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Pet Care & Health reviews in Fairhope

  • A
    The Furry Godmother
    We love The Furry Godmother and have been using them since 2016 when we moved to the area. We had confidence in them since our first ���get to know you��� visit and have not ever been disappointed. We highly recommend them for any pet parent on the Eastern Shore!
    - Cindy S.
  • A
    The Furry Godmother
    Very professional and caring. They check on the pups when they aren���t feeling well or have surgery. They give them their meds, play with them, feed them and stay the night. We love our FurryGodmother ladies
    - Sharon S.
  • A
    The Furry Godmother
    We have used the Furry Godmother pet sitting service for years. Tracie and her staff are amazing! Their level of professionalism is unmatched and the care they provide for our pets is outstanding! Her agency is such a great option to a boarding facility. Our pets are elderly and it is such a relief to know they are receiving excellent care in their familiar home surroundings. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for a caring, reliable pet sitter!
    - Marie B.
  • A
    Rhonda Palomares
    Experience was excellent! She loves animals and my animals loved her. She is entirely trustworthy. She has a key to my home and she can come when there is emergency. She is full time in taking care of my animals. She is not hesitant in taking care of sick animals. She is the least expensive pet sitter I've had. She is really great!
    - Marti H.
  • A
    Somebody called me several months ago and we gave them excellent rating. If I could give him higher than an A, I would. He's got another appointment coming up there in a couple months. You can't make an appointment, you just go in and he sees you on a walk-in basis. Great interaction. At ease as much as to be expected when you go to the doctor. He's an old time vet. He's in his mid-70's. But he's an old time vet that gives you kind-of home remedy types of things. Like for example, bathing you pet he says, "don't by that stuff in the stores, use blue dawn dish-washing detergent. I doesn't dry their skin out and it kills fleas and ticks". If they are itching it gets rid of that. Our pet Yorkie does not have dandruff. Another thing he told us: our dog likes to chew on his paws so he said to take a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar for allergies. It works.
    - THOMAS S.
  • D
    The Proper Way to Kill a Cat and Fire a Client for Discovering Multiple Errors in Judgement:
    1. Cat brought in 1/29/16 to review new mass in throat.
    2. Vet repeatedly advised that cat was otherwise healthy, mobile, input/outputs fine. Visually healthy with bright eyes, thick coat. Vet last saw cat in 2014: loss of fur, gaunt, lack of appetite, staggering. Kept overnight on fluids and started on Flagyl oral suspension.
    Dx: 'probably' pancreatitis. No other 'pancreatitis' issues since 2014.
    Had throat tumor removed by different vet in Fall of 2015. Dx: Probably thyroid cancer.
    3. Vet advised cat 'probably' had pancreatitis flare-up again based on bloodwork.
    Could not explain why liver enzymes and other indicators were 1/2 what they were during pre-op bloodwork seven months earlier but surgical vet did not diagnose or treat the 'probably' pancreatitis.
    4. Vet gave cat an injection 'for her stomach'. Was later advised it was for nausea.
    Asked why when she was not visibly nauseous and no one had mentioned there were any problems.
     'I thought you said she was throwing up.' 
    No, that was in 2014.
    He apologized for looking at the wrong notes.
    5. Vet advised he was giving nine pre-filled syringes of oral suspension Buprenex because the cat was 17 and 'probably' had arthritis and 'probably' in pain. Gave no other guidance.
    (Buprenex is 30X stronger than morphine,used for post-op pain. Manufacturer information specifies should not be given
    to geriatric patients or patients with liver, kidney or thyroid issues. The cat fit all three contraindications.)
    6. Gave cat first dose of Buprenex. One hour later, pupils dilated, sprawled in strange position in her bed. Checked her later and
    discovered her flat on carpet, breathing very slow and shallow, unable to move enough air to meow.
    Attempted to pick her up gently.
    She screamed in pain. No other word to describe it.
    Laid her back on carpet and petted her while on phone with Bay's afterhours service.
    45 minutes into call (they're still trying to reach a vet), Molly has several violent seizures and one awful attempt to vomit.
    Then nothing. (According to manufacturer, an injection of Naloxone could have reversed the effects of the overdose.)
    Thirty minutes later the female vet calls. So sorry. 
    Four days later I call the Clinic to discover the female vet never relayed any of the information.
    7. I contacted Reckitt Benckiser (manufacturer) about Buprenex and verified that it should not have been given to the cat.
    Also contacted the FDA Veterinary Medicine Division.
    The vet had a duty to submit an Adverse Reaction report to the FDA.
    He failed to do so.
    I contacted the compounding pharmacy and was advised they provide the solution but the vet's office fills the syringes.
