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Recent Review: Everything has been fantastic. They're very professional, very responsive, on time and I have no complaints at this time.
Business Description: Our one piece in-ground fiberglass swimming pools are constructed using only the most proven gel coats and vinyl ester resins available. This, combined with an average thickness that is greater than industry standards, allows us to produce what we believe is one of the strongest and most reliable in-ground fiberglass swimming pools on the market today. Our confidence in our fiberglass swimming pools is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, in addition to a 10 year non-prorated internal finish warranty.
Business Description: Complete from consulting,design to construction and any needed services to both swimming pools residential as well as commercial
Business Description: Service, maintenance and repair of swimming pools.
Business Description: Central Virginia's premier hot tub and swimming pool retailer since 1988. We specialize in Hot Spring Spas, Caldera Spas, Radiant swimming pools, Vogue swimming pools and water care instruction and supplies. We offer professional service and support for all bands we carry.
Business Description: All things for concrete swimming pools and spas
Business Description: I've been in the pool and spa business since 1981. The pool store services and repairs in-ground swimming pools and equipment also spas and hot tubs we also sell supplies, chemicals, equipment, toys and games and water testing from our retail store in Gloucester Point VA. (approx. 1 mile over the Coleman bridge ). We also give 10% off all chemicals to all military and first responder's. The pool store is also a hayward platinum service center.
Business Description: Founded by individuals who believe that there is nothing better than the smile of a satisfied client when their dream projects becomes a reality, Dicapa strives to create a relationship with you to better understand your needs and then fulfill them. Dicapa is a general contracting company servicing the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area community. We maintain the highest standards of project management and workmanship. We staff our projects with only the most experienced and highest qualified maestros, or experts. As a general contracting company, we are experts in home and commercial remodeling. Some of the services you can benefit from include the building and remodeling of: bathrooms, kitchens, basements, additions, landscapes, irrigation systems, decks, and swimming pools.
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Recent Review: They were professional. It was an above ground pool and the ground was hand dug. It took them a little longer, but that was expected. They were here every day that they could and the owner was out here every day monitoring the work and making sure it got done. Their price was reasonable as well.

Reviews in White Stone for Pool Installation

They were professional. It was an above ground pool and the ground was hand dug. It took them a little longer, but that was expected. They were here every day that they could and the owner was out here every day monitoring the work and making sure it got done. Their price was reasonable as well.
- Christopher C....
AASP - America's Swimming Pool Company
Fantastic job by ASP despite inclement weather. We will be upgrading our pool and will definitely be using ASP again.
- Linda S....
Great job, they were prompt and the work was done in a timely manner. They did a great job of designing and installing our pool.
- Maria D....
AAnthony & Sylvan Pools
It was like artwork. They brought several designs and took a look at our property to see the best fit for the pool. They took our idea into what we wanted with his ideas. They also assisted with getting the permits we needed. It took about a month to complete a total custom pool and they clean up after themselves.They were also neat and orderly. They also coordinated with other contractors that had to put in a retaining wall to blend in with the pool and they made sure everything was to standard before they were done.
- Mark O....
Very well! No complaints. They did a lot of work. They were delayed a few times for rain, but they were great.
- James A....
FTurner's Pool & Spa Inc
There are very hard to get in touch with. Carl does not return your phone calls!!! The job his company did was just awful!! The original liner in our pool lasted us 15 years. Carl was then one of the "workers" that worked on installing our pool. He then bought the company from the previous owner. Our new liner was not installed properly. There are so many areas that are coming loose from the wall. The area under the liner, they left numerous indentions (I guess with their work boots) that when you walk in the pool you can feel the holes.   When we inquired about them making good on their job we were told to buy this plastic strip and place in the groves. You cannot stretch a vinyl liner to make it go into the strip especially with a pool that is full of water. The area around our light continues to leak. They DO NOT stand behind there work. We are now waiting on another pool company to come and patch up the leaky light just so we can  open our pool. It is now June 10th. I will never have them do any work for me ever again. And if I thought I could sue them I would.  Beware!!!!!  We are trying to get our pool fixed enough to be able to use it this summer. It looks like we are going to have to have another liner installed. But not before I find a reputable company!!!!!
- Lori A....
AColes Construction of Virginia
These guys did a really really good job.  They are a really excellent people to deal with.  I like everything about them.  Specifically, I like because they told me exactly what they were going to do.  They did exactly what they told they would do.  They stayed on time, they followed up and they actually did everything within schedule and everything within price.  They were just kind of unusual in the pack, we usually don't find normally.  They were fairly priced.  As a matter of fact, everybody else that we got the quotes from wanted to do work for us for about $10000 more than Coles and they didn't look like a same quality of service.  They were extremely professional.  I referred people to him.  He already had one person come on in and look at our pool and look at the craftsmanship that they did.  I will continue to use this provider again in the future.
