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Business Description: We manufacture Advanced Energy Panels (AEPs). AEPs are a retrofit for historic windows or any window people can't afford or don’t wish to replace. AEPs are interior window insulating panels and can be installed in any building –office, home or industrial. AEPs have a higher insulation and air sealing rating and provide greater comfort than most replacement windows, yet they are a fraction of the cost. AEPs are custom made to fit over existing openings, protecting, preserving and improving your existing windows.
Business Description: Royal Exteriors of Sun Prairie, WI is an effective and affordable home remodeling company specializing in roofing, siding, windows, gutters, and hail damage restoration.
Recent Review: All the insulation got wet in the attic and I hired them to take care of it and they didn’t.  He took about 2/3rd of it out and he basically tried to tell me it was still wet and convince me the roof was still leaking.  I had to bring the roofers back in and I had to hire a home inspector guy to check it and they all found that there was no leak and these guys should have taken all of it out.  They should have taken a 100% of it out and replace it but they just took about 2/3rd of it and decided not to.  They also do windows. I hired them because they do insulation. I wouldn’t recommend.  They come off really good but they didn’t fall through and didn’t do what they were hired to do.  They are nice guys but they didn’t do the job.  I can’t speak about them doing windows because I haven’t had them for it but I can speak about their insulation. Their price was covered by insurance but I hired them even before insurance was involved. They were pretty punctual. The guys were actually doing the work and they were doing a good job.  It was their supervisors who pulled them off the job before it was done.  Overall it was a good experience but they wasted a lot of my time and I spent a lot of time with them. I would definitely not recommend them.
Business Description: Wisconsin Exteriors and Remodeling offers expertise in home exteriors, like roofing, roof systems, window replacement, siding and insulation. We also offer free roof, attic, insulation and window inspections. We have a "nothing paid until 100% finished and 100% satisfied" golden rule. We take all major credit cards.
Recent Review: Great salesman, a gift for instilling confidence, promised to fix deficiencies when we refused to sign completion papers, but after signing the papers, that is the last we heard from them, they would not return phone calls or emails (got one email saying we'll be there the next week for the promised fix, they did not show up).
Recent Review: Highly recommend Badger Tech! Jesus is very professional, accommodating to my schedule and amazing pricing!
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Recent Review: Very well - they were having to correct some work done improperly by others.
Business Description: Zip Coat - Industrial Coatings Insulating and Air Sealing with Spray Foam Insulation Saves Energy and Money!
Recent Review: It was initially difficult to get a date set with the contractor, and we had to email and call a few times to get a date set. After that, it was pretty easy. The contractors came by on time and we discussed how to lock up the house when they were done. I left for work and returned around lunch time to check on the status of the installation. They already completed and locked up as asked. I checked the insulation, and it appears to have been done properly. The house has a more consistent temperature, so the additional insulation has certainly helped. There are still a few issues, like moisture on the windows, but I think it's a more complex problem than just attic insulation. Overall, we eventually got the work done to what I can tell is a good job. However, the responsiveness was a bit lacking, and the professionalism of the people we talked to over the phone was a bit lacking, too. I think the price is the middle of the road, so I also put that at and quot;goodand quot;. Despite these minor shortcomings, I would definitely use the contractor again, and I'm considering asking them for help on an overall energy audit of the house.
Recent Review: Chad Ace was very responsive listened to my concerns and he will be taking care of the repairs when we set up a time. I have used him before for roofing and siding and he did an excellent job. Great company.

Reviews in Verona for Window Insulation

BGenesis Exteriors
I decided not to go with them. Their prices were low. They came and gave the bid, but the product that I'd wanted to use, I didn't think they had the experience with it and then their estimate came in low, so I decided not to go with them. The individual who came didn't seem very aware and seemed, to me, to come back quite a few times. So, he left the impression that if this is the sales process I'm not sure what the professionalism will be. It was nothing that was done, but it was just my intuition.
- Janice W....
AJordan Exteriors
It went exceptionally well. This team is truly exceptional and deserves a super positive evaluation. All the members of this team were very professional, kind and friendly, punctual, clean. We could not have asked for a better service. The wall was not originally insulated, but this team even insulated the wall before replacing the siding.
- Araceli A....
