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Business Description: G&S Hardwood Floors in Neenah, WI loves to bring out the best in your existing and new hardwood flooring. Our specialty: natural hardwood flooring. Whether you have an existing hardwood floor that needs our special refinishing touch or want to start from scratch with the many options of new hardwood flooring selections, G&S Hardwoods Floors can help make that old floor look new or add the quality to your home that a new hardwood floor can bring.
Verrier Hardwood Floors
Business Description: We are a total wood floor service provider, specializing in the restoration and refinishing of fine wood floors.
Baseman Floors Inc
Recent Review: Baseman Floors Inc Baseman Floors Inc, was top notch, very professional, and excellent workmanship. They are real craftsmen.
Allen Tile and Hardwood
Business Description: For all your residential and commercial flooring needs, contact Allen Tile & Hardwood of Green Bay, WI. We are a fully insured flooring company offering a wide range of flooring services. With over 15 years of experience, our flooring contractors always provide premium, professional work at reasonable rates. We Provide Installation Services For: Tile floors Stone floors Walls Tub – decks Backsplashes Fireplaces Showers Hardwood floors Laminate floors
King Kustom Carpentry LTD
Business Description: King Kustom Carpentry LTD is your flooring contractor in De Pere, WI and the surroundings. Many have already trusted us. We have been meeting customer's expectations since 1982! hardwood flooring, flooring service, flooring company, wood flooring, floor installation Chicago Corners, WI & Green Bay, WI & Little Rapids, WI & Freedom, WI & Hobart, WI
Brazilian Direct
Business Description: WE do NOT do installation! Mill Direct - National Wholesaler Distributor Hardwood Flooring & Decking. 17 years ago, we started with a simple goal: to offer the finest exotic Brazilian hardwood floors available, online. We are an innovative flooring company that offers honest, knowledge-based, outstanding personalized service delivered with integrity and respect.We believe an informed customer is a happy customer. Our team of specialists, with over 45+ years of combined experience, is here to help you make the best decision for you and your project. We offer only the highest quality of hardwood products for the best available price, and no seconds or odd lots, allowing you to buy with confidence. We offer total value of the highest quality product coupled with outstanding service based on integrity providing assistance and support before, during, and long after the sale. We warranty our products and stand behind them. We work directly with the largest and best mills globally, giving us unmatched access to the highest quality and volume of flooring stock while other companies may be limited. We care about our customers and our community while minimizing any negative impact on the environment. Experience You Can Trust Brazilian Direct Ltd. Exceeding Customers Expectations Nationally for 12 years. Mill Direct - Premium Exotic Hardwood Flooring, Lumber and Decking. ------------------------Best BBB in the Industry after 1years! Better Business Bureau - Brazilian Direct Ltd. Accredited BBB with A+ after 10 years. (QUALITY Matters) Since registering our business with BBB 12 years ago (Brazilian Direct Ltd. has been BBB accredited since 8/19/2004) Brazilian Direct Ltd. has an A+ rating with BBB. -----------
Ralph's Hardwood Floor Co., Inc.
Recent Review: I chose them because of their name and reputation.
Signature Custom Flooring LLC
Recent Review: Fantastic? Everything went fantastic very professional work Clean up done nothing was ever left in a mess and my floors lol fantastic! I think every process of redoing hardwood floors was thought out and done with only perfection in mind We could not be happier with Signature Floors work and work ethic ! Price was fair and Quality was exceptional
Simple Flooring Company
Recent Review: Very professional and knowledgeable
Recent Review: Ed with Floorquest was very helpful and was able to custom order the flooring I wanted. The installers were prompt and professional and covered every detail. I would use Floorquest again.

Reviews in Sobieski for Installing Hardwood Floors

Ed with Floorquest was very helpful and was able to custom order the flooring I wanted. The installers were prompt and professional and covered every detail. I would use Floorquest again.
- Amy C....
AGE Contracting LLC
They removed my vinyl flooring, installed sub floor and put in new hardwood flooring. I noticed they also put in the anti friction pad in before they put down the floor. The trim looks great, I think they did an excellent job.
- Tom V....
ASmith Construction & Remodeling
I liked them very much. I thought they were very good and nice. I thought their pricing was fair compared to the other two companies I called. They responded to me very quickly. I plan to use them for other repairs in my home.
- Joann Z....
ACharlie Stehlin Wood Floors
Charlie first thought he wouldn't be able to get to this job for a few months but when he got a cancellation he came and got the job done much sooner.  His approach to a job is slow and steady providing an awesome job.  Charlie did such an excellent job on what was initially planned we had him do some additional work on other floors in the home. He was always very willing to work with us as a homeowner.  He did a great job!!!!!  Without hesitation we would have him back again if and when needed.  Thanks Charlie!!
