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Business Description: I have been in the Plumbing field for over 25 years...I take pride in giving a nice,neat clean service at a fair price. Working for myself out of my home office,allows me to keep my prices fair and competitive.
Business Description: "Quality Craftsmanship with Attention to Detail" since 1986. We specialize in all types of Remodeling, Kitchens and Bath, Tile and Basements. We can build Decks and Porches. We can help you with affordable, energy-saving Window and Door solutions.
Business Description: We’ve been the remodeling company of choice in the Wauwatosa and greater Milwaukee area for years. Our remodeling contractors have the skills and industry knowledge to transform every room in your home. Trade your stained carpets for hardwood floors. Enjoy a single vanity in your bathroom. Whip up a gourmet meal in a remodeled kitchen. Trust Back To Basics Builders, LLC to remodel your home from top to bottom. Call Today for a free estimate.
Business Description: Brian Terranova Construction LLC is built on quality, integrity, and excellence in customer service. We have over 15 years of experience in all facets of residential construction including: New construction, custom homes, wilderness cabins, additions, garages, decks, outdoor living spaces, remodeling, kitchens, bathrooms, finish carpentry, fine custom woodworking, windows and doors. Conveniently located in Glendale, Wisconsin, we are the premier contractor for all of your General contracting, building, and home improvement needs in Milwaukee and Ozaukee counties. Sincerely, Brian Terranova
Recent Review: GR General Contracting did a fabulous job on our basement. It took us years to save up enough to do a full basement rehab, and we got at least a dozen quotes from various contractors. Most had quotes higher than our budget or we did not feel comfortable with the company. Gordon was the first to provide a reasonable quote as well as give a professional and competent first impression. We found Gordon to be very flexible and accommodating to any changes that needed to be made. We had a number of unexpected challenges on the project (like almost all major construction projects do), but Gordon was there at every turn to discuss our options and help us decide the best route to take. After demolition and at the beginning of actual construction, he was there frequently to walk through with us to discuss the exact specifications of what we wanted. He listened to our requests and offered suggestions that helped us come up with a plan that is nothing short of amazing. His crew was always courteous, professional and top notch. They worked really hard to keep the project from affecting the rest of our house and our life. Any time they knew they would have to shut off the water or electricity, or knew they would be making excessive noise, they let us know ahead of time. They always attempted to keep the project contained, even though there is no way to really keep the construction dust from getting into the rest of the house! We especially loved Caesar and Alfonso! I was so sad to see them go at the end of the project and found myself trying to come up with other things we needed to have done so I could keep them around. No construction project is ever perfect. Most of our problems revolved around the length of time it took to complete the project. This is mostly due to our Village dragging its feet on the permit and inspection process. This set back the start of the project, which in turn screwed with Gordon's scheduling of his workers across his various projects. While our remodel ended up taking almost twice as long as originally planned, we were not in a rush and understood that the permit/inspection process put Gordon in a difficult position. We kept an open dialogue with Gordon and it all worked out. If we would have forced the issue, he could have sent more workers over, but he has different guys that specialize in different aspects of construction. He wanted to make sure he was putting the right person on the job. By giving him the flexibility and time, he in turn made sure we got the best people for the job. He really knows what he is doing, and if you step back and trust him to do the job, you will not be disappointed. His electrician and plumber really knew their stuff. One of the best aspects of the project was the constant communication. His crew was easy to talk to and didn't mind our questions and requests. If there was something we wanted changed or saw a problem with, Gordon was immediately on the phone or would stop by to discuss the situation. We threw a number of changes and increased the scope of work several times, and they always accommodated us. The finished product was everything we hoped it would be. Gordon can do anything from providing full service to allowing us do some of the leg work to cut down on cost. For instance, he could have provided the flooring, cabinets, etc, but we chose to source them ourselves and he took care of installing what we chose. His guys even picked the flooring up from Home Depot for us! In fact, the guys went out of their way to not only do the job right, but to provide little extras here and there. For instance, towards the end of the project, we purchased shelving we were going to install in the closet. The crew ended up just doing it for us. I was having issues with a gas leak on the grill, and the plumber took a few minutes to diagnose the problem for me. Our only big complaint is with some of the small finishing details. To be honest, the painting could have been better. When looking at the overall basement, it is fine, but upon close inspection, there are small things like nail holes visible in the trim, areas of the walls that are not evenly patched/painted, and sloppy trim painting. The lines where the wall meets the ceiling are not crisp. To be fair, if I look around the rest of my house, I see some of the same problems. Really, I think my minor disappointment lies with the fact that the other guys (carpentry, electric, plumbing, etc.) went out of their way and bent over backwards to make sure everything was perfect. They would even redo something if they were not happy with the work, even if we did not notice a problem. So, in the grand scheme of things, some minor painting problems are not a big deal. As we save up for future projects (bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, etc.), I know without a doubt that we will hire GR General Contracting to do the job.
