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  • F
    Cousin, Dr. Luis A.
    HORRIBLE. First appointment was back in November. The office is COMPLETELY unorganized. I'm not talking any basic level of miscommunications or one time mishaps. I'm talking they told me my son had a growing problem and fell off the growth chart for his age and when I asked to see the chart they could not provide it and turns out they had never graphed him on the chart. When they finally did it showed him on the edge of falling off the chart and they referred me to a specialist at children's hospital in Fresno. When I saw the specialist he asked why I was concerned about his weight. I said that I wasn't until my primary doctor told me he was dangerously low on the chart and the specialist then told me that Dr. Cousin's office was using a chart that hadn't been used in YEARS to measure growth and on current CDC charts my son was above the 25th percentile for weight hence my entire 4 hour trip and money spent to see a specialist was completely unnecessary!! 

    It also took approx 4 months for them to determine which immunizations my son needed. I finally put my foot down and said I wasn't going to bring him in again unless I knew that they had the immunizations ready to go (I knew that they had the records from my previous doctor). They assured me they had the records and would give the necessary immunizations at the next appointment so I scheduled it for the 3rd time. I go in- Dr. Cousin looked at the immunization history in front of me for the very first time and said it looked like he needed just one or two and he would go get them. A nurse came back and said they would have to be ordered and I would have to make another appointment for it. That never happened as I switched him to a pediatrician who gave him three immunizations to bring him up to speed at the FIRST appointment AND evaluated his growth and told me he is a healthy size and weight.

    Also my husbands prescription is very important for his health but cannot be prescribed in more than a 30 day supply (that part is normal). Every month when I call in for a simple refill they have to be reminded with 3 phone calls a day because each time I call in there is NO NOTE of my previous call and NO ONE has worked on getting the prescription filled causing him to lapse several days some months. This month is particularly important because I am pregnant and the baby will be here any day so I called Monday May 16th right away in the morning to request the refill. They (as always) said they would call when it was ready and (as always) they did not call. Ironically several times they even told me they had a note that someone called but neither my husband nor myself have ever received those calls... I can't make this stuff up its truly unbelievable to me! So today (two days after my request) I call in to see if his prescription is ready for me to pick up and they tell me there is NO RECORD of my call on Monday AND they do not believe they can fill it today. WHAT!? So not only was there a failure on their part to request it on Monday but now they tell me it likely can't be done today. At that point I couldn't be nice anymore I was truly shocked. I could go into labor any day now and they won't make my husbands refill a priority because? why? They didn't have a reason and at least they could have offered to rush it since they had made a mistake!
    They tell me they will call when its ready to pick up. Someone did call this time but they called my husbands phone and told him it was ready at the front desk. They are typically unavailable during lunch hour SO I waited until 145 to go to the office (right before normal nap time for my son) expecting to pick it up quick from the front desk and when I get there- no one has any idea where it is or if it has been written. They say the one who would know is "on lunch" (at 1:45) and I hear them whispering about not wanting to get anyone in trouble. Meanwhile my tired son is climbing everywhere and on the brink of a tantrum when someone calls my name and reaches out to hand me a prescription and I am relieved. But they ask date of birth for the second time and it turns out that prescription that was nearly handed to me was for someone else... So I waited another 10 minutes. NO ONE apologized to me, NO ONE offered any assurance it would be any better in the future- not ANY of these months but I was especially surprised by this one. I am now searching for a new doctors office- no office is perfect and I am so ready for the regular wait times or mishaps that happen sometimes....because this experience has been completely mind blowing to me. Bottom line unless you want constant unnecessary stress, waiting over an hour to be seen even though you arrive early for your appointments and zero customer service- choose a different doctors OFFICE. 
    - Caitlyn S.
  • A
    Del Toro-Diaz, Dr. Dr. Christina
    Dr. Del Toro Diaz is a great doctor because she's kind, takes her time with you, and really knows her stuff. You won't have to go for a second opinion when you see her first.