- Cindy W....
Everything went very smoothly. The estimate was spot on (other than the changes and additions that I made during the remodel process). Kris did a great job of keeping me in the loop with where he and Dan were on things. We had good communication throughout. The work was very professional, and Dan cleaned up as well as he could after he finished working. I'm very happy with the work! I would certainly recommend Bruce Meiers Builders for a building or remodeling project.
- Michelle R....
ASignature Custom Flooring LLC
Fantastic? Everything went fantastic very professional work Clean up done nothing was ever left in a mess and my floors lol fantastic! I think every process of redoing hardwood floors was thought out and done with only perfection in mind We could not be happier with Signature Floors work and work ethic ! Price was fair and Quality was exceptional
- Tom. S....
DLumber Liquidators
We had visited their store twice to look at their hardwood floors. Both times the person we worked with was able to answer our questions and was very helpful. A few weeks later after we had done some comparison shopping, we telephoned their store to set up a time to have our dining room/foyer measured and order the flooring. Their installer was good about contacting us for an appointment to do the measuring. He left an estimate with us and gave us a telephone number to call to set up the installation appointment. Because it is hardwood, they suggest getting the wood delivered and let it sit in the room where it will be installed to aclimatize. The wood was orderded, but we did not hear back from them as to when it would be delivered. On our first telephone call to them, we were advised they would need to check the status of our order and call us back. When we did not hear back for several days, we placed a second call. We were advised at that time that they did not have the time to place our order yet, but they would the next day and then call us back with a delivery date. When we did not hear back from them for several days, a third telephone call was placed to them. We were advised that it should be in on a Friday and that we could pick it up on the following Monday. I expressed my shock at having to pick it up ourselves instead of having it delivered like we expected. I was advised that possibly the installer could deliver for a fee. I advised that it was crazy to think we were going to drive 45 minutes each way to pick up flooring as we do not have a cargo van or any vehicle large enough to accommodate the flooring. He relented and agreed to deliver it at no charge. We then set a time and date for the delivery. The flooring was supposed to be delivered @ 5pm, so I made sure I left work a bit early to be home for the delivery. 5pm came and went without any contact from them. At 5:50pm, right in the middle of dinner, the doorbell rang and it was the delivery driver. He advised he had an appointment and needed to drop off the wood quickly. He literally ran out to his van to unload the product and practically tossed it in the dining room. We asked if we should do anything special like keep the air conditioning on, etc, and he said it really did not matter. The next day, we contacted the installer listed on our estimate and left a message with our contact info (3 separate telephone numbers) and the details of our specific installation. We requested an installation date for as soon as the wood had aclimatized the recommended time. Two days went by without a call back, so another call was placed. This went on for 2 weeks. We finally figured out we need to call Lumber Liquidators instead of the installer to pay for 1/2 of the installion costs prior to the installation being scheduled. That was our fault, but one would hope that the installer would have the common sense to call us back maybe after the 4th message to remind us to call Lumber Liquidators instead of him. We got the installation scheduled (3 weeks from then) and anxiously awaited the installation day. The night before our planned installation date, we received a call from the installer in the evening advising that their job that day had been more difficult than they planned, and he asked it we could schedule for the following Monday to begin at 8-8:30am. While this was inconvenient for us due to work schedules, we agreed to the new installation date. I typically start work @ 7:30am and my husband was working 6am-6pm that week, so I needed to make arrangements with my job to start late that day. Because I did not want to stay home the entire day, I had my mom come over so someone would be here while the installers were here. 8:30am came and went without any installer showing up or any telephone calls. At 8:45am I called Lumber Liquidators and was advised that they will contact the installer and call me back. At 9:20am, I did not hear from or see anyone, so I called again. At that time, I wanted to cancel the entire installion with them and find another installer. I asked their customer service agent if I could speak to a supervisor or someone in a position to make decisions and was advised she could assist me. I then asked her to give me 1 good reason why I should not cancel my installation and she advised she could not help me. She advised they have a customer solutions department and asked if I would like to speak with them. Since I was a customer and needed a solution, I advised her that would be an excellent plan. She transferred me to the customer solutions department and I started over with my story. She advised that she would call the installer and call me back. I explained that does not seem to work and asked her to give me 1 good reason not to cancel the installion. She could not give me one. When she asked what I wanted to do, I was so upset that it was difficult to form a good answer. I advised her to contact the installer and cancel them for the day and that I would speak with my husband to see what we would be doing after that. Just as we were finishing up our conversation, a large white cargo van pulled into our driveway. I answered the front door and met the installer. I promptly advised him I was on the telephone with Lumber Liquidators and had the 2 of them speak. After a few minutes of him saying "yes" on the telephone, their conversation was complete and the call ended. He advised that he had to drive approx. 