Occoquan Pool Liner Replacement

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Business Description: I have been in the pool business for over 15 years & I strive to give you the best pool service in the DMV area. We service all major brands of equipment and can tackle everything from weekly maintenance to full system replacements. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and ability to help customers find a solution to the problems that plague them.
Recent Review: This is our second occasion to use Mr Whitey, the first being at our old address and Mr Whitey fitted a new vinyl pool liner. The finished job looked amazing. We recently moved to a new house and pool did not have a proper pool cover (just a tarp!), my husband and I usually open our own pool, however when we removed the cover it was pretty nasty. With this past years flash flooding and I guess alot of our neighbors soil, mulch and leaves now lying at the bottom of our pool we knew this was a big job. We didn't know this pool as it had different filters, water system etc, it was concrete and was a right mess. We made our emergency call to Mr Whitey and told him the state of the pool and asked if we should drain it. Mr Whitey came out the next day and took over the pool and told us not to touch it until he has worked his magic. Well he certainly did, we did not have to drain the pool and a week later the pool looks absolutely beautiful. Mr Whitey has given us a overview on how this particular pool works and instructions. I can't thank Mr Whitey enough, our pool really looks beautiful and for sure this man knows how to work magic on a pool.
Recent Review: The owner is honest and does a good job. He doesn't charge much.
Recent Review: I have an in ground pool so my pool service is Atlantic Pool, Inc. They're excellent. I've used them since I've moved here seven years ago. They are totally professional, here exactly the time they make the appointment for. They answer all your questions and give you recommendations of things you might want to upgrade or just change to make the pool better. Since I've used nobody else, I would say probably A [for the price]. They're very reasonable people. [For quality] they're excellent. They're top notch.
Business Description: Clifton Aquatics Pool and Spa is a small pool service and repair company located in Clifton virginia. We specialize in providing a more personalized and enjoyable service experience and cater to all of your pools needs. With over 10 years of experience in the pool industry Clifton Aquatics has you covered.
Recent Review: Wonderful experience, the product is beautiful and I've referred the company to my neighbors
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Recent Review: A&S was great on all levels. The work was done in a timely and professional manner. The only delays were weather related, but A&S quickly rescheduled. The sales and service staff were great before, during , and after the install. Small issues arose (like any large project) but the A&S staff immediately corrected the issues. After completion, I utilized the pool service staff for a few service issues (covered under warranty) and the service was handled very quickly, resolving my small issues. More importantly no cost to me. I visited the Chantilly, Va, store on a regular basis for free water testing and all around pool care questions regarding the pool maintenance. The store was an Invaluable resource for a 1st time pool owner. Also, used them to open and close the pool for the summer and winter season. I would totaly recommend A&S for pool constrution, retail store, and service calls. Great company with outstanding service.
Recent Review: When we moved to our house at the end of last summer Paul was the only company who squeezed us in to his schedule since most of the summer help had already gone back to college. This year he kept prices the same by giving us the option to pay earlier so he could buy the chemicals before prices went up. His company is good at returning calls promptly and following up, too. As with any pool service though, I always ask myself why am I paying anyone $85 a week to clean my pool after seeing the amount of time they take to do it.
Recent Review: I do not imagine any other way to be a pool owner. VIP pools services makes it 100% worry free and can really experience a personalized service. The owner stays on top of everything and is always available to answer questions and help.
Recent Review: Lyman Miller was professional, responsive, timely, and did great work.

