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  • AMAZING! I was left speechless. they enclosed my carport and knocked down my old kitchen and made my kitchen there with all new custom cabinetry with new tile and back splash also a giant new window and light fixtures! They made a laundry area and dining room where my old kitchen was and the best part is its open concept all through to my living room! they also did new paint and stucco all around the outside of my house.
    - Emma B.
  • I have a house that was built in 1945 and it was really showing its age. John Shaw Home Improvements did amazing in giving it new life. Enjoyed his crew as they accomplished making my house look wonderful again. Everyone was very respectful, pleasant, and professional to work with. I plan to use them again in the future as the need arises.
    - Emily S.
  • Freddy Flores came to evaluate the situation and gave me an estimate for the work. After I agreed to that, he contacted me to tell me that they had come up with a somewhat less expensive solution that would work as well, so we changed to that plan. It took a couple of months for the city to approve the permit. Once that was done, the work was scheduled for two days. Day 1: Aug 18, a crew of two (Martin was crew chief) installed a helical pier to support the broken portion of the patio under the pillar. They finished that work in approx. 3 hours. I called Freddy to come back out because a small crack appeared which ran from the big break to the house. Freddy diagnosed it as a result of the movement of the patio during the pier installation. Day 2: Aug 23, Sarah came to both stitch the crack and apply poly to it. It took her approx. 4 hours to complete the work. In addition to fixing the main break, she also put poly on the small crack to help prevent it from getting worse. The end result is that the patio is again in one piece, the corner is now anchored so that it cannot sink further, and the patio both looks good and is completely useable again. Excellent work from all involved. I will definitely contact AZ Foundation Solutions should I have any further problems which they could fix.
    - William R.
  • The emergency service was decent; while they were unable to secure and shore up the missing wall right away, it was quite alright as it was not completely open to where someone could walk/squeeze through. I am confident that if it were a true "need it now" emergency, they would have been there. The guys doing the emergency restore were mostly efficient. While the emergency paneling was far from pretty (not their fault, it's just lumber!), it did what it needed to do! The repair portion of the job dragged on and could have been better. It took bloody ages. When your home is damaged by an errant driver, your garage is caved in and inaccessible, and you're now the eye sore of the neighborhood, you want things to move quickly. These guys were more concerned with getting insurance to sign off on their sky-high quote (more on that later) than getting anything started. Even once that was done, getting resources aligned (there were members of several different crews needed for this repair) was an apparent challenge; there were days in between visits where there was no activity at all while they waited for so-and-so to have some free time. Nearly all of the workmen that came out - when they were finally scheduled to come out - were very good, provided great quality, attitude, respect for the property, etc. The PM assigned to me was quite lackluster - miscommunications left and right, if you could reach him at all. Leaving a voicemail was usually the best you could do, and "oh, he has the day off" or "has already left for the day" well before what I would consider quitting time if you called the office. He was more concerned with getting the signoff done than making sure the work was satisfactory. I WAS NEVER EVEN ASKED if the job was completed to my satisfaction; I was instead emailed a form to sign acknowledging that the work was done. Additionally, some of the work was shoddy... I ended up replacing/repairing a few things on my own after the job was "done." Some trim pieces, caulking, painting... One of the trim pieces (16' long rubber seal along garage door) was done very poorly and cheaply; as soon as the summer heat started, it warped like crazy. They came back out and "repaired" it, but it looked absolutely awful. They used cheap plastic molding instead of wood molding. The worst part was that they overcharged - by a LOT. Their estimator went crazy with his measurements - his job is literally to come out and write up every single thing they could possibly charge for (understandably) - think worst-case scenario. Their original quote somewhat made sense at the time, but as the work progressed, there were several items that were never required/performed. Guess what... They still billed me for these. For example, there was a spot on the inside wall that cracked from the impact, and it needed some minor repair and paint - like a 2'x2' section. They wanted to repaint every single connecting wall that had the same paint color, so it worked out to nearly half the inside of the house!! I told them to forget it, I'd just touch it up with leftover paint that I already have - that was ridiculous (though I somewhat appreciate the OPTION, it was totally unnecessary given the location of the cracks). They still billed me! They also overbilled me for painting - areas that were never painted on the outside of the house. Several other labor items that were not performed (no need) were billed. Other examples: charging for 200 sqft of stucco work when about 20 sqft was actually done; charging for 9x the amount of drywall replacement than was actually performed; double-charging for exterior paint areas; and more. It took several phone calls to get them to revise the billing to a correct amount, but they gladly would have accepted payment for services never completed. If I were someone who didn't review bills before paying them, these guys would have made out like bandits. While there were a number of high quality workers involved, and most of the office staff I spoke with were very professional and helpful, I would be unlikely to use these guys again.The semi-slow progress and ongoing schedule shifting, poor communications/responsiveness from the PM, and the significant overbilling left quite the sour taste in my mouth. You know, like it was a cash grab and homeowner's convenience be damned. Images: Ceiling (fortunately, it was just in the garage) where they repaired a drywall crack - there were two that looked this bad (shoddy work); molding on the garage door when it started separating - it would not just push back in place, and the gap grew and grew; part of the new column that was built (all brand new) where it pulled apart on both sides, footing to ceiling.
