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Business Description: Removal of all large livestock and most animal carcasses and byproducts used in ranching or food processing. Hauling of most items and situations. We also offer property repair and cleaning as this often goes hand in hand with removal of animals.
Business Description: Our company offers various kinds of services for residential and commercial properties. Full Restoration Services, Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Services, HVAC Services for replacements, repair, and preventive maintenance, Duct and Vent Cleaning Services, Drain Cleaning Services, Waste Removal & Hauling Services, Installation of Fireplaces, Gas Stoves & Inserts, Pellet Stove Heater. Fuse has so much to offer you, so give us a call to schedule your next appointment with us.
Recent Review: Cleaned up yard waste, junk and a car
Recent Review: Needed to move out of state, and after some junk hauling had worked out, decided to use Astronaut Movers. Joseph showed up with his crew as scheduled. All my valuable furniture was wrapped carefully and handled gently. I did my own packing so had some heavy boxes but they were handled ok. I took some off on the quality because the loading of a large desk caused a window pane to crack. Astronaut Movers compensated me for the repair and so really was just minor issue. The unloading went as scheduled and quickly even though they had to put some boxes in a backyard storage building and I hadn't labeled the boxes very well. They also had to move an old refrigerator out of the way and store that in the storage and that wasn't in the orignal plan, but they handled it. The quoted price on the estimate sheet is what you pay. In all I was satisfied with the service. Astronaut Movers has been professional and trustworthy and thats what you want. Would use them again for sure.
Recent Review: The day before Rob was scheduled to come to my house, I sent him a list of the tasks I needed done. My task list was lengthy but, with the exception of painting the interior of some closets and repairing window screens, none were particularly time-consuming. Rob systematically worked through my list of handyman tasks on the first day and, when it became apparent that he would need to return for a second day, I asked him to do some additional painting. He ended up painting the interior of 4 closets. My general practice is to supply materials (such as paint) and to hire Rob only for his labor.

Reviews in Benton City to Demolish and Remove Structures

AAstronaut Movers
I have no complaints about they guy who did the work, he worked very hard. In the future I would contact them prior to buying the deal as it ended up being more expensive because we had 2 locations.
- Claudette H....
CRubbish Works
The deal stated that they would haul away things based on volume, not weight. When they arrived and found out that they would be hauling away concrete, they stated that they could only take some of it due to the weight, which was not stated in the deal. They did not return to haul away the rest of the concrete. The workers were fine, polite, and professional. They did seem in a little bit rushed. I do not feel that I got my money's worth on this Big Deal since the company did not haul away all of the concrete.
- Kimberly W....
AAbsolute Home Solutions
He gave us a quote within 2-3 days of calling and stuck with his quote throughout the job. His team arrived at about 9:30 each day they worked and accomplished the job in 3 days. He delayed the start one day to finish another job and missed a day of work in the middle of the week, but he always made sure to stay in contact and not just leave us hanging. He got the job done fast anyway and was happy to to fix anything we weren't happy with along the way. I wouldn't have a problem hiring him again. 
- Alison P....
ACatone Construction Clean Up
Contractor was punctual, did the work professionally, and actually performed more work than what required.  I was impressed!
- Roy W....
ART's Specialties
The day before Rob was scheduled to come to my house, I sent him a list of the tasks I needed done. My task list was lengthy but, with the exception of painting the interior of some closets and repairing window screens, none were particularly time-consuming. Rob systematically worked through my list of handyman tasks on the first day and, when it became apparent that he would need to return for a second day, I asked him to do some additional painting. He ended up painting the interior of 4 closets. My general practice is to supply materials (such as paint) and to hire Rob only for his labor.
- Janice K....
AAbsolute Home Solutions
When my husband and I realized we were over our heads we checked Angie's list for a drywall guy.  Greg had great reviews.  He came over to check out the job in less than an hour after we called.  He was still in his Hawaiian shirt just returning from his Honeymoon.  That night Greg emailed us a profesionnal itemized proposal for doing the job.  We accepted, and he whipped the demolation out in no time. He also had to replace some of the studs.  I noticed that a couple of the studs did not go clear to the floor.  I excpected that he would put horizontal supports in, because he mentioned it.  When the electrician and plumbing were done these supports had not been put in, and though I was working when the drywall went up, the contractor from Southridge Construction (working on another project) said that the supports were not put in.  Greg did a nice job on the texture, but failed to cover the electrical switches and outlets, and the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.  I had to pay Dean from Southridge Construction to clean up the scattered texture before he could paint, put cabinets up, and do the finish work.  I have to say, I got my money's worth from Greg.   And it means a lot to have someone who comes to the job quicikly and stays with the job.  To Greg's credit, he was adament that anything I was unhappy with he would fix.  Unfortuantely I had a renter waiting for the unit and I am taking my chances with the studs as they are rather then rip out drywall.  And I doubt after this review that Greg will EVER not put tape across outlets in the future.  So I would hire Greg again with confidence.
- Linda C....
AAbsolute Home Solutions
Greg Hanrahan was excellent to work with. He was professional and communicated extremely well through whole process. The room turned out awesome! Patched up all the walls - installed new door - repainted walls and ceiling - put new molding around floor - repaired closet - room looks brand new! Greg went above and beyond my expectations.