    Of the nine syringes, only one was filled to the correct prescription of 0.1ml.
    All the others were overfilled including several that contained nearly double the amount.
    The original prescribed amount was within 0.03 of the maximum dose so the other syringes contained verifiable overdoses of the opioid.
    8. Spoke at length with vet and as a reluctant gesture of good faith, I offered to withhold legal and administrative action if he
    reimbursed us the recent expenses for the cat (including our payment for his negligent and unnecessary euthanasia) by crediting boarding fees for the three short medical trips we had scheduled for this year.
    He agreed but stated he had to check with his business partners and his consultant.
    (We agreed on using comped boarding fees because it would not financially impact the practice and he would continue to be paid for all other services.)
    I also agreed to sign a statement of confidentiality and a waiver of further liability since he thought his Business Partners would want something like that.
    9. The following day I called to ask if I could bring the dogs in Saturday instead of Sunday in preparation for my son's medical trip to Florida. The boarding reservation had been in the system for over a month.
    I was cheerfully told that our 'babies' would no longer be allowed in the Clinic.
    I asked to speak with the vet and was told they would try to contact him but I shouldn't count on it.
    So there you have it.
    As factually and unemotionally as I can write.
    You decide whether your trust and pets should be here.
    Note: Dr. Kuhn called after a review was submitted. He advised that his Legal Team sent me a certified letter yesterday.
    (Not yet received)
    And he sent an email just before he called.
    It reads that he has submitted a claim to his Professional Liability Insurance Trust.
    And he stated he was angry that he had to cancel his family vacation in Florida this weekend 'just to handle all this.'
    Different for everyone.
    - Lisa H.
  • A
    The Furry Godmother
    We can't say enough great things about The Furry Godmother's services and owner/employees. We've used them twice now and plan on using them on an ongoing basis.
    Cynthia is wonderful with our dog, Bella. She took time to get to know Bella during her and Tracie's initial meeting with us.We felt she was able to bond with her so we felt comfortable that Cynthia would do a great job. And that's exactly what she did - a FABULOUS job. On both occasions, she arrived at the pre-arranged time period, spent time with Bella, and sent us text updates (and pics!) of their time together. We knew Bella was in good hands and was being taken care of.
    Thank you for offering such a needed service and doing it in a professional, caring manner!
    - David R.
  • A
    The Furry Godmother
    My pets were well-cared for in our absence and certainly less traumatized when allowed to stay home rather than undergo boarding. The Furry Godmother presented well during our initial visit, was quite personable and accommodating to our pets' needs. I highly recommend The Furry Godmother!
    - Catherine C.
  • D
    BOARDING #1:
    First the Sticker Shock: individual exams plus bordatella (kennel cough) and canine flu immunizations. That's right. The flu.
    Add flea treatments (despite being on Advantage) and it's quite expensive before one night has passed.
    All the dogs had boarded for 2-6 weeks several months earlier with no problem in Gainesville, FL at an accredited facility.
    We were boarding them here because the facilities were closer with larger runs and great outside areas.
    A few issues here:
    Brusque attitude bordering on deliberately rude desk individual. Aims a 'take it or leave it' statement at any client who has a question on expenses. Verbatim examples:
    -If my dog is already on flea and tick meds, why do I need to pay for Capstar?
    'Office policy. You and your dog don't come through the door without getting Capstar.'
    And my personal favorite:
    -I have a question about this spray. It's an over-the-counter product that costs $12. I understand there has to be a markup but if I'm paying for the exam, why should I pay six times the retail price for product?
    'Because that is the price we charge. If you aren't happy then you can certainly find another provider or just not get your pet the medicine he needs. It's that simple.'
    (**Alabama is one of the few states that doesn't require veterinarians to provide prescriptions for outside use but the AVMA Principles of Veterinary Medicine does: I.c.The choice of treatments or animal care shall not be influenced by
    considerations other than the welfare of the patient, the needs of the client, and the safety of the public. (Translation: not the most expensive product in their office) and II.b. Veterinarians shall honor a client?s request for a prescription in lieu of dispensing. (Translation: Ask if prescriptions are human-grade and if they are, get a prescription to take to your local drugstore or you could be paying 18X the cost per unit that the veterinarian paid. You've already paid for professional expertise and there is no requirement to increase profit margins. I know this because of another veterinarian who charges $6.18 for pills that are 47 cents retail.)
    After all the immunizations and the boarding, when we picked the dogs up, the two purebreds had clear symptoms of respiratory distress. They had been healthy when dropped off.
    Luckily, Dr. Rehm was on duty when I took the sicker dog back in for treatment.