Business Description: Dear Mr.or Mrs. Customer my name is Jason Konkel me and my partner Jim Ilk own a local company that strives for perfection because most of our work is done by word-of-mouth as we pay very close attention to detail. We are fully insured, both on our vehicles and on every tool we own, also our company has well over 2 million dollars in insurance. We also have LLC certification (2008) , we have also been listed on Angie's list for Gold star service. Together, my partner and I have over twenty-five years of experience. My partner Jim has built many homes over the years and has a great deal of experience in the housing industry (Craftsman Homes). I am experienced in remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, finishing basements, and various other house-related projects. We have been a company for over Five years. My partner and I met on a project and decided to make a name for ourselves Two J's Home Improvements LLC. Together our experience includes all stages of Rehabbing and Remodeling including Rough framing Minor to major Plumbing, most aspects of Electrical, Insulation , Drywalling including mudding and taping, Drop ceilings, Interior and exterior painting, (Including all aspects of wall finishes eggshell, knock-down texture and sand ), We also do all aspects of flooring including Carpet, Ceramic, Hardwood, Laminate and Vinyl (we also have state certification for commercial Vinyl 2008), Interior / Exterior Door installation, Finish carpentry Including cabinets and crown molding, Counter tops, Custom decks, Garages, Power washing and Roofing /tear-offs. Small jobs and big jobs are also OK with us. We only like to take on jobs that we feel we can do at 110%! We take great pride in our work and are professional and well organized. We are also punctual and thorough our customers mean a lot to us as they are the reason we are in business customers come first . Equipped with an extensive array of DeWalt tools, we are prepared for even the most demanding job.References and proof of insurance available upon request.
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Recent Review: We have a 1970's Wausau home that was in need for a total kitchen overall.  There was a problem with our house not being level and the studs were not standard.  Old World Builders took their time with us and never made us feel that our house was not able to be made over because of our home's faults.  They also came in with a price that we could not refuse.  We are so impressed with the customer service.  They treated us like how we thought we should be treated.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: We are a full service plumbing contractor. We run 5 licensed plumbers who specialize in residential and commercial service and repairs. We offer a 5% senior discount, not to be combined with our Angie's List coupon.
Recent Review: Adam is very professional and is always on time. He is right on with the Timing he states. We had, painting, in and outside, along with remodeling kitchen and bathroom, landscaping & some plumbing.
Business Description: Additional phones - (262) 675-9900

Reviews in Jackson to Install Outdoor Kitchen

AAJ Formations LLC
Adam is very professional and is always on time. He is right on with the Timing he states. We had, painting, in and outside, along with remodeling kitchen and bathroom, landscaping & some plumbing.
- Charity B....
AOld World Builders & Remodelers
We have a 1970's Wausau home that was in need for a total kitchen overall.  There was a problem with our house not being level and the studs were not standard.  Old World Builders took their time with us and never made us feel that our house was not able to be made over because of our home's faults.  They also came in with a price that we could not refuse.  We are so impressed with the customer service.  They treated us like how we thought we should be treated.
- Dana E....
AAmerican Home Remodeling
We love our new kitchen, the custom cabinets are beautiful along with the new granite countertops. The project moved along very well and some of the design changes Scott suggested worked out great.
- Patrick M....
ALast Call Plumbing Inc
Otherwise I wouldn't use him again if he wasn't prompt or responsive or anything or if his prices were out of whack, I wouldn't have brought him back in again.
- Jan B....
The job went extremely well. The guys worked in hard terrain and up a nasty slope, but there was not one peep of complaint heard from any of them. Toward the end of the job, Roy came out and had to work under a deck in the rain, and again, not a peep of complaint out of him, either. Everyone very personable and professional....a nice experience overall.
- Heather L....
