Glen Allen Bathroom Remodel

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Business Description: Home improvement Kitchen remodeling Bathroom remodeling Home remodeling Roofing installation Siding installation Gutters installation Windows installation
Business Description: When it comes to Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling and Cabinets Contracting, no one compares to US Industries New Kitchens & Home Renovations. With years of combined experience, US Industries New Kitchens & Home Renovations has worked hard to build the trust of our clients in Chester, Chesterfield and Bellwood and beyond. Visit our website to learn more. Or better yet, click the link and call us today!
Business Description: We are a full service,Class A contractor. We are Class A Contractor since 1997. We have 29 employees and also perform complete job from start to finish. We provide anything in between Architectural services to Roofing. If you mention that you got referred by Angie's list- we will give you 10% OFF.
Recent Review:  We chose Mr. Lantz because of his experience, character, and high ratings on Angie's List  Mr. Lantz was very helpful to us as we picked out the vanity cabinets and tops, plumbing fixtures, and tiles as he directed us to dealers he regularly dealt with and could get a discount. The actual work proceeded smoothly with a minimum of disruption,and inconvenience. Close attention was paid to clean removal of the old flooring and vanities and installation of the new.   Mr. Lantz was very thorough in his explanation and implementation of the work.  When he encountered areas like rotten molding he checked with us before replacing it.  The tile floors were installed with concrete board and a cushion layer to prevent cracking and leaking with time..  New toilet seals were installed with an upgraded, longer lasting version..  All areas subject to water were neatly caulked. The job was done by a total of four people: Mr. Lantz and his assistant and two tile men..  All were very professional in everything they said or did with an emphasis on quality and care of workmanship while finishing in a timely fashion.  We are very pleased with our upgraded bathrooms and the manner in which Leo Lantz Construction performed. We have already recommended them to two friends.  One wants a bathroom upgrade, and the other a new kitchen.
Recent Review: Small bathroom that needed everything g replaced including tub, tile, fixtures, sink, cabinet. Great price for the quality!
Recent Review: Everything went so well. They did exactly what they said they would and gave us the bathroom of our dreams. His team is amazing!
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Recent Review: It went very well. New shower door is of excellent quality and really improves the appearance of my master bathroom.
Business Description: General Contracting Bathrooms Remodel - no touch system
Recent Review: Mike Huie is the owner. He was just wonderful to work with. He did a great job for us.
Business Description: Win Win Contracting LLC is a general contractor / remodeler serving the Richmond, VA area. Services include General Contractor, New Construction, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Additions, Design, Roofing, Home Improvement, Flooring, Basement Finishing, Replacement Windows, Outdoor Kitchens, Commercial Carpentry, Hardwood Floors, Deck Building, Siding, Painting, Gutters, Home Inspections and Insulation. Serving towns of Ampthill, Ashaiiu, Ashland, Aylett, Beach, Bon Air, Capitol, Central Station, Chester, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Doswell, Forest Hill, Glen Allen, Hanover, Henrico, Highland Springs, Hopewell, King William, Mangohick, Manquin, Mechanicsville, Midlothian, Millers, Montpelier, Montrose, Montrose Heights, New Kent, Newtown, Providence Forge, Quinton, Regency, Rich, Richmond, Ridge, Rockville, Sandston, Saunders, Staples Mill, Stewart, Studley, Tuckahoe, Varina and Westbury.

Reviews for Bathroom Remodeling in Glen Allen

ASerenity Plumbing Inc
Very well. Serenity personnel showed up on time Work was done in professional and quality manner. Answered my questions.
- Michael F....
