Stanardsville Laminate Flooring Installation

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Recent Review: They did a great job. They were not the cheapest estimate we got (although they weren't that much higher) but the person who came to do the estimate was much more professional and knowledgable than the other company.
Recent Review: Love these folks. Got very professional team plus great advice from their smart designer as a bonus for buying through them. Installers were good and fast.
Recent Review: Beautiful product, good prices. Only issue was a delay in shipping of several weeks due to inventory. This delay caused issues with scheduling on a whole-house renovation and it would have been quite useful to know about upfront, rather than having to call them repeatedly for updates. When the flooring finally arrived, weeks late, it was beautiful and in very good shape. I would use them again, but I would order much earlier than needed to allow for any delays.
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Recent Review: I contacted Sheaves for an estimate to fix a sloping dining room floor as well as replace the existing laminate in that same room with something else. At that point, I was unsure of the type of flooring I wanted, what would work best, etc, and wanted recommendations and insight on that front as well. Jeff got back to me promptly and scheduled a time for the estimate. He explained how they would mitigate the slope in the floor, and also recommended a flooring type that would be appropriate for the room but also work best with that sloping in mind. He answered all my questions then, and was also quick to reply with answers to additional questions afterward. After doing more research I decided to move forward, and I couldn't be happier that I did. Sheaves arrived promptly on the day of the job. They were courteous and respectful throughout, cleaned everything up, and most importantly did an excellent job with the flooring install. Instead of cracking and moving laminate there is now great looking tile. The room looks and feels so much better. I am planning on replacing other flooring throughout the house, and will definitely be contacting Sheaves to tackle that as well!
Business Description: Providing quality hardwood floor service in Central Virginia for decades, Albemarle Floors is experienced in all forms of wood flooring. Whether it be re-finishing the oldest antique floors, or installing new pre-finished or unfinished hardwood of any species, engineered flooring, or even specialized applications over concrete or radiant-heated sub-floor, we have done it all. We are fully licensed and bonded. We are a small company, focused on an individualized approach to each job we take on, and are committed to completing every job with the highest quality.
Recent Review: The job was done on time and there were no surprises. Everything looks beautiful. They will albe my first choice for flooring.
Business Description: A small 50 years of operations local family owned business. We do complete home remodeling and home repairs. We are insured and licensed.
Recent Review: Great service. Very knowledgable. Product is amazing. Had some issues With some of the wood and the took care of it quickly and professionally. It can be scary to order online but Brazilian Direct is a legitimate company Providing an excellent product. Nicky who worked with me addressed all my Concerns and I even spoke to the owner Dan a few times and you can tell they both Care about customers very much.
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Recent Review: Everything went beautifully, and I'm so thrilled with my new floors, kitchen and bathroom. I especially appreciated the follow-up visits to fix little details and to make sure I was completely satisfied.

