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  • We were getting our home ready to sell but being we had it rented out a while we were unfamiliar with pricing in the area and thus got 3 quotes to do this work. All came back within about $5 of each other which we thought was high when we had only 1 quote in hand. As part of Troys quote he came out talked gave information and even gave me references for other work we had going to to prepare the home for sale. The work was not able to be completed all in 1 day, but when Troy came back he sent me images to show the outcome of the work. I would definitely use him again for my power washing if I lived in that area still.
    - David L.
  • I have seen a lot of other companies work around here and The Roberts Company is by far the best at what they do. Their guys have been doing it for years and they really take pride in their work. They cost a little bit more but trust me when I say you get what you pay for. I couldn't be more satisfied.
    - Michael R.
  • Amazing, these guys were easy to talk to and preformed the job with ease! If I had any questions Tony was right there with the answers! I recommend them to anyone! Another part I loved about this company it's local and family owned!
    - Dave H.
  • UNPROFESSIONAL!  SLOPPY WORK!  When he came to give estimate, I specifically asked if he would scrape and sand smooth all the loose, peeling paint.  He said he would.  Contract was very minimal...pretty much only stated the cost of the job (half due up front and half when job is completed) and that it would be done in a timely details...  My gut told me not to sign it but, unfortunately, I trusted his word.  He said, "Don't worry.  If it's not right, we'll come back."  He barely scraped the loose paint, much less sanded it smooth.  It's already peeling again.  All the windows are now painted shut and he wouldn't respond to my message asking if he could fix it so I can open my windows again.  He threatened to take me to court, by text message, when I didn't give him the final payment he asked for BEFORE he was finished with the job.  I ignored his text and he finally apologized and came back to finish the last few things he needed to touch up.
    - Elizabeth Y.
  • Nate Campbell had me fooled into signing a contract with him that was in July 2013 and was projected to end July 2013. At the time this review is being written and submitted Campbell?s Construction has not fully completed the job.

    Nate Campbell lures you in with his ?good talk" and a "can do" attitude so I signed a contract for a 10' X 21' concrete patio. Campbell's Construction, or Nate Campbell; and a couple random workers came out, and made a wooden form for the concrete, I didn't see any ground leveling, or grading performed.   A few days later a truck came with the concrete and they started to fill in the form. The truck ran out of concrete and the form was not filled all the way. They left the last half of the concrete patio unfinished.  The weather started to turn to rain, Nate and all the workers kicked off their boots, and dropped their gear all over my yard got in their truck and left.  They didn?t cover the concrete patio to try and protect it from the rain. Over the next few days the rain washed away the first couple inches of the concrete into a lot next to my house where it formed a mound.  I asked Nate what happened he said ?it rained? he also put blame on the concrete company ?they didn?t bring enough concrete.? He said.

    Nate and his random workers disappear for a weeks? worth of rain. The rain stops and almost 10 sunny hot days pass by and no phone calls from Nate, no text message from Nate, so I call Nate and ask him  ?hey guy did you forget about me? There has been nothing but good weather for almost 10 days now, I haven?t heard from you in almost 2 weeks. When can you come out and finish this job?? A few days later he came out. They make another wooden form, higher than the last form. A few more days go by and I have to call again and ask? when are you going to complete this concrete patio? I explain to him my yard looks like a construction zone for almost a month now.?  He tells me he has a truck for the following week.  The truck comes the following week along with Nate and his random workers. Guess what? Nate ran out of concrete again! I could not believe this was happening, what a joke.  When they start leaving, I ask Nate ?what?s going on?? he tells me ?they ran out of concrete? and blames the concrete company again and they leave. No contact no phone call, I call Nate no answer, I leave voicemail, no returned calls, the guy is unreachable.

    When I Finally get a response from Nate Campbell, I ask Nate? when are you coming out to finish? Nate would say ?I will be there tomorrow? or ?I?ll be there when I drop off my helper? or just not answer the phone at all.  He never showed up when he said he would. I get a hold of him again after many attempts and tell him ?I paid you to do this job, we have a contract. Nate you do not need to treat me like I am side job get  this finished?.   I tell Nate ?you need to tell me a definite date you are going to be here to finish.? he tells me another date and of course he does not show up.

    When I finally get a response from him again Nate tells me ?I?m not taking the chance of getting struck by lightning.? He told me ?if the weather is anything like it is here.? I let out a small chuckle to Nate?s answer because I could not believe this guy was serious.  If there was a cloud in the sky Nate would use it as a reason to not come over.  When I got to talk to him on the phone he would pick days that would have high chance of rain. I suspect it was in order for Nate to have reason to not come over.

    A concrete company representative shows up at my house in August and starts telling me Nate never paid for the concrete from a month ago and that my property, my house will have a lien filled against it. The concrete company representative/bill collector hands me a concrete bill with Nate Campbell?s name on it.  I can?t believe this is happening to me, especially when I gave Nate $1000.00 cash to start the job.

