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Business Description: There’s never been a better time to transform you home with Champion of Madison! Think of us as a one-stop shop for everything you need to beautify your home’s exterior: windows, sunrooms, siding, roofing and doors. Only Champion offers the superior energy efficiency of Comfort 365 Windows, industry-leading limited lifetime guarantee, and award winning products made in the USA. For over 60 years, Champion has been manufacturing and installing quality windows, doors and sunrooms while creating a seamless experience for our customers. More than 9 out of 10 customers recommend Champion. Not only do Champion products enhance your curb appeal, but can also lower your energy bills, improve the comfort level of your home and reward you with a high return on your investment. Experience the difference Champion products can make for your home today! ENERGY STAR®, NSA, AAMA, Installation Experts, VSI, BBB, NFRC
Recent Review: The whole experience was very positive. The crews came in and performed their work. There were some predictable weather delays due to seasonable cold temperatures. When the weather turned, the crews were back in doing their job. Impressive!
Recent Review: I called the Feldco Milwaukee office to set up an appointment for an estimate, but apparently because my home is located close to the Illinois boarder, the estimate and work was assigned to the Chicago office. The estimator was on time and knew his product. Feldco has two grades of vinyl siding, the top grade has attached foam backing and a thicker vinyl while the other does not have the attached backing, but rather a slide in type and is not as thick. The estimator made his presentation, concentrating on the top grade, and, while not saying so, showed me the advantages of this product.  He then gave me a price for both grades. After I rejected his prices and told him I was not interested in the top grade product, we talked about the less expensive product. He told me he could not lower the price anymore but if he called his boss, maybe he could do something.  To make the story short, I believe the call was a ruse, we settled on a price. The company had to send, as part of their service, another estimator to verify the measurements and then set up an installation time. Feldco worked with me to allow time for me to remove the old siding and arrived when they said they would. All work was completed satisfactorily and in a very short time. The installation crew kept.and left the work site clean. The only problem we had with the crew was that they did not respect the flowers that we had planted along two sides of the home. They trampled all of the plants in two 18' by 3' planting areas next to the house, except a large (6' high by 3' wide) rose bush. All in all, I am happy with the product and service provided.
Recent Review: I found their name through Angie's List. I was quite pleased with their honesty, hard work and timeliness. Unfortunately, I do not recall the cost. I would definitely recommend them to others as I was quite pleased with their work performance.
Business Description: Small exterior improvement contracting business focusing on quality workmanship since 1997.
Business Description: Residential Renovation Solutions offers custom exterior home upgrade services. With over 15 years experience in the home improvements field. We also offer financing to customers through AMS Financial.
Business Description: Euro-Tech, Inc. has been the Midwest's premier home improvement company for over 23 years .
Recent Review: I was very happy with Elite Exteriors. I read a lot about HardiPlank siding and how picky the installation was. If it isn't installed correctly it could and more than likely will fail (from what I heard and read). The installers for Elite Exteriors were VERY knowledgeable. You could tell from the first day to the last day the installers knew exactly what they were doing. The owner of Elite Exteriors checked on the job 3 times during the 2 week installation which I was very happy about. When he walked around I walked with him. He looked over the work with his foreman and you could just tell that the foreman knew just as much as the owner (which is nice to observe, because the foreman is the one on site all day every day). The outbuilding is not even visible from the house so I just put vinyl siding on it. That was very easy. Elite did a great job on that building also. They had no problem doing HardiPlank and vinyl. Elite was very easy to work with.. I would recommend them. No extra charges. Invoice was exactly what the quote was. Happy customer!!
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: The Oakwood Exteriors team was selected because of an outstanding reputation for superior quality work. I was looking for a complete “facelift” of my home to take it from the original construction design (circa 1977) and bring it into 2017. The project consisted of a new Decra XD stone coated steel roof, new soffit and fascia, new vinyl siding, new gutter system as well as a replacement of backdoor in the garage. This was a major undertaking in my mind since it was a top-to-bottom makeover, but was handled with ease and professionalism by the Oakwood Exteriors team. I really felt very confident in the choice I had made when the team ran into areas of the home that needed various boards replaced (and they replaced them) as opposed to someone else who may have just covered it up to avoid the additional work. I’m very appreciative and impressed with the concern that was taken during the entire project. The job is impeccable and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. The update was completed in roughly 7 days and during the entire process the job site was cleaned up every night. I HIGHLY recommend Oakwood Exteriors to anyone that’s considering updating their home.
