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Remodeling Kitchen And Bath reviews in Springdale

  • A
    Wade is extremely knowledgeable, prompt, organized, and stays within budget. From your small household items to large scale remodels, Wade can absolutely do the job and is fantastic to work with! A+ all day - strongly recommend!
    - Jason L.
  • F
    Mark, the owner, met us before and seemed knowledgable. He asked to be paid in full upfront, so we did which was a HUGE MISTAKE. The teardown went fine, but the tiling he and his employee did was the MOST HORRIFIC JOB. It was so terrible, that all the tile had to be completely REDONE (taken back down to the studs). He used the incorrect tools, which left terribly jagged marks, tiles were uneven spaced, sticking out, and broken. Mark had another company come in and redo the tile and Mark was to return to finish the shower trim kit, and door installation. Mark could not afford to buy the materials for the tile to be redone, so he agreed to pay us back. Well it has been over a month since the other company finished the tile and Mark not only never responded to us again, but did not pay us back as agreed and never installed the trim kit or door, so we had to hire another company to do that. Photos show the work that Mark and his employee did, not of what the 2nd company did.
    - Rick D.
  • A
    Extremely professional and responsive. Excellent work. We were so pleased with their work and have already recommended them to our friends. There was one small issue that we noticed about 2 weeks after they finished. We sent them a picture and they came out the next day to fix it. Super impressive.
    - TJ W.
  • A
    Very friendly and professional people.  Did an excellent job with installation of cabinets and of countertops.  We met with office personnel initially and Andi created a design that made our kitchen more efficient and organized.  We moved the stove and dishwasher in different places.  They do not do electrical or plumbing but that was okay.  My husband did all of that.  We are very pleased with the results.
    - Steven R.
  • D
    I had a hard time getting someone to return my calls in order to ask for someone to come out to measure for an estimate. I started this process in June.  I had to wait again before someone actually came to the house.
    Someone finally came on Aug 21st, took measurements, pictures, and discussed the plans for remodeling the bathroom. 
    We were told it would take "at least" 3 weeks before we could even get an estimate....because they are "just so busy!"
    After 2 weeks, I called the "office" (I believe it was Friday Sept. 5th) and left a message (the norm when calling their number).
    I just wanted to know the status of my estimate, but as of today, Sept 16th, I can't even get a phone call reply to let me know they even know who I am.  Extremely bad service had been given from the beginning, but I wanted to see if I could actually get an estimate.  The answer is...apparently not.  

    - Debbi E.
  • F
    Our contractor, Ray Truex (DBA Sunrooms Plus), bid $10,000.00 to turn our attached garage into an enclosed laundry room and a master bedroom with a full bathroom. He agreed to use the plans we had drawn up and supplied. The contract he drew up called for a third of the cost as a down payment, a third due once the sub floor was built, and the final third due upon completion, with $500 of the total cost going directly to the carpet supplier for the flooring. He said the project would take three weeks to complete in all.
    On 2-25-14 we paid him the first third for the down payment ($3,500.00), and work began. Along the way, Ray began to change the plans on how the room was built without discussing it with us. He bought and installed a different window than what we
    asked for, added a strange trim along the top of the window running the length of the wall, decided he wasn?t going to turn our attic entrance around, forced a textured paint job and flooring on us that we didn?t want, and completely omitted the laundry room wall and doors to enclose it as well as the wall dividing the his and her closets. Many things he decided he wasn?t going to do were included in the contract. When confronted, he gave the following excuses: The omitted walls would be added later, the trim was added because there was ?no other way? to repair the wall, the window was cheaper, and the textured paint
    job, flooring and not turning the attic door around saved him time and money. He also verbally promised us a large back deck, connecting to our current porch. Once the project began, he changed his mind and said he wasn?t going to do it.
    Ray approached us on 4-8-14 and said he made a calculation error regarding the electrician, and in order to move forward in the job we had to pay him $1,500.00 that day. We were uneasy and reminded him according to our contract, that we didn?t owe him any money until the sub floor was finished.  He assured us he would adjust the balance owed for the second and last third due, and insisted he needed that money to get the electrician here, so we paid him.