FR J Tilley Plumbing & Heating Inc
Called for an estimate for a bathroom remodel due to a damaged tub that needed replaced.  I was surprised when the lady I spoke with told me it would be approximately 45 days before they could come by to do the estimate.  We agreed on the date and time for the estimate.  One week before the estimate I received a call from the company to confirm the appointment and verified that I would be here and still wanted the estimate.  On the day they were to arrive I received a voicemail with no telephone number displayed that was broken up and said "Tilley" and "early".  I thought they would be here a little early.  They weren't early--they never arrived.  Called about 45 minutes after they were suppose to arrive and was told that since I didn't answer the phone when they called they went to their next appointment.  When I spoke with the company they said that they don't come if someone doesn't answer the phone.  The problem is that I don't always have a phone with me and on this morning I was mowing and working outdoors.  So if you choose to obtain an estimate from this company it appears to me that you can't do anything that will prevent you from answering the telephone--you must stay by the phone and maybe they might come weeks after your initial call to them.  Why should I as a customer be required to continually confirm an appointment we had already agreed too.  An attempt should have been made by ringing the door bell before being discarded after I had already confirmed my appointment once already.  When I spoke with the estimator he said that they doesn't come if the phone is not answered on the day of the appointment.  He said this is due to those that cancel and don't bother to call so when he arrives they are not home.  When I confirmed my appointment a week ago, I should not have been classed with those that do not have the integrity or commitment to be available on an agreed date and time.  I had even spoken twice before to their office about an earlier date when they had cancellations in the last week and a half, but I had to work and was not available during those times.  Each time this offer was made, I reconfirmed my original appointment date and time.  I made a verbal contract when I called and set the date and time, and they contracted with me to be here.  I upheld my end of our verbal contract, but they did not uphold their part of our agreement. I would have rated their professionalism lower (F), but the ladies I spoke to were polite and apologetic despite me being an agitated customer.  After all, I waited nearly 45 days for a no show.  The one lady said that the person I had spoken with had not noted the appointment confirmation in the computer which she felt may have led to the problem.
- Kenneth D....
FAffordable Custom Renovations, LLC
Poor project management, communication, and quality and unskilled laborers. On the job for 10 weeks (2.5 months) and job was still incomplete with no hard plan on completion. My husband and I had to cool down a bit before writing and posting this review so I apologize to those that may have in between signed a contract; be prepared for lots of excuses and disappointment. Also, this is still unresolved due to the fact that Dave will not settle with us for undone work so we will most likely have to proceed to some form of formal litigation to close out an incomplete contractual agreement. Dave Staub sold us on great expectations. He made promises of a timely project, high quality workmanship, and high levels of communication; as you can tell from the intro this was the exact opposite from what we received. Also affordable perhaps is the wrong name as he was more expensive than other quotes we received but because of the guarantees we decided to spend the extra money. I could go on and on for about four to five pages (I know this because I have a detailed formal statement written up) but I will try to be short and hit the key points. Two weeks into the project we had a meeting with him regarding our concerns of his absence on job site, no communication, workmanship, and with progress being made. He explained that he was having growing pains and that he would work to fix the issue. I reminded him that he had told us the project should take approximately four weeks to complete as it was not a complete bathroom remodel but repairing water damaged areas. During our discussion he also indicated they were waiting until the point of need to order the supplies and materials. I articulated that I thought that was bad business practices (poor project management) and that would be the cause of delays; I asked him to get the supplies in advance due to the fact that he had already received 95% of the money for the job. In addition, I had provided all selections tile, paint color, grout, etc. so all they had to do was hit order.  There were several phone calls and text messages between Dwight, Dave and us regarding the same subjects timeliness, progress, workmanship and all we received were continued excuses and promises that were not kept. With no end in sight (detailed plan to complete the project) at the 9 week mark my husband and I decided we had enough. We felt we gave ample opportunity but no true action was being done to complete the job. We gave them a hard deadline to finish in that final week (10th week) and told him that any unfinished work would have to be further discussed. Obviously it was not important for them to finish the job because he only sent one capable worker to our house and the gentleman showed up about 10 am daily and left at exactly 3:50 pm not staying a minute later. I gave them a two page list of undone work and when they departed that final day there was still a two page list of undone work. This was because they spent a great deal of time trying to fix dry wall work that was done improperly and is still not to standard. We had a final phone call with Dave because neither he nor Dwight cared enough came to our house on that final day to make any observations or to sit down and have a professional conversation. We even considered giving them a few more days to finish the job if they had a plan and in our phone conversation Dave could still not provide a hard plan specifically an installation date of our frameless shower door because this was something they had to outsource. That weekend I spent about 4 hours taking pictures and documenting the undone work so I could send it to Dave (because he debated with me over the phone that it was only a few small items in addition to the shower door) to resolve the open contract. To date he has not responded to the photos, letters, or proposed settlement. We are not trying to be unfair we are being as fair as possible with our proposal so that we can fully use our bathroom again. In conclusion, 12 weeks and still without a fully functional bathroom and having to proceed in a formal manner to receive a response. Bottomline: Save yourself the time, money, and trouble; Find another contractor to do the work!
