Rochelle Pool Heater Installation

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Recent Review: We have always had a positive experience with American Home Shield as far as scheduling service appointments and have found some very reliable contractors as a result. We did have problems with a couple of the service repair companies sent to service our dishwasher, but AHS worked with us to find alternate companies and resolve the issue.

Reviews in Rochelle to Install Pool Heater

CAmerican Home Shield – Home Warranty
The contract company came out reasonably soon, but advised that since we had a unique water heater, a short wide one that fits under a stairwell, instead of the usual tall, slender one, it would take a few days to order one covered under our contract.  It took about four days for the contractor to get the water heater and install it.  During that time, I had to drain the water heater daily to keep it from flooding my bathroom.  After the installation was complete, I noticed that the small space under the heater that allowed any leaking water to drain into the drain hole underneath it was no longer there.  The contractor advised the new heater was a little taller that the previous one and it would have been to much work to re-position all the connections that would allow for the space at the bottom that was previously there. We did renew our contract with AHS for one more year, but then decided that our fee would he put to better use if we just banked it until something else major went out.  We could then have more says on what type of unit was installed or the type of repair made.
- Larry B....
ABarringer Renovations
He is friendly, respectful and polite. He wants to be the best he can. He has been in the construction business (commerical and residentail) for over ten years, specializing in electrical. Prefers to work central virginia. Definitely give him a chance, you won't be disappointed!
- Lisa D....