Rixeyville Bamboo Flooring Installation

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Recent Review: The sales person, Jonathan Greeson, was direct, honest, and very pleasant and easy to work with. He arrived on time to measure, and he kept me informed throughout the purchase process (status of order, arrival, and delivery). The customer service department, Sharon or Shari, were responsive when I called when installers did not first arrive when scheduled. There was a several day delay in installation because of some missing boards and there was some miscommunication about when the installers would arrive. I expected them three days in a row and they never arrived as scheduled. In the end, it worked out fine. The installation job was not excellent, but very good. The crew, when they did arrive, worked over 14 hours in one day to get the job done so I could move on with other remodeling.
Recent Review: Beautiful product, good prices. Only issue was a delay in shipping of several weeks due to inventory. This delay caused issues with scheduling on a whole-house renovation and it would have been quite useful to know about upfront, rather than having to call them repeatedly for updates. When the flooring finally arrived, weeks late, it was beautiful and in very good shape. I would use them again, but I would order much earlier than needed to allow for any delays.
Recent Review: Hightower Floor Services started work on Tuesday July 19th and completed all hardwood floors in there days; a beautiful job.
Recent Review: Excellent, Mike was able to match the color of our second floor hardwood pretty closely, and made our beat up floors look like new again.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: H&H Hardwood Supply installed beautiful, flawless red oak floors, completely transformed the space from meh to WOW! High-end, quality materials and work with an unwavering attention to detail. H&H's dedication to doing a great job shows every day as their floors make a huge impact on both the look and the feel of the space where their hardwood floors are installed. They previously installed hardwood floors in our family room and we will continue to use them throughout the rest of our home. The H&H team is professional, skilled, prompt, knowledgeable, and they ensure that you thoroughly understand the process and the options. We are completely satisfied with H&H and their work. They will continue to be our "go-to" for hardwood floor installation. Highly recommended without reservation.
Recent Review: Mr Joe & the C&R Carpet and Rugs team are exceptional! Mr Joe is quick to provide accurate estimates, will work with customers on appropriate materials & legit pricing, & then follows-through quickly with work scheduling & job completion. As an active duty military member renting the residence, all of these qualities are very important to me, & Mr Joe & his team delivered home runs every time. I recently visited the residence & the work quality was outstanding. I would highly recommend them if you are considering this type of work - I'm completely confident that you will be pleased!
Recent Review: This company was very professional. They were open to suggestions and had several good ideas when we were making our selections. They came to us with drawings on how to customize the shower. They were very good about working around other subcontractors on the job site. This is the second house that they have done for us. The first one was a much larger job involving more customized work including making area rugs. The carpet and padding were top quality along with the workmanship.
Recent Review: The owner, along with her technician, examined the floor in my home.  They gave me their opinion of what needed to be done.  This coincided with my opinion of the scope of the work, since I have had that done previously.  She gave me a price which was within the range I wanted to spend.  She came with two technicians.  She made sure that everything was going smoothly before she left.  They came on time.  The technicians performed the work beautifully.  They were very polite and answered any questions I had.  The owner returned at the time she anticipated the job would be completed and inspected the work. I was very pleased and happy with the work.  They did a better job then my previous company, which I thought was good.   The finished product looked like it did when the marble was first laid.  She also provides a guarantee.  I would definitely recommend New Galaxy floors and will use them again.
Recent Review: The job was done on time and there were no surprises. Everything looks beautiful. They will albe my first choice for flooring.
Recent Review: During our visit to FIRUZE, show room, in search of counter tops and tile for our kitchen.  We were greeted by Mr. Noel Hernandez, a very pleasant and polite gentleman. Who showed us all the possibilities and even allowed us to take samples home. After we decided to go with FIRUZE, he arrange the visit of Mr. Cihan Celikarsian, who did the measurement of the Kitchen, a true professional and with his extensive knowledge was a great help. The Experience with FIRUZE was a great one because  the professionalism of the individuals made this experience a pleasant one. Anyone, who asked about how beautiful our kitchen looks, we recommended FIRUZE. 