    - Aaron T.
  • He gave us a bid $62000 for the entire project, with $2000 down. We hired him on January 23, 2016. After 1 week of work, he said he overlooked the "garage" and "family room", so he asked us for another $7000 for framing. Then he said he didn't see the plumbing was not up to code, so he asked us to pay more to the plumber (from $3300 to $6000). A week later, he said the electrical bid was not accurate, so electrical increased from $3500 to $7600. After the third week, he would just show up 3-4 days per week, working about 6 hours per day. He took a week off here and there to go to Alaska. Then for about a month, he didn't do anything, saying, "The truss is backordered, and I can't do anything about it." In June, he said framing was all done, so he asked us for final framing payment. Until that point, we had already paid him $40,000 for demolition, foundation, and framing. Then he said he would do other things for free i.e. installing solar tubes, crickets for room, and make a wall for the office if we would annul the contract and hire the subcontractors directly. Otherwise, he would have to charge us an additional 15-20%. He said the project is 2/3 done, so we would save more money in paying subcontractors directly. We found out later from ROC inspector that project is not considered 60% done until after drywall, insulation, electrical, and plumbing. Then when we hired the subcontractors to finish work he said he couldn't "do", every subcontractor complained how work was not done properly, and we had to pay them extra to fix the frame. Now we have spent more than +$100,000, and the project is still not done, though he guaranteed work will be done at the latest 6 months. During demolition phase, our electrical went out. He took out our RV gate and our basketball pole, and they are still not replaced to its original condition; Richard disposed our RV gate without double checking with us. On September 26, we found there was a huge leakage from the upstairs bathroom, and it ruined our newly installed wood floors. If he tells you to pay subcontractors directly, do not fall for it. If anything goes wrong (even if he did refer the subcontractors to you), you cannot make him liable for any damage. Make sure in the contract he is liable for all subcontractor's work. His bid was to do what was in the plan permitted by the city. When we complained to BBB, his response was that his bid was for a "partial addition", which was never disclosed to us since the beginning. The electrician, concrete, plumber, and carpet installer he referred all did not do proper job. Electrician did not install GCFI for external outlets (against code, which we did not know until recently). Plumber did not caulk toilet, which caused the leak and ruined our wood floor; not only so, plumber wanted to charge an additional $1000 more than original bid to install toilets and sinks, which was required to pass city inspection. Carpet installer left holes on our drywall. Garage installer did not finish casings. Person who did the concrete for our foundation did not level all the floors. After we paid them in full, none of them came back to fix the damages, except plumber because he did not want ROC involved. If it wasn't for ROC's involvement, Richard would not have disposed the construction debris (which he only did minimally so inspector is off his case), fix the stairs (which could have caused major falls that we could have been liable for), nor try to "finish" the construction; he only did minimally to pass city inspection. Subcontractors who came to finish his work complained that wood he used for framing was low quality because it had cracks, and the poles were crooked. Also, doors were not standard size and some swung the wrong way. During construction process, we told him we need to add an additional bathroom, wall, and kitchen. On BBB, he said the additional wall created two additional "bedrooms" (how could it be a bedroom when there is no closet or window?!) He also said that these additions will "delay" construction, so he advised us to do after inspection. When our house couldn't appraise, we found out from city that any changes to plans need permission from city, which he did not do nor advise us to do. We had to do the work of getting the permit ourselves, and it wasn't much work; he simply didn't want to do it, and the advice he gave us was illegal. You will know whether or not we tell you the truth if you look up his license number on ROC's website. The complaints will only be there for 2 years because he tried to make corrections. His corrections were minimal, just enough so he wouldn't get a citation or license revocation from ROC. We still had to pay $450 to dispose construction debris and hire additional people to finish painting, baseboards, and casings (which he said he would do but did not). This did not include finishing the grading, which we were not informed at all, until ROC inspector told us about it; however, we could not get him to do the work because we had "released him from responsibility" by agreeing to pay the subcontractors directly. He charged us sales tax, when he was not supposed to. He said job was to be done at most 3 months; job began in February but did not finish until November. We have paid all of our subcontractors IN FULL, and the decent ones appreciate us; those who did a poor/sloppy/unfinished job (ones he mentioned in response to our BBB review), we would probably need to take them to court to get our money back. We didn't have to go find our own subcontractors if he did his job as a general contractor; with our lack of experience and expertise, we did make mistakes in hiring a few bad subcontractors, but the few good ones were all very happy with us. We hope this review helps future homeowners; we were very stressed out throughout this process. We have all proper documentations, emails, and paperwork to prove to you what we said is true. I won't have time to post all pictures and paperwork because there are too many to post. We only left comments on BBB but have not filed a complaint yet. Once we have more time to gather all the documentation, we will probably supply them to BBB, court, and city for review.
