening between the roof and the patio cover so that rain comes pouring through when the point was to keep that area dry. To be fair, though, I have not yet had a problem with the vanity and, as far as I know, the drain and fiberglass showers were installed properly.
    It's too bad that I am not able to add pictures to this review as I have roughly 30 + pictures to corroborate these statements.
    I have had to hire another contractor, a plumber and a handyman to fix things right after and in the time since. All of them have made comments about the poor quality of his work, without my prompting. The first thing that the new contractor said was "well, drywall and paint were definitely not his strength."
    I called the CA Contractor's Board to discuss the situation and they suggested that I file a complaint. They said that, by law, he should have had me sign a contract and then update it with each change. Since this was my first experience with a contractor, I did not know to ask for this. I chose not to file a complaint as I had a working relationship with one of his family members. I am only just now writing this review as I just had to have the plumbing fixed in the master shower and was told that the parts used were very cheap and were prone to breaking. For me, this was the final straw as it has not even been a year and a half and I am still having things fixed that he worked on.
    The Contractor's Board said that since no contract had been signed or updated, that it was my word against his and that he could legally put a lien against my new home. I was charged $17,790 (the original bid was for $14,015.) Again, I was never given any updated estimate along the way so I was unprepared for this. I can tell you that there were things on the bill that I was charged for that were not done or not completed and costs that I never agreed to. He also included charges that he waived, stating "Gift from contractor." I'm not sure why he did this or where this came from. They were odd and random things. I also asked him for receipts and paperwork for supplies and was told that he has not able to provide these to me. Therefore, I had no way to confirm the prices of the materials (e.g., granite bathroom countertop, vanity, etc.) We had gone to a home improvement store and I picked out some items. He said he would stay and order them as he could get his discount and that I could leave. In the end, I found out that he never bought those items that I picked, Rather, he chose similar items at a different location that does not work with the public. He said if I ever had any issues that I would need to go through him. Back to the payment, I responded to his last bill with the list of my complaints and suggested that we cut our loses and part ways. I asked him to consider allowing me to pay the amount of the original bid + the amount for the mini-blinds. He agreed, so I left having paid him $16,360. (I immediately hired another contractor to finish/fix the job and paid him over $5K to do so.) I learned a lot from this experience; it was a very expensive lesson. 
    I write this as I wish that I had had some additional feedback, other than the glowing opinion of this family member. 
    His license number is: Lic. # 831337 
    - Andrea E.
  • A
    Cbc Construction
    All work was completed as promised in the promised time(three weeks). All work was done professionally by experienced good
    mannered professionals. They worked well with my expectations and around the things that I wanted to do myself. They exceeded my expectations.
    - Michael M.
  • D
    The Chico Design Center
    Chico Design Center completed our kitchen upgrades. 
    Overall, they did a decent job, however, they and their sub contractors
    did not fulfill our expectations.  This
    review is to alert customers on what you should ask before you agree on such a
    How much specifically does it cost to remove the old counters (price
    changed)? Get it in ?writing?. It was $650.00 MORE than quoted.
    If the new counters are lifted and there is a space between cabinets
    and new counters, will the necessary molding to complete the project be
    included in the price (molding and painting)?
    If anything is broken during the remodel, will the center or sub
    contractors cover it (broke fitting to the dishwasher)?
    Will sub contractors completely hook up stovetop and faucet (not covered)?
    (NOT just set them in the hole and call it ?installed?)
    Miss calculation of $800.00.
    You cannot ask enough questions and should always get answers in
    we confronted the Design Center about these problems, the best answer we
    received was ?that is a bummer.?  The
    additional cost for us to complete the extra work on the project was around
    $1,350.00; miss calculation of $800.00 the cost of which the Chico Design Center
    and their sub contractors should have covered was $1,500.  This additional expense was not expected!

    - Edward S.
  • A
    Ground Work Construction
    The whole thing took him just 2 days. Kevin explained what he was going to need to do and why. When I asked and quot;how comeand quot; questions he was able to explain in easy to understand terms why. If there was other options he gave them to me. I had talked to two other companies who were willing to do the job on a weekend without proper permits, one of those bids was for $6000.00 and the other $7000.00. Kevin came in at $4400.00. LEGALLY!
    Kevin is a certified installer, and I had no problem getting the permit or passing inspection.
    I found him to be honest and very hardworking (the guy never took a break). If you have any work to do on the exterior of your home call Kevin!
    - Diane H.
  • A
    Basically, a very good job. Workers were very polite and informative. Owners and people giving the estimate misunderstood a few things I thought were included that turned out to not be covered by insurance, but it was fairly minor. Considering all of the contractor horror stories we all hear, I would wholeheartedly recommend them. The job came out great, the workers were great, the insurance handling was excellent.An honest, reliable contractor.....go figure!
    - Eric P.
  • A
    Schukei Contruction and Roofing
    We were recommended Schukei from a friend and it was a great recommendations. Usually good people surround themselves with good people and it proved to be true. He is hardworking, honest, shows up when he says he will, returns phone calls and does very nice work. He's not out to get as much money out of you as he can. He takes pride in his work, doing it well and you being happy with the job. I highly recommend him for any home construction you may be doing.
    - Kevin P.
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