Reviews in Rixeyville to Install Bamboo Flooring

AFloors & More
Can't recommend this company high enough. Dave is knowledgeable, professional, conscientious, punctual, does what he says he will do and he is friendly. I wanted a particular fossilized bamboo flooring product and Dave found it and installed it beautifully. We wanted sound reducing underlayment and he found that, too. Dave did not inflate the costs of the products and only charged a fair price for installation.  He and his crew installed the flooring quickly and cleanly. His crew, especially, William, were professional and polite. Dave has guaranteed his work and told us if we have any problems to call him.  We feel confident his work is excellent.  We have other projects to do, e.g. new bathroom and re-tiling existing baths, and we will be hiring Floors and More to do them.
- Teresa J....
ADragon Scale Flooring Inc
It went well. It was good. There was a mix-up in the initial order. They cleaned up after themselves. When they came to the house, they were very professional at the house, left the samples and gave us good feedback on types of flooring and things like that. So they were very helpful in making the decision.
- Mark F....
It went well. I waited until the flooring I wanted went on sale. They called me to let me know it was on sale.
- Serena B....
ACapitol Floors & Decorating
The experience turned out to be fabulous and the floor is gorgeous. They came in and it took them two days. They ripped out the old carpeting, took it away and moved all my furniture around so they could get the floor in. The put the floor in and the floor is really, really nice. Everything came out very good. The bathroom?s floor is also really nice and I am very happy with the floors.
- Joanne B....
FFloors and More Design Center
James was the first individual I dealt with and he was very courteous, helpful and polite. He came out to my home and measured the flooring and we discussed what type of flooring I wanted where. He had a few samples with him as well so I could see how they looked in the house. We met James at the 231 Market Street address in Winchester, VA near the Lowe's store to finalize the deal and make final selections of the hardwood flooring and two different colors of porcelain tile. I made a point of asking if I could return any flooring that wasn't needed as I had to absorb the cost of additional flooring I purchased from another company several years ago and I did not want that to happen again. James assured me that any unopened boxes of flooring or tile could be returned. I already had an experienced, licensed contractor to install the flooring, so he picked it up for me and dropped it off at my house to acclimate before he began the work. My contractor realized after he made the pick up that no trim or reducer/transition pieces were included and it appeared that I had way too much hardwood flooring and tile even with the waste factor. I called James and advised him that my contractors measurements and his were much different and again asked if I could return any unopened flooring; to which he replied yes. I also told him that he forgot to include the trim and reducer/transition pieces when we ordered the flooring and put my contractor on the phone so he could tell him exactly what he needed and how much. James placed the order for me and of course that added another $401.10. My contrator picked up the additional pieces around Oct 19th or 20th; but called me from the warehouse and said there may be an issue. The reducers were NOT the pieces he ordered and the individual at the warehouse insisted these were the parts he needed, that they were "universal" and the only ones available anyway. After getting nowhere with the folks at the warehouse; he called me and I called James to inquire about the correct parts. James called me back and was basically at a loss saying the guys at the warehouse said they were the correct pieces and should work fine. Long story short, NO THEY DIDN"T...not even close. My contractor had to end up going to Lowe's and purchasing the correct reducers and match the color as closely as he could AND buy all new trim in order for that to match up with the new reducers/transtitions. My contractor did an excellent job matching the trim and transition pieces to the new hardwood flooring and did an exceptional job installing all my flooring. (see Eagle Finish Carpentry for his reviews) When all was said and done; I had the $401.10 worth of useless trim and transition pieces, three boxes of unopened hardwood flooring, one box of partially used hardwood flooring and seven boxes of porcelain tile left over. I called James to let him know I was coming in to return the unopened boxes of flooring and tiles and the unused trim and transition pieces. He referred me to Achmed (I apologize for the spelling, not sure if that is correct or not) who was located at their warehouse location at 1863 Berryville Pike in Winchester, VA. I called to let him know I was on my way and would be there in approximately an hour. When I arrived, I was advised Achmed had just stepped out and would be back shortly. I waited approximately 35 minutes. Mr A looked at the flooring and told me he could take back the tile but would not take back the hardwood flooring or the unused trim or transition pieces. When I challenged him he said it was all special order and could not be returned. Imagine my surprise. We had a lively disscussion about it with him flat out refusing to take back the wood products. To add insult to injury, he told me to store it away because it won't go bad or use it for another project. THREE boxes is NOT going to complete any project anywhere in my home...it has an open floorplan and I just finished and entire floor. Then he stated had HIS people done the install there would not have been a problem because it would have been on them for the excess flooring; to which I reminded him that HIS people did the measuring and obviously measured incorrectly. To which he stated that my contractor did not know how to properly install the flooring and transitions/reducers pieces and furthermore; since HIS people didn't do the install he could not assure that I didn't use it flooring somewhere other than what James measured. I invited him to come to my home to see for himself that only the areas that James measured were the areas that were covered with the new flooring. Being that Mr A was obviously aggitated and he was not going to change his mind about the return; I was thankful to get the refund for the tile; a total of $270.45, but now I am out approximately an additional $774.00. It looks great stored carefully and lovingly in my garage. I would not recommend this company to ANYONE. From the description Mr A gave me about how HIS people install the wood flooring and transitions; I'm extremely thankful I had my own competant, experienced installer.