    In December, I developed a full body itchy rash on a Friday and went to Urgent care over the weekend. The doctor there had NO idea what it was, but instead of saying he had no clue, he told me one section looked like ring worm, another section looked like a bacterial infection, and the rest looked like contact dermatitis. He wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic and an anti fungal cream. I thought he was insane for thinking I'd come down with three skin issues all at once and made an appointment with Dr. Del Toro Diaz for Monday. She squeezed me in and knew exactly what it was the second she walked into the exam room.  She said "Let me get my dermatology textbook at show you." She grabbed her text book, flipped to a page that had a person covered in a rash just like mine, and began reading what it said. She said they're unsure of the cause, but it's not contagious and sunlight helps get rid of it. I made an appointment for a tanning bed and my rash went away. Had I just listened to the idiot doctor at urgent care, I would have been on antifungals and antibiotics and not getting better. Dr. Del Toro-Diaz is VERY knowledgable and really caring. She has great bedside manner. 
    In a separate appointment, I went to her for a possible dislocated jaw. She was calm and reassuring. She felt my jaw and said she didn't think it was dislocated. She thought I pulled a muscle, but she sent me for a X-ray to be sure. She's very thorough and doesn't piddle fart around guess making like other doctors. She knows her stuff. I really like her.
    As a side note, I had another rash develop a year later and called to make an appointment. She was out on maternity leave, so they made me an appointment with her father, Dr. Del Toro, who's in the office next door to hers. I told him about how great she was diagnosing my last rash and what the idiot at urgent care though it was. He said "people your age don't get ring worm all over the body. Only old people get that." He must have thought the urgent care doctor was an idiot, too. Dr. Del Toro-Diaz and her father are just great. I'd be happy going to either of them.
    - Brandon G.
  • A
    San Joaquin Community Hospital
    Their friendliness was not that great. The bathroom was dirty. It looked like a hotel or a roadside bathroom. Some of them were great and some were not. I tried to tell that nurse at the hospital that he was a bleeder and not to take the pressure off. She took the pressure off his leg. She thought she knew everything and pulled that patch off and there was blood everywhere. I had just told her. She looked at me like, "You can't tell me what to do," and did it anyway. We went to the emergency. The emergency doctors were good. It was just that bathroom and that one nurse. The office environment is good. They treat you on how good an insurance you've got. Everybody does. He is retired military. So, he was taken care of pretty good.
    - Leo & Sylvia H.
  • D
    Winter, Dr. Trevor A.
    Once I was taken into the OR and the nurses started preparing me for the procedure, I felt that the doctor was rude and rough.  When the nurse rolled me over slightly to remove the iv tubing from under me, he shoved me back over and moved me into the position he wanted me in for the procedure, I felt very roughly.  The procedure was extremely painful and even the next day I am still experiencing some pain.  The nurse told me she had given me as much medication as he requested and that maybe next time I should request sedation.  He commented that the procedure was not comfortable for a while.  NOOO!!!  it was much more than uncomfortable!!!   I have had colonoscopy before and this was totally different than my previous experience.  I told my husband of my experience and he, having had a few colonoscopies said he has never experienced pain with the procedure.  I definitely would not return to this doctor nor recommend him. 
    - Harry W.
  • B
    Southern Calfornia Orthopedic Institute
    I did not have the procedure on my knee due to a family emergency. I will say I was disappointed that after repeated calls to the doctors nurse that I was working with and no answer from her I had to leave the message at the front desk and ask that the doctors nurse call me back. It is now 6 weeks later and they still have not called me back.  I have since been to another orthopedic surgeon and he will be doing my surgery.  I actually really liked to the doctor at SCOI.
    - MaryLou V.
  • A
    Farr Medical Group
    I really like them. They're comprised of several doctors. They're excellent and they're professional as well. The girls are very professional and very respectful. They're friendly. The doctors are very good and very attentive.
    - Marsha H.