    - Pearl N.
  • I hired Imperial to do a complete removal of an in-ground pool and surrounding decking. Called for an estimate on the weekend and received a call back the same day. The estimator, Justin had already pulled up my house on the internet and was looking at my yard as we spoke. I asked if he could send someone out to look and give me a firm price on Tuesday, and Rob showed up ten minutes early Tuesday morning. The price was less than originally quoted (originally quoted site-unseen). They also removed a shed at no extra charge. The icing on the cake...Rob called me the morning of the job starting and asked me if I would like them to remove all the old pool fencing I had in the back yard free of charge (this was not in the original scope of work).
    Overall: Very professional job, they were able to start the day after (signed a contract Tuesday, crew was here 8am Wednesday), very courteous crew (Rob, Zach, and Cruz - hopefully I spelled that correctly), work was done in two days as promised...A++.
    I have already referred them to a realtor friend who has a client looking to excavate a pool and would not hesitate to refer them to anyone in need of an excavation company.
    - RICH M.
  • The office staff kept me informed and were prompt in returning all phone calls, and answering my questions.  The work crews arrived  at the appointed times.  They cleaned up daily and when the job was completed, even swept the gravel and dust off the street where all the rocks and granite had been deposited until they were needed.
    - Diane D.
  • During the past several months we learned that the water bill was about $50 per month higher than normal.  There were signs of standing water along portions of the front plantings of the home.  I called one company, they did come out and without any digging suggested that the water feed between the city supply and house needed to be replaced.  If they dug down just to find the leak at the house it would be a quick fix at a price of "around $500 but to replace the line would be $3,000 - $3,500." 
    I choose to get a second opinion.  Called J & H Plumbing, they arranged to come out the next day.  After looking at the site, Mike started to dig a pit at the house foundation where the city water meets the copper feed to the house.  At that point he discovered the problem that a supply line from the main line to an unused irrigation system was the culprit and there was the leak.  That irrigation system has not been used in the past five years, as we had transitioned from a grass front yard to a desert setting, with a watering system for the plants and tree in that area fed by a separate system.   A couple of hours of digging, cutting old piping and placing a cap to seal the area.  All was done.
    Their plumber, Mike, was a wonderful person, straight to the job and with the ability to assess the situation.  Then with the knowledge to solve the problem quickly, with no guess work.  He could not believe that first quote and their recommendation.
    From now on, any plumbing issue will be solved by J&H Plumbing.
    - Thomas F.
  • He's a good guy and did a decent job my only issue was the yard wasn't graded down the way I wanted. I should have told him to remove some of the dirt which would have helped. Considering what I started with trust me it was an improvement.  The owners a good guy knows his business next time i will be more clear on what the final product should look like!!
    - Michael M.
  • Negatives:
    -Beyond Cabinets was the most expensive of the 4 bids that we received.
    -Unfortunately,due to scheduling conflicts, we were not able to use them beyond the planning and design stage.  As a result, we awarded the remodeling contract to a competing contractor.
    -Vern and Dawn of Beyond Cabinets were enthusiastic and passionate about their work and visited with us several times at our home.  They also showed us a home that they had remodeled in the same neighborhood and it was extremely well executed.
    -Vern and Dawn really listened to our questions and addressed them in a professional, but friendly manner.  They are the most customer driven of the vendors who placed bids with us.  They followed up when they said they would and always communicated effectively in person, via cell phone, text and email.
    -The detailed design plan they created was very professional and will be given to our contractor to aid them in executing our remodel. This design plan allowed us to visualize our many ideas.   Dawn even included several leads on specialized vendors as well.  Thanks!
    -Despite being the most expensive, will once again consider Beyond Cabinets for future upgrades.

    - Gregory P.
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