- Terri J....
AAMRO Construction
Everything came out beautifully. He is the contractor you are looking for, trustworthy, honest and responsive. He truly wants you to be happy and takes a lot pride in the quality of work his crew does. I have already recommended him to a friend, who was also very happy with the quality of work and the price paid. In addition I have also started another project with them to repair rotten wood around windows, cleaning gutters and installing gutter guards on the outside of the house. He will be our go to contractor for any more future projects.
- Sandra N....
ARife Remodeling & Flooring
Owner/operator John Rife is a top notch contractor who employs first rate employees to get the job done. In my basement, I had a concrete slab floor and two old, drafty windows that needed replacement. I wanted him to put down a nice Cali Bamboo floor and add new Anderson windows. When he came to give his initial estimate, we talked at length about what the job entailed. He answered my questions, however ridiculous, with a direct honesty that was refreshing. John gave me the price estimate that was fair: not as high as other contractors with whom I spoke but not as low as others either. What made him our pick was that I felt that based on our conversations, I could trust him to do the job on time and on budget. I am happy to say that not only was the job done on time, the price did not go up along the way. How often does that happen? In two days, John's employees, Chris and Edward, worked diligently to get the job done. They must have done more than a few jobs together because, except for the occasional work related banter, they hardly spoke. They would arrive at 8am and leave by 4pm and work for the entire time. If not for the intermittent sound of a power saw, I would scarcely have known they were down there at all. When on the second day their work was done, they packed up and left without me having thanked them for a job well done. If you are reading this Chris and Edward, you did great. Thanks! I will definitely be calling Rife Remodeling and Flooring for future remodeling projects. Thanks again, John.
- Travis H....
BJack's Tile & Carpet
I would like to have given them a higher rating – but I’ll explain why I didn’t. First, Robert Hall & Staff are wonderful and easy to work with. The first hardwood floor we picked did not match with our existing hardwood floor. Robert took the hardwood floor back and allowed us to pick another one. The second hardwood floor matched perfectly. I ask Robert BEFORE we started if the new hardwood floor would line up with our existing hardwood floors (in the dining room & foyer). He said yes. It took 2 ½ days to complete the job. When Calvin (lead) & Eric came I asked them the same question, yes the floors would line up. They started in the living room which would line up with the dining room, it did. The 2nd day a new crew came. I immediately called Robert; he assured me that Derrick (lead) would do a good job. I asked Derrick about lining up with the existing hardwood floor. He said yes. Derrick is a very good, competent, careful, happy, and easy to work with worker. I had appointments this day and left. When I returned most of the floor had been laid. I was shocked to see that the foyer (which is the first thing people see when they come in) DID NOT line up with the existing hardwood floor. I asked Derrick why & was given an excuse. At that time most of the hardwood floor is down & there was no way of fixing this without pulling up most of the floor. We paid a lot for the hardwood floor. It looks good, but we are disappointed that it doesn’t line with the existing foyer hardwood floors. When the sun shines on the floor it is very noticeable and it still upsets us. I wish there was an easy solution. Another flaw, no one from the company called after the installation to see how we liked the floor. Which is not good customer service. Having said all this, the company is good to work with, the employees are good. Our suggestion would be if you are getting hardwood floors that need to line up with existing hardwood floors you check it BEFORE they permanently attach it.
- Donna C....
AJack's Tile & Carpet
It could not have gone better.  Jack is a real expert in all flooring matters.  He made recommendations that were right on point.  We wanted hardwood flooring that matched the flooring on our first floor.  This flooring was no longer available; however, Jack called the factory and got us enough to do our bedroom.  Outstanding support.
- Fred B....
This was the second time we used Eastern Floor Covering and they were excellent both times. Very responsive, always on time, and the floor looks great.
- Trish K....