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Recent Review: Company was extremely easy to deal with. Was lowest bid of the three companies I got quotes from and couldn't be happier with the job they did. They were half the cost of the other bigger named companies you see.
Recent Review: We will have the driveway redone and not sealed the next time.
Recent Review: Work performed within time frame stated.

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DJohn Sparrow Asphalt Paving
Waited two months to get the job done. Entire crew had quit and equipment had broken down. Really sloppy record keeping. John keeps the amount of the contract secret from "his crew," and asks that you write your check to "John Sparrow." Interesting. My driveway looks okay, but this was not a transaction that I felt good about. I sort of wanted to take a shower afterward.
- Donna S....
AR Ashby Templeton Paving
I can't remember too much about it but hey were fine. They did a very good job and they were very professional. They were perhaps a little pricier but we just consulted since the driveway definitely needed some extra work and they had been well recommended to us.
- Susan M....
FAllstate Asphalt & Concrete
I chose Allstate because a friend knew "Fonzi" who works for Allstate. I had asked around for different companies but either they didn't know of any or the ones they knew were no good. Fonzi came out to do the estimate with another worker. They took no measurements and kept the truck running the whole time, which was all of 10 minutes.  They gave me a quote on the driveway and then said they could throw in the walkway for another $350. Unfortunately I did not get it in writing. Apparently they weren't too busy because they said they could get to it within the next 3 days. But being this was a big expense I didn't want to rush it. We scheduled for the following week.The driveway would have been perfect if they had done what they said. We told them we wanted to be able to run the wire for the dog fence through the driveway. We provided 2 pieces of conduit (one wasn't long enough) and WE were going to secure them together before they were put in but we were told they would take care of it. We were at work while the work was being done, coming home at lunch to check on things. When we got home, they were still there and the driveway looked amazing. They were just finishing up the walkway and I told them it didn't look like it matched the other walkway (the 2 run into each other at the gate). I was told it would once it finished drying. When they were done, a worker asked for the payment. I asked where Fonzi was and he said he left and to pay him. I asked him for the payment information: who and how much. He said to make it payable to Charlie Wells (who?)  for $2850. That was $125 more than the quote and I told him to call Fonzi. Fonzi said the amount was correct. (How could I fight it when I had no proof and the work was done?!?). That was just the beginning. The next day we went out to feed the wire for the dog fence through the conduit and SURPRISE! it didn't go through! They didn't secure the 2 pieces before they put the asphalt down. We called them and he said he would be out to "fix" it. We told him we didn't want the driveway dug up and pieced for fear it would crack and crumble prematurely. We called several times within a 4-week period until someone showed up while we were at work and cut a 12"X12" hole where the 2 pieces of conduit connected, secured them and filled the hole. We kept tracking asphalt into the house because they didn't tamper it. Also they left the forms in the concrete walkway (we were not told to take them out or do ANYTHING with them) so now they're stuck. The walkway looks like total crap! It doesn't match the other walkway in color or texture. I seriously believe I could have done a better job. In the spring I'll have it dug out and redone by the company who did the patio. I won't even consider giving them a second chance to fix it! Very disappointed! As far as the ratings, the driveway would have gotten an "A" if they had not dug a hole in it. So now it's a "C". But the walkway, a definite "F"! The price would have been a "B" or a "C" had it not changed from the original quote. My fiance and I both heard the same amount. Our fault for not getting it in writing. The rest of the marks would have been better had they not had to come back to fix it. That's when we couldn't get in touch with them and to me, that's unprofessional, unresponsive, not being punctual. If you screw up, fix it! Don't ignor me! I just want what I paid for!
- Kim T....
DJohn Sparrow Asphalt Paving
Initially, I was impressed with John, he seemed to know what he was doing and gave me a fair price for the work. When the job was finished, he told me not to drive on the surface for 3 days. I actually waited 4 days, but as soon as I drove my cars onto the driveway, I noticed deep tire marks. I waited another 2 days, but still had tire marks. It took over 2 weeks for the surface to cure, then within 2-3 months, cracks started to appear. Mr. Sparrow came back with a blow torch and melted the cracks together, but that just left long scars in the surface. He then suggested putting an asphalt sealer on the surface, for which he charged me another $800. I continue to get more and more cracks, and Mr. Sparrow no longer returns my calls. This was not a brand new driveway, just a resurface job, so I did not expect the level of cracking, and Mr. Sparrow seems unwilling to admit anything is wrong. Just as an aside, his brother was trolling the neighborhood this summer offering to seal driveways, and I told him I wouldn't deal with either of them again.
- Stan K....
AJohn Sparrow Asphalt Paving
I received several estimates and John Sparrows was the best which actually came as a surprise since I chose him because I liked the professionalism and knowledge he projected when he came out for estimate.  I also like the ratings his company had already earned on Angie's list.   Prior to signing a contract, I asked for recent references which he provided me back by phone text the same day.  I checked on his work and his prior clients were happy with his work.  I called and scheduled my job to be completed something with in the next month, within three weeks he called scheduled the day to complete the work.  Note: He seems very busy and I would leave a call or text for him, but he always answered back the same day or next morning.  He and his crew arrived on time and spent the entire day on the job.  It seemed to me to be much bigger job than I had expected. With a crew of about 6 folks they removed the old asphalt and repaired all the bad spots in the driveway and parking area.  The amount removed and repaired was way more extensive and very professionally done than I anticipated. His crew as very professional and did outstanding job and was on site for almost 12 hours repairing and resurfacing my driveway and parking area.   John had me inspect the job prior to their departure and his payment.  I am very happy with the work he and crew did for me and highly recommend him.
- Lee M....