    I?m getting frustrated at this point so I call Nate almost daily asking ?when are you going to pay for the concrete they are telling me they are going to put a lien on my house? Nate finally returns my call and tells me ?I mailed them a check. I don?t know why they are contacting you? This was a lie.  I stayed in contact with the concrete company until 20 minutes before the concrete company closed on the last day before a lien was to be filled on my house. They never received any form of payment from Nate or Campbell?s Construction ever.  I end up having to drive down to the company and pay the bill myself because I don?t want a lien on my house or property over a 480$ concrete bill.

    Nate finally comes to my house with bags of quickcrete to try and make the surface of the concrete patio smooth and finish the patio where he had run out of concrete the first 2 times. They start on the third layer of concrete and I?m thinking to myself by the time they get it right, the concrete patio will be up to the bottoms of the windows on my house. They smooth out most of the rough rocky lumpy spots. And since there was rain in the forecast for the following day they actually put down plastic and tarps to cover it. I leave the tarps in place. A few days pass and I try to get a hold of Nate for almost a week. No answer, no text message, doesn?t return my calls. 

    I?m finally so fed up, I decided to call the police and file a police report. When the police came to my house I explained everything that had happened to the Officers. The police officer was so kind He called Nate for me on his personal cell phone, Guess what? Nate answered on the second ring! The police explained to him they were with the police department and asked Nate when he was going to complete his contract. Nate told the Officer ? he would be here tomorrow.?  Nate Showed up, I talked with him, I told Nate ?All you had to do was return my calls, call me back, talk to me, let me know what?s going on? and I asked him ?What did you expect me to do, not call the police??Nate answered ? I understand, I would of done the same thing? Which I expect was to shut me up, tell me what I want to hear because when I went inside the house, Nate immediately packed up all his tools and gear that he had left in my yard for the last 2 months and I seen him in his truck speeding off down the street.  The job started July 1st and is still incomplete as of today Sep 13th.   I haven?t had any form of contact with Nate Campbell or Campbell?s construction, in person, by phone, voicemail, or text message ever since?

    He still has not finished the job, he still owes me screens for all my back windows that are covered in concrete splatter, and he left humps, lumps, low spots which hold puddles of water on the patio. The patio is so uneven when you walk across it you trip over high spots and stumble into low spots.  Nate Campbell and Campbell?s Construction in Phenix City, AL. has proven to be unprofessional, unskilled, and untrustworthy.

    If you ever had Campbell?s Construction work for you make sure he has paid his bills, or else you could have a lien on your property.

    To me this seems like a scam, I pay contractor, contractor orders materials and doesn?t pay for materials. contractor keeps money, material company files lien on property. I sell my property, the lien money is taken out of sale of property. I lose, contractor wins again.

    - chris s.
  • I would recommend their services as Jason and his crew were easy to talk with and were sure to make me happy. I took a hands off approach and they performed well and make sure I was satisfied before the job was done. I have called him again to help in a timely fashion with an odd job and will write a review on that when it is completed.
    - Dennis R.
  • Holland Homes' bid on just the main roof was in line with what other roofing specialist companies bid. But, Holland Homes was able to do the additional carport metal roof and trim painting where the roofing specialists would not, and the wait time for construction to begin was 1/2 that of the roofing companies. Dealing with Robert made the whole process very painless. He even went out of his way to help me with paperwork required by my insurance and bank. The work was completed on time and was very professionally done. The workers were courteous and really busted their butt in very hot conditions. My hat's off to them. The house is better than before the storm. Would I use Holland Homes again...definitely! Thanks!
    - Eric U.
  • Used PPG paint, said he gets a deal. Generally used two people.  Inside took 3 days, with one day using only helper. They arrived on time and worked steadily. Helper left some small paint spots; Ronnie did not. They did all touch up asked of them. Generally well satisfied.
    Outside work - pressure washed and sprayed bleach on all areas to be painted. Come back 3 days latter; arrived @ 9am ( the appointed time), left @ 3pm ( agreed upon time -it gets hot in this part of AL in the afternoon.) ; they returned the next morning and finished . They covered all the plants and concrete for protection.
    They arrived on time, worked, cleaned up, were friendly ( remember this is the South, people are congenial) but not overly so.
    I would use them again.
    - jim r.
  • No physical estimate of work , no paper to write anything, refuse to shake my hand, telling me what he can do instead of listening to what I need done. Dirty appearance. To expensive.. Do not use
    - Carl J.
  • When Job was finished, the Premises was Spic and Span Clean ~ All trash and debris were hauled away by Tim Home Improvements. Not a nail or screw found anywhere!
    and quot; I recommend Tim Home Improvementsand quot;


    - Mona A.
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