Wirtz Fireplcae Cleaning

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Business Description: Owned & operated by Doug Shelburne.
Recent Review: Very professional and kept me up to date with estimate prior to service. Willing to accept partial payment today. Completed work in a timely manner.
Business Description: Fully Licensed & Insured Bucket Truck Service Full Service tree work
Business Description: Licensed and Insured plumber with over 30 years experience.

Reviews in Wirtz to Clean Fireplaces

CDoug's Chimney Sweep LLC
Said I could no longer use fireplace. Said I needed a liner, cost of $2,500. They did reduce price to $2.000. But I elected not to have that done.
- Jane C....
ABlack Goose Chimney Sweep Inc
Very professional and kept me up to date with estimate prior to service. Willing to accept partial payment today. Completed work in a timely manner.
- Renee H....
Had to call them back to finish stoop (they'd only done the front and not the sides). I was expected to clean the pipe at the bottom of the chimney where it meets the wood stove myself. Workers were personable and worked hard. Although the workers told me I would be billed, the invoice they handed me as they left said, "NO STATEMENT WILL BE MAILED". It also said, "10 Days Past Due- A 10% Late Fee Will Be Added." Given those statements, it is surprising that at the bottom of the invoice it says, "Payments are not accepted by mail". To further make it difficult to pay, there is no address on the invoice.After several attempts to contact by phone, I found an address on line and went to the office to pay. It was closed at 1:15pm on a Wed. Finally phone contact was made and a rep. came to the house and picked up the check.
- John P....
BBlack Goose Chimney Sweep Inc
Went fairly well. They put a lot of pressure on the "upsale". Trying to get me to do a lot more than I was willing to do with the chimneys. They did good, clean work. They were a bit later than they said, but I wasn't too annoyed that day.  I've found a different company to clean chimneys since. They are a little bit more down to earth, and don't put pressure on me to spend more money with them.
- Robert B....
FBlack Goose Chimney Sweep Inc
I found this company to be extremely unprofessional both in scheduling the original appointment and in following through.  48 hours prior to the cleaning date, I was told not to make a fire in my wood stove.  I did as I was told and had a very cold house during the coldest two days of the year so far. The morning of the appointment, I took off from work and cleared the area around my wood stove for the cleaning.  They had promised to call on their way out to my house so when I hadn't heard from anyone by 9:30 AM, I called to inquire if they were on their way.  The person who answered the phone said she did not know but would get someone to call me back.  By 10:30 AM, I still had not received a call.  I made another call to the company but half way through expressing my concern that I had still not heard from anyone, my call was cut off.  When I called back I was put on hold.  I finally spoke to another person who began asking me the same questions I had already answered the first time I called.  She told me she would get someone to call me back.  The owner finally called me some time later and began making excuses about computer glitches and other non pertinent information. They had no one coming to my scheduled appointment and made no effort to make this right.  I found the whole experience was outrageous and totally unprofessional.  When they offered to make another appointment in two weeks time I told them no way.
- Joseph D....