    The sub floor was completed and we paid Ray the adjusted second third that was due on 4-16-14 ($2,750.00). Immediately, work slowed down significantly and the quality began to decline. For instance, the laundry room door is trimmed in 2x4?s, the back door is trimmed with a 1? space between the door and trim, the laundry room floor is peeling up, and the back porch is made of wood that is busted and splitting. The back porch is also unstable and wobbly. Ray only showed up one or two days a week, and some weeks he didn?t come at all. There were several weeks where we didn?t see him, and would continuously call and text him, pleading with him to come finish working at our house. Each time, he?d give an excuse and a promise to come the following week. Excuses included a car wreck, getting new windshield wipers, his employee?s son had a car wreck, his phone quit working (though we saw him use it), working several other jobs to get money to finish our job, it was raining where he was, it was sunny and he wanted to roof instead, he was sick several times, and he had hurt his back.
    Ray approached us on 5-1-14 stating that in order to pass inspection, our A/C unit needed upgraded and we needed insulation in the attic and walls. The issue with the A/C unit concerned us because it was a new unit that was installed in October of 2013 by the City of Springdale?s Community Development Block Grant Program to be big enough to handle the addition. It was inspected and approved in October of 2013 by the City of Springdale, with knowledge of the pending addition. However, he insisted it would not pass because it was not big enough, so we agreed to a change order to upgrade it. The change order was for $1,520.00. He said he needed $1,020 at that time to continue working on our project. He stated if we didn?t have the money, he would cease working until that payment was made. We wrote him a check for $1,020 on 5-1-14 to continue the project.
    During construction when Ray had moved our washer machine, it began backing up, flooding the laundry room. We had asked him to fix it, repeatedly. He stated he would have the plumber look at it when he did the bathroom, and as a temporary fix, shoved a plastic bag in the pipe. However, it came loose often, flooding the new sub floor and insulation, and later, the new
    flooring, causing the tiles to come up and washing the texture off the wall. We brought it to Ray?s attention again, insisting he get a plumber out here, but he kept telling us the plumber was busy for the next several weeks.
    During the rebuild of the laundry room, Ray decided to move the dryer vent to a different location, removing several bricks on the outside of our home, promising to replace them later. Currently, there are two giant holes in our outside wall.
    When it was time for the rooms to be inspected, Ray lied to the inspector about the bathroom, listing it as a storage closet so it would pass. No plumbing or fixtures were ever installed, though they are listed in the contract. After this inspection, we didn?t see or hear from Ray for a couple weeks though we kept calling and sending him messages.
    We started contacting Ray several times a day, and he began hiring transient workers he found on Craig?s List. The workers he hired followed the same schedule Ray did ? one or two days a week, some weeks not at all. None of them had any previous working relationship with him. They each began working after being hired the day before, and were fired or quit after
    only a couple days. They all talked to us about their concerns for his poor quality of work, his stated intent to cut corners (such as not building the omitted walls) and that he had not paid them for the work they did. We became very concerned after two workers walked off the job because Ray wouldn?t pay them and told them he wasn?t going to build the walls that were stated in the contract. They also informed us Ray was not planning on putting insulation in the walls, but instead had instructed them to put just a little on top to make it appear they were insulated.  
    On 5-29-14 Ray approached us and stated in order to get the room painted we had to pay him $1,500.00, which would come off our balance due. In order to keep the project moving forward and get it done, we paid him the $1,500.00 that day. He had the painter come out a few days later. We were unhappy with the paint job, as it left visible stripes on the walls. We asked Ray for a second coat of paint, which he did a week later on June 4th. This was the last time we saw Ray.
    On 5-31-14 Ray had an electrician here to wire the ceiling fan. He said it wasn?t covered by our contract and we had to pay the electrician direct. We wrote him a check that day for $50.00. In addition, although the ceiling fan, bathroom and laundry room light fixtures were covered under the contract, Ray informed us we had to purchase them ourselves. We spent an additional $166.77 at Lowes. 
    On 6-11-14 the carpet installer showed up and installed the carpet. That was the last time any work was done. We paid the carpet installer direct, $450.00.
