Korcz, Dr. Elizabeth C.

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As usual,  it took 1 1/2 hours just to leave a fasting blood sample because of their scheduling and inability to draw blood in a timely manner. After taking my blood for the test, they insisted that I see Dr. Korcz in person before I could get my prescription refill.  They did this even though the blood test has not been analyzed to see the current results of treatment.  Previously they had said w...

Went to see her again for lipid level monitoring and liver enzyme levels because of family history of high cholesterol. This monitoring is required for her to give me a refill on my prescription.

CATEGORY family doctor




 If you want a doctor who is educated, trustworthy, caring, and respectful and conducts themselves with integrity then see someone else. If you know no better, don't care and are willing to take whatever gets dished out then by all means open your wallet at this practice. They'd be happy to relieve you of your extra $$$ and self worth.

My husband and I were searching for a new PCP. It's important to us to feel valued and respected by the doctor and their staff. We believe there is value in alternative modalities and I agreed to give this doctor a try. I made an appointment and relayed all of my information to the receptionist. The day before the appointment she called my cell phone and insisted I call her back. I did and she had called only to confirm my appointment. Wouldn't a voice mail to that effect have sufficed? Upon arrival the receptionist wanted me to sign a number of forms that any attorney would frown on. I refused. She then told me my credit card was invalid. I looked at the receipt. My card wasn't invalid; the practice did not have a merchant agreement to accept Amex. The practice manager (the doc's husband) apologized and told me the receptionist was new, which was an outright lie. I waited an hour and 15 minutes to be seen after the nurse claimed the doctor was "just finishing up" with someone else. The doc herself hadn't practiced personal hygiene in some time and complained to me about other patients. Half my family is in medicine and I work for a health insurance company so I am not unfamiliar with terms, conditions and treatments. Dr. Korcz does not like to be questioned and the focus is most definitely on how much money she can make. After a cursory exam of BP, hreat rate, history and palpating my rib cage (I don't understand why), she rattled off a number of things she said were wrong with me. Yet every one of her supposed problems was wrong (yes, I have since seen reputable medical professionals who had no idea how she came up with so many imaginary ills). A few days later I called and made an appointment for a sick visit. This time the receptionist turned her nose up at me and refused to reach across the desk and hand me a receipt for my co-pay. She put it down in front of her and waited for me to reach over and retrieve it. The nurse reeked of cigarette smoke and was just coming back from a 'smoke break' when I arrived (this is the same nurse that the practice says specilaizes in working with addictions). The nurses station was right outside my exam room and sound proofing is non-existent in this office. I waited 35 minutes (again the doctor was “just finishing up”) when she took other patients ahead of me even though my appointment was first (and, no, they weren't emergencies). When I objected she said she didn't care and told me I could go someplace else.

CATEGORY family doctor

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