- Mindy P....
ACommonwealth Renovations
The quality of work is fantastic.  JB was super easy to work with and extremely professional as were the sub-contractors used on the job.  JB is very good at looking at alternative ways to accomplish the goal.  He can very quickly get to the best approach for the repair or addition at hand which is a valuable skill considering the extra issues an addition to an existing structure or repair can encounter (as opposed to new construction where the work/approach may be quicker due to fewer hurdles).  For example, our bathroom has two entries, one from the new great room and one from the existing master bedroom.  The doorway to the master bedroom was built through an existing window.  To open up the area below the window required removing the concrete wall below.  The threshold (on the floor) between the master bedroom hardwood floor and the new bathroom's tile was creatively brought together and is very pretty and practical.  The demolition of the wall and the link of the two different types of floors is the type of work that new construction may not run into.  The word "Renovations" in JB Sipes' Commonwealth Renovations company really speaks volumes to the skill set. Communication was always above expectations.  We knew the plan, what could be controlled and what couldn't, what to expect if the plan prevailed and what to expect if the plan did not prevail.  When this happened, JB let us know right away the new plan.  We were never in the dark and I suspect this level of communication can be difficult for contractors to achieve.  Accordingly, the process went very smoothly as we were always on board. Everyone we worked with (subs and general contractor) all took pride in their work and genuinely cared.  This atmosphere starts at the top with the general contractor. I recommend this General Contractor.
- Laura D....
AIrish Accents & Renovations
Hey Angie's List,  I would highly recommend Irish Accents and Renovations.  This was for a full renovation job for an investment property i have in VA Beach VA.  The quality of the work performed was excellent and the estimates were in the ball park of what the actual cost was.  There were a variety of jobs performed that included, demolition, interior painting, full bathroom remodel, and installed new carpet.  Also the communication was fantastic.  If there were adjustments and additional costs Val with Irish Accents would text me for the approval along with his recommendations.  GOT TO LOVE A CONTRACTOR THAT COMMUNICATES... RANDY
- Randy F....
AVirginia Building & Remodeling LLC
Did just what we wonted them to do. the job came out better the then expected. they were very professional. they kept the area as clean as possible with the work that was done. would use them again with now problem.
- Michael C....
We have called on Sonny’s numerous times and have always been pleased. That’s why we always call them. Dave is such a nice guy. Very punctual and professional.
- Amy C....
AVirginia Shower Door LLC
Price was right in line with local average for this sort of upgrade, and the best of the estimates I got. George Hedges has been doing this work for 45 years and it shows. He was professional and methodical, both in the estimating and installation phases. Reasonable (12 days) turnaround on getting material and completing the install once deposit was paid. I really have no complaints at all, and would recommend Va Shower Door for this kind of bathroom upgrade.
- Mack D....
ARK Newman Electric Services
Fantastic group of guys. Very clean and dependable. Kept me posted on the progress throughout the project. No surprise charges and the prices were extremely competitive. I will hire again and highly recommend this company.
- Ryan M....
The most recent project that I've used Richmond Rebuilders on included a kitchen remodel, finishing an unfinished room to create a craft room for my client and remodeling an existing bonus room to create a man-cave. All of the work was done in a timely and professional manner. My clients were thrilled. This only one of many success stories that I have with them.
- Jennifer S....