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Recent Review: Everyone we dealt with was very friendly and professional. However, it did seem they were a bit disorganized and there is an issue with communication.  The estimator was prompted and sent us their proposal promptly, but when we need to make changes to satisfy the Village, they had a hard time finding the proposal or follow up.  We had to contact them a few times, but we did get the changes. Then there was no communication on a start date, even after sending in the deposit.  A couple more calls and we got a date, to which they showed up a day earlier.  The two guys that showed up however really did a nice job and worked their butts off. I would recommend this company if you have patience and don't mind having to stay on top of them and keep up the calls.  The end result is worth it.
Recent Review: Very professional.  Did exactly what he was hired to do and finished within the time frame allowed.
Recent Review: By far the best price on a wood fence - with a gate. Came in, got the posts dug and set, put up the fence while it was snowing pretty hard, no weather excuses. Very satisfied.
Business Description: With 30 years of experience we do it all, indoors or out, we install security fence, privacy fences to fit whatever your needs are. Commercial and residential. We provide 100% satisfaction in the wood, chain link, pvc, iron, and aluminum fields of the fence industries!
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: I was impressed with Eric/Golden Fence from the getgo. I got bids from four different fence companies, and their price came in in the middle of the range. However, his bid explicitly included the permit fees (Evanston is super hardcore about licensing and permits) as well as utility surveying so that they weren't digging into any gas or water lines. None of the other companies even mentioned utility surveys, even though they would all presumably be sinking deep holes for the posts. On the permits, the other companies either didn't mention them at all, or expected us to get them "if we really wanted them," which seemed shady since I was the one on the hook for any permit violations (and pulling the permit myself also would have required taking additional time off work to go to city hall).  After we agreed to start work, it took longer than expected to get underway because of the rainy spring, and the crews needed at least three dry days in a row before they could dig without fear of the posts shifting in the wet soil. So even though we signed off in April, it took till late May to get going. I appreciate this care, but just don't expect a guaranteed turnaround.  Once the crew was there, it took one day to take down the old fence and sink most of the posts, and by the end of the second day the fence was completely done. (We have a corner property and were working on three sides of our yard.) We didn't realize it during the estimate, but there was a big old vine that had grown all the way through the old fence and had to come down along with the fence. This definitely added some time to the work but they didn't charge me extra for the work or the haul-away. They were also willing to improvise a structure to preserve the vine if we desired, but that wasn't really practical in the long term.  The fence itself is very well constructed and looks great. Many neighbors have stopped by to compliment the workmanship.  A second crew had to come back a few days later to remove a grade difference that was exposed by moving the fenceline 18" back from the old one, and to build a retaining structure to hold back the grade difference (and moved 40' x 18" x 8" worth of earth to a different part of the property). They also took out two tree stumps and a shrub.  Overall, a great experience. An owner who knows what he's doing and is very mindful of doing it right, and hard working, very capable (and friendly) crews.

Reviews in Mayville for Wood Fence Installation

AAztec Fence Inc
I hired Aztec Fence 4 years ago for my house fencing.  This year needing a repair or Partially Replace a Wood Fence Aztec Fence did exactly what they said they would do when they said they would and the finished job looks very good. I would certainly use them again for similar work and would recommend them to my neighbors if they should need any fence repairs.
- Jorge C....
BGonzalez Fence & Iron
I did have them come and quote, but I have not used them. They were all right. I had to call them twice to get them out to the property, so I guess on service and their timeliness for responding to a request for a quote was not good. I dealt with them long distance; I did not actually meet them. I called because I wanted them to put the fence up, so I called to get a bid.
- Mark S....
BFence Guys
We chose them because they had the better price out of anybody. He showed us some fences he did around the area. We looked at them, and chose him. They were on time. He said it would take them three days, and they finished in two.
- Corey V....
AGolden Fence
Everything went well, We were delayed due to rain the 1st week that they were going to come, but that's understandable. They can't control the weather. The crew was fast and friendly. They did a perfect job. I love my fence.
- Heather C....