Reviews in Occoquan to Replace Swimming Pool Liner

ASwimstyle Pool & Spa Inc
We couldn't be happier with Swimstyle Pool & Spa, Inc.  Rick St. Denis and his team are amazingly responsive and professional and they do beautiful work.  Rick and Nancy worked with us to scope out the project and get the proposal just right.  This process was effortless as Rick was extremely responsive to questions and they provided us all of the resources we needed to choose our materials and clearly describe what we were looking for.  Once construction began they completed each phase exactly as they said they would (and exactly on time and in budget).  Mary managed things from a scheduling point of view and we always knew she was "on it" in terms of what was happening, when it was happening, who was doing it, etc...   Another outstanding service aspect is that Swimstyle always left our property looking "pristine" after each day's work.  Having lived through many a renovation project where the area is a big mess until the job is completed we really appreciated being able to see progress each day and being able to enjoy that progress rather than be distracted by "construction debris." The net result is that we have our new pool ready to open for the summer, it's beautiful and we love it!   We would also like to note that while our total renovation needs were closer to $25,000, Swimstyle was happy to work with us on a two phase design and installation process so that the project would fit into our budget.  We really appreciated a contractor that would work with us on our reality as opposed to trying to "hard sell" us on our dream. We will be back Swimstyle!
- Gretchen G....
Dave Lants the owner of Spa and Pool Services a self-proclaimed expert pool inspector gave me a reasonable estimate (4.9k) to get my pool in working order. I gave him a deposit and was told it would be about three weeks before he could get started. He wanted an extra thousand to clean the debris out of the pool so we made a deal where as I would clean the pool. After it was clean, I asked him to come ensure it was clean enough for him to start work. When he came back out, he said the pool was in worse shape than he thought and it could cost in upwards of 40- to 50k. As an enlisted Soldier, I told him that was too much to spend and that I would fill in the pool. I asked for my deposit back since he had not started any of the contracted work. This is when the real issue started. He refused to give me my deposit of $2800. I spent a third of my deposit in attorney’s fees suing Dave Lants and his company Spa and Pool Services. After almost a year of back and forth with the attorneys, and two days off work to go to court he was finely ordered by the courts to repay all of the deposit but I was out the attorney’s fees. I would not recommend Dave Lants and or his company Spa and Pool Services to anyone for any reason unless there is not enough stress in your life.
- Matthew L....
ABJ Pool & Spa
BJ was prompt and thorough. They detected several leaks and repaired them. They also suggested if I continue to have additional leaks, then I should get a new pool liner. Note: this pool liner was the top line that the supplier offers and is only 2 years old.
- Dan J....
Biweekly pool service of my indoor swim spa. Worked well for a while, but then the water quality deteriorated mysteriously and they weren’t able to diagnose or address it. Eventually changed pool liner and cover. Should have done that and changed companies sooner. My new company is much less expensive and provides more information each visit.
- Elizabeth K....
I first spoke to Paul on May 10th and our initial conversation went well. I had several issues I needed help with including checking drains, skimmer, and area around pool like for leaks and fixing any that might be found, replacing a corroded pool light, and opening the pool for the summer. I also wanted my vinyl pool liner replaced either at the beginning of this summer (2018) or the end. He explained that this was a busy time of the year (which I completely understood) and he asked me if I would be willing to set up an appointment for June 7th. That was fine with me. The day before the appointment, I called in just to confirm the appointment and get a sense for what time I should expect him to arrive. I never got a call back. I tried reaching him numerous times on both June 6th and June 7th through Angie's List, via voicemail, and via text message. I never got a single response. He simply never called and never showed up. I never got an apology or explanation for his cancelling the appointment. VIP Pools had good reviews on Angie's List so I simply cannot understand for the life of me how he could have provided me with such dismal customer service.
- Kate H....
Excellent service and quality. The most competitive price of the companies we got estimates from. They provided an itemized estimate and were honest with us about what to expect/look for in other estimates so could make an informed decision. They were very responsive throughout the process answering all of our questions timely. They were on time the day of the install and as always very friendly and communicative as they were working.
- Frances B....
The quality of work, level of service, and professionalism of the installers was exceptional. The boss even showed up to inspect his team's work! After a bad experience with the "other" pool company in the area, Aqua Mechanics was recommended to me and selecting them to replace my liner was absolutely the right decision. Highly recommended!
- Richard C....
ADynamic Plumbing, Heating & A/C
Matt was quick to respond and took his time when diagnosing the problem. Two companies before his had failed to do so. He was reliable and efficient. He fixed other pool parts that were not installed correctly while he was doing the work. We will use his company again if we should need their service.
- Lyna A....
Pierre was very responsive, professional, and prompt.  Because of the cold weather we had to postpone the install several times and he called every time.  Every time I called him he was available.  Once we had warmer weather we set a date and he showed up and started the install.  He had two helpers who stayed working when he left and they worked very hard to get the liner in without any wrinkles.  This was great because  the last installer had a hard time because I choose to have the liner installed so it gradually gets deeper in the middle.  Pierre showed up to help at the end of the evening.  They worked on my liner to almost 9:00 pm at night.  It looks great!!  No wrinkles and great service.  Very hard working people.  I would highly recommend them for an above ground liner install. The price would have been cheaper but I had not had my pool running the year before and there were a lot of roots to remove and they worked so hard to make it perfect.  I provided my own liner for the job.
- Mary G....
AASP - America's Swimming Pool Co Springfield VA
I would recommend ASP to everyone. They have amazing customer service and pool knowledge. When something is wearing out they let us know so we can fix it before it becomes a bigger, more expensive problem. When our pool heater crashed right before a big pool party, they were able to get us another one and get it up and running before the party. The pool is always clean and the staff is so friendly and helpful.
- Suzy F....