AKitchen Krafters LLC
When I embarked on this project, I had high expectations for my contractor's professionalism, value, subcontractors, finish work, and more. Roger met them. Like many, I've dreamed of redesigning a kitchen and home for many years and took the opportunity very seriously and with some nerves. I'm a detail-oriented person, had a tight timetable, and have been underwhelmed by contractors in the past. From the moment Roger first walked into my house to the day of final touch-ups, he was 100% invested in my remodeling project and my satisfaction as a customer. Initially, I loved his enthusiasm for playing with design ideas and commitment to working within my tight time frame. As the project went on, I was pleased to see that, despite a variety of subs and a couple of small unexpected things to come up, Roger took calm, steadfast responsibility for the work and pride in the final product. He even helped me out when, in the 11th hour, I realized I couldn't complete a couple projects that I had taken on myself. I can't thank him enough for helping me to create the dream home that now brings so much joy to my family. I look forward to hiring Roger again.
- Lin N....
Bob Bates had calendar showing what would happen when and pretty much stuck with it, but be sure to get confirmations on what he plans to do first so his thoughts agree with yours, and you get what you want. We enjoy our remodel, and plan to work with Badger Carpentry in the future for new windows.
- Debra D....
Ron was recommended by my cabinet/countertop company who were phenomenal! The quote came to $1250 for the work described above. The quote was submitted in April for work to commence the 1st week of May. Ron came by shortly after being hired but before any work began and asked for $1000 down to pay taxes he owed. He seemed honest and was very likeable, but hence my error, I wrote the check! My job got put off numerous times because of another job or the weather wasn't conducive. Work didn't go well; one delay after another. He'd set a time to come work and never show. Then poor quality workmanship and less than quality material. We had a misunderstanding on the type of door to be installed; which probably started this mess, but I told him numerous times I would pay for the added cost of the doors. Also, Ron said he'd put in 4" trim board to match the rest of the house and installed 3". He said all the doors and trim would be spray painted in his shop so there wouldn't be paint brush marks. Never happened. The trim didn't get painted and there were paint drips and runs on the doors. He took 2 pieces of wood to make the door jambs so there was a gap - not solid wood. My husband went to Menards and bought full pieces for Ron to cut to size and install to get rid of the gap. $70 of additional expense for us. So I am now at the end of July without anything finished. This was not major work! I called Ron on a Wednesday evening, explained what he needed to come and complete and said he'd call on Sunday to set up a time. Never heard a word again. I ended up hiring another contractor to complete the work for an additional $765 - AND I still have to do all the painting myself. I have learned some valuable lessons, so I partially blame myself. If I had the additional money, I would have had someone tear out all the 3" trim and had 4" put in.
- Dana K....
APanda Properties LLC
I can't say enough how happy we are with the work Bryan and his crew did on our house. Before they started the project, they worked out a schedule that would work with my schedule, so I barely saw them unless I came home early from work. They worked four days a week, ten hours a day on our project, every week. Not only did they work hard and delivery very professional results, they went above and beyond to make sure I wasn't inconvenienced during a complete floor-to-ceiling remodel. Every day when they left, they packed up all their tools, swept and mopped my floors, and covered any unfinished areas with plastic. They also went out of their way to make sure my two-year-old was safe during the remodel (covering any temporary holes in the floor every night, covering exposed electrical outlets and wiring every night, etc). Not only did they made things safe and clean during the remodel, they installed a temporary sink and counter in the kitchen so I could at least wash dishes and prepare food while the kitchen was being built. They also went out of their way to be at my house when appliances were delivered, so I didn't have to leave work to come home and wait for a refrigerator to be delivered. As far as the results, I can't say enough about how good my house looks. Every project they took on (and there were a lot of them!) was completed in time and finished so professionally you would think the remodel was original to the house. The cabinets and drawers are of very high quality and installed and finished beautifully. I had glass installed in several doors as well as cabinets, and it looks wonderful. In particular, the paint and drywall in the house is so professionally finished it looks better than the original drywall in the house! I should also mention that Bryan installed an antique built-in cabinet in the dining room with an arched ceiling above it and an antique pendant light hanging above it. He did such a good job, nobody can believe it's not original to the house. More importantly than anything else, Bryan worked with us every step of the way to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted in the house. We have an old house and wanted to remain true to the original feel of it, and he communicated with us constantly about even the smallest decision. That said, if we had wanted him to simply do the work without consulting with us, he would have done that, too, and done it well. My feeling was that he could work very independently if you want him to, but is also willing to consult with you every step of the way if you want that, too. To sum it up, if I ever have work done in my house again, Bryan will be the first (and probably the only) person I call.
- Maureen A....