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ARockweiler Insulation Inc
They were very thorough in explaining, in writing, what we would need to do to prepare the space, what they would be doing, and when they would arrive. They were done on time, and we're very flexible and responsive when we ran into the kind of surprises one gets when working on an 80 year old house. Always called us back right away, and very professional.
- Maelanie &....
ARockweiler Insulation Inc
Excellent....Got an estimate. The guy was a little late, but extremely knowledgeable. Estimate was reasonable considering the insulation in this home hasn't been updated since 1958. After accepting the offer, I called to schedule a time. It took six weeks for them to install and they quoted me one and a half days, but I was surpised to see on the first day that they had a six man (double) crew complete this in one day. Worked quickly and cleaned up. My only disappointment is that they don't close spray foam large areas, but understand that some contractors don't do this because of the mess.
- David S....
ARockweiler Insulation Inc
Brian came by and listened to the issue I was having with the basement being too cold. The previous owner that finished the basement never sealed the box sills with spray foam. They quoted me for multiple options of them removing the drywall ceiling or me. I ended up doing the drywall removal myself. The day of the installation Roberto and Aaron arrived and covered everything to prevent dust and spray from accidentally getting on anything. They removed the old batt insulation and then did spray foam. Their customer service and quality was some of the best in the home repair industry I have experienced. The basement is noticeably warmer and the situation was taken care of. We had to be out of the house when they sprayed because of the potential fumes and had to wait about 2 hours after they left. There was no smell when we returned and I could not tell they were there. I would definitely use them again in the future for any insulation work I need. They even plugged old holes from electrical wires near return air ducts.
- Patrick L....
BRockweiler Insulation Inc
Pat (salesman) responded quickly and provided a detailed list of the services. He also kept me up to date on my requests.I called for the person that completed the contract to discuss installation and she did not take my call but referred me to someone else. Must have been too busy.Installers did install insulation. One or both of them had trouble with their staple guns and drove about 20 staples into shelving and did not remove them. Left their mess for me to clean up.The drywall installers moved some shelving and discovered no insulation or vapor barrier behind the shelf system. They completed the insulation job before starting the drywall.I called again to discuss my payment and installation with the officer that sent me the estimate and am still waiting for a return call. This has been over a week ago.
- Fred G....
ARockweiler Insulation Inc
Back in 1939 when our home was built, quality insulation was not a high priority. After dealing with ice dams for one winter too many, I brought in an energy consultant to help prioritize and determine the most effective steps to insulate our home. After her report was received, it was time to choose an insulator to help execute it. It was clear from the very beginning that my estimator, Ben, knew construction and building science, and could see the construction challenges that the multiple additions to our home presented. Compared to the other bid I received, I felt I was receiving a higher level of expertise from Rockwiler. When I had questions or needed clarifications on the bid before approval, my emails were answered efficiently and clearly. As our home is a cape cod style, accessing parts of the roofline required cutting some new access panels in hidden places. When a question came up about where to best cut a panel (the cutting is done by a 3rd party contractor), I was able to call Rockweiler, and an estimator was at my house in 30 minutes to consult. The final job consisted of -first coordinating with my roofer, to sprayfoam the ceiling of a flat-roofed bathroom addition, after the roofer removed the existing roof then: -removing batt insulation from the 2 side attics of our front addition, cutting the edge of the subfloor open at the edges to access the top of the walls, and re-insulating with sprayfoam -densepacking the slanted walls (back of roof) in the front addition and original house roof -sealing the attic around the chimney -adding insulation to the back addition attic -covering our dirt crawlspace with plastic sheeting, sprayfoaming it to the walls, and sprayfoam insulating all crawlspace walls and sill plates What was done right during the work: -not terribly messy for the job being done -polite and professional work crew -willing to explain what was being done, answer my questions, and keep me updated -willing to make small deviations from the quote- such as adding sprayfoam in a small area that wasn't originally discussed -when we found that densepack had escaped from a roofline into the garage while being blown in, they didn't hesitate to go add a line of sprayfoam at that joint. My biggest criticism is that accessing an attic space required taking all the shelves out of a closet. When they were done with their work on Friday, they left w/o reassembling the shelves, so I had to do it. I mentioned this on the feedback form, and an estimator called me, apologized, and said they'd talk to the crew to make sure that restoring the customer's house to order takes priority. They were also very professional when I pointed out some minor drywall damage- they sent someone over to address it, no questions asked. I'm looking forward to seeing how my house holds up to winter this year, but I'm sure it will be much more pleasant after Rockweiler's work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
- Steve Y....
ARockweiler Insulation Inc
Rockweiler provided excellent service from start to finish. Ben, our estimator came out twice to our house because I had questions about additional services after the first consult. He arrived on time and priced out everything separately which allowed us to choose which options were best for us. Their office staff who called was very professional and scheduled our job promptly. Then Scoob and Justin came out to perform the install of the insulation. They were very friendly and even answered the questions that my daughter asked. :) They did a good job explaining everything, worked hard and cleaned up after they were done with the install. We are so glad that we went with Rockweiler. Their prices were fair AND they even honored the discount for being an Angie's list member. We would go with them again in a heartbeat.
- Shannon H....
ARockweiler Insulation Inc
Everything was so easy from having Eric out to access our insulation needs, to the guys who installed the insulation, and finally with Chad and his crew from the Energy Efficiency Division of Rockweiler who came out to do our post-insulation efficiency testing. We also needed a ventilation fan installed in our second floor bathroom and they recommended someone (Thor from G & L Home Improvements) who could cut a hole in our attic and install the fan, as well as coordinate with the insulation guys to be here to cut a hole in the roof for attic access (needed to install insulation). I didn't really want to spend money on insulation but I wanted our home to be as comfortable and energy efficient as a 100-year-old house can possibly be, and I am so glad I hired Rockweiler to help us achieve our goals. After Chad came back to complete the final air sealing test (to see how drafty our house was compared to where we started initially i.e. before the insulation) I believe we improved by 2 percent better then the Focus on Energy required percentage for the rebate. We also had Scott from Quality Control at Focus on Energy (separate from Rockweiler, employed through the State of Wisconsin) come by to do a final assessment on the work Rockweiler did and he had nothing but complimentary things to say about the work Rockweiler did on our home. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to insulate their home!
- Jessica R....

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Business Description: Badger Tech Insulation offers residential insulation in Madison and the surrounding area, we have experience dating back to more than 10 years. We’re skilled and focused on safety and have received training in many aspects of installation technique. With this attention to detail, coupled with proven equipment, we have a track record for getting it right the first time, so customers stay on schedule and on budget. We specialize in fiberglass batts, cellulose and weatherization spray-foam insulation.
Recent Review: They were very thorough in explaining, in writing, what we would need to do to prepare the space, what they would be doing, and when they would arrive. They were done on time, and we're very flexible and responsive when we ran into the kind of surprises one gets when working on an 80 year old house. Always called us back right away, and very professional.