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Business Description: We are a licensed home improvement contractor. We build decks, patios, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, water features and recreational courts.
Business Description: Dar Custom Masonry can design and install Patios, Walkways, Driveways, Retaining Walls, Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Lighting, Outdoor Fireplaces, & Pergolas.
Business Description: Buckskin Builders is a licensed and insured Class A builder for VA and WV. We provide quality workmanship for new construction or home enhancements anywhere from simple enhancements to custom detailed enhancements.
Business Description: Lussier Contracting is a local builder dedicated to delivering the highest quality at a fair price. We specialize in decks, porches, pergolas, finished basements, additions and garages. Lussier Contracting is fully licensed and insured in the state of Virginia.
Business Description: Pristine Acres is committed to offering the highest-quality, most professional pool, masonry, and landscape design/installation services with the best customer service in the Washington DC Metro. As Class-A Contractors (License #2705143045) we know what it takes to get your job done properly. Besides our resources and experience, we are motivated to always be proud to put our ‘stamp’ on every job we complete. Our customer-oriented, proactive approach to business coupled with proven quality and affordable prices have made Pristine Acres a premier landscape design/installation company in the region. With every aspect of our business Pristine Acres delivers the same message to our customers: YOUR PROPERTY IS OUR PRIORITY
Business Description: Awnings by Bigley and Hogshire had its foundation laid in 1898. Our founder Edward Hogshire began making sails in Norfolk in 1898. Since 1898 Awnings by Bigley and Hogshire has become the premier supplier of awnings, canopies, shade sails, and patio covers made of fabric, and aluminum. Whatever your need, we are "More than a shade better since 1898." Additional phone: 877-326-7423
Business Description: English Country Gardens is a Landscape Construction and Planting Company and Bulk Materials Retail garden Center serving Northern Virginia since 1985. We offer Landscape Consultations/Designs and Estimates at your home. We install, patios, walks, walls, pergolas, fireplaces, fire pits, water features and planted beds. Our primary goal in every project is to create not just a landscape, but a garden--a special place for you and your family that has all your favorite elements, for all seasons and for years to come.
Business Description: Gardener's Palette, LLC. employs up to 10 well rounded individuals who only have the best intentions for your property. Gardener's Palette, LLC. works on a 3/3 or 50/50 contractual basis. Gardener's Palette, LLC. accepts Cash, Checks, and Major Credit Cards
Business Description: Thank you for visiting Archadeck of Northern Virginia West, the leading outdoor living space builder in Loudoun and western Fairfax Counties. We're known for creating outdoor living spaces that seamlessly work into the existing design of your property, building new structures that looks as if they were always part of our clients' homes. We're proud to say we don't offer a catalog full of ready-made decks, patios, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and more, nor do we charge by the square foot. Every design is one-of-a-kind and custom made for our clients.
Recent Review: The guys showed up on time! They were in and out in an hour. The barrel look really cool in the garden, and I've even done some retro spray painting on it. Their barrels are pretty sturdy and survived all the storms and snow from last year, and the top has enough space to hold a few planters. The owner was super friendly, and even gave away a FREE tomato plant. The guys even followed up last month to ask and make sure that the spout and everything was functional and ready for the rainy season. I'm now thinking of getting a raised garden bed from them (cheapest deal in town), and start my own vegetable garden. I've recommended all my neighbors and friends to district garden and highly recommend that you give them a call and get the best quote for your pergola and landscaping options.

Reviews in Oak Hill to Building a Pergola

Great! Mr Renata is an awesome guy and did great work. He has a keen eye for detail and will not stop until the job is complete. He installed a pre-fabricated pergola I bought online. The concrete slab it was going on was not perfectly square and he had to reconfigure the set up in order for it to work. He was patient and meticulous, and helped me to get it done in a satisfactory manner. It was not a standard install. He did work above and beyond to make sure it was done correctly. He has a strong in the faith and will do the job right.
- Anthony E....
AFairfax Contractor
They did a phenomenal job! They were very knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated. They were able to step me through the process and customize everything to my liking, to include the pergola size, pergola design, and the stones used to the patio. The end result is more beautiful than I imagined!
- Emily E....
ASolid Work Contracting
Mr. Pigulewsky Build an amazing cedar pergola in my patio! It's is not a simple pergola, he put detail and care to it. He is a very professional, respectful and caring worker always looking for ways to make costumers happy! I recommend his service 100%. His prices are fair and his timing is perfect!
