Oak Hill Crawl Space Inspection

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Recent Review: After inspecting the crawl space of my house for termites, a termite inspector recommended that I have some of the wood under the house replaced due to what he said was mold growth. He said he could do the job for $2200. I saw a coupon in ValuPak and decided to called JES for an expert opinion and made an appointment. Ian Carleo showed up right on time and inspected the crawl space. He is an engineer and was very professional and knowledgeable. I had many questions and he patiently answered them all. He took pictures and moisture readings in the crawl space and showed me the pictures and informed me that I did not have a moisture problem, or mold. He clearly explained what he looked for in the crawl space, what he found, and what options exist for crawl space improvements. I was very impressed with Ian's knowledge, professionalism, and patience.
Recent Review: Just completed a kitchen remodeling and wanted to insulate the crawl space under the kitchen. Mr. Basement sealed off the vented crawl space and encapsulated the ground up to the rim joints with their "white space" material. Plus, they sprayed foam insulation at the rim joints. Not only did I get in insulated crawl space, I now have additional temperature controlled storage space. They did a very professional job with quality materials.
Recent Review: Although they had to return twice to finish the original job, they stood by their work.  Since the original install, we had service from them on two occasions.  The most recent time, it appeared that one of the SaniDrys was malfunctioning.  They originally scheduled a service call for May 12 between 12-2 with a technician named Alex out of the Manassas office.  When he was a no show, I called and was told that they did not have us on the schedule.  They were very apologetic and re-scheduled for the following Saturday, May 17.  In fact, the manager, Tom, called to personally apologize for the mix up and they offered free filter replacements for my trouble.  On the 17th, the technician, Miguel, arrived on time and was professional.  JES replaced the SaniDry, even though it was recently out of warranty.
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Recent Review: My basement only had water come into it once after a downpour, but I definitely had a mold issue downstairs. Any object left in the basement developed mold if mold could possibly develop on that particular material. All other estimates were far cheaper, but the ValueDry presentation was far more professional and the work they proposed to do much more thorough. They give you a sales pitch about how much better their system is, and I recognized it was a sales pitch, but I decided not to take half measures and just get the whole job done. I could have scaled back the extent of the work, however. They gave me a number of options. Before the work started, I had an electrician install an electric outlet in the crawl space, per request of ValueDry. I got what I paid for. They told me in advance that they would be removing two of the four pine paneled walls in the den. They knocked a number of chips in one of the remaining walls and for some reason removed the crown molding on that wall even though they kept the wall. I went through their trashcan and recovered the wooden clothes hanger rack from a den closet and a wood attachment that goes with it. So I suppose that jackhammers and daintiness don't go together, but they got the job done. If you call their office in Baltimore, you may have to leave a message for the right person to call you back, but my calls were answered within a half hour. Here are more details about the job itself. They jackhammered through the concrete floor in three rooms (the family room/den plus bathroom and utility room) in order to install their type of pipe, as well as stone, mudguard, and flow channel. They went around the HVAC system in the utility room. Then they reinstalled the concrete floor. They removed two walls of 1959 pine paneling in order to cover the walls with a vapor barrier. They put the vapor barrier in the crawl space plus crawlspace drainage matting. The installed a closed-cell spray foam insulation vapor barrier in the crawl space. I got a sump well and 1/2 hp sump pump and a new battery back-up pumping system. They installed floor clean-outs, Jet-Kleen drain tile flushing systems. I have a new crawl space door and two EZ Breathe Ventilation Units, one for the basement and the other for the crawl, along with accompanying vents. Whenever I sell the house, I can check this off my list. There is nothing left to do on this issue.
Recent Review: Eric has done two home inspections for me in the past month on two different houses that we've tried to buy. He is prompt, professional, knowledgeable, EXTREMELY THOROUGH! He prepares the report on site so at the end of the visit you have the entire inspection report in your hand (on a CD). He takes pictures, explains everything clearly and does an amazing job. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who is considering buying a house.
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Recent Review: Went well. Damage to existing HVAC duct work during demo, and issues with the installed dehumidifier stretched the initial 1 week completion estimate to over three weeks. However there was a long holiday weekend involved. The Drying Company repaired all issues at their expense.
Recent Review: Donnie did a home inspection for me and the service was great. He showed up on time and was very thorough....would definitely hire again.

