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Business Description: Installation and wholesale of fences,decks,railings,glass panels,retractable and fixed screens,3 and 4 season rooms, porch posts and columns, and basement finishing

Reviews in Sobieski for Pool Fence Installers

His crew showed up late in the afternoon and rushed to put the fence in and their shoddy work became evident soon after. Literally, every single post they put in to support the fence panels popped up out of the ground within less than a year. The first ones started popping up in a few months and the rest followed. I have photos of what this looks like. There are gaps between 4-7 inches around the ENTIRE bottom of the fence he installed. Literally, the entire fence he installed on all sides of the yard is raised up allowing huge gaps under it. My understanding is they never put concrete in to hold the posts in place and keep them stable in the ground. When I contacted Jason about the matter, he came out and looked at it after several phone calls and said, “well, the fence is level on the top.” He refused to fix his shoddy work and we were left with gaps large enough to let our dog get under the fence when she was a puppy. She’s a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, not a small dog by any means! We constantly have rabbits, skunks, and other critters coming into our yard in those gaps under the fence line destroying our plants, garden and vegetation. The whole point of us putting in a fence was to keep our dog in and other critters out of our yard. I expected to have a fence flush with the ground to keep animals out of our yard. But apparently Z Fencing only cares if your fence looks level on the top. If you want a fence that’s actually functional, and keeps animals out from under your fence, you will need to find another fence installer. When Jason refused to fix this obviously poorly installed fence, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau locally. He was given a chance to make things right by them, but instead ignored the complaint and now has a blemish on his record. He has never made things right and I have plenty of photos and measurements to prove his shoddy work. We are now looking into legal action against him. I would strongly advise you to find another fence installer! He will take your money and run and leave you hanging for months. And when he finally does the work, you will end up with shoddy workmanship. I should also mention that all of the fence panels weren’t nailed in correctly too. There were several boards that weren’t nailed in places. The quality of the wood they use isn’t the best either. It’s weak and splits easily within a year after installation. Be wary and run from this company!
- Lisa W....