AAce Roofing LLC
Chad Ace was very responsive listened to my concerns and he will be taking care of the repairs when we set up a time. I have used him before for roofing and siding and he did an excellent job. Great company.
- Audrey P....
ANRG Masters
They returned phone calls promptly and communicated the process well. The owner of the company and other management personnel came out multiple time in the course of the day to see how the job was going; they saw the process all the way through. Our bedroom was much, much warmer, and has stayed cooler this summer. We noticed a big drop in our utility bill right away.
- Elizabeth K....
ADonald Kuptz Remodeling
Fantastic! The old bay window was a poorly done job, with water coming in rotting the whole thing. Plus, the previous bay window didn't match the style of the house (a 100 year old Victorian). Don came in, removed the old window, and designed a new one which is a perfect match to the style of the house -- you can't tell that it wasn't built with the home, it looks great! He also insulated it well, something the old window wasn't (it's used as a bench seat in the kitchen eating area, so the old one was very cold, this one is nicely insulated). Looks great, works great! This was the second job I used Donald Kuptz Remodeling for, and I will use them again!!
- Bruce F....
We ordered the windows after doing some research; Mark came out and measure. We put in a deposit and he ordered the windows. They took a little longer than expected, but once they came in he put them in right away, despite a problem with his back that slowed him down a little.
- Shirley H....
Cliff from Beneficial came by to look at the problem and gave us a quote on the spot. The master bedroom floor hangs over the front porch by a few feet. When the house was built, that overhang wasn't properly insulated. Result: the room got very hot in summer and very cold in winter. Cliff suggested insulating the window box as well as the the overhang. He told us the crew would need to drill holes in the drywall over the window box. After we put down the deposit, Cliff scheduled the work to be done 15 days later. The two-man crew showed up and told me they'd be able to insulate the window box by drilling up from under the floor, before they insulated that section. I appreciated that as it saved us the hassle of spackling and repainting the holes that otherwise would've been drilled in the drywall. Cliff had warned us that the soffet might be damaged when the crew took it down to access the area that needed insulating so we'd bought some replacement soffet the week before. The crew only needed one new piece. They showed me the work as they went along, then replaced the old soffet and put the new piece up. They completed the job in a few hours. The bedroom is no longer hot in the summer. We're happy with the work so far and hoping the room doesn't get cold again this winter. We'd certainly hire Cliff and Beneficial again.
- Benjamin F....
ALet Mikey Do It
The overall experience was great they started when they stated and were done within 48 hours and work was excellent. The entire crew was polite and professional. Mike also did the little things that make the process easy.
- Dan C....
AAmerican Home Consultants LLC
American is a class act. From the initial consultation with Bob, the owner to scheduling with his wife, Sheryl and completed work by Luck & Noah. Everyone was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and willing to take their time in educating us about the work being done. A great team! I would gladly recommend and I am not a generous reviewer.
- Katharine H....
AGanser Co Inc
We began our project by calling Ganser the end of August. We made an appointment with Mike Kand auml;hl, the sales contractor, who was personable and knowledgeable. He arrived at the appointed hour, was very willing to answer any and all of our questions. He made several valuable suggestions which we appreciated. He made two or three return trips to help with our decision-making and to finalize our contract with Ganser. Since the windows we chose were custom-built, It took a while for them to arrive (we were told about six weeks). One problem that we ran into was the US Government's rebate program that expired the end of the year. Therefore, Ganser (and Marvin Windows) became extremely busy with orders which resulted in it taking much longer (a few weeks) to get our windows from the manufacturer. A second problem was the resignation of the construction supervisor about that same time, which seemed to bury our project and resulted in more time to get to our project. It took a few phone calls to get us back on track. Once we had a firm date, the crew arrived on time, were professional, kept the rooms clean and installed the windows to our satisfaction. They thoroughly cleaned up after themselves. The windows were exactly as ordered. The insulation for the attic was also performed as promised, the crew arriving on time. This crew was also professional, efficient, and kept the work site clean. Originally, we had also contracted with Ganser to repair damage done to the corner roof on our family room (caused by a tree falling). Before that job was started, hail damaged the rest of our roof. We choose to use another roofing company to replace the roof and also to repair any damage to the roof, including the tree damage. Ganser very gallantly and with no hassle agreed to let us out of that portion of our contract, which we deeply appreciated.
- Barbara G....