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Recent Review: We had a water leak behind a wall that required the plumber to cut holes in the wall and the ceiling. After moisture remediation, we contacted J. T. Askew to repair the holes in the drywall. He did a great job, and we are totally satisfied with his work and the reasonable cost. A particularly noteworthy aspect of dealing with him is that he is incredibly responsive to calls and text messages. We recommend him without reservation.
Business Description: Robey Inc is a leading drywall & stucco specialist with over 20 years of experience serving the DELMARVA area. Robey Inc provides traditional Stucco, drywall, EIFS and manufactured stone walls systems for variety of commercial as well as many satisfied residential customers. Robey Inc is an expert in exterior restoration services for those clients in need of replacing existing exterior wall systems.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: We were very happy with the results. The job was professionally done and the work area cleaned.
Recent Review: Excellent! Kim and Charlie are a pleasure to work with, always on time completed work when promised, very professional.
Recent Review: Joey was prompt at giving a reasonable estimate for the work and flexible on modifications to the job.  He and his team arrived on time every day and were professional and courteous.  They did quality work in a good time frame.  In two days, the job was completed and clean up was very good.  All-in-all a good experience. 
Business Description: Finding the right takes balancing credentials and chemistry. You want to choose someone you like—after all, you might spend the next six months working together. The greatest accomplishment of my career is that I have had the pleasure of calling many of my past clients friends, albeit starting off as complete strangers. I believe in compassionate and customer-oriented service. In the process of leading a transaction I also ensure that all parties reach a comfortable middle ground while fighting tooth and nail for every last penny. I answer my phone (e-mail/social media/pigeon carrier mail) at all hours of the day and night, I do exactly what I say, and I treat every purchase and sale as if it were my own! This simple approach has lead me to receive the prestigious Honor Society Award (Top 15% of all Agents) and numerous exemplary service reviews from both clients and opposing agents. Julia is a dedicated real estate professional who is proactive, motivated, and professional. She knows the value of a full day’s work and the many benefits of making wise financial decisions. Julia makes it a priority to stay connected with the community and dedicates time every week to partake in volunteer activities and outreach programs. She is outgoing, is always on time, and knows that the gazelle must run faster than the fastest lion. Julia is an Award-Winning Realtor, a member of the National Association of Realtors, a Consultant to local and National financial institutions in the matters of pricing and marketing, and is a recipient of multiple community service honors. On the weekends you can find Julia gardening or installing drywall at an investment property. During workday hours, she is likely buried somewhere in the stack of local market reports. Julia is most likely to beat you at video games and plays wicked air guitar solos when no one is watching.
Recent Review: I had waterproofing done on a finished basement, so the drywall had to be repaired. The waterproofing removed the lower 2 ft of drywall along two walls, approximately 13' and 10'. I needed the work done quickly which is why I called Michael & Sons. I think they are a bit more expensive but they met my expectations, which was to do a quote quickly, schedule quickly, and perform quality work that was guaranteed. Once they finished the drywall work they painted the walls. I got paint to match the existing color and they painted and patched nicely. I would use them again in a pinch, but if I have more time and flexibility I prefer to find smaller companies and save a little money.
Recent Review: The work was done by the contractor with the help of one assistant. The contractor was obviously very experienced and knowledgeable about termites and termite damage, He explained the damage he detected and how he would proceed with repairs. More damage was detected as the repairs progressed which added to the original estimate, but it seemed reasonable that this damage couldn't have been noticed until some of the initial work had been done. The contractor and his assistant were friendly and took care to clean up the work area. We chose to repaint the wall ourselves.
Recent Review: They are awesome. They do a great job.
Business Description: Last minute drywall repairs Emergency 24-hour drywall repair

Reviews in Martinsville for Room Soundproofing

AWilliam Ramsey
He is honest and told me when there were jobs that he could not do (like wallpaper). In my area, you have to be careful with people who are just trying to get a job and don't know what they are doing. He is a trustworthy guy.
- Gary M....
AQuality Expectations LLC
The work and the price were excellent.  Had some communication problems with regards to the days the work would be performed.  It was resolved quickly and apologies were made for the confusion.  In all, an 8 ft section of drywall was removed and replaced.  The insulation above the removed drywall was replaced, and the drywall was mudded and the ceiling textured to match the rest of the ceiling, and the walls and ceiling were painted in all areas where the drywall was replaced.
- Mark F....
ACoghlan Enterprises
Great, excellent work at a fair price. The painters were excellent and paid great attention to detail. I would definitely hire them again.
- Charles M....
ALark D Drywall LLC
Great customer service and quality craftsmanship. Definitely would recommend if you need drywall or plastering work performed. One happy customer!!
- Alan S....
ADrywall Solutions
He seems to be very capable and wanted to do a good job. I want to invite him back after he did some work on the patch but I wonder how it is going to last because there is no guarantee that it would last on what he did. He did a good job.
- Margaret R....
AGary Depew Painting
The contractor showed up at the time we discussed on the phone. ?He placed plastic around the work area; removed the damaged drywall and hauled away the old drywall. ?The area was cleaned up and he returned with new drywall, which was installed the same day. ?The seams were taped before he left and the floor was swept. ?The following day the contractor returned to work on the seams. ?He returned the following day to sand and re-coat the joints. The joints were very smooth. ?The next day the contractor came back to put up plastic around the work area and taped the woodwork around the windows, doorway and base board and then primed the walls. ?The following day the finish coat of paint was applied. The work area was cleaned and the job was completed. ?I paid the contractor $1,200; which was the amount of the quote he had given to me a few weeks earlier. ?I was very satisfied with the job.
- John F....
AJT Askew Drywall and Plaster Repairs
JT was able to work with a last minute changed schedule on my part. He and his crew were punctual and professional in fixing all my drywall.  They did a superb job at a very good price.  I highly recommend JT to anyone who needs drywall repair.
- Frank C....
AValle Painting Services
Service was awsome, very professional team and work was completed in a timely manner. I have several friends that will be using these wonderful contractors because of the food work that was done. Thanks guys!
- Victor M....
AValle Painting Services
Very professional, efficient, and quality work. Totally pleased and satisfied with work and results. I would absolutely hired them again.
- Nelida L....
AAnthony Randolph Plastering & Drywall Restoration
He was the only one who called me back, and I called three or four people from yours and they never even responded back. When I called, he was the only one who came out. He drove all away from Chesapeake. He was very professional and very clean. He was incredible. He was super nice. He came out and he was like, "No, no, no, you are important". He drove from Chesapeake and I called a bunch of people in Yorktown and Newport. They were like 25 minutes from me, and they were like, "No, you are too far". They wouldn't even come up. He drove an hour and a half. He came up that night. The price is excellent.
- Suzan G....