- Louis H....
DAAA Pools
The contracted work was completed on time; however, Richard (AAA Pool's owner) never provided us with an itemized accounting of the work done so it was impossible to know exactly how much each phase of the job actually cost.  In addition, the AAA employees who did the finish work on the cement were absolutely inept.  They attempted to match the stamped concrete finish of our existing patio but failed miserably.  They also tried to resurface our existing patio and hardscape and completely botched the job by applying the sealer before the surface had completely dried after washing it.  The result was a surface that was bubbled, blotchy, dull, and totally ruined the look of our beautiful patio and walkways.  Richard promised to "make it right"....that was nearly three years ago and he has yet to do anything about it. I would NEVER recommend this man or his company to anyone!
- Diane C....
BAAA Pools
Best investment we ever made Crew was on time very responsive and trustworthy. The truly created paradise in our backyard and did top quality work. The owner Richard and his crew/employees treated us like family and treated me and my family likewe were part or their family...Very trusting owner and crew...Top quality work and craftmanship and within our budget...
- Steve C....
FThe Pool & Spa Store
We continue to have problems, so honestly, the service was never completed. Mr. Kitchel probably believes he was done in May, 2013 which is not true. Contract price was $36,740 but unplanned add-ons totaling thousands d/t poor planning substantially increased the price as we progressed Ken Kitchel purchased the fiberglass pool we chose from Tallman Pools in Georgia, a great company who offers a quality fiberglass pool. As a statement of fact, Mr. Kitchel instructed all subcontractors during this job, even though he's now saying "they" were not his responsibility. Really Mr. Kitchel??? He was the one who told us we could save money by contacting subcontractors nearby to work. Who did he think was going to direct them??? First major problem which is haunting us now, the hole was dug too low, but he placed the pool in it anyway. Even the guy from Tallman Pools who delivered it said it was too low. My husband is a 100% war wounded Vietnam Veteran - Mr. Kitchel suggested we get steps (!)...not really an option and he knew that. WE paid ($2100) the next day under Mr. Kitchel's direction to have it crane-lifted out of the ground, back filled to get the pool at ground level, and set back in the ground the second time. He said he pulled some strings and did us a big favor to get these folks back............a favor???? Rather than the professional standard, of which Mr. Kitchel apparently does not partake, would have been to place an adequate and firm SAND base for the fiberglass pool unit to settle in to. Mr. Kitchel simply lightly dusted it with the leftover sand AFTER first pushing back in the dirt which was previously removed - the dirt containing rock and clay - stating he doesn't like to do that....but did it anyway!!! Why didn't he buy more sand???? Such an inexpensive way to do the job right the second time around. Remember we paid $2100 to rectify the wrong and to get it right. In HINDSIGHT, WE SHOULD HAVE THROWN HIM OFF THE JOB THEN and saved ourselves the mess he created and left us with. Guess what - OUR DREAM POOL HAS SETTLED AND CRACKED!!!! Not the fiberglass, but the whole fiberglass unit has sunk down and pulled away from the tile work and cement decking leaving GAPING CRACKS. Additionally, and because of Mr. Kitchel's poor planning at the beginning, we had to have built a retaining wall, ($2500) under Mr. Kitchel's instructions to the subcontractor. Mr. Kitchel promised it would be a seamless blend using the same product he was placing on the decking surrounding the pool. Because I stated the quality of the work was not what he promised, he angrily signed an addendum stating in his own words:...."If wall guy does not fix I will and then I will file a lawsuit against the wall guy to cover my costs to fix." Sounds to me like he was managing the work if he wants to sue the guy - didn't know Mr. Kitchel was the litigious type who settles his problems in court....that in itself tells a story. Mr. Kitchel also made the ridiculous statement that since he's the last man standing he'll get stuck with the blame.......gee, you think so Mr. Professional Pool Builder/Contractor????? He also facilitated the purchase of a pool dome ($6100) which he promised he would install for us this fall (now), nominal costs involved, but we're not holding our breath for follow through on that promise either. Someone is coming out to install this dome, which Ken purchased with our money and promised to set up, for a fee of $800. AGAIN, not what we were promised or bargained for!!! Overall, this pool installation has been a nightmare. Unprofessional. Disappointing. Extremely poor workmanship. He is proving himself belligerent and without responsibility for his work. MR KITCHEL WON'T CALL or EMAIL US to ADDRESS the PROBLEMS he has left us to deal with!!!! We have tried repeatedly. I know for a fact the profit from this sale /job was substantial - but he is not a professional and has simply taken our money and left us with his problems d/t poor workmanship - he says that they are not his problems...................Really Mr. Ken Kitchel??? Do yourself a favor and stay far away from Ken Kitchel and The Pool and Spa Store in Mocksville, NC.
- Janis Y....