Reviews in Stanardsville to Install Laminate Flooring

ACarpet Plus
Was very happy with the overall job by Carpet Plus.  Very professional and very responsive, which is a huge plus when dealing w/ such a big project.  The price may not be the cheapest in town, but the job and service is worth the little extra.  Would def use them again.
- Aileen W....
AED Mawyer
ED did an absolutely fabulous job. The quality of his work was excellent and there is no question but that our new floors look absolutely great. He paid excellent attention to detail in difficult areas. We put him under a time crunch to finish before we moved in to our new home and he worked very hard to meet our deadline. He is exceedingly kind and understanding, a true joy to work with.
- Nicholas L....
DIntegrity Home Contracting
I emailed them yesterday evening. They called back in a couple hours. The girl that called me back had a thick accent and led me to believe that it was an international company and they would send a local provider my way.
- Sharon F....
FColeman Floor Service
Bobby Coleman sanded and stained all my wood floors on the main floor during a complete home renovation. Since there was still a lot of work to do after the floors were done, they were covered up and not available to be seen for many months afterwards. After I moved in and started living in the house, I found that all the floors were uneven. It was not apparent when walking around in shoes but was very apparent when walking around barefoot. By this time all my furniture was in the house and all I could do was cover the floors with carpets to keep from being reminded every single day of the horrible job that Coleman did. I had Jerry Sikman do the floors in the house that I had just moved from and was in the process of getting ready to sell. He did a marvelous job. I had him come to my new house and inspect the floors. He said that the way to make sure the floors are sanded smoothly and have no ridges is to take a screen and push it across the floor to detect the ridges that need to be given more attention in the sanding job. I also had Coleman install a laminate floor in my den downstairs. Within several months the laminate was peeling. I eventually had the flooing removed and tile installed by a wonderful company called Wainwright Tile and Stone. Although I did not complain about the wood floors, I tried to get satisfaction from Coleman on the laminate floor. He had the manufacturer come to look at the floor and the manufacturer said that there had been no trouble with this particular flooring and the problem could be in the installation. Needless to say they walked out of there that day and I never heard from Coleman again. I called repetedly and sent a letter asking for satisfaction but received nothing.
- Leigh S....
ATroy-Bilt Construction
Troy did what he promised, kept me informed and solved the inevitable complications that arose. He did the work quickly, and in a cost effective and conscientious manner.  Everything was cleaned up and hauled off before completion.  My wife and I are very pleased with the result.
- Alan L....
ACalvetta Bros Floor Show Inc
- Christopher W....
AFloors Are US Inc
Great. Their prices were competitive; the estimate of the needed amount of flooring was accurate; they were punctual and their installers were very professional. The carpet installers (Ray and Ricky) were fast, hard-working and did an excellent job of matching patterns and making seams invisible. When the assigned laminate installer called in sick, Floors Are Us scrambled and sent another installer (Joe) only a few hours aftre the scheduled start and he did an excellent job. We are very pleased with the finished job and with Floors Are Us' service.
- Patricia T....
AJerry Sikman Flooring
It went great. Jerry was very responsive to my calls, always showed up on time (actually early) for estimate and work. He came over with samples of the wood laminate he would use and explained the his heavy Russian (Ukrainian?) accent. His workers showed up on time and banged out the job in 1 day. It looks fantastic. Of course it's not like having a real wood floor installed but since it's a basement we are fine with it being laminate (which is so much nicer than it used to be). When the company ripped out the carpet, they also removed a section of the baseboard so that was still missing when Jerry's guys finished the floor. I thought they were going to do this work also but we had a miscommunication about that. Even though it wasn't planned, Jerry had his guys go to the store, get the baseboard and did that job too and added a little to the cost of the job. it was worth it and also looks great. Overall, the experience was fantastic and I highly recommend Jerry. When we're ready to replace our third floor carpet with actual hard wood flooring, we will definitely use Jerry.
- David A....
ABest Home Improvement
Real good. He went to lowe's with me and picked out the correct wood and accessories. Real professional. Efficient, neat, courteous. He came back the next day to finish the job. He did a good job and it looks good.
- Ernest B....
DFloors Are US Inc
When they came to install it, 2 carpet guys showed up and one guy for the laminate. The two carpet guys picked up my Bowflex and carried it to the garage (took 45 sec - its the smallest Bowflex). I asked who was going to bring it back in and the two guys said they would not be there and the other guy said he could not bring it in himself. I was charged $35 for this and quot;laborand quot;. Then when the laminate guy was finished installing I asked him why were there huge gaps (I could put 2-3 playing cards in the gaps) where the shoe molding met in the corners. He said it was the way my house was built. I said the previous molding did not have gaps. Plus, he could not finish because the company gave him the wrong wood for the transitions. I took pics of the gaps, went to Floors Are Us and showed them the shoddy work. The laminate guy came back out, with another guy, replaced all the shoe molding, and I was satisfied. They also brought the Bowflex into my house that had been sitting in my garage since install day 1 (about 5 days). I did ask Floors Are Us to remove the $35 fee and they did. Then that night, I sat on the steps and noticed that one strip of shoe molding was crooked. I took a closer look (it was behind the door to the garage) and it only had one nail holding it on. I could pull it away from the baseboard. So, at 8 the next morning I called the laminate guy and told him to meet me after 4pm with his nail gun to finish the work. He had to not only nail that one strip, but several that only had a few nails in them. I could push most of the shoe molding with my foot to make it flush with the base boards. Now, I am just curious how long this flooring will last... Also, we had an earthquake here about 6 weeks ago, so in the pics you'll see some of the cracks in the drywall. I am currently, on the hunt for someone to fix that right now since I have cracks in several places in my 2 yo townhouse. (hopefully, after I submit this report I can add photos??? - don't see where on this page)
- Karen T....