    We continued to call and text Ray daily, asking him to come and finish the job. Each time he?d promise to come the following week, stating that the job was only a few days away from completion. However, each week he wouldn?t show up, then promise to come a different day, changing the deadline. Finally on June 13th he stated he wasn?t going to work with us anymore via
    text because he underbid the job and didn?t want to go bankrupt. He also threatened that we would be very sorry if we gave him a bad review. We offered to give him a good review if he finished the job by June 27th. He promised to show up the next day, but didn?t because of the rain, at which point he promised to show up the following day. However, he didn?t, even though
    it was sunny, nor did he respond to our messages. After not hearing back from him, we sent a message via text letting him know we were planning to file a complaint if he didn?t complete the job by the 27th. He said to make sure to put in the complaint that he underbid the project and was losing money on it, and that it was now a $14,000.00 job.
    Currently we are at 95% paid. We?ve paid Ray and his subcontractors $10,936.77, but not one room is complete. The laundry room needs the flooring fixed and trimmed, as well as the missing enclosure walls and doors added, and the trim around the doors corrected. The bedroom needs the closets finished, with the doors and wall added. The bathroom is furthest from
    being done, at just boxed in, no plumbing, flooring or fixtures. In addition, Ray has left our screen door sitting beside our house and construction materials spread about the yard.
    After realizing Ray wasn?t going to finish the job or return our money, we did a background check on him and discovered he had a criminal history, including theft. He also had opened and closed several businesses. We also had another plumber come out to quote us on finishing the bathroom. Jack with Allied Plumbing informed us that Ray had no intention of ever building a bathroom, based on how he built that room. In order to install plumbing, the sheetrock he put up will have to be taken down, the flooring will have to come up, the new laundry room flooring will have to come up and the washer machine/bathroom piping will have to be moved to the inside wall, a vent will have to be installed in the roof just to name a few things. In addition, there is no way to tie a commode in, so it is going to be an extensive amount of work
    (which Ray never mentioned to us). Jack let me know that it is going to be much more costly to go in and build it with what?s been boxed in than if Ray had framed it in correctly.
    - Brett M.
  • A
    Mark is awesome; super responsive and fairly priced. He shows when he is scheduled to come, completes the work on time. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. He's your guy, Plumbright for all your plumbing needs!
    - Todd L.
  • A
    HIGHLY RECOMMEND!   Their work is impeccable.  They painted nearly all rooms in my home.  Painting was very professional--lines on walls where paint was different colors was perfect.  My house was tidied every day they were there working, all their supplies stacked neatly in garage.  As they completed work the rooms were vacuumed & 'swiffered' to clean up dust.  Never found drips of paint or a mess.  No job was too small--they completed my 'honey do' list very well.  I had a smaller scope of work when we started but added more work when I experienced the quality of what they delivered.
    Janacek completely remodeled my master bath and did an outstanding job.  I've never done this kind of work before so really didn't have an organized plan or knew what I was getting into but they provided excellent guidance and LOVE the final product. They remodeled a wall between 2 rooms that was a mistake when I built the house & it's made a very positive difference in the look of the rooms--the plan was their recommendation.
    I've had other contractors work on my home over the years & have a few poor experiences.  I will use Janacek for all of my home repair/remodel needs in the future.  You may find someone who is less expensive but in my experience you get what you pay for. Quality work & trust is worth the money.  Working during the day, the teams were in my home on their own & I had no issues with their professional approach to respecting me, my home & my belongings.  This is very important to me as I had one contractor steal from me during a job which made me leery to hire someone--NO worries with the Janacek team.
    I met Janacek at the Home Show this year along with 2 other contractors.  One never bothered to call me back after several contacts, one came to my home & gave some great ideas but never followed up after the in home visit.  Janacek came right away to discuss the projects & followed through on the work in a timely manner.
    if you're looking for a contractor to do quality, trustworthy work on your home--Janacek is your best bet!
    - Susan Q.
  • D
    The order was about 80% complete and the rest was back ordered, We could not install the kitchen unti the back order was serviced, and they were not real interested in helping get the cabinet from Searcy AR becasue they had other larger customers they wanted to help first.
    - Mark K.
  • A
    I contacted Tom after reading his reviews, Tom lived up to the positive reviews plus more.
    Tom did a fabulous job on our bathroom, he always did what he said he would do and cleaned up after each days work. 
    I would highly recommend Tom and will probably use him for future jobs.
    - Vickie K.
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