1 1/2 hours to get to my location and was not aware that I was promised an 8-8:30am start time. He apologized and we agreed he had better get to work. He asked if any underlayment fabric had been delivered with the flooring and I advised it had not. I asked if he had some and he said he did have some in the van. I asked him to show me so that I know it actually existed. He showed me and said he had everything he needed to get the job done. I advised him to call me at work approx. 15-30 minutes before he was done so I could return from work to inspect the installation and sign off on it and pay the other 1/2 of the installation cost. I left for work and lost 3 full hours of time due to this error. My mom called me a few hours later and advised that he was almost finished. I made arrangement with my boss to let me run home to handle this. I ended up skipping lunch to help make up my missing time. When I got home, it was obvious he had more flooring to install, but not much more flooring available. He advised that they would need to get more flooring from Lumber Liquidators and come back the next day or so to finish the job. I was to receive a telephone call later that night from his boss to set a time. The boss did indeed call later that night and we set an appointment for after 3pm the next day. They had another job to do earlier in the day in my city and would call me hopefully 1 hour prior to heading to my home so I had time to make arrangements at work to leave early. I received a voicemail @ 2:45PM advising that they are on their way to my home and should arrive by 3PM. I did not even hear the voicemail until 3:15PM and I immediately called them back. I got their voicemail and asked for a quick call back. I did not hear and went about getting my work in order so I could leave. I arrived home @ approx. 3:45pm to find them set up in my driveway and ready to work. I met the boss and he apologized for the confusion the day earlier. He and the other worker got busy and finished the job in approx. 2 hours. It was awkward to have them walking through the kitchen as I was trying to prepare dinner. They were both very pleasant and seemed genuinely concerned about my satisfaction. There were 3 darker boards in my floor and the original installer admitted he should not have used at least 1 of the boards. Because they were in the middle of the floor and would need to be cut out and replaced, I was concerned about the time it would take to replace and advised my husband would be home @ 6pm and would make the final decision. He arrived home and a conversation took place where they advised they could come back out to replace the darker boards if we were bothered by them. They completed their paperwork and were on their way. We received another apology for the misunderstandings and both installers were courteous to us. We were never asked for the remaining money and presumed that we would not need to pay it based on all the issues we had with the installtion. Yesterday we received a call asking for the remaining payment. We had the room measured on July 13th and it was installed on August 31st for a total of 50 days from start to finish. That is a long time to have a dining room ripped up and unusable.
- Jennifer V....
ATotal Floor Covering
Great. Barb (sales) and Tim (HW installer) and other carpet installers were excellent to work with. Very helpful from the initial design HW color, style selection and carpet options right thru installation. Very adaptable when discovered needed to add the extra subfloor so floor height was even throughout.. Got it done quickly and with minimal additional cost although added time to installers days on site. Very helpful in moving furniture around without damaging walls or installed flooring. Courteous and efficient. On budget and on time.
- Mark A....
CMr. Sandless of Northeast Wisconsin
We had Mr. Sandless come in initially to take a look at our bedroom floor. A section of the carpet was peeled up for them to take a look and see if they would be able to do the job. I met with Amos and he said that it wouldn't be a problem and the cost was really too good to be true. To good to be true was right. After we had removed our carpet and pulled out all the staples (not a fun task at all) Two Mr. Sandless employees came on our scheduled date to refinish our hardwood floor. Once they saw it they called Amos and let him know that the process would take longer than initially stated, and would have to reschedule. The earliest date the could fit us in was almost a month away. After waiting our month they came back to finally "finish" our floors. I left in the morning as they started, and my wife arrived home before me after work to find them "finished' with the job. She was very upset and wanted me to take a look before paying. I took one look and immediately wanted to speak with Amos. I was severely unhappy with the results which just seemed to cover over the hardwood. Then I was fed some BS on how our floors didn't work with their process, and would need to scrape the whole floor by hand and redo the process. I wasn't about to let these people mess with our floors anymore, and let them know that I was planning on calling a Professional hardwood refinisher to actually do the job. Fortunately, Amos was reasonable and didn't charge us for what they had done, even though I wouldn't have paid had he tried to get me to. We later had the floors sanded and refinished by another company that had been doing hardwood floors for several generations.
- Mike G....
ARalph's Hardwood Floor Co., Inc.
Absolutely without question the best possible result I could have imagined.  You will not find a better flooring company.  Very professional.  They are expensive but you get what you pay for.  If you want the job done to the highest standards call Ralphs hardwood flooring. Period
- Chad H....