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DOrloff Plumbing Llc
It was clear fairly early on that Brandon had taken on too many projects. He was never at our site for more than one day at a time. The early rough in stuff went alright, but my first problem was when he roughed in a shower with two shower heads. I had clearly indicated where I wanted the two shower heads (front wall and side wall), but he put them both on the front wall. They were also not high enough. I didn't think this was a big deal, people make mistakes so I asked him to fix it. I got some attitude from him which I didn't find very professional. He said putting the fixture on the other wall would cause water to exit the shower (it was roughed in, and no, it wouldn't), and he said it was already 6" higher than "standard" (my wife and I are very tall). I kindly asked him to change it, it was not what I had said I had wanted. It took a couple weeks, but he made his way back and fixed it. At some point in the project, he was working on the kitchen plumbing, and most likely, accidentally, broke a drain pipe. Not a big deal, because this drain pipe wasn't being used. The problem, however, was because my house is old and the existing drain pipe didn't have enough slope, now having an opening in this pipe caused my washing machine to back up and start flooding my basement. Being new construction in this part, for weeks we thought water was coming in somewhere when it rained. Finally, we found out what the real problem was - we were spilling nasty washing machine water into the basement. I asked my GC to have him take care of it when he came out next, as he had work to do in our upstairs bathroom. I could do a week or two without my washing machine. I should also add, our kitchen plans showed a second sink. I left for vacation for a week, and left my plans posted in the kitchen. The plumbing for the second sink should have been done at the same time the plumbing for the dishwasher and main sink was. It was not. I am not sure if this was his fault or my GC, but it didn't get done. During all this, I had also requested multiple times he install a water softener. We had recently gotten a brand new washer and dryer and our water is very hard - and I emphasized how important it was that we get that water softener installed sooner than later. Two weeks later, he still had not come by, but our old electric water heater had died. We were having a new gas one installed, so I requested he come back and take care of that. He did come by, for one day again, three days later. He installed the water heater, ran some temporary lines, DID NOT CAP THE OPEN DRAIN PIPE, and left. And he was gone. I didn't hear from him, he didn't install the water softener, he didn't fix my drain... again, he was here for one day and then disappeared. Again, a couple weeks pass. I am doing all I can on my end to minimize the number of trips these guys have to take out here, so I work to get my floor in my new bathroom installed before he comes out again so he can install a toilet. I get that done over the weekend. Now my wife is 7 months pregnant. She's up three times a night to use the bathroom and has to navigate a flight of stairs. She's not sleeping well. I emphasized how critical it was that this stuff get finished this week, that the "one day and out" stuff, leaving jobs unfinished was not going to fly anymore. My GC texts Brandon on Monday... Thursday night, finally he tells us he will be here next Tuesday. So, I call Brandon and ask what is going on. Brandon proceeds to give me a sob story worthy of an Oscar. He tells me he booked solid, he's worked every single Saturday since January. He tells me he has a little old lady who needs either some toilets or water heaters installed who has been without working plumbing for two weeks.... and on and on and on. I explain to him our situation and that I feel he has not given our project the attention it deserves considering how much we are paying him. Finally, after quite professionally expressing my disappointment to Brandon, I say "I need you here Tuesday then. You said you will be here, I can count on you on Tuesday, right?" His response: "Well, with my luck, my truck will break down or my kid will wind up in the hospital!" Not the confidence booster I needed. I was expecting more "I will be there, come **** or high water and we'll get this done..." Nope. Despite ALL of our problems, I am still willing to give this guy a chance to redeem himself on Tuesday. But apparently, his feelings are so hurt, that he decided he would not finish the rest of our project.... and frankly, I am glad. I should have fired him a long time ago. I will say the work that he did (when he listened to what I wanted), appeared to be good. But it is clear he has taken on too many projects and is overwhelmed. If he couldn't do our project, he should have subcontracted it out or told me or my GC he was having scheduling problems. He was slow, unresponsive, and when I pointed out mistakes and asked them to be fixed, he made excuses and was very unprofessional. I hate leaving bad reviews for someone, but working with Brandon has been an all around terrible experience. If you have a small project, maybe it will work out for you, but if you expect him to be there several days in a row to get a larger project done, I would be very cautious about hiring him.
- Adrian A....
CThe Millwork Masters LLC
All in all looks ok. I am not happy with the overall. I wish he would come back and fix things. When money was owed to him and during job he responded very quickly, but now that he has been paid he does not return calls or texts. When I Di get him to respond it is short answers. Would not recommend.
- Wanda W....