    The exam and meds to cure the bordatella were provided with instructions to call for a refill of the antibiotic if needed: no charge.
    So when I brought the dog back for a recheck and refill (and a rehearsal of the previous issues so everyone was clear on responsibility), it wasn't Dr. Rehm's clinic day here and after I received the antibiotic refill, there was a verbal tussle with the Desk Female. She refused to believe that I wasn't to pay for the meds nor would she call Dr. Rehm to verify.
    At that point, I had absorbed my quota of wormwood and gall so I took the meds, advised that I would not pay for treatment needed to remedy an illness caused by conditions during boarding and that after someone contacted Dr. Rehm in Mobile, if there were any issues, he was welcome to call me to discuss the situation. And I walked out.
    I've spoken to 'Dr. Mike' since then and he clarified that there was a communications problem. He also asked how Pepper was doing. He also provided the name and contact number of the office manager to discuss any other problems with that employee.
    There were several other problems related to the boarding and all due to incomplete, inaccurate or late communications.
    I still believe that the services and facilities provided on both sides of the Bay by the Drs. Rehm are well above average; I don't have much confidence on receiving consistently pleasant human interactions from some front staff, not happy with the markup on some products and especially concerned with receiving pets in poorer health than when left in their care.
    The dogs were used to being boarded and this was the only time they became ill.
    Will I try Rehm again?
    For veterinary care: only if Dr. Rehm is there because of his commitment to following-up and providing referrals.
    BOARDING #2:
    After looking at the conditions and facilities of several area boarding facilities with available space, we ended up back at Rehm.
    Front staff were much more pleasant and it seemed as though a good time would be had by all.
    Until we picked the dogs up.
    The groomer was unavailable so the kennel techs allegedly took care of the baths.
    The dogs were all bathed the day before pick up.
    Only one of the dogs smelled clean. This was blamed on torrential rainstorms (according to the kennel techs).
    None of the dogs had claws and dewclaws clipped fully. Even when taking the smaller dog back, only four of the front claws were clipped; none of the back.
    For the first time in four years (since being rescued off the street), the Pointer and Setter had disgustingly matted hair.
    This was also blamed on rainstorms the previous day.
    The Pointer had a new and profuse allergy to something in the clinic because of the dark yellow streams of eye goo matted in her hair, over the top of her muzzle and caked around her eyes. We'd never seen anything like this and it was clear she'd been ignored for quite some time. When the mats and goo were pointed out, the male kennel tech used his thumb to wipe the goo into her hair more and then wiped his thumb on his shirt.
    He asked if we wanted them to get rid of the mats. We said yes and twenty minutes later the dog was returned with feathers on her chest and legs chopped off and large gaps in her hair.
    While we waited at the reception desk, I asked what had happened that the care was so shoddy this time? I was told  that the receptionist personally saw all the animals being bathed the day before. I doubted that since getting animals wet will not completely remove a clean smell in 24 hours. And what was the reason for the failure to trim nails?
    (No response.) I requested that one of the vets contact me that week to discuss the many problems.
    No one called.
    On two occasions in April and May, I submitted a detailed list of the issues on the Rehm Contact Us website form, again requesting contact.
    There has been no response to either request.
    (The eye allergy was completely gone with no discharge within 24 hours. And we spent another $148 to give the dogs the bath and nail trimming we paid for but never received. Still, I suppose it's better than having them contract kennel cough during boarding again.And as always, no one followed our instructions to use the homeopathic anxiety drops. The bottle hadn't been unsealed. )
    Summary: If there's a next time to use Rehm, we're going to make the trip to Mobile. No more unpleasant experiences with the second string team.
    - Lisa H.
  • A
    Dirty Hairy Dog Wash
    We've been going to Dirty Hairy's for over a year and we never cease being grateful (I know, what a surprise given my review histogram).
    Very clean and pet-friendly (good acoustics, lighting and karma)  and Kelly, the owner, is quick to provide advice and much needed supervision. The stalls have everything you need to turn an animated MudMop into that clean little canine who takes over the sofa.
    Kelly is just magic with our more demanding prima doggas; her grooming expertise is as gentle as it is thorough.
    (Unlike the vet's groomer who shaved down a setter until his tush looked for all the world like an orange-bottomed orangutan.)
    The prices are very, very reasonable.
    Especially if you factor in the costs of a plumber to remove dog hair from home plumbing and doctor's fees for the back spasm you'll eventually get from washing 75# of thrashing Shepherd in the hall bathtub.
    Go on, give Kelly a call to see if she has an appointment or an available cleaning stall.
    Your sofa (and your nose) will thank you.
    Just remember, never on Monday. Even Dirty Hairy knows his limitations.
    - Lisa H.
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