  • A
    Golden Valley Medical Grp
    They're on time. They're personable. They know you. They pay attention and listen. They're prompt and very clean. They're also very efficient. They have electronic records when some of the other doctors in town were still writing things by hand. The staff does all the work. I usually see the nurse practitioner. She's a fantastic diagnostician. She's just wonderful. He's on my insurance document as the PCP, but she's the one who actually takes care of me. She knows exactly what my medications are. She's a perfect caretaker. Anything she can take care of, she asked me to take care of it or do you want to go to a specialist?
    - Nancy T R.
  • A
    Tommy Lee MD
    He was, kind, understanding, listened and responded to all of our questions.  Dr Lee is easy to communicate with which is a plus during a stressful situation.  We selected Dr Lee after many requests for recommendations from local friends in the medical field.  After meeting him myself, I would highly recommend Dr Lee.
    - Cara P.
  • C
    Tony Hoang MD
    Dr. Hoang is very nice and polite and friendly. However, I thought he lacked confidence in his own opinions/decisions. My progesterone levels were on the lower side, and he said because it was my first pregnancy and I didn't have a history of miscarriages, it might just be that I have naturally low progesterone levels and it could be fine. Then he said, "but if you want me to write you a prescription for _________, I will." I asked if I needed it, and he said that he didn't think I did but if I wanted it he would write me a prescription. I said no and didn't take it. My pregnancy was fine. He also said something to the tune of "no matter what happens, we have to remember it's all in God's hands, and we have to trust him" or something like that. It bothered me that he said that, but I didn't tell him it did. He brought God up a couple other times throughout my pregnancy, too.
         During the end of my pregnancy, he said the baby was big (she wasn't) and fully formed (she was) and I was ready to deliver. He said there was no reason for her to stay in there because she'd only get bigger and she was fully formed and wouldn't benefit from staying in longer. He said the longer she stayed in there, the higher the chance she'd poop meconium in the amniotic fluid and that she'd be fine now but he'd worry about learning disabilities when she's around 3 years old (I've never heard this before, even with extensive online research and everybody I've told this to says they've never heard it before either). I hadn't even reached my due date yet! I was a couple days shy of it. He felt my baby's head and said she was very low and ready to come out and that he could break my water, causing me to go into labor. Again, he said, "it's your choice, I want to do whatever you want to do." On the surface, that sounds very nice of him, but I felt extremely pressured because of what he said about the meconium potentially causing learning disabilities. So I went to the hospital for him to break my water, even though it wasn't in my birthing plan and not what I really wanted. All of the nurses at the hospital said her head was not low, and he came in and said it was. He broke my water, and I had a horrific labor. My daughter's head got caught on my pubic bone, and she ended up with extreme swelling of her head, landing her in the NICU for 5 days. The pediatrician in the NICU wasn't even sure if she had brain damage until the second day she was in, the swelling was so bad. Throughout my entire experience with Dr. Hoang, I felt he was indecisive and left decisions up to me (on more occasions than just the progesterone). It seems nice, but I also felt like he lacked decisiveness and confidence in his own decisions, therefore leaving them up for me to decide. I think I chose wrong about letting him break my water because of what happened afterward, but I felt pressured to do it because of what he had said. Everybody I've talked to said it was crazy to get my water broken like that, and I think the fact that her head wasn't low enough (like all the nurses in the hospital were saying) when he broke my water could be part of the reason her head got stuck. To top it all off, he had a birthday party to go to that weekend, and I think that it played a role in why he wanted me to go into labor that night. He's very nice and personable, his office is clean, and his staff is friendly. I just won't go back to him for my next pregnancy, and I wouldn't recommend him to a friend. 
    - Brandon G.
  • A
    Steven Chen MD
    I have been seeing the doctor for about 7 years. He is extremely thorough. He spends all the time you need with him even though he has a busy practice. He has an extensive knowledge of all the latest medicine and techniques. He has given me great referrals for specialists and makes sure I am taken care of. He has a good staff and scheduling is fairly easy for as many patients as he has. He can usually get you in within 2-3 days. I would highly recommend this doctor to others.
    - Thomas N.
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