- Luisa A....
AJim the Handyman
The handyman removed the pergola efficiently, cleaned up any debris, and hauled away the scrap, as agreed. He was polite, answered my questions, and did a thorough and careful removal.
- Edward D....
ACancun Construction & Home Improvements LLC
They completed the job early and they did everything to our specifications perfectly. Their prices were reasonable. They were so good, we actually paid them a little extra for the wonderful service and quality.
- William G....
AMC Fence
Latest: the work was performed and the quality was very good. The owner came to the site to supervise. Staff were professional and efficient. Updated scores reflect interactions within the last week. UPDATE: Owner has apologized for poor service. Installation is scheduled for this week. Will update when work is performed. Lumber sitting on driveway, delivery date missed, despite 4 calls, no reschedule date...???
- Margaret W....
BSignature Deck and Pergola Co.
The pergola looks very good and appears to have been well constructed and installed securely.  The crew was very professional in terms of how they interacted. The reason for an less-than-excellent ratings were in respect for my time and supervision.  1) I was not informed of a delay by one day and, therefore, my husband had to call to get that information and was delayed in getting to work.  The next day, the crew arrived about 15 minutes late.  2) While the crew arrived for installation, the supervisor did not arrive until later, so there were some communications issues resulting in the mistaken removal of an important vine in the yard, which I was luckily there to catch.  In addition, I was then pressed for time in making last-minute, unexpected decisions. Some of this could have been avoided had they made an on-site, in-person visit, which was specified in the package but did not occur.  All that said, they did a good job at a good price; these types of things would be issues and lessons learned to work out in advance of future work.
- Tara H....
AAce Deck & Fence
Ace Deck and Fence were fantastic from start to finish.  They answered the phone and emails promptly.  Provided description of what to expect.  came and built the pergola on the days they predicted.  left the backyard clean.  Our property was significantly enhanced by the addition.
- Henry K....
ALandscape and Design Center
They graded the ground, installed the appropriate surface materials, and placed the pavers. During the paver installation, they dug and poured the foundation for the pergola. When the pavers were in place, they filled the spaces between each with a special sand material which will not wash out. The pergola was a manufactured product that just had to be assembled. Except for a few short delays waiting for materials to be delivered to LDC, all the processes went without a hitch, We highly recommend this company.
- Jackie H....
DPrince William Home Improvement
I would say that the overall project went horrible. I had to do initial work myself on the plan site first before they would start the project. During the consultation we were told the crew would be professional, and they were not. None of the crew except the crew leader spoke English and he was not there that often so we were never able to converse with the crew. Every time I had a question or concern I had to call someone and then leave a message because they were not available at the time for some reason. Most of the time the crew worked in whatever they wanted instead of the Company logo shirts like we were told in the consultation. During the process of foundation laying the crew broke one of my pool return lines. It flooded the foundation and started draining my pool. It took the company a day to get someone to fix it. When I asked for the paperwork on who actually fixed it they refused to give it to me. Then they continued the construction of the deck after saying it was fixed. They did work fast on putting the deck and pergola together. It failed inspection the first time and then was past the second time after more structural support was added. After it was built and we were doing our final walk through I noticed that there were no screws used in the construction process, only nails. During the consultation I was told only screws would be used because this adds strength and longevity to the structure, and prevents separation. That was a big selling point for me. I was really upset to see there were none used and they just said "oh well." A little while later after the deck was complete I noticed my pool level continuously dropping. I knew right away that it had to be the location were Prince Williams Home Improvement must have broke my pool return line. When I called them and told them about it they told me they needed definite proof that it was in the same location as were they broke the pipe. I then said ok, I can get my pool company to verify that it was and asked them if they would reimburse for all expenses paid if it was their fault, and they said they would. After having two tests done to give them proof they finally agreed that it was their fault. My pool company was allowed to come out and fix the pipe since they did not fix it appropriately the first time. When it came time for reimbursement, Prince Williams refused to reimburse me for expenses paid in having to prove it was their leak and only covered the actual repair. So they lied straight to my face and still owe me money to this day. After to talking to them many times they stopped returning my calls. So, now it is almost a year later and just like I expected, me and some of my Carpenter friends are already having to fix issues with the deck and pergola structurally due to their poor craftsmanship. We had so many plans we spoke with them about during our consultation for our house, and with the workmanship and professionalism displayed by them during our deck project they have completely lost my business. And it would have been a lot. Just be careful with this company if you are looking into them.
- Jonathan S....