Recent Review: Quoted job was finished in 1/2 the time - one day rather than two. Siding looks very good and trim work was good too. Most of the material was cleaned up afterwards, but there was still a little bit we had to pick up - vinyl siding shavings, some wood and siding scraps. Overall quite happy.

Reviews in Mayville to Install Vinyl Siding

FEuro-Tech, Inc
It took Euro-Tech 3 months to finally get to my job. The contracted installer took THREE DAYS to install siding on my garage. The installer showed up late all three days, was surly towards me, and did a poor job of installing the siding. I called repeatedly to the 800 number, and after 2 more months, they sent somebody out to look at the installation: the same surly man who installed it in the first place! He brought along another man who enthusiastically dictated a punch list to the silent, surly installer. the man dictating the punch list promised to be back within two days and fix everything. That was over a month ago. I called 3 days ago to again complain and get somebody here. The woman who answered the phone promised over and over to call me back in one hour. It's been 3 days. I would advise NOT doing any business with this company.
- David L....
CElite Exteriors LLC
I emailed Elite asking if they did vinyl siding as all their reviews only mention Hardie Board. The response said yes, so we arranged for Scott to come out and look at our project. The problem was that he wasn't listening to what we wanted. He was trying to sell us Hardie Board, even when we said we knew the product and had seen it and DID NOT WANT IT. He didn't have a lot to show us in the vinyl category even though that is specifically what we said we wanted. When he did send us a perfunctory and detail-free quote for vinyl (2 lines), the rest of the very long email was an extensive list of homes Elite had covered in Hardie Board that he encouraged us to go look at. Since they also claim to do attic insulation, we asked about that and were dismayed to discover that Scott wanted to blow insulation over the old, mouse-infested insulation rather than removing it first. So if you want Hardie Board, this company could do the job for you. It has a lot of experience but whether it is being installed correctly, as it has to be with this heavy manufactured cement siding (made for the West coast, which is why we were not keen to have it on our house in the freeze-and-thaw cycling Midwest), you'd have to discover somehow for yourself, as with all contractors. But the fact that we said upfront that we wanted vinyl siding, and then when we met Scott, reiterated that we wanted vinyl siding, he continued to try to sell us Hardie made us uninterested in having his company do any job for us. Because if your contractor doesn't listen to you at the very beginning, it is unlikely he is going to do so for the length of the job.
- Megan M....
AOakwood Exteriors LLC
Mr. Jordan explained the job and price well.  He returned the phone calls promptly.  Excellent communication and customer service!
- Ryan W....
AClearview Windows Siding & More
Quoted job was finished in 1/2 the time - one day rather than two. Siding looks very good and trim work was good too. Most of the material was cleaned up afterwards, but there was still a little bit we had to pick up - vinyl siding shavings, some wood and siding scraps. Overall quite happy.
- Simon C....
FClearview Windows Siding & More
There are countless things that were wrong with the work that was done and the behavior of the owner was abhorrent. For starters flashing was supposed to be installed on two sides. One side was never done and the other side was done with leftover pieces of flashing. The rotten wood on one side was never replaced and the other side they cut out a couple of the worst spots of rot, but let the rest of the rotten boards up and just pieced it together with new wood. The aluminum on the one fascia was an old, used piece of aluminum, which was white. My garage is beige with dark brown trim. The aluminum they installed on the other side is all wavy. I wanted vinyl siding down the two sides of the garage door, and was told that they couldn't do that. They slapped up aluminum instead, which wasn't cut properly in places. Nothing was caulked. The owner then argued with me that he was not going to do the bottom board of the front gable. He was going to do the whole front of the garage and gable except for one board running across the bottom of the gable. His reasoning was that that was not the gable or the front of the garage, but a "miscellaneous board". He also was going to use brown aluminum on the front of the garage . My garage is beige. Why would I want my whole garage beige, except for the front? He was actually screaming at me and stormed off and was mad that he actually had to put siding on the "miscellaneous board and get beige aluminum to match the rest of the garage. He also did a terrible job of matching the color to the existing siding. The color is more tan than beige. He also did not bother to match the height of the new siding to the existing siding. The existing siding is 5 inches, and he put 4 inch siding on. The garage looks ridiculous. I have had nothing but negative comments from people on what a terrible job this company did and about how bad it looks. Stay clear from this company.