- Rick B....
AAbsolute Home Solutions
Demolished entire bathroom and kitchen. Opened a doorway into 8' span to create open concept kitchen/livingroom. Re-built bathroom from studs out, including plumbing, new tile floor, new window, new walls, new sheetrock finish, paint, electrical, tub/shower tile-surround, new vanity/sink. In kitchen built new enclosure and brought water for refrigerator, stripped, sanded, painted old cabinetry, stone/glass tile/stainless backsplash, tiled new countertop, installed granite sink, hooked up all new appliances, including garbage disposal, dishwasher, faucet, refrigerator, stove, oven, etc.  Built new multi-purpose room in an old storage area at back of house.  Replaced and trimmed out back exterior door.  Completed new flooring throughout the home.  Intsalled 6" baseboard throughout the house.  Installed rececessed lighting and some track lighting. Greg Hanrahan, his wife, and his crew were the perfectly selected contractors for us to work with.  We are a husband/wife team who have done a lot of construction and remodeling ourselves in the past and we wanted to find a contractor who would take the time to work hand-in-hand with us, allowing us to make decisions and changes along the way.  This was hard to find.  We called for four bids and only Absolute Solutions came back with a bid.  We believe that others did not bid because we wanted to provide most of the materials and that is a difficult situation for a contractor to work with.  Because we had experience with this type of work, the two of us had calculated what we thought (individually) the bid should be.  When we received Greg's bid, we had to laugh because he was within a couple of hundred dollars on a large project to that we had estimated to be fair for the labor we were requesting.  While working with us, Greg asked nearly every day if we were happy with the work or if there were any problems.  When small things popped up (as we would expect in such a large undertaking), we would simply tell Greg and he responded with the Nordstrom approach (the customer is always right attitude) and took care of the minor concerns.  We have never worked with a contractor who did not roll their eyes or say their way was better (even though sometimes it probably is), but whose main purpose was to do the job the way we wanted it done.  This relationship was a joy! In the middle of the job we decided to remodel the back room because it would be the only room not refinished in the house.  We gave Greg the scope of the request and within a day he gave us what it would cost for the add-on.  We realize this extended his time at this job, which is h****** a contractor, but he completed the extra work with a smile and again, a fair price. Greg allowed us to pick and buy our supplies.  We did not do this to take money out of his pocket, but because we wanted to shop and make our own idiosyncratic decisions on decor.  He never complained if we bought the wrong type of merchandise; he just explained and sent us to get the right thing, or in some cases, picked the item up himself to speed the process and then gave us the receipt to reimburse him.  Again, this was done with a smile.  If he was annoyed, he kept his professional face on and just completed the work.  One example was when he installed the new kitchen faucet.  It came with a faceplate in the box.  I did not want that installed, and when he showed me the installed product, I wasn't 100% sold on how it looked, but didn't realize it was because the plate was on.  When I went home that night, it hit me what was "off".  I sent him an e-mail immediately to try to reach him before the waterlines were connected, etc. and told him I did not want the plate installed.  Without a word of complaint, he removed it the next morning.  These kinds of little things happened throughout the process.  Because he allowed us to be so hands-on, we saw small things that probably drove him crazy, but he smiled and altered them to create the remodel job we wanted. Greg was also VERY easy to communicate with.  We could e-mail him and he responded within an hour.  We could call him on his cell phone and he answered every time.  This is highly unusual in the world of contractors.  It is normally very difficult to make contact with your contractor directly.  What we also enjoyed about our working relationship was that Greg, himself, did the work and was on the jobsite every single day!  Even in he had his superb electrician Glenn working with him, Greg was present.  When he had helpers (Mike and Ty) laying the laminate, he was there.  He had a hand in every part of the job.  He knows structure, framing, sheetrocking, tiling, etc., etc.  This is unusual and much, much appreciated.  So many companies use subs and then do not take full responsibility for the work of the subs.  Greg owns the company, is the boss, and gives constant direction and takes responsibility for his crew's work. He never made excuses, he made fixes. As we finished the job, we could see the pride on Greg's face of a job well-done--he actually cared!  When we gave him the "pin" list of little things to accomplish before he left, he just took the list (again with a smile) and attacked the little list.  He finished them before he expected to be paid.  In the end, we had a 10% coupon from Angie's list, but did not ask for the discount because the service rendered was exactly what we had asked for and the original bid was exactly what we felt the work was worth.  We have forged an excellent client/contractor relationship and if Greg will have us, we will be using him on our next big project. A side note:  We hired Absolute to perform this job because we wanted to sell a home we had used as a rental since 1997.  The work would have taken us about six months if we tried to do it ourselves.  We wanted it to be sold quickly.  Our goal was to make it outshine all the other ranch homes in Richland of equal size and rooms.  We listed it ourselves on Craigslist and the first person who looked at it has entered into a contract with us to purchase.  We have others calling us back asking if it is still available.  We have Greg and his willingness to work with us on our terms to thank for our success.
- Debbie B....