Reviews in Oak Hill to Inspect Crawl Space

ABrand Home Inspections LLC
He was very professional. He explained everything he found. His product presentation was fantastic. I would use him again and highly recommend Guy.
- Erica K....
AAccurate Home Inspections
Earl was great. From attic to crawl space, Earl inspected everything. He not only provided a great, professional report, but he also gave this first time home buyer a lot of tips and explanations along the way.  A++
- Scott S....
AGatekeeper Inspections
Brian was really great. He showed up 30 mins early. He asked a lot of questions and took his time. He encouraged I follow him around and ask any questions. He took a lot of pictures and even looked thoroughly at the attics and crawl spaces (i've heard many inspectors refuse to do so). I'm so glad I went with Brian. I highly recommend him. I purchased a home inspection and he also performed a radon test.
- Patrick A....
AJ&B Discovery Inspections
Dean is a pro. He?s knowledgeable, thorough, and reasonable. He examined every aspect of my potential new home from the roof down to the crawl space. He was patient, answered my questions, proposed solutions to problems, and as a nice added bonus, he worked to make sure the house was every bit as clean when he was done as it was when he started. I would definitely hire him again.
- Brian S....
ABuyers Eyes Home Inspections LLC
Brett was very professional and thorough. He walked me through the entire process and explained why certain items were potential issues/safety concerns including a few electrical and plumbing/venting issues. We got into the crawl space and he did note suspected termite damage. For a first time home buyer I feel a lot more confident going into negotiations having been through this process.
- Kristen R....
Ken was great. He arrived on time and did an inspection pointing out minor problems and major issues, how to resolve them, and estimated cost to fix. He looked over the foundation, structure, interior, exterior, and all major systems. He climbed up in the attic and the crawl space allowing me to follow along and see the areas for myself. We are interested in doing some renovation and he was able to confirm our plan and gave his advice too. We were delivered a comprehensive and easy to read report with photos for our records. Overall he was very thorough, collaborative and pleasant to work with.
- Erin K....
AMacon Piercy & Son Inc
Fantastic. I would never use anyone else. On these two occasions, they crawled like terriers into the roof and crawl spaces and discovered water damage to the structure that made us walk away from the house. In one case, they found the damage even though the owner had tried to conceal it. On the other occasion, they took apart a closet to get to the crawl space - having seen evidence of the problem from outside - and discovered a real mess that the current owner's home inspection had missed five years ago. They saved us easily $100k in repairs on each house. And not only that, but they did the report on an iPad as they worked, and had the report substantially complete at the end of the site visit. Wow! What a great example of old school skill and new school tech. Five stars!
- Hill W....
AVR Home Inspections LLC
checked for safety concerns, fire hazards electrical integrity checked watr heater, furnace supplied copy of home inspection with pictures provided solutions to fix issues checked plumbing crawl space inspected entry ways, foundation, grading of the land inspected roof
- Karen S....
AKemp Home Inspections, LLC
Great - We had a home inspection which indicated possible structural and water issues that would be very expensive to repair. Greg came out to do a follow-up inspection/second opinion and helped us determine what needed to be done. He gave several more cost effective recommendations to prevent water issues in the future, but more importantly determined that the initial evaluation was inaccurate. He took the time to explain what was going on with the foundation in a way that we could understand and provided a report documenting his findings the next day.
- Sara L....
AArnold Home Inspections LLC
Absolutely outstanding, first class service! He has our highest recommendation; will call him again for every purchase decision. -- Excellent communication: returns emails within minutes or a few hours -- Does not over-promise or speculate outside of his area -- Punctual, clean, polite -- Genuinely encourages active involvement and dialogue throughout the inspection Most importantly: -- Performed a scrupulously detailed home inspection -- Wrote a extensive, detailed inspection report loaded with actual photographs of the findings! A+++ Highest recommendation -- Great work -- Will definitely recommend to others and call again
- Norman I....