- Kim W....
AAumunn Siding & Windows Inc
Very well! They asked us many times if we had questions and always showed us each time they found wood rot. We had a run of wet weather while they were working, but they worked around it and quickly made up any time lost to the rain. They are all very polite and professional. They also picked up their construction trash and removed it. We're definitely using them again.
- Nancy W....
AQuality Exteriors
A high wind had torn the aluminum fascia away from part of my house. I selected Quality Exteriors based on their Angie?s List ratings. Since I am an over-the-road truck driver, I was not home but spoke with Glenn Killom and informed him of my issue. At the same time, I told him there were several pieces of vinyl siding which were cracked or broken that I would like repaired, as well.   He said he would be in the neighborhood that week and would look things over and provide an estimate. He called me the day after his visit with an estimate. The fascia could be repaired immediately, but he would need to check with his suppliers to match my vinyl siding. He kept me informed of the process all along the way since I wasn?t at home.   After the initial repair of the fascia, I was billed only for that part since the siding was still pending. When the matching siding was located, he scheduled a day for that to be completed. He also told me beforehand that he would need to buy a whole box of siding and there would be a few pieces leftover. We made arrangements as to where the residual siding would be left. Once the siding repairs were completed I was billed for that. Both jobs were done as stated and for the quoted price. Everything was carried out in a professional manner. Glenn Killom does business the right way. He?s an old-school, true-to-his-word craftsman. I even offered to provide payment in advance since I wasn?t going to be home but he wouldn?t have any of it. He said he was more than happy to bill me after the job was completed to my satisfaction ? and it was!
- B.d. K....
ACentral Home Improvements Inc
Overall, our experience with Central Home Improvements wa extremely positive. This was out first experience with a large-scale home remodeling project and we couldn't be happier with the results. Our estimate was completed in a timely manner, with a meeting to review the estimate and answer our questions. We were given advance notice before each of the three crews (roof, siding and gutters) arrived to our house to do any work. The roof was completed first and mid-way through the project, the crew accommodated our request to blow more insulation into the attic (this was not included in the original plan). As the roof project came to a close, the siding team arrived. They worked diligently, weather permitting, and even removed the extra and quot;oldand quot; siding tucked in our garage and a few other items that we didn't expect their help with. It was fun to come home each day and see the progress that had been made on the house! As the siding project wrapped up, the gutter team came to install the gutters and gutter guard. Each and every Central Home Improvement employee was friendly and professional. The work crews displayed great attention to detail and amazing craftsmanship. I enjoyed talking with them at each stage of the process; we could see that they took great pride in their work and were just as excited about the transformation of our house as we were. In addition, the clean-up at the end of every day was fantastic. With two dogs and a three year old son, I was worried about nails and other pieces of material on the ground. We never ran into any issues realted to clean-up, and the area around the house was immaculate at the end of the day with all needed supplies and materials neatly organized in the back yard. As our three year old son says, and quot;Mr. Art (the crew leader) made our house beautifuland quot; and we couldn't agree more. We' were so happy to have had such a good experience with this project and would definitely recommend Central Home Improvements to our friends!
- Keith J....
AParagon Exteriors LLC
Everything went really well.   Justin from Paragon came out assesed the roof and garage and then explained our options, the process involved and materials that would be used.    The material for the roof came in that 1st week after contracting with Paragon and it was done in one day.  The siding took about 3 weeks to get as we wanted a special width that was not carried but as soon as it came in, Justin and his crew were out the next day and sided the garage.  They did an excellent job and Justin went out of his way to make sure everything was as we wanted it.   We are very happy with the work done and would highly recommend Paragon exteriors.
- Gail B....
AAumunn Siding & Windows Inc
Outstanding! House looks great, have received countless compliments from the neighborhood and passers-by. !
- Lila &....